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Full text of "The record interpreter : a collection of abbreviations, Latin words and names used in English historical manuscripts and records"

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Jafo Dublisl^ra aiifr gocrRsrita. 



The present volume is really an amplification of the Appendix 
to the ninth edition of Wright's " Court Hand Bestored," 
which I brought out in 1879, with the addition of a list of the 
abbreviated forms of Latin and French words used in English 
records and manuscripts. 

Several such lists have been published at various times, the 
most used, perhaps, in England being Chassant's " Dictionnaire 
des Abreviations," and the list in the fourth volume of the 
"Begistrum Palatinum Dunelmense," edited by the late Sir 
Thomas Duffus Hardy in the series of " Chronicles and 

This latter, however, being merely a portion of the preface of 
a historical book, is not so well known nor so convenient for use 
as if it occurred in a book devoted to information of this class. 

I have endeavoured also to justify the printing of another 
such list by arranging the abbreviations in such a manner as to 
facilitate the finding the word wanted. In some lists this is not 
easy, unless one knows what the word is in full. 

The principle acted on has been as follows : — Letters with 
marks of contraction attached to them, represented by a single 
type, are separated from the same letters printed in the ordinary 

a 2 

iv Preface. 

way. The order thus is — the letter followed by a letter ; the 
letter followed by a sign ; the letter with a sign attached. 
For instance, in the vowels the order is as follows : — 

e.g., E : ea, eb, ec, to ez ; 
then — e3, ef, e 9 , e? ;* 
then — e, e. 

In the consonants, e.g., N : na to nz ; 
then — n3, nf , n 9 , n? ; 
then — ii, h, nl. 

In the letter C, 9 follows 8. 

In the letter P, the order of contracted forms is p, p, p, p. 

In the letter Q : q, q, q,,. 

Superior letters — that is, letters printed above the line — are 
considered in the arrangement as if printed on the line in the 
ordinary way. 

In manuscripts such letters often have contraction marks 
added to them, but it is impossible to represent these in type, and 
an apostrophe has had to do duty instead, as prin 1 ', principalis. 
In a manuscript the / would be struck through. 

According to the correct principles of writing, the mark of 
contraction in a word should be placed over a letter after which 

* These marks of contraction, being separate types, are arranged 
before those which are attached to the letter, in order to keep such 
forms as 9^3, deb3, g 9 , mo?, P3, S0I3, su 9 , t3 distinct from 9fo3, 
deb3, g 9 , muff, p3, S013, su 9 , t3. Unfortunately this was not 
apparent at the commencement of the work, so that a few words 
{e.g., a 9 ) are printed in their wrong places, but this is corrected at 
p. 341. 

Preface. v 

a letter is omitted, or over a letter before and after which 
letters are omitted, as pr, pater; dna, domina ; fct, fecit; but 
such forms as pr, dria, fct, sometimes occur, perhaps from care- 
lessness on the part of the scribe. Some of these false forms 
are inserted, but by no means all, so that if any word occurring 
in a manuscript is not at once found in the list, it should be 
looked for under some other form containing the same letters 
of the alphabet, but with different contractions. 

The marks of contraction used in printing are intended to 
represent the typical forms of the contractions used in manu- 
scripts, and necessarily appear more formal and uniform than 
those which may vary with the caprice or carelessness of a 

Their signification is as follows : — 

— means m or n following the letter thus marked ; e.g. 1= t», 
onis =omnis. 

~ either over a short letter or through a long letter means 
the omission of some single letter not m or n, or of more than 
one letter either after, or before and after, the letter thus marked. 

e.g., -d=ac, apud, as=alias. 

dns =dominits, caria =carmina. 
ipe =ipse. 

j means er ; e.g., in?, inter ; i ru,ferrum. 
re ; eg., p, prce. 
ir ; e.g., serue, servire. 

vi Preface. 

f means is; e.g., iorf, forte, 

9 „ us; e.g., ipi 9 , ipsius. 

os ; e.g., p 9 tea, posted. 
3 „ us ; e.g., quib3, quibus. 
et ; e.g., KC3, licet. 

Added to q it means quia, and sometimes que, or 
quce, though these words are more correctly 
written q > . 

Occasionally it stands for que, as abs}. absque, 
and in some MSS. for m or almost any final 
letters; as D03, bonitatem; err°3, error em. 

$ „ rum ; e.g., aia^, animarum ; bao£, beatorum. It is 
sometimes used in the middle of a word, as 
compere, corrumpere. 
ram ; e.g., Alienor, Alienoram. 
ras ; e.g., lib^, libras. 
res ; e.g., Windeso^, Windesores. 
ris ; e.g., conquesto?, conquestoris ; lib^, libris. 

9 „ cum, com, con, or cog ; e.g., 9, cum ; c,p, computat ; 
9% contra ; 9novit, cognovit. 

The marks attached to the letter P are as follows : — 

p, per, par, por ; e.g., psoa, persona ; 9pet, comparet ; pta, porta. 

p,prce,pre; e.g., pses, prcesens ; supmus, supremus. 

p, pro ; e.g., pceres, proceres ; Ipp^, improprie. 

p indicates the omission of almost any other letters than those 
mentioned above; e.g., pea, postea ; pa, poena; pcta, 
puncia ; fya, pvpa. 

Preface. vii 

The marks attached to the letter Q, are as follows : — 

q, usually quod, but also used for quae, quam, que, quo, and 
followed by other letters qui, as qd, quid ; qb3, quibus. 

q, quce, que, quern, and as part of a word it has very various 
meanings, as qela, querela ; qntum, quantum ; qone, 
qucestione ; qppe, quippe. 

q., means que. 
qj „ quia. 

A superior letter indicates the omission of two or more letters 
of which this is one ; e.g., q°s, quos ; c^lo, circulo ; cap 1 , 

A point below a letter indicates that it should be deleted, and 
points under or inverted commas over two words indicate that 
they ought to be transposed. 

Many words will be found in this list which do not conform 
to the principles here stated, but they have been found in MBS., 
and inserted accordingly. 

As a rule the nominative case of nouns is given as the 
meaning, as ft, films ; and sometimes the case most frequently 
met with, as fr, Francorum ; but this does not exclude other 
cases as well. 

The glossary does not pretend, as no glossary can, to take 
the place of a dictionary, where the meanings of words are 
discussed, and quotations given to explain their use ; but still it 
is hoped that it will be found useful, although the information 
contained in it is given in a rather abrupt form. 

viii Preface. 

The list of Latin names of places in England contains most 
of the names which a student of history is likely to require, but 
of course it might be very much enlarged by adding the Latin 
names of a great many villages and hamlets which are merely 
formed from the English names. 

It will be noticed that both among the place names and the 
surnames there are some which clearly have not derived their 
origin from the times when Latin was, as far as literature and 
law are concerned, a living language, but are the artificial 
formation of later times, often founded on very false and absurd 
etymologies, such as Ventus Morbidus for "Windsor, and de Corvo 
Spince, Crowthorn. Some of these have been inserted, though 
they may seem rather out of place, for they perhaps present as 
much difficulty as the more genuine Latin names. 

In the list of Christian names there are several blanks in the 
second column. These are opposite to Latin names which I 
inserted in my list, hoping some day to find them in English, 
but that day has not yet come ; so, confessing my ignorance, I 
leave the blanks for some more learned or more fortunate person 
than myself to fill up. 

C. T. M. 

December. 1891. 

( ix ) 






EECOEDS - - - 154 



IEELAND - - - 257 







ADDITIONAL LIST ------ 340, 341 





A. A/anus, Albertus, Aug ustinus 
and other Christian names 
beginning with A ; quin- 

a. ad, alta. 

a a alia, aliqua, anima, antiphona. 
a a m aliam, aliquam, animam. 
a a ndo aliquando. 
a as alias, animas. 
a a aliam. 
a a 3 aliam. 

a a & alia rum, aliqua rum, anima- 

abb a m abbatem. 

abb a s abbates, abbatis. 

abbatib} abbatibus. 

abbassa abbatissa. 

abb is abbatis. 

abbta abbatissa. 

abbut abbuttant, abbuttantes. 

abb abbas. 

abba abbatissa. 

abbe abbate, abbatissa?. 

abbes abbates. 

abbi abbati. 


abbia abbatia. 

abbi a abbatissa. 

abbisse abbatissa?. 

abbs abbas. 

abbte abbatem. 

abbtf abbatis. 

ab c '° ablatio. 

abdux abduxeruut. 

abi abinvicem. 

abla ablatio. 

ablat ablatores. 

abta ablegatio. 

abto ablatio, absolutio. 

abtom ablationem, absolutionem. 

ab nc absolutione. 

abnep abnepos. 

abn abnepos. 

ab° absolutio. 

absoto absolutio. 

absc^ absque. 

absti a abstinent ia. 

abst abstraetio. 

abst 4 abst u lit. 

abst abstraction. 

abs} absque. 

A / 


The Record Interpreter. 

ab ta abstracta. 

acca accidentia. 

ab tc absolute. 

accat accusat. 

ab tS) absolutus. 

accat 1 ' accusatur. 

abbis abbatis. 

accdn lis accidentalis. 

abio absolutio. 

acce accipere. 

abn a absentia. 

accit accidit. 

abnciu absentium. 

acc m accensum, accusativum. 

abne absolutione. 

accma acerrima. 

abnia absentia. 

accn a accidentia. 

abte abbatem. 

accn 1 ' 1 " accidentaliter. 

A. C. -4w?o Christi. 

acens accidens. 

a ca aliqiia. 

accnte accidente. 

ac a «cra. 

accn tis accidentalis. 

ao as acraSm 

accnt r accidentaliter. 

ac a a acrarum. 

acco accusatio, actio. 

acc a accidentia. 

accoi b 3 accusat ionibus, actionibus. 

acc ales accidentales. 

accom actionem. 

acc a i accidentalis. 

ace 9 are accusare. 

accepinr 9 acceperimns. 

a ci alicui. 

accep accepit. 

ac is #cm. 

accede accendere. 

ac m actum. 

acci b 3 accidentibus. 

a co aliquo. 

accid d0 accidendo. 

ac° flc&'o. 

acci do accidendo, accipiendo. 

acq'etare acquietare. 

accipe accipere. 

acq^tacia acquietantia. 

accip accipere, accipit. 

acq ! re acquirere. 

acci 1 ' accidentaliter, accipitur. 

acq ilu acquisitum. 

acci s acci dens. 

acq 1 ' acquiretur, acquiritur. 

accn accidentia. 

acr #cr#. 

acc oc actione. 

ac s accidens, acras. 

accomodat accommodatum. 

acti^ activitatis. 

accomodau accommodavit. 

act m actum. 

ace accipe. 

act 1 * actualiter. 

Latin Abbreviations. 

actu 1 " actualiter. 

adh c adhuc. 

act actio, actum. 

adft adhuc. 

acta activa. 

adftendo adhcerendo, adhibendo. 

acte actionc. 

adtinda adhibenda. 

actm activum. 

adtint aclhibent. 

act6rt)3 actionibus. 

adftr adhibetur. 

ac ua activa. 

adfrre adhibere. 

ac u9 activus. 

adiac adjacens, adjacet. 

ace accipere. 

adiudic adjudicature adjudicatus. 

ac lis accidentalis. 

adiu te adjuvante. 

acm acram. 

adiuice adinvicem. 

acns accidens. 

adi adinvicem. 

ac° tf^/o. 

a. d. k. 0«fe fftVw halendarum. 

ac oe actionem. 

adm i'strom administration em. 

acs acr^s. 

adm administrate, ad minis- 

acu «c^. 


acu acervus. 

adnep adnepos. 

A. D. -4w/o Domini. 

adr^at 1 ' adnihilatur. 

a d aliquid, aliquod, a Hud. 

adn 1 } adnihilet. 

ad at advocat. 

adolend adolendum. 

ad c adhuc. 

adop 9 adoptivus. 

ad cat advocat. 

adq^tare adquietare. 

addico additio. 

adq^et adquietatio. 

additamtii additamentum. 

adq're adquirere. 

addi tu additamentum. 

adq^ico adquisitio. 

addit additioncm. 

adq ! ta adquisita. 

adduxat adduxerat. 

adqetaco adquietatio. 

adduxut adduxerunt. 

adqsiuit adquisivit. 

addo addendo, additio. 

adq 9 adquisitus. 

addr additur. 

A. D. R. Anno Dominica? Be- 

add} adderet. 


adee adesse. 

ad ta administrata. 

adec adessem, adesse nt. 

ad te animadverfe. 


The Record Interpreter. 

ad 1 '* administratura. 

affir a t r affirmatur. 

aduocaco advocatio. 

af¥ iva affirmativa. 

aduocat 2 advocatus. 

a£f° affirmatio. 

aduocau advocavit. 

affra affirmativa. 

aduoco advocatio. 

aff fc affidavit. 

aduo tus advocatus. 

af f affidavit. 

adu adventum, advocatio. 

aff 9 affirmatus. 

adu d ' aivertendum. 

afid affidavit. 

adusa 1 adversarii. 

aft affidavit. 

adusi te adversitate. 

ag d ' agendum. 

adusit adversitatem. 

agd agendum. 

aduso adverso. 

ag e g a a aggregata. 

adus 9 advcrsus. 

ag e m aggrcgatum. 

adute advertere. 

agg ari aggravari. 

adlaco adulatio. 

agg a t£ aggravatis. 

adstrand adm inist) -andum . 

agg a 3 aggravet. 

adt adest, adesset. 

agg e di aggredi. 

adtor administrator. 

agg"tu aggregatum. 

a e alice. 

ag 1 <7^r/. 

A. E. C. Anno Emmanuelis 

ag m agrum. 


agnictm agniculum. 

aeccta ecclesia. 

agfi Agnes, a gnus. 

aecctsiola ecclesiola. 

ag° tf#ro. 

aecta ecclesia. 

ag os agros. 

aed aides. 

ag°sce agnoscere. 

a e m aliquem. 

ag r agitur. 

aff a affirmativa. 

ag agrtf. 

affcm affectum. 

agd agendum. 

affco affectio. 

agdr aggreditur. 

aff 1 affidavit. 

agm agrum. 

affidau affidavit. 

agnd agendis, agendum. 

affid affdarc, affidavit. 

ags rt^rn, Augustus. 

aff'mat affirm a turn. 

Agsti Augusti. 

Latin Abbreviations. 

agt agunt. 

aim animum. 

ag tos aggravates. 

aio animo. 

agdr aggreditur. 

ais a/iis, animis. 

age agere. 

ai 9 animus. 

agg a u aggregation. 

a. k. awfe kalendas. 

ati archiepiscopi. 

a 1 animal. 

a 1 alibi, alicui, aliqui. 

Alan Alanus. 

a*a anima. 

Alb Albertus. . 

a^c 3, aliqua. 

al d #/^rf. 

aV alicui. 

Alex Alexander. 

a^c 9 alicujus. 

al 1 g/tftt. 

a 5 d aliquid, aliud. 

alio 1 alicui. 

a u «/«. 

alicui 9 alicujus. 

a 1 !)! animum. 
a i q a s aliquas. 
a i q a ten 9 aUquatenus. 
a'q 1 aliqui. 
a^d a liquid. 
a'q^ aliquis. 
a ! q aliquod. 
a 5 q a cdiquam. 

alic alicui. 
alifi aliquando. 
alio* aliorum. 
aliq a aliqua. 
aliq a m cdiquam. 
aliq a r aUqualitcr. 
aliq a s aliquas. 

a ! q a r aUqualitcr. 

aliq a tlo aliquantulo. 

a ! qa cdiquam. 

aliq*d a liquid. 

a*q cdiquam. 

aliq aliquo. 

a^qdo aliquando. 

aliq°c aliquot iens. 

a 5 s aliquis. 

aliq 1 ' aUqualitcr. 

a is animalis, assisis. 

aliq tr aUqualitcr. 

aisnec aisnecca. 

aliqua aliquam. 

aia anima. 

aliqa aliqua. 

aiadutend rw imadvertendum. 

aliq aliqua, aliquod. 

aiai animal. 

aliqd aliquid, aliquod. 

aia& animarum. 

aliqn alioquin, aliquando. 

aie animai. 

alit r a liter. 

aii animi. 

alit aliter. 


The Record Interpreter. 

all a o allegatio. 

alle a t r allegatur, 

allec allecis. 

alle d ' allegandum. 

allegac allegationem. 

Allex 1 * Alexander. 

allocaco allccatio. 

allocet 1 ' allocetur. 

allocuco allocutio. 

alloc allocation allocutio. 

all allegalor, allegatur, allegoria. 

allnt allegant. 

allta allegata. 

aim 9 almus. 

a ] iios alienos. 

a ] q° aliquo. 

alqr aliqualiter, 

alti e altitudine. 

alti e altitudinem. 

alta 1 ' alteratur. 

alto alter atio. 

alt a#er. 

alta altera. 

altais alterationis, 

al?i 9 alterius, 

altm alterum, 

al?3 alterum. 

aluis aluminis. 

Alued: Alveredus. 

at tf/^s, aliquis, alius. 

aia #//#. 

alas r//?V/s. 

aid rt/wo?. 

ale animate. 
ali a/ft». 

aiib3 animalibus. 

aft allegator, allegoria. 

afta alleluia. 

aftauit a lie ga vit. 

alio allegatio. 

aim animalium. 

allies altitudines. 

aifi aliquando. 

aio «#o, aliquo. 

aiq 00 aliquo modo. 

air aliter. 

ais «//#$. 

ait r rt/eYer. 

a m alium, animum, annum, argu- 

a.m. tfww0 mundi. 
am amodo. 
amo r amovetur. 
amou amoverunt. 
amoue amovere. 
amouut amoverunt. 
amp 9 amplius. 
am s amictus, amicus. 
am^ amittendum, 
afh tfwew, amicus. 
amai animalia. 
arnciam amerciamentum. 
afhtare amuntare. 
amciafn amerciamentum. 
amciad 9 amerciandus. 
an. #wfe, antecessoris. 

Latin Abbreviations, 

a n ante. 

an a antea, antiphona. 

ana a anatomia. 

anathm anathema. 

anc antecessor is. 

And: Andegavice, Andegavenses. 

Ang ce Anglice. 

an giiiar> anguillarum. 

Anglor Anglorum. 

Angi Anglia. 

Angir Anglorum. 

ang lS> angelus. 

anglox angelorum. 

angi angelis. 

angix angelorum. 

an T at r annihilatur. 

an lu angelum, angulum. 

anio annulo. 

ann. annos. 

ann°e annonce. 

annuer annuer unt. 

ann annuatim, annus. 

ant a antiphona. 

antec antecedens, antecessor. 

antedcus antedictus. 

anteq a m antequam. 

anteq. a antequam. 

anteq antequam. 

antiq^t 9 antiquitus. 

ant te antecedente. 

ant <™fa, antecessor. 

ant antecedenter. 

antf antecedentis. 

anuu annuum. 

an animalia, annus, ante, ante- 

ana animalia, antea. 

ancessojp antecessorum. 

aricess antecessor. 

afidcus antedictus. 

anfe 1 ' antefertur. 

arilo annulo. 

an 1 ' angelis. 

ano a analogia. 

afiplta antepenultima. 

afiq a m antequam. 

anq a> antequam. 

ans antecedens. 

ante antecedente. 

an? antecedenter. 

an$ antecessorum. 

a afoo, «#o mooto, aliquo, anno. 

a°d aliquod. 

a 00 afto woafo. 

a os flft'os. 

a°t aliquot. 

a°& aliorum. 

ap a tf^/rt. 

ap ca apostolica. 

ap d optft?. 

apellaco appellatio. 

ap is appellations, 

ap u apostoli. 

a pius a p 0S t li(s. 

apt aprilis. 

apri appellavit, appulit. 


The Record Interpreter. 

a pita co appellatio. 

apftat appellat. 

apftat 9 appellatus. 

apfti appettari. 

apftm appellum. 

api^ apostoloram. 

a pnum appellationum. 

apo a apostema. 

ap onc appositione, appellations. 

apostts apostolus. 

apo 9 apostolus. 

app di appellandi. 

app d ' appellandum. 

appelto appellatio. 

appei: appellatur. 

apped3 appendet. 

appesu appensum. 

appftator appellator. 

app ne appeUationem. 

app nib 3 appellationibus. 

appnsu appensum. 

app° appellatio. 

a pponem appeUationem. 

app°nes appellationes. 

apporile apponere. 

appo 1 ' apponitur. 

apposuer apposuerunt. 

app 1 ' appellatur. 

app rc appellare. 

app 1 appellat, apprehendit. 

app 1 ' 1 ' appellatur, appfehenditur. 

appat apparcat. 

appat 9 apparatus. 

app a appa) -entia/n . 

appat appareant. 

appen a apparentia. 

appet apparet. 

appicioi apparitioni. 

appn a apparentia. 

appns apparens. 

appfiti appa) w i ti. 

apptad appo Hand 'urn. 

app} apparet, apparent. 

app appelli, appenditiis. 

appciat appreciat. 

applat 1 ' appellatur. 

appllat appellat. 

appllois appellation is. 

appltm appellum. 

appltois appellationis. 

appm appositionem. 

appne appellatione. 

appoem appositionem. 

appui apposui. 

app3 apparen t, apparet, appendet. 

appciare apprctiare. 

appciat appretiatum. 

app hn b 3 apprehensio n ihus. 

appis appreliensis. 

app tr apprehenditur. 

appa 0e appropriations. 

appbad approbandum. 

appbtum approbatum. 

app ! at app ) vp 1 - iat. 

app x ati appropriatim. 

apppiqH appropiuquat. 

La tin Abbre v ia tions. 


appxi a t approximate 

appxiat approximate 

Apr Apr His. 

ap 1 apud. 

a ptc> apostolicis. 

apti e aptitudine. 

apti lie aptitudinem. 

apire aperire. 

aptii apertum. 

ap «£>#<#. 

apa apostema. 

apca apostolica, 

apd «pwrf. 

aplau appcllavit. 

apli apostoli. 

aplica apostolica. 

apllaco appellatio. 

apllat 9 appettatus. 

aplok apostolorum. 

apt apostolicum, Apr His. 

apl 9 apostolicus, apostolus. 

app 9 appensus. 

aps apostolus. 

app ! atu appropriation. 

ap 9 apostolus. 

ap& apostolorum. 

aq a «gw«. 

aq a aquam. 

aq a & aquarum. 

aq ! s agw&. 

aqua aquam. 

aq #^r/, «gwee. 

aqm aquam. 

a r a liter, arguitur. 
ar at arguat. 
arbos. arborum. 
arbr arbiter. 
archid archidiaconus. 
archiepus archiep iscop us. 
archi ni archidiaconi. 
arch archidiaconus. 
archi archiepiscopi. 
arch ni archidiaconi. 
arcfro archiepiscopo. 
arcfts archiepiscopus. 
arcub} arcubus. 

arc rtm^s, tf^c? ^.s ms^s, archi- 

arceps archiepiscopus^ 

arded ardendum. 

arct archidiaconus. 

ard n ' archidiaconum. 

arestaco arestatio. 

arestaimt arestaverunt. 

arest arextaueriuit. 

arg 1 urgently argumenti. 

arg m argumentum. 

argn argenti. 

arg ta argumenta. 

arg 4 ' argumentum. 

argu b 3 argumcntalibus, argu- 

argu m argumentum. 

arg argentum, and its cases. 

argi argenti. 

argntum argent urn. 

argnt argenti. 


The Record Interpreter. 

ai^di'i archidiaconi. 

ai^dn 9 archidiaconus. 

ar u arbitrii. 

ar io arbitrio. 

aripu arripuit. 

ar ius articulus. 

ar m arbitrium, argumentum. 

armatur armaturas. 

armig armiger. 

ar 11 ' argumentum. 

ar ntum argumentum. 

ar nus arc j l idi acon us , 

ar° arbitrio, arguo. 
ar oe argumentatione. 
arpend arpendium. 
arp arpendium. 
ar r argumentatur. 
arr a arreragia. 
arrain arrainiavit. 
arrentat arrentatis. 
arrip arripuit. 
arr arrabilis. 
ar 1 arguit. 
ar ta argumenta. 
ar u argumenti. 
arti b 3 artificialibus. 
articlo articulo. 
arti 1 ' articulis. 
ar t0 argumento. 
art x artifex. 
ar 1 ' articulis. 
art clis articulis. 
ar um arbitrium. 

ar flratf, a rant, ar antes, arabant, 
arabatur, aratum, aratura, 
arvum, articulos. 

ard ni archidiaconi. 

arct archidiaconus, and its cases. 

artK archidiaconum. 

arep 9 archiepiscopus, 

argo armigero. 

argo armigero. 

arlus articulus. 

arpferox archipresbyterorum. 

ar tu argumentum. 

as. assisa. 

a s a##s, «/eVs, antecedens. 

ascens ascensionis. 

asce on 3 ascensionem. 

asin asinus, and its cases. 

as. mor. an. assess mortis ante- 

as. no. dis. #sszs# wotYe disseisins. 
asp c t 9 aspectus. 
asptare asportare. 
asptaunt asportaverunt. 
aspcs aspectus. 
ass a assisa. 
assc^bi adscribi. 
ass e assisa?. 
assens ascensionis. 
assed assentiendum, 
assid assedendum, assidendum. 
assie assise. 
assig a9 assignamus. 
assignatur assignabitur. 
assign assignatione. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


assig nS> assignamus. 

a tim annuatim. 

assitat 1 ' assimilatur. 

at n attamen. 

assis assisa, and its cases. 

atq. tf^we. 

assias assisas. 

att a ccom attractionem. 

assias assisarum. 
ass m assartum. 

attach attachietur, attachientur, 

attachiandum, attachiamentum . 

ass assentio. 

attachi attachiamenti. 

assoc associatis. 

attain attamen. 

ass 1 ' assentitur. 

att iVr attribuitur. 

ass ta assignata. 
ass u assensu. 

att ioe attributione. 

attlge attingere. 

assupcoe assumptionem. 
ass assisa, and its cases. 

att m attractum, attributionem. 
att n attamen. 

ass de m anc assisa de morte 

ass de n dis assisa de nova dis- 

attorn attornatus, and its cases, 
attornavit, and other parts 
of the verb attornare. 

att r attribuitur. 

assa assisa. 

att attornatus, and its cases. 

assdebt r assedebatur. 

att a het r attraheretur. 

assit asserit. 

attndd: attendendum. 

assnsu assensu. 

att 1 are atterminare. 

assp m assumptum. 

attmlat atterminata. 

ass re assentire. 

a tu argumentum. 

asst adsunt. 

a 1 ' aliter. 

assu assensu. 

dl autem. 

ass 9 assensus. 

atcix atrociter. 

assor assessor. 

ats ac^s. 

a 1 «t<£. 

at3 atque. 

a ta animata. 

A.V. flftwos #m£. 

atacfr attachietur, attachientur, 

aufcgellu aubergellum. 

attach iandu m, attach iamen turn. 

auc a s auctoritas. 

atacfri attachiamenti. 

auc re auctore. 

athacciet attachientur. 

auc te auctoritate. 


The Record Interpreter. 

auc u auctoritati. 

au*3 auctoritatem. 

aucte auctoritate. 

aut autem. 

aud do audiendo. 

autn a autentica. 

audied audiendum. 

autnt ca autentica. 

audit 1 ' 1 audit uri. 

autpo autumpno. 

audit rus auditurus. 

auunct avunculus. 

auditurf audituris. 

auunefs avunculus. 

audiu audivit. 

auuncl 9 avunculus. 

aud r auditur. 

auuois avunculus. 

aud audiat, audiendum, audit. 

ami els avunculus. 


auuel 9 avunculus. 

audia audientia. 

auv 9 aims. 

a ue affirmative. 

aux m auxilium. 

auer averia. 

aux° auxilio. 

aufer auferre, aufert. 

au aw£, autem. 

Aug. Augustus, Augustinus. 

aupo autumpno. 

augm augmentatio. 

auia averia. 

aU gOis augment ationis. 

auio^ averiorum. 

aug 1 ' augmentum. 

aute avertere. 

Aug Augustus, Augustinus. 

au 9 <m*s, Augustinus. 

Aug 9 Augustus. 

A. X. -4>mo Christi. 

Aug 9 t 9 Augustus. 

A. X 1 . ^wzo Christi. 

au'fsiu aurifrisium. 

aumtu aumentum (augmentum). 

ajsiamtu aysiamentum. 

au or auctor. 

sl} aquce. 

aurifr aurifrisium. 

a ^ aliorum. 

aurs aures. 

A 5000. 

ausri te austcritate. 

abit ambit. 

aut as auctor it as. 

abuiofi ambulationem. 

aut e auctoritate. 

ablare ambulare. 

au te auctoritatem . 

ablo ambulatio. 

aut te auctoritate. 

agt angelus, Anglus, A) 

autup autumpno. 

and their cases. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


agis angelus, anguhts. 

agn Angnes (Agnes). 

aglus angelus. 

aicf amicis. 

aic 9 amicus. 

ai m animum. 

aiu animum. 

amia lg admirabilcm. 

amisco administ ratio. 

amo r amovetur. 

ano a annona. 

anuefi annuentes. 

an 9 annus. 

aor major. 

aorf amoris. 

aox aliorum. 

ap amplius. 

ap 9 amplius. 

aqu. antequam. 

ares majores. 

ateq a antequam. 

ateq antequam. 

atiq 1 antiqui. 

53 apparct, apparent. 

a tfc, atf, «^, aatem, apud, are, 

annus, and its cases. 
aalia animalia. 
aa u animati. 
aatim annuatim. 
aa u annuatim. 
acui 9 alicujus. 
ac 9 alicujus. 

ad aliquid, aliquod, aliud. 
ad tc animadverte. 
adrd: animadrertendum. 

ae animce. 

a [ d aliquid. 

a iis a/ms. 

ai 00 aliquo modo. 

ai animi. 

ale animate. 

alia animalia. 

alib} atiimalibus. 

amal animal. 

ana aliena. 

anga arenga. 

an 9 annus. 

ao° «#0 moflfo. 

aoq n alioquin. 

aOg> aliorum. 

aq a aliqua. 

aq a m aliquam, antequam. 

aq a s aliquas. 

aqri aliquando. 

aq° aliquo. 

aq 1 ' aliqualiter. 

aqua 1 ' aliqualiter. 

aq aliquid, aliquod. 

aq a antequam. 

aq aliquem, aliquid. 

aq 9 aliquibus. 

ar aliter. 

as #//tfs, animus. 

at fl^£, autem. 

atu argumentum. 

S3 apparet. 

?Ch aliarum. 

a 9 tfc^s, «//ms, albus, Augustus, 

a 9 us ausus. 


The Record Interpreter. 


B. treccnti, baptista, beatus, bere- 
wica, bordarhis, bovata. 

B. % M. berewica et manerium. 

B. T; S. bereivica et soka. 

B. A. bixit (vwit) annos. 

babta baptista. 

b a e bcatce. 

balliuu ballivum. 

balliii ballwum. 

bait ballia, balliva, ballivus. 

baiiia ballivam. 

baiiios ballivos. 

baiiis ballivis. 

bafts ballivus. 

bap a baptisma, baptista. 

bap ari baptizari. 

bap atus baptizatus. 

bap te baptistce. 

bapt baptista. 

bap baptista. 

bap a baptisma, baptista. 

bap ari baptizari. 

bap atus baptizatus. 

bapta baptista. 

barron barones, baronia. 

barr barones, baronia. 

bar s barones, baronibus. 

Barth Bartholommus. 

bar 5r/ro, barones, baronia. 

b a s beatus. 

bast a d 9 bastardus. 

bas basilica. 

baa feafo. 

bae beatce. 

bao, ba° &tfn>. 

baoii baronem, barones. 

ba 9 beatus. 

bea mus beatissimus. 

bea am beatissimam. 

benef beneficiarius. 

ben benedictio, benedict us. 

bereu berewica. 

ber bereivica. 

b e ui? breviter. 

be me fo#&e memorial. 

bed tus benedictus. 

begnus benignus. 

B. F. benef actum, beneficium, 
bona femina, bona fide, bona 
filia, bona fortuna. 

bibat bibatis (vivatis). 

B. I. 0. foTws (vivas) in Christo. 

bid bidentes. 

bis lls bissextilis, 

bix 6mY (vixit). 

blad blaclum. 

blod blodius, blodeus. 

bi blaneus. 

bftum helium. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


B. M. beata Mater, beatce me- 
moriae bene merenti, bene 

B. M. Y. beata Maria Virgo. 

bn bene. 

bndco benedictio. 

bndcus benedictus. 

bndms benedicimus. 

biid benedicit. 

bnd 9 benedictus. 

bnfcm benefactorum. 

bfiio beneficio. 

bo a 3 bonam. 

bo u ' e bonitate. 

bo. me. bono3 memoriw. 

bofi bonus. 

bord bordarii. 

bor bordarii. 

bosc boscus. 

bo t§ bonitatem. 

bouat bovata. 

boa &(?/?#. 

bo fo^fl. 

bo me #ow# memorke. 

bois &on's. 

bom bonam, bonum. 

bos beatos, bonos. 

bo3 bonitatem. 

B. Q. &£7?e quiescas. 

BR. bonorum, Britannia, Bri- 

bra a li bracali. 

braca^ bracarum. 

h r gh burgensis. 
b r g burgi^ burgo. 
Brig Brigantice. 
BRT. Britannicus. 
br brevis. 
bra braeheta. 
bre 5m'£. 
bri 6rm". 
bria brevia. 
brib3 brevibus. 
bris brevis. 
briu brevium. 
b s beatns. 

burg burgensis, burgus. 
burgfi burgenses. 
burgses burgenses. 
bur burgus, burum. 
bus bussellus. 
butict 9 buticuJarius. 
bue flmtf. 
buis brevis. 
BX. 5mV (vixit). 
B 5000. 

b beatns, baptista, benediehonem, 

foa baptista, beata. 

baox beatorum. 
batus beatus. 
be beatce. 
bf bene/actum. 
fog bur gum. 
fei 5iale. 
foi ca beatifica, 
bido bcatitndo. 


The Record Interpreter. 

bi {p beatitiidinem. 

bn h bcneficiali. 

bi ls beatitudinis. 

bno^ bonorum. 

bi nc beatitudine. 

bnio beneficio. 

bisse beatissime. 

brine benedictionem. 

bitu ne beatitiidinem. 

bo fotffo. 

blli belli. 

bo^ beatorum, bonorum. 

blim helium. 

br brevis, and its cases ; breviter 

bm bcatum. 

bn &<°^, beneficia, benedictionem. 

bna &cw<?. 

bn a bcnpficia. 

bndca benedicta. 

bndc 9 benedictus. 

bnd r benedicitur. 

bnd bencdicit, benedictionem. 

bndo benedicto, benedicendo. 

bnd°ne benedictionem. 

bndre benedicere. 

bnfice benefice. 

bnfi beneficio. 

bnfco^ benefactor um. 

bnfm beneficium. 

bnfo beneficio. 

bnftm bene/actum. 

bngne benigne. 

bn 5i beneficii. 

bruica berewica. 
bs beatus. 
bta &<?«/«. 
bte beatce. 
bti me beatissime. 
bti ne beatitudine. 
btime beatissime. 
bti m beatitiidini. 
bto£ beatorum. 
bts beatus. 
bt beatum. 
bt 5 beatus. 
bue drere. 
buit 1 ' breviter. 
buit brevitatis. 
buit breviter. 
bui 9 brevius. 
h} beatus, beatam. 
b 9 beatus, bos. 

Latin Abbreviations. 



C. caput, carta, carucata, centum, 
codex, conies, conjux, cum, 

c a canonica, capitula, caput, carta, 

causa, circa, contra. 
ca ant capiant. 
ca as caritas, causas. 
ca ca canonica. 
ca ce canonicce, canonice. 
ca d0 capiendo. 
ca e causa?, creatures. 
ca 1 capituli. 
cal. calendas, ca lend is. 
calciamtu calciamentum. 
calcria calcaria. 
ca 10 capitulo. 
calum ia calumpnia. 
calun calumpnia. 
ca lu capitulum. 
calunia calumnia. 
cat calendas, calendis. 
caiis calidis. 
caim ia calumpnia. 
catr causal iter. 
catus calidus. 
ca m capitulum, causa )n. 
cama camera. 
camari 9 camerarius. 
camar camerarius. 
can ce canonice. 


cancellar cancellaria, cancclla- 

canceft cancellaria, cancellarius. 
can cus canonicus. 
can c9 canonicus. 
cane 9 cancellarius. 
canc cancellarius. 
c a nisp i uiu carnisprivium. 
can lis canonicalis. 
canoic canonicus. 
can canonicus. 
canc 9 canonicus. 
c a nlis cama lis. 
canria cancellaria. 
cans canonicus. 
ca° capitulo. 
capco captio. 
capeft capella, capellanus. 
capets capellanus. 
cap 1 capituli. 
capiat 1- capiat ur. 
capiat 1 * capiant ur. 
capiend: capiendum. 
capitib 9 capitibus. 
capit capitulum. 
capta capitula. 
capft capellanis. 
capfto capellano. 
capim capitulum. 
capts capellanus. 


The Record Interpreter. 

capt3 capitulum. 

car cardinalis, cariagium, 


cap m capitulum. 

caruca, carucata. 

cap nus capellanus. 

cart carucata. 

capt 1 capiat. 

car? carnaliter. 

capt 9 captus. 

c a s cms. 

capt capitis, capta, etc. 

ca s causas. 

capts captivus. 

cas lis casualis. 

capt 9 captivus. 

c a stino crastino. 

cape capere. 

c a stin crastino, crastinum. 

cap c#p#, capitalis, capitulum, 

cast castro. 


cast castrum, castra. 

capd caput. 

ca 1 caput. 

capm capitulum. 

cataft catalla. 

capt r capiuntur. 

c a ta cartam. 

captlis capitalis. 

cath lis cathedralis. 

ca r capitur, causatur, causaliter. 

ca u casw. 

car b 3 cardinalibus. 

cauco cautio. 

cardii cardinalis. 
cardin cardinalis. 

causal causalis. 
caut03 cautionem. 
caut r caiisantur. 

card cardinalis. 

cau ftmj. 

caria carmina. 

cauoe cautionem. 

c a r le carnale. 

caui causalis. 

cart carnalis. 

cault' causaliter. 

car mus carissimus. 

caue cavere. 

car n li carnali. 

ca3 causam, causas. 

carfia carentia. 

ca 9 ctf^s. 

carh lis carnalis. 

ca^ causarum. 
cabitor cambitor. 

carruc caruca, carucata. 

cabiu cambium. 

carr carucagia. 

ciipio campio. 

cart car tarn. 

ca carucata. 

caruc caruca, carucata. 

ca as causas. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


cae causa?. 

cai capituli. 

cais causis. 

caitas caritas. 

cam causam. 

cand causandum. 

can 1 ' causantur. 

cant 1 ' causantur, 

cart causa ret. 

cas causas. 

cata causa ta. 

cat 1 ' causatur. 

cat 9 causatus. 

caus Ctfsws. 

ca? causarum. 

cc circum, ducenti. 

cc a cmt#, contra. 

cc* 1 ducenti. 

ce b 3 celestibus. 

c c didit crediderit. 

c e d r creditur. 

ced ca^dua. 

c e de cede re. 

eel. celeres. 

cel e celeste. 

celeftn celebrando. 

cei celationes, celebravit. 

ceii ce/en. 

ceiit e celeritate. 

ce m ccelum. 

cemtari 9 cementarius. 

cen. cent ion. 

cend cendallum. 
censri censer i. 
cer cerevisia. 
c e sce crescere. 
ceti cwteri. 
cetm cceterum. 
ce?i cceteri. 
cetm cceterum. 
ce^ ccekstis. 
ce° centre-. 
ces 11 censarii. 
ces 9 census. 
cet r io centurio. 
Ch. Cftraft. 
Chro Christo. 
churs chursetum. 
c 1 CM*. 

c*a «>£#, c#ra. 
ci b 3 civibus. 
c^a ciVra. 
c a cuit circuit. 
tfeu 3, circumstantia. 
c^u 00 circumspectio. 
c'ciisp circumspectio. 
c l cuspcco circumspectio. 
c 1 cil t0 circumscripto. 
c^tm circulum. 
c 1 ?] 9 cir cuius. 
c ! 9 circum. 
tfcf™ circumstantia. 
e'e/ circumstantia?. 
c'c)fen a cm 'cumfercntia . 


The Record Interpreter. 

c^stffor circumscribitur . 

c^sta 3, circumstantia. 

c^st 1 * 3 circumstantiis. 

c^sp^bl circumscriptibilis. 

c a 9 ta circumscripta. 

&C)-$ circumstantiarum. 

c a da cuidam. 

&\° circulo. 

0^3 cuilibet. 

tfm circum. 

tfme crimen. 

^mialr criminaliter. 

0*111 ib 9 criminibus. 

Q x m crimen. 

c'ma crimina. 

tfmis criminis. 

ciSu cinerum. 

cir a czVm. 

circle- circulo. 

circts circulus. 

circuq^ circumquaque. 

circle- circumlocutio. 

cirog a pti chirographum. 

eir chirographum. 

cit es civitates. 

citf citetis. 

ciulr civiliter. 

ciu civitas. 

&} cuique. 

citas civitas. 

cl. clarissimus. 

claman H clamantia. 

clam clamat, clamavit, clamium. 

cl a s r a clausura. 

clasla clausula. 

clabit clamabit. 

clais us clarissimus. 

clam clausulam. 

clerooie cleronomice. 

cle te clemente. 

c 19 circulus. 

cla clausula. 

clant clamant. 

clcus clericus. 

cle clausula?. 

clen e clementissime. 

clens clemens. 

cli c&n. 

clicat^ clericatus. 

clic clericus. 

clict 9 clericatus. 

cli lis clericalis. 

clis clausulis. 

cl is clericis. 

cli 9 clericus. 

clpa cm^#. 

clpal culpabilis. 

clpa lis culpabilis. 

els 9 clausus. 

clt ra cultura. 

clt 9 cultus. 

c m capitulum, centum, cum. 

c. m. mwsfl mortis. centesimo. 

cmdfi commendam. 

cmdoem commendationem. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


cms comes. 

com commissio. 

c° centesimo. 

compoi compoti. 

co a lis co rp oralis. 

compt compareant. 

co b 3 coloribus. 

comptu eompertum. 

coem communem. 

comp computed, computato. 

coes communes. 

com comes, comitissa, comitatus. 

cog a co cognatio. 
cog a t 9 cognatus. 

comates commorantes. 
comdat commendatus, commen- 
dator, commenelatio. 

cogi nes cogitationes. 

comet commendatus, commen- 

cogco cognitio. 


cogntr coguntur. 

con a dco contradictio. 

concio coercitio, coertio. 

con^riu contrarium. 

coticoem coertionem. 

concedt concederetur. 

cotiitoe cohabitationem. 

concelam concelamcnto. 

cohto m coertionem. 

condco conelicto. 

coifi comitissam. 

con du concedendum. 

coie comitissce. 

coll d, concedendum. 

cois corporis. 

confres confratres. 

colit colitur. 

conqritur conquiritur. 

colloe collatione. 

considaco consideratio. 

coll tur colligitur. 

considatu consideratum. 

colo a colonia. 

conss ia consistentia. 

cot co /or. 

conssm consensum. 

cot a copula. 
coftg le collegiate. 
coftia collegia, colloquia. 
coito} collafionem. 

construe const ructio. 
const const it utis. 
consue 110 consuetudine. 
cons consideratio, consideratum, 
consilium, consuetudine in, 

coftr cottigitur, col loquitur. 


cotr colitur. 

cons ia consequential. 

comit comitis, and other cases, 

conssu consensu. 


cont a contra. 

comm commodo. 

conteco contentio. 

commo commodum. 

conteptu. contemptum. 


The Record Interpreter. 

contiet 1 ' continetur. 

corp 9 corpus. 

contie continue. 

cor 1 ' corporaliter, corrigitur, cor 

contntis contentis. 


cont ui conventui. 

corrfi 1 ' correspondetur. 

con tu conventum. 

corr°e corruptione. 

contua contumacia. 

corru r corrumpuntur. 

cont continens, continetur, con- 

corr corredium. 


corrns corresponded. 

con contra. 

corrtor corrector. 

conger coning eria. 

cor r C corporis. 

cofi r communiter. 

corute corrupte. 

cofisit concessit. 

cor coram. 

coh} communem. 

cor et correspondet. 

cop copia. 

cor is corruptionis. 

co r commendator. 

corle corporalem. 

cor a corpora. 

cort corporalis. 

cor a fr corporaliter. 

corndet correspondet. 

cor a r corporaliter. 

corn tes correspondentes. 

cor b 3 corporibus, corporalibus. 

corpfit corrumpunt, corrumpent, 

corco correctio. 

cors corporis. 

cor c corpore. 

cor 9 corpus. 

cor e u corporeum, 

cotar cotarius. 

corete correpte. 

co tu comitatu. 

cor'b) corporibus. 

cot cotagium, cotarius. 

co^s corporis. 

cot 9 cotarius. 

cor m corporum, corporeum. 

coburat 1 ' comburatur. 

corndet correspondet. 

cocelam concelamentum. 

cor°dit corrodit. 

c5cess t concessit. 

cor°nem corruptionem. 

cociliat conciliation. 

coron corona, coronatio. 

cocto conclusio. 

cor°3 corruptionem. 

cocord concordia. 

coroaco coronatio. 

c5cor ter concorditer. 

corpa corpora. 

cocup e concupiscentice. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


codep a tus condemnatus. 

cod conditio. 

co dti concedendum. 

cod commendatus. 

coendat 9 commendatus. 

coes comes. 

cof h? confirmatur. 

cofres confratres. 

cof i 9 conferimus. 

cofo confcssio. 

cofoe confessionem. 

cof r confirmatur. 

cofres confratres. 

coft confert. 

cognount cognoverunt. 

coitat 9 comitatus. 

coite comitem. 

c5ito committo. 

coitf comitis. 

comiss commissio, commission. 

comit?e committere. 

comdare commendare. 

coplio compilation complexio. 

copo compositio. 

coput r computatur. 

copat 1 ' comparator. 

coq^siuit conquisivit. 

corb3 corporibus. 

cosec a co consecratio. 

cosidat consideratum. 

cosuet consuctudinibus. 

cos consideratum. 

cosmss3 consumpsisset. 

cot a contra. 

cot a dix contradixit. 

cotam contumaciam. 

cote m contentim. 

cotin3 continet. 

cot r dco contradictio. 

cotua 1 * contumaciter. 

cou e commune. 

couet 9 conventus. 

couict 9 convictus. 

cousaco conversatio. 

co contra. 

coa communa, consequentia. 

coe commune, consequential. 

coes communes. 

coi communi, conjugi. 

coia communia. 

C01D3 communibus. 

coicaco communicatio. 

coinr 9 committimus. 

coione communione. 

coi r communiter. 

coiri communiri. 

coi s communis. 

cois communis, corporis. 

cois 1 commisit. 

coitas communitas. 

coiter communiter. 

coit 1 * communiter. 

coit communitas. 

coit communiter. 


The Record Interpreter. 

cola copula. 

conam communam. 

conioe communione. 

cords communis. 

cont communiter. 

cont 9 conventus. 

corib3 corporibus. 

counis communis. 

couna communia. 

coue commune. 

co^pa 1 ' corrumpatur. 

co£p° corruptio. 

co£p 0e corruptione. 

co^p 1 ' corrumpitur. 

co^pr corrumpitur. 

co?*' 1 ' corrumpitur. 

cpa co/ma. 

c r cwr, creditur. 

c r a cwm. 

c r abit r curabitur. 

c r ant currant, curant. 

c r are curare. 

c r at°ii curatorum. 

c r at 9 curatus. 

c r at r curantur. 

c r ca «><?#. 

c r cu circum. 

c r cm circum. 

ere; circum. 

c r e cw?7£, curice. 

cred creditor, credit um. 

c r ere currcre. 

criai criminalis. 

cri'a? criminaliter. 

c r o cwro. 

c 1 '!* 9 currus. 

c r s 9 cursus. 

era crimina. 

ere crimine. 

cri crimini. 

cria crimina. 

c u ce crucem. 

c u da cruda. 

cu e curias. 

cur ewfo. 

cust custumarius. 
cuu cwm. 

cyrog a ph chirographum. 
cyr chirographum. 
c 9 cm/ms. 
c 9b 3 cujuslibet. 
c 9 93 cujuscumque. 
c 9 di cujusmodi. 
c 9 i3 cujuslibet. 
c 9 q. a cujusquam. 
° 9 qb cujusque, cujuscumque. 
aPc^m. cujusquam. 
o 9 3 cujusque. 
C centum millia, 100000. 
c cceteris, caput, capite, centum, 
codex, comes, cum, cunctis. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


ca causa, capitula, cetera. 

c a creatura. 

ca a creatura. 

calis causalis. 

ca° creatio. 

catu causatum. 

ca creata. 

cca c/rm. 

edit 1 ' creditur. 

cdini conditioni. 

ce can see. 

cfcis confectis. 

cfcm confectum. 

egg congregatis. 

eggatis congregatis. 

cg'gatf congregatis. 

ci b 3 civitatibus. 

cis ceteris, civis. 

citas civitas. 

ciux conjux. 

ci 9 b3 cujuslibet. 

ci 9 C3 cujuscunque. 

cita s civitates. 

cltii cultum. 

cm cwm. 

cms comes. 

cmda commendam. 

cotdie quotidie. 

ct° centro. 

8 cerevisia. 

8a certf. 

8a e creaturce. 

8ari 9 cerarius. 
Sat cra?£. 

8at r a creatura. 
8au creavit. 
8ae creare. 
8b° crebro. 
8brit 9 crebriter. 
8brt 9 crebriter. 
8ca «rm. 
8ci 9 certius. 
ecu circiun. 
8dd* credidit. 
8dib a credibilia. 
8dib lla credibilia. 
cdi b 3 credibilibus. 
edite crediturce. 
edi 11 credibilium. 
8dnd credendum. 
8do cmfo. 
8d r creditur. 
8ddi credendi. 
8ddo credendo. 
8dd credendum. 
8de credere. 
cdem 9 crederemus. 
8dis credendis. 
edndi credendi. 
8dns credens. 
8dr creditur. 
8dt credunt. 
c\r e credere. 
8e cera?. 


The Record Interpreter. 

Cea ia cerealia. 

9 a io contr ario. 

ceb° cerebro. 

9 a ire contraire. 

Ceb^ cerebrum. 

9 a iu contrarium. 

Ssc* crescit. 

9 at concordat, considerate con- 

8sc crescit. 


8SC3 cresceret. 

9 at> consequatur. 

£s8e crescere. 

9 a convenientiam. 

8tus certus. 

9 a ' m contrarium. 

8uisia cervisia. 

9 a 3 consequential?}. 

Puisiores cervisiores. 

efv contrariorum. 

8u s ia cervisia. 

9blatu combinatum. 

cuus cervus. 

cjb r gh comburgensis. 

cunt creverunt. 

9b r it r comburitur. 

9 <%>;?, cww. 29M* «s sometimes 

9buss t combussit. 

printed as a c reversed. 

9b 9 t 9 combustus. 

9. confitendis. 

9caco communicatio. 

c/ contra. 

9cat communicat. 

c/ a contraria. 

9ce d ' concedendum. 

c/bria contrabrevia. 

cjGq 1 concedi, concedendi. 

9 a ctio contr actio. 

9ce nt concedunt. 

c/ctu contr actum. 

9ce° comedo. 

9 a ct 9 contractus. 

9cep°is conceptionis. 

9 a d a contr adictoria. 

9ce r conceditur. 

9 a dco a contr adictoria. 

9cesseut concesserunt. 

9 a di°3 contr adictionem. 

9eess concessisse. 

9 a d°m contr adictionem. 

9<3i m concilium. 

9 a d t contradicit. 

9cip3 conciperet. 

9 a dnt contr adicunt. 

9cl°3 conclusionem. 

9 a dr contr adicitur. 

9cloe conclusione. 

9 a dre contradicere. 

9clos conclusions. 

9 a hr contrahitur. 

9c! 1 " concluditur. . 

9 a i m contrarium. 

jclu 1 ' concluditur. 

Lathi Abbreviations. 


C)cl ur concluditur. 

9ctd r concluditur. 

9cid t r concluditur. 

9cio conclusio, concelamento. 

9Cordafi concordantia. 

9Cord concordantis, concordantiis, 

concorditer, concordia, and 

its cases. 
9C r nt concurrunt. 
9C r ram 9 concurramus. 
9C r redo concurrendo. 
9C r rete concur rente. 
9C r re concurrere. 
90 rt concurrit. 
9C rat concurrunt. 
9cta cuncta. 
9ctu contractum. 
9cup a concupiscentia. 
9cup ia concupiscentia m. 
9cupi da concupiscendam. 
9cup lc concupiscibile. 
9cupia concupiscentia. 
9c conclusio, and its cases. 
9c nte concurrente. 
9cre concurrere. 
98iue concretive. 
98nit concemit. 
9c 9 m 9 concessimus. 
9c 9 sio concussio. 
9dam cujusdam, quondam. 
9depn3 condemnet. 
9dep ve condcmnare. 

9 di concedi, concedendi.> conditio. 

9di° conditio. 

9di on £ conditionis. 

9di°3 conditionem. 

9dit r conditur. 

9 do concedo, concedendo. 

9d°is conditionis. 

9doatu condonatum. 

9d r contradicitur, concluditur. 

9dux conduxit. 

9de condere. 

9di concedendi. 

9do conditio, concedendo. 

9doem conditionem. 

9d6m conditionem. 

9dr contradicitur. 

9° commune, consequential. 

Cjent convenienter. 

9 et continet. 

903 communem, conventionem, 

9fess s confessoris. 
9f i masse confirmasse. 
Qji° confessio. 
cji } confessionem. 
Cjio} conjirmationem. 
9f r confertur, conflrmatur. 
C)i s confessoris. 
cjf confessor. 
9fcis confectis. 
9fmaco confirmatio. 


The Record Interpreter. 

Cjfo$ confessorum. 

9g cit cognoscit. 

cg c g° congregation congregato, 

C)g [ t cognitum. 

9gnou cognovit. 

9g° cognitio. 

9g r cognoscitur. 

9gg° congregatio, congregate 

cj communi, conveni. 

9*a communia. 

9 i at r conveniantur. 

9 i ca e communicare. 

9 i ens conveniens. 

91s communis. 

9*tas communitas. 

9*? communiter. 

9 lium concilium. 

9 m communem, conceptum, con- 
cilium, convictum. 

9mem e commemorations 

Cjm°e commotione. 

9m t te r committer etur. 

9m t tu r committuntur . 

9mnda° commendatio. 

9m ris commentator is. 

9110U cognovit. 

9iiouut cognoverunt. 

9ns consequens. 

9 communio, communicatio, con- 

9°br, 9°bre, contrabreve. 

9°m conclusion on. 

9°ne conclmione, constructione. 

9pare comparers 

9plecto£ complectorium. 

9ple t5 complementum. 

9ptib3 compluribus. 

9pot 9 compotus. 

9p ta composita, compota. 

9p tus compotus, computus. 

9putator commutator. 

9p3 comparet, competit. 

cpa le comparabile. 

9pare comparars 

9pat r comparatur. 

9pate comparative. 

9pet comparet. 

9pit comperit. 

9pnt comparent. 

9PO3 comparationcm. 

9P computat, computus, fyc. 

9plat r copulatur. 

9pl° completorio, compilatio. 

9po complexo, compositio. 

9phn le comprehensibils 

9q i sitor conquisitor. 

9qstu conquestu. 

9 r e contraris 

9 re convenire. 

9rediu conredium (corredium). 

9 re commentator em. 

9 r f commentator is. 

9 s consequens. 

cscia conscientia. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


9sent a consentanea. 

Citi b 3 continentibus, contingcnti- 

9sidacoe consider atione. 


9sid:ati consideration. 

9 tig contigit, contingit. 

Cisidauut consideraverun t. 

Cjtinet 1 ' continetur. 

csidate considerantem. 

9 ting contingit. 

9siliu consilium. 

9siti consimili. 

9si oe consider atione. consensu. 

9sooiu consocium. 

9soto consoled io. 

9sti r constituihir : 

9 SU consensu. 

9su d0 consuetudo. 

9sue ne consuetudine. 

9sulat 9 consulatus. 

9suiere consul uere. 

c/s consider 'ationem, consideration, 

consilium, consuetudo. 
9sns s consensus. 
9§s 9 consensus. 

9* comparuit, contingit, convenit. 
cjt & contra. 
9t a br contrabreve. 
9t a dcoe contradict ione. 
9t a di8e contradicere. 
9t a ia contraria. 
9t e composite, contestation, con- 

9tenco contentio. 
9tentco contentatio. 
c il compoti. 

9ti te continente. 
9tluatl continuatim. 
c,tntis contentis. 
9 tor commentator, conquestor. 
9 tu conventu. 
ctu a x contumax. 
9 tu computum, conventum. 
9 t (° compctentes, compositis. 
9 t9 conceptus, contemptus. 
c/L content urn, continens, conti- 
9? la continentia. 
9ti° continuo. 
9ts contrasigillum. 
Cjt} continet. 
91ml u convaluit. 
9uencois conventions. 
9ueit convenit. 
9uet 9 convent us. 
9uiniu convivium. 
cuicit convincit. 
9unia communiam. 
9ut conveniunt. 
9uncone conventione. 
911s conversis. 
c/ u complexion. 
9 compotum. 


The Record Interpreter. 


D. dedisse,dicens,dicit, quingenti. 

dapfi damnum. 

d a data, differentia. 

dap ois damnationis. 

da a data. 

dap ? damnorum, damnatorum. 

dab 1 ' dabitur. 

dap tus damnatiis. 

dab dabis, dabit. 

dai &n, 

dabr dabitur. 

d c 6?ow^. 

d a co draco. 

d ce distinctione, duplice. 

d a co dominatio, dilatio. 

d ce distinctionem, duplicem. 

daco rffcfto. 

dc m dictum. 

dacoi dationi. 

d coe 3 distinctionem, clictionem. 

d a coi dilationi, dominationi. 

d c tame dictamen. 

da m damnum, datum. 

damp dampno. 

da dampno. 

dap dapifer. 

dapo dapifero. 

d a ri demandari, demonstrari. 

d a s differentials, datas. 

d as differentiae, datas. 

d c t3 dfcfeA 
dc£ cfo'c&s. 

dc 9 dictus. 
dcaie dictamine. 
dceqj dictceque. 
dcet dictet. 
dcis left's. 

dat r us daturus. 

dcm dictum, ductum. 

dat 9 datus. 

defhtu decrementum, documen- 

dat ofafa, datum. 


dap a re r damnaretur. 

dco dedicatio, dictatio, dictio, 

dap a ri damnari. 


dapnad 9 damnandus. 

dco f//cfo woafo. 

dap ne damnations 

dco3 dictationem, dictionem. 

dapn m " damnatur. 

dco? diet or urn. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


dcur 9 dicturus. 

dec rf<? cmtero. 

dcus dictus, distinctus. 

dec3 c&ce£. 

dc 9 dictas. 

decf efe ceteris. 

dc3 dictum. 

dec decanus, Decembris, clecre- 

dd David, dederunt. 

mentum, decretum. 

d e differ entice, dicer e, duce. 

decas decimas. 

de a b r demonstrabitur. 

deee decimal. 

de a blis demonstrabilis. 

dec 1 ' decretalis. 

de a1 ' demonstrabilis. 

dect decretalis. 

de are demonstrate, demandare. 
de a ta demonstrata, demandata, 

deHis demonstratis. 
de a tie demonstrative. 

ded cfefifr'l. 
dedit dederint. 
dee (te£. 
deee deesse. 

de a tis demonstrationis, detrac- 

deet deessent. 


defat defalta. 

deaur deauratum. 

defcm defectum. 

de a 3 decimam. 

defcus defectus. 

deb3 c&fo£. 

def di defendendi, definiendi. 

debe debere. 

deforc deforciatorem. 

de " bur demonstrabitur. 

def defalta, defectus, defendens, 

debo debito. 

defenso, defunctus. 

deb3 deberet, debent. 

defctus defectus, defunctus. 

decenfi decennalia. 

defc deferentis. 

decess decessit. 

degt degustatio. 

deceto rfle ccetero. 

dein deinde. 

dece lis decennalis. 

de ! ta determinate 

decid decidendum. 

deiati determinatim. 

decla r declarator. 

deite determinate. 

decli declinatio. 

delib ne delibatione, deliberatione. 

decto declaratio. 

deliqs delinquens. 


The Record Interpreter. 

detc m delectum. 

detcafale delectabile. 

deieaMr delectabiliter. 

deica delectatio. 

detcm delectum. 

detco delectatio. 

dem e su demensum. 

dem° demonstration 

dem°is demonstrationis. 

deni°st a co demonstrate. 

dem demum. 

defnd 1 * demandatur, demandetur. 

demnd demanda, demonstran- 

defhrans demonstrans. 

demroi demonstrationi. 

demt a o demonstrato. 

demte demente, demonstrates. 

demt demonstratum. 

demts dementis, dementes, de- 

dem ue demonstrative. 

den a ' denarius. 

deniq^ denique. 

de ms denominations . 

dentag dentagra. 

den denarius, denuo. 

dencia denunciatio. 

denciai denunciari. 

derici do denunciando. 

derioi m denominativum. 

dent debent. 

dent 1 ' debentur, demonstratur. 

de° demonstrate. 

de oe demonstratione. 

de°ne demonstratione. 

deor m deorsum. 

de°3 demonstrationem. 

dep a uare depravare. 

depo da deponenda. 

depo3 depositionem. 

dep3 dependet. 

depoem depositionem. 

deronau* derationavit, deratio- 

der Decembris. 
desc* descendit. 
desig a ri designari. 
desi m desiderium. 
desfht desumunt. 
des° desertio. 
despa desperatio. 
destr a ius destrarius (dextrarius) , 
dest u co destructio. 
desc* desicut. 
desr desuper. 
desuies deserviens. 
desto desertio. 
desuit 9 deser vitus. 
de t debet, dedit. 
de ta debita, delicta. 
de te debite. 
de u debiti, delegati. 
detfmtu detrimentum. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


detis demandatis, demonstratis. 

de?ia° deterioration deteriatio. 

detiare deteriorare, deteriare. 

deti ne deter minatione. 

deti rl deter minari. 

detial ls determinalis. 

detia determinatio. 

detiare deter minare. 

de?iate determinate. 

deuo devotio. 

deii Deum. 

deuare devitare. 

de 9 Dens, debemus. 

de-r- deest. 

debit debebit. 

debato deliberato. 

deeo demonstrate. 

deat debeat. 

deita debita. 

deliq dereliquit. 

dem 9 debemus. 

dendi demonstrandi. 

dent debent. 

deret deberent. 

der3 deberet. 

det afe&^, deberet. 

det r * demonstratur, deter minatur. 

de 9 debemus. 

di. dilecto, distinctio. 

d 1 cfrc?', rf/W, dirigi, dividi. 

d. i. Dominicce Incarnationis. 

diae diaconus. 


dic a <$cra. 

dice m dicendum. 

die dicere, dicit, dicunt. 

dies dicens. 

dieus dictus. 

diSent dicer ent. 

dicjt dicunt. 

di d ' dicendum. 

dida dividenda. 

diddu diviclenclum. 

did fc dividit. 

dif flum definiendum. 

diff a diffinitiva (definitiva) 

diffi definitio. 

diffit definit. 

dif fia differentia. 

dif fo definitio, definitive 

difunt differ unt. 

diffjfiia differentia. 

diffit tf^ertf. 

dif di definiendi. 

dig a t r dignatur. 

dig ma dignissima. 

dignei dignemini. 

dig ni dignemini. 

dign°i digniori. 

dig dignus. 

dig b 3 dignitatibus. 

digois digestionis. 

digtas dignitas. 

dig*f dignitatis. 

diioc dicecesis. 


The Record Interpreter. 

dilclo diluculo. 

dioi divisioni. 

dilcm dilectum. 

diom divisionem. 

dilcs dilectus. 

di r dividitur, dicitur. 

dilcus dilectus. 

dirco directionem. 

di le divisibile. 

dir c ti m directivum. 

di 11 divisibili. 

dir c tus directus. 

dili d ' diligendam. 

dir c us directus. 

dili<ifir diligenter. 

dirce directe. 

di lls divisibilis. 

dircm directum. 

dil° dilatio. 

dirco directio. 

diloe dilatione. 

dirc°3 directionem. 

dif dilectus. 

dir dirigitur. 

diictus dilectus. 

dircm directum. 

di.ics dilectus. 

dirc°3 directionem. 

diicus dilectus. 

dirocnau* diratiocinavit. 

diiim dilatim. 

dironata dirationata. 

diins diligens. 

dirtus directus. 

diint diligenter. 

dis. disseisince, districte. 

di m dimidiam, dimidium, divi- 

di s dicens. 

nam, divinum. 

disc d ' discedendum, discernen- 

dimid dimidium. 


dimis dimisit. 

disc e tus discretus. 

dim diminutio, dimensio. 

disci 1 ' discipulus. 

dim°3 dimensionem, diminu- 

discido discindendo. 


disc discretio. 

dim^e dimittere. 

discpts discipulus. 

dim dimidium. 

discco discretio. 

dim tiu diminu tivum . 

dis8 dum discemendum. 

di ne dilatione. 

discn discernit. 

din divinum. 

dis*ut disco nveniunt. 

di° dimidio, divisio. 

dis lus discipulus. 

dioc dioecesis. 

displi a displicentia. 

dioe divisione. 

disp disjwsitio. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


displus discipulus. 

dispn dispenmUo. 

dispnt dispensant. 

disp dispositio. 

dispoem dispositionem. 

dispt dispensat. 

diss 01 ' dissent iendum. 

dissit d0 dissimilitudo. 

diss disseisivit, disseiswerunt, dis- 

disslis dissimilis. 
diss 9 dissensus. 
dist a distincta. 
disti dum distinguendum. 
distit r distinguitur. 
dist distinction distincto. 
dist r distinguitur. 
disi^x* destruxit. 
distbuta distributiva. 
distctu districtu. 
disto distinction distincto. 
dis discretion divisus. 
diss divisus. 
dis t discretionis tuce, or other 

di te dimidietatem. 
di tim dimidiatim. 
dit°3 ditionem. 
diu a diversa, divina. 
diuci 9 diutius. 
diu de diversimode. 
diu e diverse, divisce. 

diue$ diversorum. 
diui 1 ' divisibilis. 
diui m divinum. 
diui 1 * dividitur. 
diu nc diutine. 
diudare divadiare. 
diuiclo diverticula. 
diusi de diversimode. 
diu te diversitate. 
dix 1 G?mY. 
dix ut dixerunt. 
dix dm£. 
dixnt dixerunt. 
dixt afonY. 
dlissu dimissum. 
diitre dimittere. 
di ZW 

dia dimidia, divina. 
dicie divitiw. 
didat dividat. 
dide dividendo. 
di'di dividi. 
did t dividit. 
di d ' dividendum. 
dlddu dividendum, decidendum, 
dide r divideretur. 
did J e dividere. 
die dimidim. 
di g D^i gratia. 
dige dirigere. 
dinu diminutio. 
di'nu°3 e&'fmft utionem . 


The Record Interpreter. 

dio dimidio, divino. 

dione divisione. 

di r dicitur. 

di'si 1 ' divisibilis. 

dissioe dimissione. 

dissum dimissum. 

disu divisum. 

dit dicit. 

dittere dimittere. 

d m datum, dicendum, dudum. 

dmna domina. 

dmrat demonstrate 

dms damns, dicimus, dominus. 

d na doctrina. 

d ne doctrina?. 

d n s differ entias. 

dna domina. 

dnat r dominatur. 

dnc a dominica. 

dfiica dominica. 

dns dominus. 

dnt dicunt, dubitant. 

dnus dominus. 

dnii dominum. 

dn 9 dominus. 

d° Zteo, o?^(?, distinguo, domino, 

do a dominica. 
do at donat. 
do a t donavit. 
do c donee. 

doco documento, donatio. 
do e domince. 

do*ca dominica. 

dc^caus dominicanus. 

do^c 9 dominicus. 

d°is devotionis, distinctions, do- 

do 1 !! dominium. 
do m dominum, donum. 
dom a dominica. 
dom liu domicilium. 
domna domina. 
domn 9 dominus. 
dom dominus, domus. 
donaco donatio. 
donau donatum. 
don c cfowec. 

d°nes dictiones, donationes. 
don donum. 
dofio donatio. 
dofiu dominum. 
don 9 dominus. 
do dominio, domino. 
do°£ domorum. 
dor 11 dormienti. 
dor dormit. 
dordi dormiendi. 
dore dormire. 
do 9 domus. 
d 0e distinctione. 
doi cfown, domini, doni. 
doicllus domicellus. 
doi 1 domini. 
doi m dominium. 
doino dominio. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


doiaco dominatio. 

dub r dubitatur. 

doi doniini. 

dubo dubitatio. 

doii dominii. 

dubr dubitatur. 

dore dormire. 

dubt n3 dubitationem. 

dpo depositio, dispositio. 

duce r duceretur. 

dp°3 depositionem, dispositionem. 

due ducentesimo. 

dpoes depositiones, dispositions. 

ducjt ducunt. 

d r dicitur, dicuntur, dirigitur, 

du 11 d'w&w. 

distinguitur, dupliciter. 

du m dubium, ductum. 

d r a fl?Mra. 

du° dubio, dubitatio. 

d r at r a duratura. 

du onis dubitationis. 

d r it duriter. 

dupli r dupliciter. 

d rS> durus. 

duplt dupliciter. 

dra differentia, dura. 

duptr dupliciter. 

dre dicer e, differentia?, docere. 

dup r dupliciter. 

dren? differenter. 

dup x duplex. 

dre r diceretur. 

du r dubitatur, duratur. 

dria differentia. 

d ur dicitur, dicuntur. 

drie differentia). 

du re dubitare. 

driis differentiis. 

duro duratio. 

drncia differentia. 

du x duplex. 

drns differens. 

dumo dummodo. 

ds Dims. 

du° dummodo. 

d* ^c?Y, cft^, ditavit. 

duo dummodo. 

d ta distincta. 

dua* duravit. 

d te distincte. 

duat r as cluraturas. 

dta a distantia. 

duate durante. 

dtm dativum. 

dub r durabitur. 

du a dubia, ducenda. 

du ce duplicem. 

du a t r dubitatur, duratur. 

du ci duplici. 

dubi is dubitationis. 

dii co dubitatio. 

dubi dubitatio. 

du° dummodo. 


The Record Interpreter. 

dure dubitare. 

dc$ dictorum. 

dus ductus, durus. 

dcetu decretum. 

d x duplex. 

demtu decrementum. 

dya ca dialectica. 

deno decerno, discerno. 

dya 9 diabolus. 

dco3 dictionem, dictationem. 

dyoc dioecesis. 

des dictus. 

d3 ffe&^. 

dc 9 dictus. 

d 9 Dens, dominus, dux. 

d8 tu decrementum. 

D 500000, Deus, Dominus 

dd David. 

D- de, dum. 

dda dicenda, docenda. 

d datum, de, dedit, 



dd a dividenda. 

rium, denarios 

, #c., 


dd r dividitur. 

dum, dicit, dictus, 


dd 1 c/e^. 

dimidium, dominie us, 


dduc°ni deductioni. 


dd dicendum, Davidem, Davidis, 

dbu 1 debuit* 


db3 debet. 

ddm dicendum. 

dca dicta, dominica. 

ddrt dederunt. 

dc e dictce, dominical. 

deliq derelinquo. 

dc eo discretio. 

deo efe&eo. 

de e tus discretus. 

dfca defecta. 

dc e tu decretum. 

dfco3 defectionem. 

dci lla disciplinabilia. 

dfca defecta. 

dci na disciplina. 

dfens deflciens. 

dcliaco declinatio. 

di efe-a. 

dciat declinat. 

dia differentia, divina. 

dc m dictum. 

didet dividet. 

dc r re° discurrendo. 

did dimidio. 

dc r su discursum. 

did r dividitur. 

dcu r o decurio. 

did* dividit. 

dcur 9 dicturus. 

die divine, divince, differentia?. 

dcii dictum, distinctum. 

dig d ' dirigendum.. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


digut r diriguntur. 

dinus divinus. 

din divinum. 

dio dimidio, divino, divisio. 

di oe distinctione. 

disi divisi. 

disi divisim, 

dis s divisis. 

dissa dimissa. 

dis3 ^*w*« 

dis divisim. 

dist divisit. 

di^ deitatis. 

di 9 dicimus. 

did deinde. 

dma divina. 

dlcis dulcis. 

dt dilectus, dilectissimus, and 
their cases. 

dtca ne delectatione. 

Dm Deum. 

dm different iam. 

d m dicendum. 

dm do demonstrando. 

dm dummodo. 

dm oe demonstrationem. 

dmo te demonstrates, 

dmrat demonstrat. 

dmro demonstrate. 

& m\ de malo lecto. 

dmraco demonstrate. 

dmtii demonstrat urn. 

d in u ate w«/o veniendi. 
dna domina, 
dnaco dominate. 
dnar denarios. 
dno a dominica. 
dn dat defendat, descendat. 
dnd dicendum. 
dndns descendens, defendens. 
dne domine, dominw. 
dno domino. 
dn r dicuntur. 
dn s denarios, denariis. 
dnt debent, dicunt. 
dn denarius, dominus, and their 

dries descendentes. 

doii dominii. 

do f u dominium. 

dor m deorsum. 

dor deorum. 

dpe or dispensator. 

dpse disperse. 

dr dicitur, dirigitur, dividitur. 

dr a differentia. 

drabile demonstrable. 

dra^ differ entiarum. 

drao demonstrate. 

dre f/#>'6, debere, dicere. 

dren 1 ' differenter. 

dret deberet, diceret. 

dria differentia. 

drn iis differ entiis. 


The Record Interpreter. 

drn s differences. 
drnt differunt. 
drn? differenter. 
drt differt. 
driit differunt. 
ds Deos, dominus. 
dsc^p 18 discipulus. 
dsc^p descrvptionem. 
dsifi desinet, desinit. 
dsit desinit. 
dst u et r destrueretur. 
d 1 flfefo^, fl?ec#, distinguit. 
dta tfftcfa. 
dta a distantia. 
dt a hed detrahendum. 
dtat distat. 
d tc dicente, distincte. 
dti 1 distingui. 

dtin determinationem. 

dti r distinguitur. 

d tis distinguitis. 

dti* distinguit. 

dti ui distingui. 

dtore distributor em. 

dt ua distributiva. 

dt ue distributive. 

d tG distinctum. 

dl dumtaxat. 

dtas distantias. 

d?iaco determinate. 

d?iat determinant. 

dueiat deveniat. 

dxt rfm£. 

d3 debent. 

d^elco derelictio, derelieto. 


E. #50, Edwardus. 

ebde hebdomada?. 

eapp? eapropter. 

ebdma hebdomada. 

easd easdem. 

eb'e^ ebrietatem. 

ea e«m, eadem. 

eb r at 9 ebriatus, eburatus. 

eade eandem. 

e ca eequivoca. 

ebdo a hebdomada. 

ec a ecelesia. 

ebd hebdomada. 

ec ain eeclesiam. 

ebda hebdomada. 

ec a $ ecclesiarum. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


ecc a £ ecclesiarum. 

ecc ca ecclesiastica. 

ecclea ecclesia. 

ecciia ecclesia. 

ece ecclesiasticus. 

ecca ecclesia. 

ecc ca ecclesiastica. 

ecci ecclesiastici . 

eccia ecclesia. 

ec e ecclesim. 

ecia ecclesia. 

ec 9 aquns, equus. 

ec etam. 

eca ecclesia. 

ec a e contra, 

ece ecclesia. 

ec/ e contra. 

ec/ e contrario. 

edem edictum. 

edd edendum. 

e di ne cedificationem. 

e d ' eadeniy ecedem, eodem. 

ed edictum. 

edc m edictum. . 

edem edictum. 

Edrus Edwardus. 

Edus Edmundus. 

ee a essentia. 

ee a lis essentialis. 

ee a tr essentialiter. 

ee am essentiam. 

ee a nt essentialis. 

ee e essentia. 
ee lls essentialis. 
een a essentia. 
een a lit essentialiter. 
een a tr essentialiter. 
eenciatr essentialiter. 
een lls essentialis. 
een r essentialiter. 
eena essentia. 
effciuu effectivum. 
effic 1 * efficaciter, efficitur 
effi n ' r efficiuntur. 
effi r efficaciter, efficitur. 
efn tls efficientis. 
eff ue effective. 
eff um effectivum. 
effu effusio. 
effcm effectum. 
effes effectus. 
effo effecto. 
efftu effectu. 
effu effectu. 
efctm effectum. 
eg do cegritudo. 
eg e dit r egreditur. 
eg e dr egreditur. 
eg e s 9 egressus. 
eg^is wgritudinis. 
eg^u wgritudinum. 
eg°nem cegrotationem. 
eg r flp^er, egeritur. 
eg r tudinf wgritudinis. 


The Record Interpreter. 

eg erga, ergo, egregius. 

eloqt r eloquitur. 

ege egregie. 

e T 3 cequivalet. 

ego cegro, egeo, egero. 

ei cequalis, elementum. 

egone egestionem. 

eta eleemosyna, elementa. 

egut r egrediuntur. 

etaris elementaris. 

ego e#en>. 

eiari 9 eleemosynarius. 

e* emw. 

etco m electionem. 

e ice cequivoce. 

etcon3 electionem. 

ei c t 9 ejectus. 

efeto electio. 

ei8e ejicere. 

eic 9 electus. 

e a polt cequipollet. 

etca electa. 

e lu a a cequivalentia. 

etci e&cfo'. 

e^a 1153 cequivalens. 

etcio electio. 

tfuat cequivalet. 

etco electio. 

q x \i& v cequivalenter. 

etcs electus. 

e l \i cequivalet. 

eicus electus. 

ei 9 e/^s. 

eteia eleemosyna. 

ei 9 d ejusdem. 

eti elementi. 

e 1 im'm. 

eiia eleemosyna. 

eim ejusmodi. 

etie eleemosynce. 

ei's £/"#«. 

etis elementis, eleemosynis. 

elem eleemosynam. 

eim eleemosynam, electuarium, 

ele nta elemental. 


e let cequivalet. 

etosina eleemosyna. 

ele u elementi. 

eto^ elementorum. 

eiV elementis. 

eita elementa. 

eleu elevato. 

etto^ elementorum. 

elea eleemosyna. 

ettm electum. 

eleta elementa. 

emi ma eminentissima. 

e 11 cequali. 

emp 1 ! empyrei. 

elo do elongando, eloquendo. 

empli emplastri. 

eloqeia eloquentia. 

emptm emplastrum. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


emp emptio. 

episc episcopus. 

em* emanavit. 

ep episcopus, epistola. 

erndare emendare. 

epat episcopalis. 

emdau emendavit. 

epatus episcopatus. 

efnd emendam, emendet, emeu- 

epat 9 episcopatus. 


epc episcopus. 

emdo emendatio. 

ephia Epiphania. 

efngete emergente. 

ephie Epip)hanice. 

efhtulatus ementulatus. 

epi episcopi. 

emgefi emergens. 

epiu epitaphium. 

emg* emergit. 

epla epistola. 

emserut emerserunt. 

eplaris epistolaris. 

e nas eleemosynas. 

eplas epistolas, epulas. 

Engles Englesceria. 

eple epistolce, epulce. 

engl Englesceria. 

epm episcopum. 

enig ca cenigmatica. 

epo episcopo. 

enor? enormiter. 

eps episcopus, episcopis. 

e nt ory/nt^ exeunt. 

epsco episcopo. 

enuo le enuntiale. 

eptus episcopatus. 

enu re enuntiare. 

epus episcopus. 

enuare enumerare. 

eq a t cequalis. 

enuas enumerans. 

eq a m wquam, equam. 

eSuat r enervatur. 

eq^u cequivocum. 

e° mquatio, e contrario, ego, eundo. 

eq'tu equitum. 

eod eodem. 

eq^t equites. 

eodm eodem. 

e q lis cequalis. 

eod eodem modo. 

eq° aiquatio, wquo modo. 

eo? eorum. 

eq r cequatur, cequetur. 

eo eodem. 

eq s wquales. 

epi ie Epiphanice. 

eq3 aquat. 

epitia epilepsia. 

eq cequus, eques, cquus. 

epip Epiphania. 

eqlis a>qualis. 


The Record Interpreter. 

eqlit: cequaliter. 

eqtr cequaliter, 

eq° cequatio. 

eq ' cequationis. 

eqpat r cequiparatur. 

eqq equites. 

eq 1 ' cequaliter. 

eqs e^m's, eqiais, cequus. 

eqstr equestris. 

equo cequivocatio. 

eq> ap^we. 

e. r. e£ reliqua. 
e rat e jf era t t 

er c ta ereetam. 

ero b ' erroribus. 

ero a erroneum. 

err°3 errorem. 

er 6ra£, ertY. 

erca ereetam. 

erce erecte, ereetce. 

ere 9 erectus. 

ernt erawtf, erunt. 

ert em^tf, erunt. 

esc a biu escambium. 

esc a giu escangium. 

escap escapium. 

escabiu escambium. 

escagiu escangium. 

esitaco hcesitatio. 

esthr esthridinga (eastriding). 

esti a co cestimatio. 

e* er«^, m#, es£. 

et a reterna. 

etc e£ ccetera. 

et e ceternce. 

et m ceternum. 

et r ceternaliter. 

etr e£ reliqua. 

et esse^, etiam. 

et c e£ s^c. 

etm etenim. 

et m e£ tamen. 

etna r ceternaliter. 

erne ceterne. 

etW' ceternitatis. 

etnit cetemitas. 

e?n 9 ceternus. 

eua m evangelium. 

eua ta £ evangelistarum. 

eua te evangelistce. 

euagl evangelium. 

euch a eucharistia. 

eucha a eucharistia. 

eucha e eucharistice. 

euck a eucharistia. 

eucka a eucharistia. 

eucka e eucharistice. 

eue m eveniam, eventum. 

eue* evenit. 

eug evangelista, evangelistce. 

eui a evidentia. 

eui ns evidens. 

eui? evidenter. 

euka a eucharistia. 

euk e eucharistice. 

euo di evocandi. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


euu. evangelista. 

euua ca evangelica. 

euuan e evangelista?. 

euuang evangelista, evangelium. 

euua evangelio. 

euua ta evangelista. 

euua tr evangelizatur. 

euuagla evangelista. 

euuglia evangelia. 

euuka a eucharistia. 

euuta evangelista. 

euu m evangelium. 

euuil a evangelista. 

euu evangelio. 

euu s evangeliis. 

euu evangelista. 

euue evangelista}. 

euuge ta evangelista. 

eugtta evangelista. 

euo evacuatio, evocatio. 

ex a executorial exempla, extra. 

exacco exactio. 

exad ex adverso. 

ex a duce extraducere. 

ex a it extraxit. 

ex a iu u extrajudiciali. 

ex a ne 9 extraneus. 

ex ar exemplar, 

ex a tus excommunicatus. 

exai° examinatio. 

excaco excommunicato. 

excae excommunicare. 

excedfia excedentia. 

exce* excellit. 

exci dl exscindendi, excipiendi. 
ex ctu executum. 
exc excommunicat. 
exca a excommunicata. 
excant r excusantur. 
exc a excusatio. 
excatus excommunicatus. 
excaui excommunicato. 
exco excommunicatio. 
excoe excommunicatione. 
excois excommunicationis. 
excoi tus excommunicatus. 
exc r excommunicatur . 
excri excommunicari. 
exc/care excommunicare. 
exc/co excommun icatio. 
exc/ excommunicatio. 
ex ei extremi. 
exe les cxecutoriales. 
ex ema extrema. 
exe° executio. 
exerc 9 exercitus. 
exe re executor e. 
exhibico exhibitio. 
exfr exhibet, exhibent. 

exfrndo exhercendo (exerccndo), 

exhre exhibere. 
exhri exhiberi. 
ex 1 exempli. 
exibe exhibere. 
exibi exhiberi. 
ex icat exemplificat. 
ex*cat excommunicat. 


The Record Interpreter. 

ex x ficat exemplificat. 

expi d ' experiendum. 

exige exigere. 

expi e experiential. 

ex 1 ]! 011 extrinsecxim. 

expie a experientia. 

ex^ns 111 extrinsecum. 

expi lls experimentalis. 

ex is excommxmicationis, exemplis. 

expimtu experimentxim. 

existe existente. 

expi t0 experimento. 

exis?e existere. 

expi tJ experimentaliter, experi- 

exit exitus, exitum, exitibus. 


ex la exempla. 

ex 11 ^ executoriales. 

ex 1 ^ exemplis. 

ex m exemplum. 

ex nis excommunicationis. 

ex na existens. 

ex nti existenti. 

ex e# adverso, excepto, excommu- 

exp expenditur, expensum. 
explo expulsio. 
expo expositio. 
exp ' expositionem. 
expom expositionem. 
exptadu expectandum. 
expssio expressio. 
expss expresse. 

nicato, exemplo. 

exoppo ex opposite 
exo to ex opposite 

ex re excommunicare. 
exsp c tauit expectaverit. 

ex ' excommunicationem. 

ext a excepta, extra. 

ex ^ extremorum. 

ext a ctu extractum. 

ex 6is excommunicationis. 

ext a ire extraire. 

exoria executoria. 

ext a iudclr extrajudicialiter. 

exp c tari expectari. 

ex te existente. 

exp c tau expectant. 

ext e a extrema. 

exp^e exprxmere. 

ext e m extremum. 

expt explicit. 

ext e na externa. 

expftr expellitur. 

exte r extenditur. 

expriis expensis. 

ext e tas extremitas. 

expo b 3 expositionibus. 

exte extensio. 

expo ri9 expositorius. 

ext eo $ extremorum. 

expoit r exponitur. 

exte* extendit. 

exp t0 exprofecto. 

ex tis exceplis, excommxmicatis. 

expi a experientia. 

extic m extinctum. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


extiata exterminate. 

ex tor executor. 

ex tu exitu. 

ex tu exception, executum, exern- 

ext examinatis, extra. 
extc extunc. 
extn ca extrinseca. 
extn co extrinseco. 
extn c ' extrinsecus. 
exti exteri. 
extiata exterminata. 
exupat exsuperat. 
ex 9 ne excusatione. 
ex executio, extra. 
exci a exercitia. 
excis executricis. 
exi extremi. 
exificat r exemplificatur. 
exit existit, extitit, extraxerit. 
exiu 11 extrajudiciali. 
exm exemption, extremnm. 
exme extreme, extreme. 
exmi extremi. 
exmi tas extremitas. 
exmi te extremitate. 
exn a existentia. 
exn b ' existentibus. 
exnciu existentinm. 
exn e existential, existente. 
exn m existentiam, existentium. 
exns existens. 

exn s existentes. 
exnt existunt. 
exnte existente. 
exntia existentia. 
exntf existentis. 
exri exemplar i. 
exs exemplis. 
extat exstat. 
ex" excommunicati. 

ex tls excommunicatis, exemplatis 

ex tu &nVw. 

ex tus excommunicatas. 
ex*' ex parte. 
extat exstiterat. 
exci 1 exercitui. 
exci exercitatio. 
exci t0 exercitato. 
excitu exercitum. 
excit 9 exercitus. 
excito exercitatio. 


e 9 e/ws. 

e 9 d ejusdem, 
e. emw, £s£. 


es£ dicendum. 

een a s essentias. 

el emm. 

epco emptio. 

epl emplastrnm. 

eptm emplastrum. 

ep ne emptione. 

epts emptns, empturus. 


The Record Interpreter. 

e ecclesia, enim, episcopus, erit, est. 

eat end. 

ee a essentia. 

ee a lis essentialis. 

ee a lr essentialiter. 

ee am essentiam. 

ee a nl essentialis. 

ee e essentia. 

een a essentia. 

eenciatr essentialiter. 

een lis essentialis. 

een 1 ' essentialiter. 

eena essentia. 

eet me£. 

ee ess?, essent. 

eglium euangelium. 

eicie 1 ' ejicientur. 

eig er erigetur. 
ei etenim. 
eli cequali. 
elus amulus. 
etr cequaliter. 
ena le essentiale. 
eni etenim. 
eto agitato, excepto. 
et essetis. 

euale a aquivalen tia . 
eualet aquivalet. 
eualet aquivalent. 
eualet aquivalenter 
eua* aquivaluit. 
eua ta evangelista. 
eua*' aquivalenter. 
eu3 aquivalet. 


F. fabricant, faciendum, falsa, 
falsam, faustum, fecit, feli- 
citas, feliciter, felix, femina, 
feria, fertorem, fertores, 
festum, fiat, fieri, filia, 
filius, firma, fit, fortuna, 
frater, fraternitas, frons, 
fundavit, fundum, futuris, 

f a /en'fl. 
fab fabrica. 

fafcc* fabricat. 

f aci r faciliter. 

f&G r faci liter. 

f ac facias, facit, f actus. 

f aeltas facultas. 

fa8e facer e. 

fafcet facer et. 

f a dum faciendum. 

fa d ' faciendum, facundus. 

f a cs fades. 

Latin Abbreviations. 




falla a fallacia. 

falia fallacia. 

fanis famulus. 

f an ca fantastica. 

f a ncia Francia. 


fa ns faciens. 

fa r faciliter. 

far a farina. 

fari a farina. 


fa r 3 faceret. 

fa s falsus. 

f as falsas. 

f a* /SwrcV, faciat, faceret. 

f ail re familiar em. 

fca facta. 


fcla fercula. 

fcm factum. 

ico facto. 

fcsf actus. 

ict fecit. 

fcur 9 facturus. 

fcTi% facturum. 

feb e febrem. 

feb is fibris. 

Febr Februarii. 

fee /<?<;#. 

fecit fecerit. 

fed fecund us, fcedus. 


fe es /e^res. 

fe e febrem. 

ieif feoffamentum. 




f et /£//#, feliciter. 

fet rec felicis recordations. 


f^mn 1 fremunt, fremuerunt. 

femi feminini, 

i e nofreno. 

f e qci 9 frequentius. 

f e q? frequenter. 

ierfem, feria, ferrum, fert. 

fert ferunt. 

f e* fecerunt, fecit, fecisset. 

ict fecit. 

ff fabricate runt, fecerunt, f dices, 

filii, fratres, fundaverunt. 
ff feoffamentum. 
fi. fideli, fidimus. 
fi a figura. 
ft^h^t fig urabat. 
fi atu figuration. 
fi a figuram. 
fiat finalis. 
fia r finaliter. 
Phj fratribus. 
fide r fideliter. 
fide s fidelis. 
fi e figura 3 , filial. 


The Record Interpreter. 


fiet fleret, fierent. 

fiel i fieri. 

% a figura. 

figa figura. 

figa 1 ' fig 'iiraliter. 

figat figuratum. 

figa! figuram. 

Rgco fig u ratio. 

fige figurce. 

figli figuli. 

fi 1 j#m. 

fi 1 ' fidelis, finalis. 

fi m filium. 

fi ma firm a. 

fma fir ma. 

f i m a i 9 firmarius. 

l l m\ ie firmitate. 

fiili finiri. 


fir. firmiter. 

firmtu firmamentum. 

fir te firmitate. 

fir t0 firmamento. 

Aire firmare. 

firtu firmatum, firmamentum. 

fi ta finita. 

fi te fidelitate. 

fi 1 ' finitum. 

fi u fide Hum. 

fixs ^ws. 

fi^ j#ms, finem. 

fiat finalis. 

f ia r finaliter. 
fie ^me. 
fie finem. 
f 1 /m#, y^ws. 
f 1a figura. 
f ia figuram. 
f 103 finibus. 
fide frigidce. 
f ie r finietur. 
f 10s y£/ws. 
f is filius, finis. 
fita? finitarum. 

f ius films. 


fi J et /?ere£. 
r». ^ 
fi J 1 j^m. 

fla us flatus. 

flais flaminis. 

fie /fere. 

flor florenus. 

flu e flumine. 

flue flumen. 

fluia flumina. 

flu m fluminum. 

flu 11 flumen. 

Rue flumen. 

flui b ' fluminibus. 

fluis flu minis. 

nun flumen. 

fi. f a/sum, filius, flumen. 

R& falsa. 

f iariu falsarium. 


fie f afore, felle. 

Latin Abbreviations. 



fti falsi. 

f lis falsis, fatalis. 

fii s falsitas. 

f litas fakitas, felicitas. 

f ii te falsitate, felicitate. 


i\o$ falsorum, famulorum. 

fts falsas, famulus. 

ft 9 falsus, famulus. 

f m falsum. 

f n ym£. 

i° f also, folio. 

f°ma forma. 

fomt foment urn. 


for* forma. 

iox a \is forma lis. 

f or a li? formalitcr. 

f or a im formalem, formalin m . 

f or a m for mam. 

ioi a r form a liter. 

for a t format. 

for a ? format ur. 

f or'cado /or>? icando. 

forlorn fornication cm. 

fondle formidine. 

f o^dose formidolose. 

f or ine formidine. 

fo&s formis. 

f or ius forestarius. 

form foramen, formam, forum. 

for nc fomicatione. 

ion for medio. 

for r forma u 'iter. 

forr for mar em. 

for £ for is. 

f orf f c tu for isf act urn . 

f orff ec forisfecit. 



for foresta, forestarius. 


foroai fornicari. 

fordat formidat 

fore forma). 

f orf eura for isf act ut 'a. 

f orf ee forisfecit. 

fori foramini, formari. 

iovlis for malis. 

f orris 9 forensis, forinsecus. 

fort m format urn. 

fort 1 ' format ur. 

for 1 ' formalitcr. 

iort for titer. 

£0$ forum. 

fo falso, festo, folio, foras, forts. 

foa n foramen. 

fr. francorum, franci. 

fragi tas fragilitas. 

franc Francia, Francus, Fran- 

francpl franciplegii. 
f ranepi m franciplcgium . 
f ra tas fraternitas. 


The Record Interpreter. 

f rat u ei fratruelis. 

frqt frequenter. 

frat f rater. 

fruef fratruelis. 

f irm fractum, fructum. 

fr us fructus. 

ires fructus. 

f t /# c#, jfec#, j#^, /«#. 

f reqrir frequenter. 

f to futuro. 

freqt frequenter. 

f u ctu fructum. 


Pet 9 fructus. 

f rigm frigidum. 


fri tis frigiditatis. 

fug /«#«, fugitivus. 



him. frigidum. 

i n icofruitio. 

f ri'ssima frigidissimam . 

f u i ue fruitione. 

frqt frequenter. 

fui* fuisset. 

f rum frumentarius, frumentum. 

Pmeti frumenti. 

f ru nti f rumen fc 

f u mnto frumento. 

fjpfr frustra. 

f urat 9 furatus. 

fr feria, forum, francus, f rater, 




fr as fraternitas. 

fut m futurum. 

frcta fractam. 

iui r sifutura. 

fret 9 fractus, fructus. 

iut v i futuri. 

frctm fractum, fructum, furcil- 



f ut r m futurum. 


futm futurum. 

fre fratrem. 


f ri fratri, freti, frumenti. 

f udaco fundatio. 

frib 9 fratribus. 

fuigo fumigatio. 

f rif o ua ferrifodina. 

f u /mY. 



f rm frigidum, frumentum. 


f rni tas fraternitas. 


frni 1 ^ f rater nitatis. 



ful 9 fieri m us. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


funt fuerunt. 
Smt fuerunt. 
f f festum. 
F. 40000. 
f forest a, fugitivus. 
f&fallacia, festa. 
fa 1 ' finalis. 
farms ferrarius. 
fat r feratur. 
f&t furatus. 
fa? /rater, 
focof radio, 
fc m /actum. 
fc ne /ractione. 


fcto /# cfo. 

fc facta. 


fer ^m. 

if feoff amentum. 

fgi te frigklitate. 

f i y?m\ 


fiaco3 feriationem. 

fitf feriatur. 

fiata feriata . 

fiat s d feriatus dies. 

f iis feriis. 

fllat fallat. 

fll e fallacies. 

flt a falhcia. 

f lnget ferlingeUus. 

flof amnio. 


f is /amulas. 

fm falsum, feodum, festum, fir 

i ? ma firma. 

fma nt0 firmamento. 

i : mi? fir miter. 

fm ri fermentari. 

fmto fermento. 

fn for san, forsitan. 

fnda ferenda '■, fienda. 

i : ngt f rang tint. 


fod a i 9 feodarius. 

for furoris. 

fq? frequenter. 

f? f rater. 



fv as frigidif((s. 

frb 9 fratribus. 

frde frigidc. 

fre facerc,J rat re. 



f ri fratri, frumenti. 


frib 9 fratribus. 

frie fence. 

frif o ne ferrifodince. 

fris /<°W/.y. 


The Record Interpreter. 

fri feria. 

ftit fertilis. 

frm feriam, fratrem, fratrum, 



f to futuro. 

frna fraternam. 

ft* fertur. 

fro feretro, ferro, frumento. 

ft u r£ futuris. 

fx s fratres. 

ft| fratrum. 

fruelis fratruelis. 

fif rater. 

frum fratrum, frumentum. 


fru ferrum. 

f u ib3 fructibus. 

fra feria. 

fum fumum. 

fs ferens, fratres. 


f tas firmitas. 


ft 1 fratri. 

f% ferrum, fratrum. 

ft 1 !) 9 fratribus. 

rru ferrum. 



g a er^tf, gracilis, gratia. 
gablat gablatores. 
g a t)3 gradibus. 
gab gabulum. 
g a ca grammaticam. 
galliii gallinam. 
gait gallum. 
g a lr generaliter. 
g a m gratiam. 
g a m gramen. 
g a mis graminis. 
g a mneu gramineum. 
g a nat a i 9 granatarius. 
g a nd grandis. 

g a ngia grangia. 

g a nu granum. 

g a il granum. 

gard gardaroba. 

g a s gratias. 

g a ticus grammaticus. 

g a ti ne gratitudine. 

g a ua grava. 

g a uab gravabaty gravabit. 

g a uam gravamen. 

g a uare gravare. 

g a uat 9 gravatus. 

g a ui r graviter. 

g a ui? graviter. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


g a 2 gratiarum. 

g 1 igitur. 

g a gratiam. 

gigit gignitur. 

g e genere, gratice. 

GKlit 9 Gillebertus. 

ge 11 genuit. 

giro giratio. 

geia gemina. 

g is generis. 

geld: geldum, geldavit. 

gleba e gtebate. 

geldb geldabat, geldabit. 

glo m glossam. 

ge le generate, gelide. 

glos a iu glossarium. 

ge m gentem, gentium. 

glo glossa. 

g e maii 9 germanus. 

glo 01 * gloriosior. 

gem geminus, gemitus. 

glosus gloriosus. 

gefnb3 gemitibus. 

gia gloria, glossa. 

ge ne generatione. 

gtat 1 ' gloriatur. 

ge nis geminis, generationis. 

gia gloriam, glossa?n. 

gen generavit, generosus, genuit. 

gld geldum, gilda. 

geilalis generalis. 

gie glorice, glossa?. 

gehs geminis, generationis, genius, 

glia gloria. 

gentes, gerens. 

giifl glorificatio. 

genlaco generatio. 

glifi*' glorificatum. 

genlm generum. 

gtifio glorificatio. 

geo a geometria. 

gto or gloriosior. 

gers gersuma. 

gtose gloriosce, gloriose. 

g e ss 9 gressus. 

giosi te gloriositate. 

g e x grex. 

gloss 1110 gloriosissimo. 

ge 9 genus. 

giosus gloriosus. 

gei 1 gemini. 

gioi me gloriosissime. 

gei res genitores. 

gn genius. 

geit 9 genitus. 

gnalis generalis. 

gei? geminorum, genitorum. 

gne genere. 

geia gemina. 

grio generatio. 

ge genus. 

gns gentes. 

gee #ewfe. 

g° ^770. 


The Record Interpreter, 

g oc generatione. 

g ois generationis. 

g°ss 9 grossus. 

g r igitur, 

grat grates, grains. 

g r b3 generibus, gradibus. 

gr gradus, gratia, igitur. 

gra gratia. 

gras gratias. 

gra gratiam. 

gre gratice. 

grosus gratiosus. 

gurg gurges, gurgitem, 8fc, 

g£ generis. 

g 9 genus, gradus. 

G 400000. 

g gaudium, geldum, genera, geni- 
us, genus, gilda, gratia, igitur. 

gbit generabit, gravabit. 

g b 3 gradibus, gravaminibus. 

gcia gratia. 

gcii gracilis. 

gd 9 gradus. 

get gradum. 

ge gratia?. 

ginat germinat. 

gin 9 geminus, genuinus. 

gis generis. 

git geritis. 

gle generate. 

gt generalis. 

glr generaliter. 

gnabut r generabuntur. 

gn b 3 gerentibus. 

gn e genere. 
gn e osus generosus. 
gn e u generum. 
gngia grangia. 
gniti geniti. 
gn le generabile. 
gn° generatio. 
gntib3 gerentibus. 
gnt gentes. 
gmit Cwwtf, Canute. 
gn generet. 
gnstf genestis. 
gS #0wer. 
gnla genera. 
gnla 1 generari. 
gSali generali. 
gSair generaliter. 
gn)a m generatum. 
gn)a ma generalissima. 
gnla generatio. 
gnla 1 * generaliter. 
gnlati generatim. 
gnlbr generabitur. 
gne genere. 
gnlis generis. 
gnlis generalis. 
gnlo generatio, genero. 
gnoe generatione. 
g oe generatione. 
grose gloriose, gratiose. 
g r ' gratiarum. 
gs generis, gratias. 
gta ^rtf&z. 
gta r grata nter. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


gtau gustavit. 

gti generati. 

gti generatim, gradatim. 

gto grato. 

gt r generatur, igitur. 

gtu gratum. 

gt gratum. 

gtm genitivum. 

gts gentes. 

guam gravamen. 

guis gravis. 
gut r geruntur. 
g 9 gustus. 
gf gratiarum. 
gi #m". 

gman 9 germanus. 
gW germen. 
Pn™ genera. 


H. ducenti, habemus, habent, 
habet, hac, hwc, heres, herns, 
hie, hoc, homo, honestus, 
hora, hujus, humilis, hun- 

H. A. /joc flMwo. 
lia a to#. 

hafi A<zfo£, haberet. 
hafce habere. 
hag ^#<7#, hagas. 
haia haiam. 
haK hakeneius. 
ha r habetur. 
hast hastis. 
ha? harum. 
hac Aime. 

hagwitfr hangwitha. 
haits habitationis. 

handnt habundanter. 

hfce habere. 

h c to;, toe, /«<?, foe, toe, tow. 

hd hundredum. 

hdr hundredum. 

h. e. to es^. 

hereu a d herewarda. 

her to'es. 

H. F. F. hoc fieri fecit. 

hh heredes. 

h. i. Aw invenies. 

Hierim Ilierusalem. 

Hierusi Ilierusalem. 

hincin hincinde. 

Hirt Ilierusalem. 

Hirim Ilierusalem. 

h. 1. Atb /e^e, to foco. 


The Record Interpreter. 

H. M. hoc monumentum, honesta 

matrona, honesta mulier. 
h° hoc, homo, homicidio. 
ho. homo, hora. 
ho a hora. 

hobedia obedientia. 
h°c 9 hoccus. 
ho e hodie, Jwmine. 
h oi hujusmodi. 
ho m honorabili. 
hoi m hominum. 
ho is hominis. 
ho^s kominis. 
lioi u homicidium. 
hoim hominum. 
ho lis honorabilis. 
ho" 1 hominem, hominum. 
hornii homagii. 
hon b 3 honor abilibus. 
hon les honor abiles. 
honor honorabilium. 
hoil honor abilem. 
hoii b9 honor abilibus. 
hon liG honorabilium. 
hori 1 ^ honorabilis. 
h 00 Aoc Tnotfo. 
ho v £ honoris. 
hosp es hospites. 
hosp ia hospitia. 
hosp te hospitatce. 
hospari hospitari. 
hoss. hostes. 
host a ii hostarii. 

ho te honestate, honesta. 
ho^ horum. 
hoestf honestatis. 
hoib 9 hominibus. 
hoici m homicidium. 
hon hominum. 
hora 01 ' honorabilior. 
hori honor i. 
ho homo. 

hoci m homicidium. 
hoe homine. 
hoes homines. 
hoi homini. 
hoim hominum. 
hoiu hominum. 
hom hominem, horam. 
hor honor. 
hore honor em. 
hos horas. 
hrdes heredes. 
hua humanam. 
hui 9 hujus. 
hui 9 ceoi hujuscemodi. 
hui 9tU hujusmodi. 
hui 9 modi hujusmodi. 
hui 9 rhi hujusmodi. 
rni 1 ^ humilis. 
humi humilis. 
hufhir humiliter. 
himdr hundredum. 
huoi hujusmodi. 
hua a humana. 
hua e humane. 

La tin A bbrevia tions. 


fiua m humanum. 
hua te humanitate. 
Imat 9 humatus. 
huai humani. 
huida humida. 
huil as humilitas. 
huilis humilis. 
liiiilia humillima. 
huitr humiliter. 
hui te humiditate. 
huore humorem. 
hua humana. 
hualr habit ualiter. 
hua humanam. 
hue humanm, humane. 
hui humidi. 
huior humidior. 
hun 9 humanus. 
huoi hujusmodi. 
hye ab 3 hiemalibus. 
hyes hiems. 
hj 9 hymnus. 
h 9 hnjus. 
h 9 c a les huscarles. 
h 9dl hujusmodi. 

ft habemus, habent, habet, hac, 
hcec, heres, herns, hie, hoc, 
homo, honestus, hora, hujus, 

ftarri 9 habeamas. 

hant habeant. 

fiat habeat. 

fiat habeant. 

fib habet, habebat. 

fifre habere. 

fie /^c, /zz/c, ^«mc. 

fio 9 ^ hucusque. 

fidr hundredum. 

fie A«&£, habere. 

fieat habeat. 

fieat habeant. 

fiebat habebat. 

fiebit habebit. 

fieb* habebit. 

fiebiit habebunt. 

fiebr habebitur. 

fiefct habebat. 

fie ' hcereticum. 

fieditagium hereditagium. 

fiedi^f hereditatis. 
fied tas hereditas. 
fied heredem, heredum. 
fieds heredes. 
fiedt a ia hereditaria. 
fiemi 1 "' heremitarum. 
fiemit heremitis. 
fiem 9 habemus. 
fientes habentes. 
fieo habeo. 
fie r habetur. 
fiere habere. 
fieri haberi. 
fier 4 haberet. 


The Record Interpreter. 

tier habere. 

ties habens, habes, heres. 

ties hmresis. 

ti et haberet. 

tieticus hcereticus. 

fret 1 ' habetur. 

ti e t r habereiur. 

netf habetis. 

tiezeldf herezeldis. 

he 9 habemus. 

fie?; heremitarum. 

ties habemus. 

ti ic £f#f<0. 

tii di hujusmodi. 

tii do habitando, habitudo. 

fcieta herieta. 

tiigta herigeta. 

fri le habile. 

tiilit d0 habilitando. 

tiii habilis. 

riim ' hujuscemodi. 

tiinacoem hominationem. 

tii ne habitudinem. 

hi 01 ' habilior. 

tiita habita. 

tiitag lieritagium. 

tiit a ie hereditarie. 

tiita habitatio. 

tiitare habitare. 

tiitet habitent. 

tiitio habitio. 

riit is habitualis. 

tiit m habitum. 

hit nc habitione, habitudine. 

hit r m habiturum. 

hitu habita. 

tiitu. e habitudine. 

hitu habitudo. 

hitu habitum. 

ftitua habitura. 

tiitf habitantis, habitis. 

tii 1 ^ habitations, habitis. 

hi 9 hujus, hujusmodi. 

hi 9 i hujusmodi. 

nidia 1 ' habitudinalis. 

timii humilis. 

hm°i hujusmodi. 

hmo hujusmodi. 

timoi hujusmodi. 

tim 9 habemus. 

frfhs habemus. 

hn a habentia. 

fincia habentia. 

tindi habendi. 

tindu habendum. 

find habendum. 

tins habens. 

tin s habentes. 

tint habent. 

tinti habenti. 

tint 1 ' habentur. 

tintf habentis. 

tioBlis honorabilis. 

ti oi hujusmodi. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


fi°i homini. 

fiuai 1 ^ humanitatis. 

hoib3 hominibus. 

fiuert habuerunt. 

hois hominis. 

fiui habui. 

fior honor. 

fiuisse habuisse. 

fir habetur, hundredum. 

fiuit habitit. 

fire habere. 

fiui 9 hujusmodi. 

fire haberem. 

fium humidum. 

firet haberet. 

fiuat habuerat. 

firi haberi. 

fiuit habuerint. 

firs /jeres. 

fiunt habuerunt. 

fir 1 haberet. 

fiuo habuero. 

firdi heredi. 

!i3 habent, habet. 

fis habes, heres. 

ft 9 hujusmodi. 

fit habent, habet. 


I. $/, «tf es^, ^ws, Jesus, 


ia jam. 

in, inferi, inferis, 


i a primam. 

it a, iterum, jussit. 
i a «7/«, infra, intra, ita, 


iap ! de jampridem . 
ifcm ibidem. 

unica, una. 
iacta a jactantia. 
iac3 /flcetf. 
ieict jacet. 

il5t $#, z7>wm£. 

I. C. Jiszis Christus, juriscon- 

ic «7#c. 

iamdeus jamdictus. 

id. erfws. 

isihjanua, Januarii. 

i d »7lft#*. 

i a q itaqae. 

I. d. y^^ zw. 

i a 3 primam. 

idc^co idcirco. 

i a 2 illarum. 

idc frfem. 


The Record Interpreter . 

idib 9 idib us. 

idio*' idiomatum. 

i. d. iud. in diejudicii. 

I. D. N. in Dei nomine. 

id t id est. 

id 9 idus. 

id idem. 

idne indictione. 

i e ^7fe, iTfc. 

iem Jesum. 

igno a ignorantia. 

ign°am 9 ignoramus. 

igno te ignobilitate. 

igri ?#ms. 

ig oa ignorantia. 

ig°mia ignominia. 

ig°ra a ignorantia. 

ig°rat ignorat. 

ig°tus ignotus. 

ig°? ignorant er. 

ig r igitur. 

ig igitur. 

igs f^nttf. 

i. h.jacet hie, invenies hie. 

Ihc. Jesus. 

Ihertm Jerusalem. 

Ihhn Jerusalem. 

Ihs. Jesus. 

II13 Jesum. 

Ihes Johannes. 

Ifrl Jerusalem. 

Ifroes Johannes. 

Iotii Johanni. 
i 1 fti. 

ij a secunda. 

i*de ibidem. 

i x d ibidem. 

iij a tertia. 

iij es £res. 

iiij or quatuor. 

iiij tus quartus. 

iij us tertius. 

ij° ^wo. 

IIX. ocfo. 

ilia illatio. 

illi t? illicitum. 

illi 9 e7^'ws. 

illls *7/ms. 

illlta m illimitatum. 

ill *7/o moefo. 

illu es illuminationes. 

illuia illuminatio. 

illd «7/?/^. 

illimus illegitimus. 

illratus illiteratus. 

im. immortalis, imperator. 

i m &7/w»i, «)?,mw, irrotulatum, 

unum, mille. 
i. m. t'» manu, in manibus. 
imlutu imminutum. 
imp hs impossibilis. 
impp. imperatores. 
imp 11 imperiali. 
impp imperpetuum. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


imp imperator, imperant, im- 

indffn? indiffer enter. 

perante, impetrant. 

indm indifferentiam. 

imple impossibile. 

indra indiffer entia. 

im imperator. 

indrn r indiffer enter. 

inido immundo. 

indrns indifferens. 

in. instantiam. 

indrnt indiffer enter. 

i. n. in nomine. 

inei inwqualis. 

inc a ssadu incrassandum. 

inew inewardus. 

inci ns incidens, incipiens. 

infio inflammatio, inflato. 

incor le incorporate. 

infra ta infrascripta. 

incor^e incorruptibile. 

inf rat infrigidat. 

inept incipit. 

inf ta infrascripta. 

incro incremento. 

infa 1 ' inferatur. 

inc s t incurrisset. 

infnus infernus. 

inc incarnationis, incipit. 

info infero. 

inemto incremento. 

ing lis ingenerabilis. 

incp incepit, incipit. 

inliico inhibit io. 

incpnt incipiunt. 

inhico3 inhibitionem. 

incre incurrere. 

inrlens inluerens, inhibens. 

incrilo incarnatio. 

inliilis inhabilis. 

ind. indictione. 

iniun. injungentes. 

ind a indulgentia. 

ini'u in integrum. 

indei abile indeclin abile. 

ini in luster (illuster). 

indi is individuis. 

in l in libro. 

indi 11 individuaU, indivisibili. 

in n. t» nomine. 

indi individuo. 

inn innocens, innocenter. 

i. n. D. T; s. T: i. T. «« nomine 

inobioe in oblatione. 

Dei et Sanctce et Individual 

in p. tin pace. 


inp lis impossibilis. 

ind inde, indebite, indictione, 

inpolis impossibilis. 


inp lis impartialis. 

inda indulgentia. 

inppet imperpetuum. 


The Record Interpreter. 

inp lis impossibilis. 
inp 1 ' 1 ' impossibiliter . 
inpo impositio. 
inpoe impositione. 
inq^o inquisitio. 
inq^o inquisitio. 
inq^sico inquisitio. 
inq inquiratar. 
ins ciis instanciis. 
insol insolidum, insolutum. 
insp c t v is inspecturis. 
inspect s inspecturis. 
inspi ne inspiratione. 
inspcoe inspectione. 
instam instantiam. 
instico institutio. 
inst 11 instrumentali. 
inst r ctus instructus. 
inst rt le instrumentale. 
instra instruments 
instris instruments. 
instrm instrumentum. 
instro instrumento. 
instro^ instrumentorum. 
inst instituta, institutiones. 
instnf institutionis. 
insr insuper. 
in§it r inseritur. 
instu insertum. 
int a intra. 
int a co intratio. 
int a ns intrans. 
int a uit intravit. 

inte 11 intelligit. 
inte le intelligibile. 
inte lia intelligibilia. 
intel re intelligere. 
intel tr intelligitur. 
intePual intellectualis. 
inte m intellectum. 
inte re intelligere. 
inte s intellectus. 
inte 1 * intendit. 
inte intentio. 
intege intelligere. 
intern intellectum. 
int gi intelligi. 
int 1 intelligi. 
int ib 3 intrantibus. 
intfn ' intrinsecum. 
intP intellectualis. 
int° m^ro. 
int°m t to intromitto. 
int°scptu introscriptum. 
int 1 * intratur, intelligitur. 
intropta introscripta. 
int ewfer, interest, intersit. 
int do intelligendo. 
inte m intellectum. 
int gi intelligi. 
intlig r intelligitur. 
intll ia intelligentia. 
intlli le intelligibile. 
intlli intelligo. 
intlhidu intelligendum. 
intltn e intelligcntke. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


intlhir intelliguntur. 

inxe incomplete, innixe. 

intn ca intrinseca. 

i° »dlp0, tTfteo, «7/o, prime 

intpoto interpolated. 

i°n° primo noctumo. 

intp 1 * interpretatur. 

iod jocund us. 

int*' intellectus, intellects. 

Iofi Johannes. 

in? inter. 

i 00 zY/o wo^o. 

in?cal a i 9 intercalarius. 

i°£ illorum. 

in?cal a o intercalatio. 

Ioes Johannes. 

in?calar£ intercataris. 

Iois Johannis. 

in?dco inter dido. 

i. p. in pace. 

in?d interdum. 

ip a ^}9s<7. 

inte interest. 

ip e £/?$£. 

in?ee interesse. 

ip ?);stf, ?)jsc. 

in?fco interfectio, inter fceto. 

ipa ?);s#. 

in?fc 9 interfectus. 

ipa^ ipsa r ion. 

intfiPe inter/ice re. 

ipe ?)?se. 

in?i 9 interius. 

ipi (pM. 

in?p m interpretation. 

ipis ^/?s^s. 

in?poto interpolate. 

ipi 9 ipsius. 

in?po interpositio. 

ipm ipsum. 

intpret 1 ' interpretatur. 

ip m iTi ipsummet. 

in?ps interpres. 

ipo &pso. 

inrps interpres. 

ipo^ ipso rum. 

in?pta° interpretatio. 

ips /ps/s. 

in?pt ri interpretation. 

ip3 ipsum. 

inu m inveidariuin. 

irra 11 irrational!. 

mue innuere. 

irr b ' irregular thus. 

inociie innocentice. 

irret 1 ' irret it ur. 

ifioiat 9 hviominatus. 

irret 9 irretitus. 

in inde, integrum. 

irre 1 ' irregularitatis. 

ifiti incontinenti. 

irreuobi 1 ' &7re row & t'#far. 

inu a insula. 

irres irregulares. 




The Record Interpreter. 

irrit a i irritari. 

irritat 1 ' irritatur. 

ir r i* c b *regu la vita te. 

irr°alis irrationalis, irrationabilis. 

irris irregularis. 

irrs irregularis. 

i r ' illorum. 

istiui 1 istimet. 

istim3 istimet. 

ist &£u<& 

i td &£«(£. 

iter iterum. 

i t{ isti. 

itid itidem. 

it «fem. 

it d ' #em notandum. 

iPa 1 ' iterabilis. 

i?ari iterari. 

i?m iterum. 

iudic 11 judicaverit. 

iudi m judicium. 

iudi° judicio. 

iud m judicium. 

iud° judicio. 

iud r judicialiter. 

iud judicium. 

iudalr judicialiter. 

iudm judicium* 

i u e /wre. 

iug jugum. 

iv or quatuor. 

iura m juramentum, juratam. 

iura t0 juramento. 

iur. Cdoi juris canonici. 

iur e /i « mr//c tionem. 

iurdco jurisdictio. 

iuriur jurejurando. 

ius ^ justitiariorum. 


iust a justitia. 

iusti justijicatio. 

iuuae juvamine. 

iuu e juvare. 

iuu juvat, juvabat. 

iux a juxta. 


iiiata jurata. 

iuat°es juratores. 

iue /wrg. 

I. X. Jes^s Christus. 

i 9 Jesus, jus, illius, unius, primus. 

i 9 sti a justitia. 

i 9 tia justitia. 

i 9 tifi° justijicatio. 

i 9 t 9 Justus. 

I z6*, ttf <?s£, igitur, in. 

i a zVz/m, tn^ra. 

i a primam. 

ibriare inbreviare. 

ic a 8atii incarceratum. 

Ic a n°ne incarnationem. 

Icaril incamationis. 

Tear incarnationem. 

ic a r s incamationis. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


ic a r incarnation is. 
icli°co incJioatio. 
Icfiacon inclioatione. 
Icl^a inclinatio. 
Icl so incluso. 
ictom inclinationem. 
lets inclusio. 
let* includit. 
icorp les incorporates. 
Icor*' incorporatum. 
icorp les incorruptibiles. 
Icopa 01 ' incomparabilior. 
icoti 1 ' incontincntcr. 
io r ia incuriam. 
Icat 9 incusatus. 
Icjft incommodum. 
Iges inconveniens. 
Ici ta incognita. 
Ico tu incommoditatem. 
Ic^tia incontinentia. 
Id ///^c/. 
Ide ibidem. 
Idep te wa dempn it a tc. 
Idi a individua. 
Idid individuo. 
Idign a indigentia. 
Idigri indigentia. 
Idigco indignatio. 
idign a indigentia. 
Idi is individuis. 
Idi lc indivisible. 
Idi. 1 ' indknsibilis. 

Idi individuo. 
idiom /« divisionem. 
Idi'dua individua. 
I do W£ dominio. 
Idu* inducit, induit. 
Idu tu indumentum. 
id wwfe. 

Idrent indiffer enter. 
idrnti indifferenti. 
le ire , jure. 
letyat inch riant. 
let 'uuequalis. 
le ^<?s£. 
lee inesse. 
lelia imequalia. 
if a wj/ra. 
If a cta infracta. 
Ifc m infection. 
If com infect ioncm. 
Ifctii infectum. 
Ifi 1 ' infidelis. 
ifi m infinitum. 
Ifi 1 ' infinitum. 
Iflu a infiuentiam. 
Ifto infiammatio. 
If°dac°ne infeodatione. 
If°maco informatio. 
Ifor iu infortunium. 
Ifort 1 * informatur. 
Ifra t0 infraseripto. 
If rare m/5 'igidare. 
Ifu oc infusione. 
If m/m. 


The Record Interpreter. 

Ifcom infcctionem. 

Ifct infectum. 

Ifite infinite. 

Ifmis infirmis. 

Ifos inferos. 

Ifstm infrascriptum. 

ift r infertur. 

Ig a rdos inguardos. 

Igd r ingreditur. 

lgtus incog nit us. 

lhico inhibitio. 

ihi d0 inhabitando, inhibendo. 

Ihitao inhabitatio. 

ine inhcerere. 

lUet inhceret. 

iTiiles inhabiles. 

lliitari inhabitantes. 

I 1 tntfo'. 

Pea 1 * 2 incommiinicabile. 

Ii ci inimici. 

ii cie inimicitice. 

licio initio. 

liciu initiimi. 

Pes inconveniens. 

Pns inconveniens, 

lint tft integrum. 

liq 1 iniqiii. 

ii r ia injuria. 

litu initum. 

Tito initio. 

iiur a injuriam. 

liur injuriis, injuriatus. 

Ii 9ia 


li w«6/. 

Tme tc immediate. 
Ime tu immediatum. 
ime*' immediatim. 
Imo i'i immemoria U. 
Imu 1 ' immutabilis. 
imu° immutatio. 
Imle immateriale. 
Imt immaterialis. 
Irnsi te immensitate. 

imsu immensum. 

- *) 

lmge immerge. 

-9 - . 

imsu immersum. 

Inocn a innocentia. 

I ns inconveniens. 

inumis innumeris. 

10 flV/eo. 

loq ideoque. 

ipedi m impedimentum. 

ipedi tu impedimen turn. 

iped impedientem. 

ipedcoe impeditione. 

ipedr impeditur. 

ipe r 3 impediret. 

Ipe t0 impedimento. 

ipet°ne impetiUone. 

ipetns impetrans. 

iped e impendere. 

Ip^m^ imprimis. 

Iplit a i implacitari. 

Ipiit implicita. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


Ipo a impotentia. 

Ipo e impossibile, impotentice. 

Jpo 1 ' impossibilis. 

ipor et importaret. 

Iport importat. 

ipo ta s impossib Hit as. 

ipo impotentice. 

ipoa impotentia, imposita. 

ipo r imponitur. 

ipu a ri imputari. 

ipu d ' imputandum. 

Ipugtos w^ w#/? atores. 

lpu* imputed. 

ipf c coe imperfectione. 

ipfcus imperfectus. 

Ipsotr impersonaliter. 

Ipt imperat. 

Ipta m importation. 

Iptat importat. 

Iptiri impertiri. 

Ip e impossibile. 

Ip le impossibile. 

Ipl' impossibilis. 

Ipme imprime. 

ipo impositio. 

Ips imprimis. 

ip x i inspexi, ineomplexi. 

lpssioe impressione. 

Ipssom impressionem . 

Ipp^e improprie. 

Ippare impropriare. 

Ipss improbasset. 

Iq c itaque. 

iq m iniquam, inquam. 
Iq inquam, inquit, itaque. 
iqna 1 ' inquinatur. 
Iseq 1 ' insequitur. 
isp c to inspecto. 
ispco m inspectionem. 

is* ttttt'l. 

Ist a instituta. 
Istaci 9 instantius. 
isti ne institutione. 
istftog institutorum. 
istr a instrumenta. 
Istris instrumentis. 
istro instrumento. 
Ist u et r instrueretur. 
Ist u m instrumentum. 
I st u meth* inst rumen taliter 
Ist um ta instrumenta. 
Ist uoe instruct ionem. 
ist u ' t0 2 instrumentorum. 
isto institutio. 
Ist* 1 instruments 
Issi le insensibile. 
It a mfri0. 
ite a intelligent ia. 
Ite d0 intelligenclo. 
Ite e intelligentice. 
Iteg a lit integraliter. 
Ite g ' intelligitur. 
Ite u intelligit. 
Ttel da intelligencla. 


The Record Interpreter. 

Ite v intettigitur. 

ite s intcllectus. 
Ite* interest. 
Ite u intellectu. 
Ite bat iutendebat. 
iteco intentio. 
ite° intensio. 
Itfcs interject m. 
Itfic interficit. 
Itf interfuit. 
it g ' e intelligere. 
it iffi intelligi. 
ltfiicus intrinsecus. 
Itltr intettigitur. 
it nd ' intelligendum. 
i t0 mtfo. 

it°d c tu introcluctum. 
it°dux introduxit. 
it°itu introitu. 
it°it 9 introitus. 
it°ni t at intromittat. 
l^m 1 ^ intromittere. 
Hot intonat. 
itr a5 intrarcm. 
it rc intelligere. 
It rH intelligeret. 
ltr intrare, intraret. 

It t9 intcllectus. 
it u intellectu. 
it 9 m^fM. 
it interest. 

ltgle integrate. 
Itllcm intellection. 
Itlli intelligere. 
Itllige intelligere. 
Itllx intellexit. 
Itllia intelligentia. 
Itnd 1 intendit. 
Ito initio. 
it r intettigitur. 
ltrogo inter rogatio. 
itse intrinsece. 
It xit intellexit. 

i?dca inter dicta. 
iPd 1 interdict. 
Itdu interdum. 
I?d inter dum. 
I?ddo interdicendo. 
itee interesse. 
i?essen a inter essentia. 
I?ept 9 interemptus. 
I?fcs interfectus. 
i?fic interficit. 
i?f intcrfuit. 
I?i 9 interim. 
i?pft c e interpcllere. 
i?pol a interpolates. 
Ippolo interpolate. 
i?poe interponere. 
iPpoita^ inter positar urn. 
iPpo interpositio. 
iPpr interpretatur. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


Itptare interpretare. 

ia^ illarum. 

Trptaco interpretation 

ic eV&'c. 

i?pti interpreti. 

id zV&w?. 

Itrup e interrumpere. 

ide ibidem. 

Itueiete inter veniente. 
i?uetu interventu. 
111*8* invasit. 
lueies inveniens. 
lueies invenies. 

id inter dum. 
ire ire, jure. 
iia injuria. 
10 «^?o. 

iueit r invenitur, 
iuo e invocationem. 

ioq ideoque. 
is idibus. 

I xa incomplexa. 

i 9 minus. 

i J amt j> uramentum. 

iixij uramentum. 

I 9 minus. 

1 «fo', t<# es£, igitur. 


K. caput, decern, kalendarum, 

kta^ kalendarum. 

kalendas, kalendis. 

ktda^ kalendarum. 

katii kalendas, kalendis. 
kar e carence, 
kartla cartula. 
kartlariu cartularium. 
kar carena. 

kl n Kyrie eleison. 
ktii kalendas, kalendis. 
ktru kalendarum. 
kts kalendas, kalendis. 

kimiis carissimus. 

karm 9 carissimus. 

ki mus carissimus. 

kated cathedra. 

kmus carissimus. 

kaissi 9 carissimus. 

krmus carissimus. 

kai te caritatem. 

krms carissimus. 

kai tis caritatis. 

kr carissimi. 

kl. kalendas, kalendis. 

krinii carissimi. 

ktas kalendas. 

krm carissimum. 


The Record Interpreter . 


L. lectio, UbrOj libris, licet, quin- 

quaginta, vel. 
l a Htera, quinquaginta, quinqua- 

l a literam, quinquagesimam. 
lac lacu. 
lacti lacerti. 
la do latitude 
lag. lagemannus. 
laia lanina. 
la m latum. 
lapis lapidis. 

lafra lateralia, latria, latrina. 
latibm latibulum. 
latin latinarius. 
latft latitat. 
lat ne latitudinem. 
lat°ci u latrocinium. 
lat°i latori. 
lat°il latronum. 
lat°us latomus. 
lat /tf&^, latitude 
latt latrat. 

laud laudes, laudibus. 
lau laudes. 
laufolis laudabilis. 
laulis laudabilis. 
layc laicus. 
lildgab landgabulum. 

laprid lamprida. 
lb. /^ra, ^"6er. 
lc. lucrum. 

IcO /£6'fo. 

Id laudes. 

led levandum. 

leg. legatus, legio. 

legatar legataria, legataries, 

leg e legitime. 

legit legitime. 

legi'a legitima. 

leg mus legitimes. 

leg r legitur. 

legHio legitime 

leg legem. 

leguuit legrewita. 

le me legitime. 

leps leprosies. 

le r legitur. 

lest /esta, lestagium. 

leui mo levissimo. 

leu. /^e'#. 

lg longus, longitude 

li a /mm. 

li a lineam. 

lib a s libras. 

liber liberationis. 

libnr libenter. 

lib &'#er, liberata, libra. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


lifca libera. 

lifta liberatio. 

liftat 1 ' liberator, liberatur. 

lifcii libera]]}. 

libe libera, libere, libra 3 . 

libllus libellus. 

liblr liber a liter. 

libm liberum, librum. 

libns libens. 

libo libero, libro. 

libo^ liberorum, librorum. 

libs libras, libros. 

libtas libertas. 

lib te libertate. 

liT3 tis libertatis. 

liceil licentia, licentiatus. 

lici m licitum. 

lie /^e^, licitum. 

licia licentia. 

lien licentia. 

li e Inhere. 

li 1 After*. 

liii licentia. 

li° quinquagesimo prima. 

liqiiitia liquiritia. 

liqat liqueat. 

li tas libertas. 

li te libertatem. 

littas litteras. 

li tum licitum. 

li t? licitus, licitum. 

lit ft'fera. 

lira litera. 

lig a lingua. 

li &'for, &'Sr<z, librata, libro. 

limaco legitimatio. 

limus legitimus^ 

lio &dr0. 

lita legimita, limita. 

11. libentissimo, liberi, liberti, li- 

lnia licentia. 

lo. /oc<7, locutio, loquitur. 
1° quinquagesimo. 
lo a c localiter. 
loc a i locari. 
loca 1 ' localiter. 
locu r loquuntur. 
locut 9 locutus. 
loco locutio. 

lo do longitudo, loquendo. 
lo c longce, longe. 
log ca logica. 
lot localis. 
loir localiter. 
lo m locum. 
lo ne longituclinc. 
long me longissi/Jie. 
longa longceva. 
lo nu longiludinum. 
lo° /oeo. 
loq a loquentia. 
loq a r loquar. 
loqiir loquitur. 


The Record Interpreter. 

loqr loquar, loquov. 
loqt 1 * loquitur. 
lo r localiter, loquitur. 
lorirn a i 9 lorimarius. 
lo ur loquitur. 
log!q a longinqua. 
log 9 longus. 
lone locutionem. 
lot localiter. 
lr litem, Uteris. 
l ta quinquaginta. 
ltme legitime. 
ltm 9 legitimus. 
lu a te 
luc a /«cr«. 
luc a nd lucrandum. 
luo m lucrum. 
luca lucentia. 
lucbr lucrabitur. 
luctie lucrative. 
lum lumen, luminare. 
lu n lumen. 
lupii luparum. 
lupn a £ lupanaris. 
lux a luxuria. 
lux luxuria. 
lue lumen. 
line lumine. 
luim luminum. 
lui si luminosi. 
lui lumini. 
luie lumine. 

luimagr ludimagister. 

luis luminis. 

I3 //ce£. 

L 50000. 

1 /ecfo, /^ro, &'6m, fe£, #6/. 

tea /ec&z. 
Icis fec&s. 
lco$ lectorum. 
Ics lectus. 
leulo lectulo. 
leura lectura. 
le r ligetur. 
Igis fegrcs. 
Igtime legitime. 
li. #5ra, librata. 
lie legitime. 
lime legitime. 
lis legitimis. 
Irras literas. 
1m litigationem. 
Imus legitimus. 
1m. lumen. 
lr legitur. 
Ira fe'fera. 
lra r literaliter. 
Ire literal. 
Iribus latoribus. 
Iris Uteris. 
Irs literas. 
lr 11 literati. 
lr litem, Uteris. 

Latin Abbreviations, 


trat 9 litcratus. 

ttle legitime. 

It libet, vult. 

ttis legitimis. 

Hinms legitimes. 

tx lux. 


M. magister, magistrates, mane- 
Hum, manibus, marcas, ma- 
ritus, marmor, martyris, 

mater, materia, matrimo- 
nium, matutinum, maacimus, 
mea, met, memor, mcmoria, 
menses, mensis, mcritus, 
mihi, milia, miliaria, mi lie, 
millesimo, minus, minuta, 
missus, mcerens, mcerenti, 
moneta, monumentum, mors, 
mortuus, mulier, munici- 

ma. manet, Maria, mater iam. 

m a marca, Maria, materia, mea, 
milia, mina, minuta, 

ma a mar a. 

macla macula. 

ma e material, Marice. 

mag do magnitude 

mag^e magnificentice, magnitu- 

mag^es magnitudines. 

mag 1 ^ magnitudinem. 

mag^ficfi magnificentia. 

mag i fien a magnificentia. 

mag^s magnitudinis. 

mag ne magnitucline. 

mag magis, magniis, and its 

raagf ia magnificentia. 
magr magister. 
magro magistro. 
mai°e majore. 
mai 9 majus. 
ma let ' r maculetur. 
m a li manuali, materiali. 
m a tr materialiter. 
ma m manifestum, 
man. mandamus. 
man m9 mandamus. 
man 9 manm, 
mail mandamus, manum. 
mafitf mandatis. 
ma 1 ' materialiter. 
marcn" march io. 
ma rct maneret. 
ma ri manifestari. 
Mart Martini, Martis, Martyris. 
mar?is Martyris. 


The Record Interpreter. 

mar mara, maritus, martyr. 

ma tc mancnte. 

mat io matrimonio. 

ma tis mandatis. 

matfs matris. 

m a tis mortis. 

mat 111 matrem, matriinonium. 

ma tu mandatum. 

mat mater, matris. 

rnatta matertera. 

ma 11 manic. 

max a maxima. 

max e maxime. 

maxx. maximi. 

max maximus, maxime. 

m a minam. 

madari mandantes. 

mad c d manducandum. 

mai do manifestanclo. 

mai m manifestum. 

miiipl manipulus. 

mai re manifestare. 

mai ta manifesto-. 

mai^' 1 manifestari. 

ma tum mandatum. 

maumtes mannmittcns. 

ma. mandantes. 

maie Maria?. 

ma la maculam. 

mali materiali. 

malf materialis. 

mam materiam. 

mas materias. 

M. B. memorial bonce. 

Mcc. mtTfe ducenti, millesimo dn- 

M.D. medicina? doctor. 
m e Maria, materia?, memorise, 

me a medicina, memoria. 
me am memoriam. 
me b 3 mediantibus. 
medie s medietas. 
med na medicina. 
med ve mediatore. 
med te mediante. 
medt medicamentum. 
me e mere. 
me is mereberis. 
mela ci melancholici. 
melacot melancholia. 
melt mellis. 
me m medium. 
memo? memorandum. 
mem r -memor, meremur. 
mem memoriam. 
me na medicina. 
menb? membris, membrum. 
me ne medicinal. 
mens mensem, mensuram. 
me nte mediante, 
me medio. 
me°ria memoria. 
meo? meorum. 
me°? meliorem, meliorum. 
me 1 ' meretur. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


meridioil meridionaU. 

mes. mensibus. 

me te mediate, mediante, medietate. 

met po a metropolitanum. 

meo a memoria. 




meora a memorata. 
meor le memoriale. 
meora memorata. 
mes mensis. 
mea r mereatur. 
meis melius. 
mei 9 melius. 
met'x meretrix. 
met 1 ' meretur. 
metci meretrici. 
mg magis. 
mgro magistro. 
m 1 wee, m^\ 
mi a minima. 
mia 10 miraculo. 
mial' mirabilis. 
miao miraculo. 
MicKem Michaelem. 
Micfiis Michaclis. 
mi di minuendi. 
mi le meridionale. 
milleio millesimo. 
mill 1 millesimi. 
mill millesimo. 
miltimo millesimo. 
milto millesimo. 

mil millesimo. 

mil /m/es, miliario. 

mi m minimum. 

min 9 minus. 

m\ mihique. 

mir mirabiliter, mirifice, mi rum, 
miser icorditer. 

m is magis, marcis, meis. 

miscdia misericordia. 

mis du ministrandum. 

mise r miseretur. 

mis ia miser icordiam. 

miss missa, missis, missum. 

n^sf^nt ministrant. 

m'sSio ministcrio. 

mis mstf. 

niisa miseram, misericon. 

miscda misericordia. 

mi"sc°s miser ieors. 

misedi misericordi. 

mis h. ex. f. misit hcec extra fir- 

mis ia miscria. 

mis I m. mwtf tin mancrium. 

mhis minus. 

m'ut minuta. 

mio^s minorum. 

miut 9 minutus. 

mi 9 minus. 

mi minimus, minus, minuta, 

mia misericordia. 

mlabilit miserahiliter. 


The Record Interpreter. 

mi'am miser icordiam. 

moiton monitione. 

mi'as miscricordias. 

mold moldra, moldera. 

midi misericordi. 

mo 1 ' mobilis. 

mi'dit misericorditer. 

mo m modum, mor em, mover cm, 

mie minima, misericordim. 


mim 9 minimus. 

monet monetarius. 

miors misericors. 

mon lls monasteries. 

inist a ndo ministrando. 

monu tu monumentum. 

ini'st a nt ministrant. 

moil monasterii, moncta. 

mist 1 ministri. 

moridi monendi. 

mistrare ministrare. 

morist monasteries. 

rnistr ministris. 

mor. mortis. 

mistto ministratio. 

mor a morina. 

mist minister. 

mora te moralitate. 

mistio ministerio. 

ML. malum. 

m le materialem. 

M.M. maritus,martyres, memento 
mori, memoria, meritissimus, 

mora tcr moraliter. 
mo rc monstrare. 
mo rli monasterii. 
mo rio monasterio. 

moestissimus, monumentum. 

mor 1 ' 1 ' mortaliter. 

m m manifest urn, materia in, 


mor os mortuos. 

m m0 millesimo. 
mns r a mensura. 

mor mora,more, morina, 


mo. modus, mota, motus, 


morlis mortalis. 


morlis mortalitas. 

m° meo, modo, miUesimo, 


mo s modius. 


m os modos. 

mo a monasteries. 

m°tai mortalis. 

mo b 3 moralibus, morbus, motibus. 

mou 1 ' moventur. 

mod modis. 

mo u motum. 

m° e. modo episcopi. more. 

m°i modi. 

moialis monialis. 

moicoe monitione. 

moitoio monitor io. 

moialis monialis. 

most monstra. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


modii movendum. 
moi modi. 
moia monasteries. 
moio monasterio. 
mois modis. 
mom monasterium. 
morii monasterii. 
morio monasterio. 
moru modorum. 
Eiostiu monasterium. 
mostm monasterium. 
mo? modorum, majorum. 
m r magister, mater, materialiter, 

m re matre. 

m ris matris, majoris, martyris. 

mr martii, martyr. 

m s marcas. 

MT. mafer. 

m ta multa. 

m l ti ?mY#. 

muie munimine. 

multiplr multipliciter. 

multi ri multiplicari. 

multi 1 ' multipliciter. 

mu 1 ' mutabilis. 

murJe munere. 

mu° mutatio. 

mu oe mutatione. 

mar mutaret. 

mu 1 ' mutatum. 

muicipli 02 unicipali. 

muicom munitioncm. 

mu 1 ' mutatur. 

muri mutari. 

m x multiplex. 

m 9 mandamus, mantis, mos. 

M manerium, mille, milia. 

mdax mendax. 

indie 9 medicus. 

rndiu medium. 

in. f. manerium francum. 

m. h. manerium hoc. 

in. T: b. manerium et bereuica. 

m m^/o, manerium, morte. 

ni ali manuali. 

inb a membra. 

intts membris. 

mb° membro. 

mora membra. 

mbro membro. 

nibg membrum. 

mces merces. 

mcii ITarcii. 

mcis marcis. 

mcurii Mercurii. 

mdax mendax. 

nidi mundi. 

md no mundano. 

nido mundo. 

md mundum. 

me medietate, mille. 

mgaitis margaritis. 

mg is magnitudinis. 

mg'tu 6 magnitudine. 

mgnis magnis. 


The Record Interpreter . 

mg magister. 

rnlti 1 ' multipliciter. 

mg r magister. 

friltis multis. 

fiigrat magistratum. 

mlti 11 multiplicati. 

\vvjX magnificat. 

mltitd m multitudinem. 

miali matrimon iali. 

mlti x multiplex. 

iTriis w me ft '«« wniis . 

mltoc mult o ties. 

mio matrimonio. 

mltoil multoncs. 

mis wee's, maris. 

mltops multopere. 

iiiia miser icordia. 

rnltu multum. 

mlc mulcet. 

mlt multum, multis. 

mle »m&. 

m 1 ' materialis, mentalis. 

mlem materialem. 

ml mil liar ia. 

ml c £ mulierum. 

mla multa. 

nili mater iali. 

nile^ mulierum. 

mlib3 materialibus. 

mlm multum. 

inlier mulier. 

mlo multo. 

fhlis materialis. 

mlr materialiter, mulier. 

fnli3 militem. 

mlri mulieri. 

mli^; mulierum. 

mm matrimonium. 

inlies mulieres. 
fhl ns multotiens. 
mlta multa. 
mlti ca multiplied, 
mlti ca ' r w ultipUcantur. 
mlti 00 ' 1 muUipUcemini. 
fhlti 6 multitudinem. 

m mo m ni es i m0t 
mnia murmura. 
mmialr matrimonialitcr. 
mmu e r murmuretur. 
nindi mundi. 
mnr manerium. 

mltilo multiloquio. 
lTilti multitude-. 

mns r a mensura. 
mo meo, monastcrio. 

mlti oc multimode, multiplicationc. 

mos modos. 

mlti°m multipUcationcm. 

mr magister, mater. 

mltip d0 multiplicando. 

nira monstra. 

inltiplr multipliciter. 

mrare monstrare. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


mrari monstrari. 

mrau monstravit. 

inrcet marcet. 

mrch marchio. 

mrc marca. 

mrcit marcescit. 

mre matre. 

mrem mat rem. 

mres martyres, matres. 

mri magistn, martyri, monstrari. 

mri b 3 Matrimonialibus. 

mrices matrices. 

iiirice matricem. 

mrii martyrii. 

mri le matrimoniate. 

mri matrimonio. 

m ns majoris. 

niris martyris, matris. 

mriu martyri um. 

nirio m matrimonium. 

nirio matrimonio. 

mno v matrimonialiter. 

inrioi 11 matrimonial i. 

mrloio matrimonio. 

mrm martyrium, martyrum, 
matrem, matrimonium. 

mma mater na. 

mro magistro. 

mrona matrona. 

mrt martyris. 

mrum martyrum. 

far? marcarum. 

mr martyr. 

mrs marcas, martyris, mors. 

nis majestas, materias, mens, 
mensis, mens. 

mstrat monstrat. 

mstra menstrua. 

msa mensura. 

nisa mensuram. 

mtaco mutationem. 

mtat 1 ' mutatur. 

mta*' mentaliter. 

mted mittendus. 

nite mentem. 

mtit 9 mentitus. 

mtit mentitum. 

mt* mitt it. 

mio mentio. 

mx a mixta, maxima. 

mx c maxime. 

mxi s max i mis. 

mchetf merchetis. 

mcu 11 Mercuru. 

mcii Mercurii. 

miction meridion ialis. 

mito merito. 

mito* meritoriam. 

mito e meritorice, meritorie. 

mitor 1 meritoria. 

mit mentis. 

mleg merlengis. 

mu 1 meruit. 




The Record Interpreter. 


N. enim, natus, nee, nepos 

, nep- 

naa nata. 

tis, nimis, nisi 



nat naturalis. 

women, nomine, non, nona- 
(jinta, nonas, noster, nota, 
notum, Novembris, nullus, 

nam naturam. 
n c wee, wwwe. 
n c ne wec^e. 

n a natura, nostra, 

nota, nu 


n c n5 necnon. 

n a alis naturalis. 

ncca necessaria. 

n a m naturam. 
narr narratur. 
narro nar ratio. 

n. e. wow <?s^. 

n e naturce, necesse, neque. 

nec ate necessitate. 

nas8et r nasceretur. 
na te nativitate. 

necc a necessaria. 
nec ib 3 necessitatibus. 

nHe 55 nullatenus. 
na tis nativitatis. 

nec ie necessarian, necessarie. 
nec ite necessitate. 

natiu 1 ' 5 nativitatis. 

nec m necessarium. 

nati'at s nativitatis. 

necfi necnon. 

natio nativo. 

necas necessitas. 

nat r a naturam. 

nece necesse. 

nat nativitas. 


necie necessaria}, necessarie. 

nate natures. 

neciis necessariis. 

nats nativus. 

nec ite necessitate. 

nat te nativitate. 

nec u ' necessitatis. 

nauib3 navibus. 

nec m necessarium. 

nau ilc navigabile. 

neco necessario. 

nauiu navium. 

necs necessarius, necessitas. 

nau Wfl^s. 

nectf necessitatis. 

nuura natura. 

ne d ' negandum. 

Latin Abbreviations, 


ned nedum. 

negfia negligmtia. 

negint negligunt. 

neg negotiis, negotium. 

nega negotia. 

negat negotiat. 

neg d0 negando, negotiando. 

negm negotium, 

nego negotio. 

ne ini nemini. 

nem nemus. 

ne° negatio, negotio. 

ne oib 3 negationibus, nemoribus. 

neq a q a nequaquam. 

neq neque. 

neqo nequco. 

neq > neque. 

ne r negatur. 

nesci a nescientia. 

nesc nesciunt. 

ne te necessitate. 

ne ua negativa. 

ne ue negative. 

ne u ' negat ivum. 

neu neuter. 

neinf neminis. 

neie neminem. 

neo wemc. 

ne we^w. 

neandu negandum. 

nei nemini. 

nent negant. 

ncri ncgari. 
neti m negat ivum. 
neti 11 negativum. 
net 1 ' negatur. 
n 1 m7«7, m 
nichilo 9 nichilominus. 
nichiloi 9 nt'c^ ilomin us. 
nich oi9 nichilominus. 
nicn nichil. 
niciilo 9 w «?// #0 w tn ws. 
nichoi 9 m'c^ ilomin us. 
nig c do nigredo. 
nig c dis nigredinis. 
nig c nC' nigredinem. 
nig c se nigrcscit. 
nigcdo nigritudo. 
nig'dis nigritudinis. 
nigd nigredinem. 
nih ;?/////. 
n [ o 9 nihilominus. 
n 1 mW. 
n l0 niliilo. 
n^ 9 nihilominus. 
n^ml 9 nihilominus. 
n^i 9 nihilominus. 
n m mi Hum. 

nn. uostri, nostrorum, numeri. 
n n nomen. 

no. W00&, nomen, nostro, novce. 
n° nocturno, nullo, numero. 
no a nomina. 
no a ndu notandum. 
nobit nohilis. 


The Record Interpreter. 

nobi m nobilissim urn. 

nos noster. 

nob nobis. 

not a i 9 notarius. 

nobc nobiscum. 

no tat 1 ' notatur. 

nob ra nobiliora. 

notaa notata. 

noco le notionale. 

notb 9 nothus. 

no do nolendo. 

noti a notitia. 

no d ' notandum. 

notic s notities. 

no e nomine. 

not wofotf, notatis. 

no ls nominis. 

noto le notionale. 

noia nomina. 

nou Novembris. 

noia nominatio. 

nouitf noveritis. 

noi'at 1 ' nominatur. 

nouit noveritis. 

noie nomine. 

no wow. 

no le nobile. 

noale novate. 

nole m nolentem, nolentium. 

noalia novalia. 

no lis nobilis, notabilis. 

nodu nondum. 

no 1 ' nobilis. 

noiti nominati. 

no 1 ' 1 ' notabiliter. 

noiti m nominativum. 

noit nolunt. 

noa nomina. 

nomie nomine. 

noale nominate. 

no mus nobilissinins. 

nobii notabilis. 

nom no men. 

nobi 1 ' notabiliter. 

nomib3 nominibus. 

nobr Novembris. 

non. nonets, nonis. 

nobir notabiliter. 

no 11 nomen. 


ndi nomini. 

nonag nonagesimo. 

noib3 nominibus. 

n 00 ?w//o mocfo. 

n°o ww$0 ^otifo. 

noie nomine. 

no 01 ' nobilior. 

nois nominis. 

no 1 ' notatur. 

nolo nominatio, nominativo. 

no ra nobiliora. 

n6n m notandum. 

no lius notarius. 

nont notant. 

nor notarius. 

nont notant or. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


nori nostri. 

mips nuptias. 

norie notoric. 

nupi nuptiarum. 

noro? nostrorum. 

nusq nusquam. 

nor notariis, notario. 

nmVmtu nutrimentum. 

nos nonas. 

nutft nutrit. 

notr nostris. 

nut^e nutritive. 

no? noviter. 

nutft/'a nutritura. 

nok nonarum. 

nut 1 ? nutrimentum. 

nq. namque, nunquam, nusquam. 

nut nt0 nutrimcnto. 

nr. noster. 

nuttia nutritiva. 

n r naturaliter, noscitur, noster. 

nut ur nutriuntur. 

n r a natura. 

nu l f nuncietis. 

nra nostra. 

nu 9 numerus. 

nra nostrum. 

nua numina, nuncia. 

nre nostras. 

nuci 9 nuncius. 

nri nostri. 

nucq nunquam. 

mm nostrum. 

nucti 9 nuncius. 

nro nostro. 

niien numerentur. 

nro m nostrorum. 

numu nummum. 

nror nostrorum. 

numo^; nummorum. 

nim nostrorum. 

nuq numquid, nunquam. 

nrs nostris. 

nua b 3 numerabilibus. 

n s nullus. 

nua numeratio. 

n 1 ' naturaliter. 

nua r numeralitcr, numeratur. 

miliars nullatenus. 

nuat name rat. 

null 1 nullibi. 

nuat r numeratur. 

nullr milliter. 

nua numeraire. 

num m numerum, nummum. 

nui uumeri, nummi. 

num. numero. 

nuo numero. 

numus numerus. 

nus numerus. 

nunc nunciante, nuncius. 

n3 ??e#^, neque. 

nu° numero. 

n 9 nullus. 


The Record Interpreter. 

n 9 ^ nusquam. 

n 9 q nusquam. 

N. nonaginta milia, 90000. 

fie natures. 

nm. numerum. 

nn nomen. 

nfi nccnon. 

n £wt*», natus, nee, nepos, neptis, 
nisi, nobilis, nobis, nomen, 
non, nonas, noster, nota, 
notum, Novembris. 

ila natura. 

nale naturalem. 

rialr naturaliter. 

na° narratio. 

ila oem war; ntionem. 

fia 1 ' naturaliter. 

na*' naturaliter. 

n a naturam. 

fia naturam. 

iibt nobilis. 

fi b 3 natural ib us. 

rib wofos. 

no WM«C. 

fic a necessaria. 

riccai 9 necessarius. 

ricee necessitatem. 

ricee necesse, necessitate. 

ficeia necessaria. 

iicias nuncians. 

fic s necessariis. 

ridii nedum, nondum. 

fid 9 nodus. 

fid nedum, nondum. 

fie natures, 

fix nemini, nostri. 

fiis nimis, notionis. 

riiu nimium. 

iili naturali. 

filla »w//#. 

filiate 9 nullatenas. 

rilli ntf£#. 

rilli 9 nullius. 

iillo ww^io mocfo. 

fill 9 nullus. 

nllm nullum. 

rills nullus. 

iVu nihilum. 

fit naturalis. 

riir naturaliter. 

nm naturam, nostrum. 

fimne nomine. 

rinas nonas, nonnas. 

rinak nonarum, nonnarum. 

fine woftdp, nonnce. 

no nihilo. 

n° wo&o. 

riqua, nunquam. 

riq numquid, nunquam, nusquam. 

fir noscitur, noster. 

fira natura, nostra. 

iis naturas, nos, numerus. 

nsra nostra. 

ristrum nostrum. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


ristrs nostris. 

fitrs nostris. 

fitia nuncia. 

nui wmtf. 

ilti t? nititur. 

nu numerum. 

ntitas natwitas. 

n^ naturarum, nostrum, nostro- 

fitm nominativum. 


fitra nostra. 

Su 9 nervus. 

0. o&wV, obitus, obolus, officium, 
olla, omega, omnibus, omnis, 
oportct, optimo, oratio, ordi- 
nis, oriens, ossa, ossuarium, 
ostenditur, otio, undecim. 

o a omnia. 

ob c o objecto. 

ob c O£ objeetorum. 

obed obedientia. 

obedie obedientke. 

obe ns obediens. 

obe o&es£. 

obee obesse. 

obeie obedientke. 

obi c ' objectum. 

obic objicit. 

ofrgo obligatio. 

obisst obisset. 

oblcamt oblectamentum. 

oblig co obligatio. 
oblig e obligatione. 
obim oblatum, obolum. 
obio oblatio, obolo. 
obtoe oblatione. 
obio m oblationem. 
obfone oblatione. 
obtonib} oblationibus. 
obstil obstantibus. 
obs obstat. 
ob l o&wtf. 
ob t2 obligatus. 

ob objicitur, obitus, oblatio, obo- 
oba objecta. 
obas obliquas. 
obene obediential. 
obi objecti. 


The Record Interpreter. 

obia obedientia. 

obiarius obedicntiarius. 

obie obedient ice. 

obm objectum. 

obo objecto, objicio. 

obr objicitur. 

ob* objicit, obtinuit. 

obtm objectum. 

ocean occasione. 

occi 11 occidentali. 

ocoon occasione. 

00003 occasionem. 

occio occasio. 

occltu occultum. 
occn 11 occidentali. 

ocens occidens. 

occfilis occidentalis. 

occo occasio. 

occoair occasionaliter. 

occoe occasione. 

occone occasione. 

occpau* occupavit. 

oet octabas, octabis, Octobris. 

octa octava. 

octas octavas. 

oclo oewfo. 

ocim oculum. 

odi 1 ' odibilis. 

odo odorem. 

od odium, odoris. 

odo 0^0. 

o c <wa;?<?. 

off c t ojfertf. 

off lis officialis. 

of fa officia, officina. 

offi m officium. 

offm officium. 

offo officio. 

o 1 o/!m, ow?m'. 

o*b omnibus. 

o 1 !]! omnium. 

o^o 9, omnipotentia. 

o^po 1153 omnipotent. 

o l \\ omnium. 

01a omnia. 

oib3 omnibus. 

01m omnium. 

oi'oda omnimoda. 

01 ode omnimode. 

oil o/wW. 

ot oleum, olim. 

o m objectum, oleum, omnium, 

om. omnem. 
om a omnia. 
omis nis omissionis. 
omn a omnia. 

om omelia (Jiomilia), omnis. 
oma omnia. 
omaq, omniaque. 
omb3 omnibus. 
omi omwl. 
omipi omnipotenti. 
ofhips omnipotens. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


omis hominis, omnis. 

oppox oppositorum. 

omp omnipotens. 

oppoito opposito. 

ompis omnipotentis. 

oppos oppositos. 

omps omnipotens. 

opp tu oppositum. 

oms omnes, omnis. 

opp 1 ' oppositum. 

on 9 onus. 

oppo oppositio. 

oris omnes, onus. 

op 1 oportet. 

onla onera. 

optim es optimates. 

o3ib3 oneribus. 

ptoo opposito modo. 

oSu. onerum. 

opt 0J9^*0. 

o° omnino, opinio, opjwsitio, ora- 

opt ne optione. 


op 9 o/ws. 

o°ne orationem. 

opa opera. 

o°nis orationis. 

opa b 3 operationibus. 

op. opinio, oportet, oppositio, 

opaco operatio. 


opa operatio. 

OpcO 0J9^0. 

opa oe operatione. 

op c optime. 

opat 1 ' operatur. 

opi. opiniones. 

op fl ' operand urn. 

opi d ' opinandum. 

opib} operibns. 

opilaco oppilatio. 

opm operum. 

opito oppilatio. 

op nt operant. 

opio opinio. 

opo operatio. 

op m opposition. 

opo m operatione in. 

op opinio, oppositio. 

opoes operationes. 

pOis opinionis, oppositionis. 

opom operationem. 

opp^iti opprimenti. 

opri operari. 

opp m oppositum. 

opt oportet. 

opp° oppositio, opposito. 

opte operte. 

oppo a opposita. 

optet oportet. 

oppo nis oppositionis. 

optun 9 opportunus. 

oppo 1 ' opponitur. 

optu* oportuit. 


The Record Interpreter. 

opttia opportune 

orib3 oratoribus. 

optiie opportune. 

orno organo. 

optiiitas qpportunitas. 

oro oratio. 

opo opinio. 

oro m orationem. 

opom opinionem. 

orri onn, ornari. 

ops omnipotens. 

ort 0r#a£. 

opt obtinet. 

or ta ordinata. 

opta opposita. 

ort 9 omatus. 

opto opposito. 

onrm oratorum. 

opt omnipotens, oportet. 

o s omnes. 

opte oportere. 

oscla oseula. 

o 1 ' oneratur. 

ostnd 1 ostendit. 

ordico ordinatio. 

ostnd ostendit. 

ordi ordinatio. 

ostns ostensum. 

ordi 1 ' ordinatum. 

ostn 1 ostendit. 

ord° ordinatio. 

o 1 occurrit, oportet, ostendit. 

ord 1 ' ordinatur. 

tas oppositas. 

ord ordinis. 

o tu objectum, oppositum. 

ordi hordei. 

0*^ oppositis. 

or do ordinatio. 

03 oportet. 

orig 1 ' originaliter. 

oi r oritur. 

origf originis. 

orris omnis. 

ori 1 ' originalis. 

onio omnino. 

orit r oritur. 

oa omnia, ora. 

or le originate. 

ob3 omnibus. 

or ne ordinem. 

oe owme, ore. 

oroes orationes. 

oem omnem. 

orom orationem. 

oes omnes. 

or re ordinare. 

oe omnem. 

orat 9 omatus. 

oi omiw'. 

or oms, oratio, orator. 

oia omnia. 

ores oratores. 

01D3 omnibus. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


oida omnimoda. 

oie 11 orientali. 

oig origo. 

oi u originali. 

oi m omnium. 

oim° omnimodo. 

oines origines. 

oino omnino. 

oipo a omnipotentia. 

oip s omnipotent. 

oipt omnipotens. 

oipti omnipotent . 

oi r oritur. 

ois omnis. 

oi s omnibus. 
oium omnium. 
oiu 1 ' oriuntur. 
oiu omnium. 
oiut r oriuntur. 
oio omnino. 
ondat ostendant. 
onde 9 ostendemus. 
ondit ostendit. 
undo ostendo. 
ond t ostendit. 
on d ' ostendendum. 
ond ostendere, ostendit. 
ondd m ostendendum. 
onde ostendere. 

ondet ostenderet. 

ond 1 ' ostenditur. 

on 1 ' ostenditur. 

ons ostendens. 

onsi m ostensivum. 

onsu ostensum. 

ons ostensus. 

on 1 ostendit. 

ontat ostentat. 

ont(° ostendentis. 

ons ostendens. 

6nt r ostenditur. 

oo omnino. 

opo te omnipotentem. 

opotetis omnipotentis. 

opt omnipotens. 

opts omnipotens. 

opns omnipotens. 

os omnes, omnis. 

6t occurrit, oportet 9 ostendit. 

otas oppositas. 

oti oppositi. 

oto horto, opposito. 

6to° opposito modo. 

oto^ oppositorum. 

otuit oportuit. 

otu oppositum. 

ot^ opjwsitis. 


The Record Interpreter. 


T.pateat, patent, pater, pater- 
nitas, patet, per, plus, post- 
propositus, prcesens, prin- 
ceps, publicus, quadringenti. 

pa. passio, pater. 

p a parochia, persona, prima. 

pace pacem. 

paci te patiente. 

paci tia patientia. 

pac tc patiente. 

p ac tia patientia. 

p a ctica practica. 

pacia patientia. 

pacore patientiorem. 

palf r palfridus. 

pa 1 ' passibilis. 

paiium palatium. 

p a m primam. 

pa nes passiones. 

pa lls pattens. 

pa passio. 

pa 6e passione. 

pa 5is passionis. 

papaue papavere. 

pap m papam. 

pap _/?«/?#. 

par a parochia. 

parch 9 parous. 
pare parous. 
par c parochial. 
parlamtu parlamentum, 

paro lis parochia lis. 
paro parochia. 
partib} part ib us. 
par parochia. 
para parochia. 
pare parochice. 
pas 1 passim. 
pas 1 ' passibilis. 
pas passio. 
pas s passus. 
j)B&8 h % passib us. 
passl passim. 
past b 3 pastoralibus. 
past r a pastura. 
past r agiu pasturagium. 
pas passus. 
p a fca prata. 
patfa patria. 
pati d ' patiendum. 
patfe patriae. 
patfs patris. 
p a tis pratis. 
patiut 1 ' patiuntur. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


pat°niu patrocinium. 

pe a s pcenas. 

pat pateat, pater. 

pe. ca. jo«?;?# canonica. 

patia patientia. 

peccor peccator. 

pattns patratus. 

pecuia pecunia. 

pat pater. 

pecia pecunia. 

patfat paterfamilias. 

pellef r pellef rictus. 

patnatr paternaliter. 

pelt pellit, pelleret. 

pa ue passive. 

pelii pelvium. 

pa uo passivo. 

p e miu prmmium. 

paup pauper. 

pent penicillum. 

p a uii pravum. 

pen s penes. 

p a u 9 pravus. 

pensat pensatas. 

p a xis praxis. 

pen penes. 

p a primam. 

pefilto penultimo. 

paper pauper. 

p c poit 9 prcepositus. 

pfrr presbyter. 

jtet*i& petraria. 

p c catu peccatum. 

petico petitio. 

p c ca 9 peccamus. 

pet°ni petitioni. 

p c tore pectore. 

petoem petitioncm. 

p c tu peccatum. 

peto petitio. 

p c t 9 pectus. 

petone petitionem. 

pcci peccati. 

petras penetrans. 

pcco pactio. 

pett petunt. 

pccor peccator. 

p cites peenitens. 

pcco? peccatorum. 

peit 9 penitus. 

pcc3 peccatum. 

peit pcenitet. 

pee parochicp. 

pes pensionem. 

peto pacto. 

petec Pentccostes. 

p e prima;. 

pe pcence. 

pe. peccatis. 

pes penes, pcenas. 

pe a lis pcenalis. 

peto peccato. 

pe a ir poena/iter. 

petnt penetrant. 


The Record Interpreter. 

phi a philosophia. 

p'oe prior em. 

phi CUB physicus. 

p*s prima*, primis. 

phi' Philippus. 

pisc a ia piscaria. 

phhis Philippus. 

piscab3 piscationibus. 

ph 2 philosqphus, 

piscaia piscaria. 

pit Philippus. 

pistfnu pistrinum. 

ptia philosopMa, 

p^tinu pristinum. 

phos. philosophies. 

pisiu piscium. 

ptis. philosophies. 

pitaciar pitanciarius. 

p 1 pii,primi,pridem, principatus. 

pi u a prwata. 

p^ie pridie. 

p^a privatio. 

pie^ pietatis. 

phia 1 ' privaretur. 

pig m pigrum. 

p^ua* privavit. 

pig 9 pignus. 

p J uat 9 privatus. 

p^euo primcevo. 

p J ui a prwilegia. 

pinii primi. 

p^ile 3, prwilegia. 

p^iito primitivo. 

pkrit prwilegium. 

p^o primo. 

p J uiiio^ primlegiorum. 

p^m 2 primus. 

p^uiiiu prwilegium. 

p ! m primum. 

p^ui privilegio. 

pencil* principaliter. 

j) [ u° privatio. 

p^c principalis, principaliter. 

p^om privationem. 

p 1 ]! 1 principii. 

p^s prius. 

pi n m prindpem, principium. 

p i9 ^>rms. 

pi n o principio. 

pi 9 Jt^S. 

pi n r principaliter. 

pia prima. 

pi n t r principaliter. 

pi. placitum, plegii. 

p 1 ]! principia. 

pla a planeta. 

p^li principali. 

plac placitum, placita. 

p io primo, primario. 

placm placeam, placitum. 

p ! 0£ priorum. 

plae planetce. 

p i oa priora. 

pie. plene. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


pleb m plebem. 
plebs plebanus. 
ple d0 plenitudo. 
pie. fi. plene fidimus. 
plenar plenarie. 
ple ne plenitudinem. 
plerq plerumque. 
pleit ne plenitudine. 
pleitu e plenitudine. 
pleu plenum. 
p u possibili. 
pl r a plum. 
pl r es plures. 
pluair pluraliter. 
pi 9 jt?/ws. 
pi placet, plegii. 
pialit pluraliter. 
pta 1 ' pluraliter. 
piban 9 plebanus. 
pil5m plebanum. 
pibno plebano. 
pibs plebanus. 
pib 9 plebanus. 
pie planete. 
pies plures. 
pieta planeta. 
piib} pluribus. 
piies pluries. 
pii m plurium. 
piima plurima. 
piimi plurimi. 

piim plurimum. 

piiq plerique. 
piita placita. 
piitas pluralitas. 
piitis placitis. 
piitf placitis. 
pii^ pluralitatis. 
pile plurima;, plurime. 
pirn placitum, plaustrum, pla- 
gium, populum. 
pimo plumo, plurimo. 
ptmq plerumque. 
pir pluraliter. 
plra plura. 
pires plures. 
pir m plurimum. 
pis pulsus. 
pita planeta. 

pitim 9 penultimus. 

p. m. passus mille, pics memorice, 
plus minus. 

p m populum, primum. 

pnia pcenitcntia. 

pfriari 9 jpa?>? itentiarius. 

pnlt penultima. 

pns penes. 

pnt possunt. 

po 2)orro, primo. 

po a potentia. 

po b 3 possibilibus. 

pocim poculum. 

po d ' ponendum. 


The Record Interpreter. 

po c potentice. 

p°ea postea. 

p em possessionem. 

po le possibile, potentiate. 

po lis possibitis, potentialis. 

po m positionem. 

pon b 3 pontiflealibus. 

pond ponderis. 

p nem positionem. 

ponti tu pontificatu. 

pon tu pontificatu. 

pont 9 pontificatus. 

pont pontifex, pontificatus. 

poiir ponuntur. 

pons ponentes. 

pont possunt. 

pon3 ponderat, ponderis. 

po° positio, possessio. 

poo fpyiYYio modo. 

pop 1 populi. 
pop s populus. 
poplaris popularis. 
popl 9 populus. 
po r ponatur, ponitur. 
porco portio. 
por portio. 
poret 1 ' portaretur. 
po s potius. 
pos le possibile. 
pos 1 ' possibilis. 
pos ' possessionem. 
possi a possibilia. 

possi d ' possidendum. 
possid possidendum. 
poss possessio. 
poss possunt. 
possa possessa. 
posso possessio. 
posst possunt. 
pos?um posterum. 


posmt posuent. 

posso possessio. 

poss possessorio. 

possum possessionem. 

post possunt. 

pote a potent ia. 

poten a potentia. 

pote s potens, potentes. 

pote 1 potest. 

pot r a potura. 

po^ positis, potentis. 

poPit poterit. 

po lu positivi. 

po uu positivum. 

p ^ posteriorum, primorum. 

p5ere ponere. 

poi 1 ' ponitur. 

pot s pontificatus. 

podu postmodum. 

poe ponere, positione. 

poi positioni, posteriori, priori. 

P01D3 positionibus. 

poi positio, posito. 

poitie positive. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


poit 5 posit us. 
pom potentiam. 

pon a potentia. 

pone possessionem, positionem. 

ponis p)osscssionis, posit ionis. 

pont potentialis. 

pon m possessionem. 

ponu possessionum. 

pofiiis potentiis. 

por possessor. 

porio possessor io. 

pos potentias. 

pot potest, pot u it. 

po* ponit. 

pot 1 * ponitur. 

po uu positivum. 

po£ potent iarum. 

pp. patres, pedes, perpetuum, 
piissimus, populus, proposi- 
tus, principes, provincial. 

p. p. professor pub! iocs. 

pp praepositus. 

pq postquam. 

p r a parocliia, pura. 

prbr presbyter. 

p v e /wr^. 

pret prceter. 

-pr&h. presbyter. 

p r gaco purgatio. 

p r ga r purgatur. 

p r gadu purgandum. 

prgo'm purgationem. 

p r gom purgationem. 

prid pridie. 


p r if s puriflcationis. 

prm 1 ' principalis. 

passim 9 purissimus. 

p r itas puritas. 

p 1 ! 1 ^ puritatis. 

priuiiiu privilegium. 

p r o j?wro. 

prohns prohibens. 

prot propter. 

p r p e st r a purprestura. 

p^'se purpriscB. 

p r p v a purpura. 

p r p r at 9 purpuratus. 

p r p r e 9 purpureas. 

p r ' priori ssa. 

pr prcemissa, presbyter, proviso. 

prare patrare, pr&stare. 

pri presbyteri. 

pro presbytero. 

ps. postscriptum. 

psalriu psalterium. 

pss. postscriptis. 

p 1 " j9as^, potest. 

ptq postquam. 

pHas potestas. 

pu a ^e/ra, ^wfo. 

pub co publico. 

pub c ' publicum. 

pub publieus. 

pu ca publica. 

pu cc publice. 

pu co publico. 

pu ' publicum. 

p u de a prudentia. 



The Record Interpreter. 

p u de e prudentieB. 

p ll deii prudens, prudentia. 

pud pudica. 

p u &r prudenter. 

pueli puella. 

puei a pueritia. 

pugni punitio. 

pug a pugnantia. 

purp e st r a purprestura. 

pur purificationis. 

put e dle putredine. 

puire punire. 

puit us punitivus. 

puiss 1is purissimus. 

puitas puritas. 

pu jnter. 

puu puerum. 

p 9 ^>0s£, primus. 

p 9 ea postea. 

p 9 q postquam. 

p 9 sid possidet. 

p 9 sim 9 possimus. 

p 9 sit possit. 

p^si 1 ' possibiliter. 

p 9 slt possint. 

p^s* possit. 

p 9 s jjosset, possunt. 

p 9 st possunt. 

p 9 t c m postremum. 

p 9 tmod postmodum. 

p 9 tmo postmodum. 

p 9 tr posteris. 

p^ulau* post u tar it. 

p 9 turo postuJatw. 

p 9 ?gat 9 poster gains. 

p 9 ?i posteri. 

p 9 ti 9 posterius. 

p 9 uit posuit. 

p 9 uut posuerunt. 

p 9 £ poster or um. 

P3 ^«fe#. 

p j9#r, per, por. 

pa p erS ona. 

pab* parabit. 

pabut parabunt. 

padisu paradisum. 

pafna parapJierna. 

pagiu paragium. 

pag 1 ' peragitur. 

palipom Paralipomenon. 

p a lis personalis. 

p a l r personaliter . 

pa 1 * paratur. 

pas p ers on as. 

patu paratum. 

p a tu personatum. 

pa personam. 

p b 3 partibus. 

peep 1 ' perceptibilis. 

peep perceptio. 

pcedo parcendo. 

pees parcens. 

pci d0 percipiendo. 

poiu partium. 

pco? parcorum, porcomm. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


pcus parous, porous. 

pcuct a i percunotari. 

pc 9 parous, porous. 

pc percipiendo, percipicnte. 

pcsa percussa. 

pcsio percussio. 

pcsor percassor. 

pctari percunotari. 

p8e parcere. 

pdco perditio. 

pdico perditio. 

pdi 1 ' perditur. 

pd° perditio. 

pd 1 perdit. 

pdT: perdct. 

pftr perditur. 

p e persona. 

peg 1 !! 9 peregrinus. 

pempt peremptorie. 

pent parentmn. 

pepto m peremptorium. 

pes parens. 

pete parente. 

pet s parentis. 

pf ca perfecta. 

pfce perfecte. 

pfcis e perfeotissime. 

pfcm perfectum. 

pfeor perfectior. 

pfc 9 perfectus. 

pficied perficiendum. 

pfice perficere. 

pfc m perfection. 

pfo ma perfectissima. 

pgit 1 ' pergitur. 
pgt perget, pergit. 
pgut pergunt. 

ggnt per gunt. 
phendl a e perendinare. 

pliend perendinantium, pcrendl 

phenis pcrennis. 

phib pcrhibet. 

pti perhibet. 

pnndia do pcrcndinando. 

plmdat 1 ' perendinatur. 

pi J3«n. 

pibe perhibere. 

pici pcrioutis. 

pictm periculum. 

piclo periculo. 

pimi 1 * perimitur. 

pin perinde. 

p ls personis. 

pit parit, perit. 

pitia pcritia. 

pit 1 ' pariter, paritur. 

pita paritura, peritura. 

pit pariter. 

picps particeps. 

pipes participcs. 

plamtu parlianientum. 

pie personate. 

plis ])crsonatis. 

pt personalis. 

pm paru',11. 

pmp pammper. 



The Record Interpreter. ' 

pmHe permittc. 
pmu 1 ' permutabilis. 
pmu r permutatur* 
pmpt peremptorie. 

p ns parens. 

pnt pa rentes, parentum. 

po lis parochialis. 

pot parochialis. 

p°nis personis. 

poa persona. 

pom personam. 

ppe a perpetua. 

ppe e perpetual, perpetue. 

ppe m perpetuum. 

ppe° perpetuo. 

ppe ris perpendicularis. 

ppet a t pcrpetrat. 

ppetta pcrpetrata. 

ppim ;;er plegium. 
ppa perperam. 
pp perpetuum. 
ppi m participium. 
ppt a to perpetrato. 
ppuo perpetuo. 
ppuu perpetuum. 
pqres perquirens. 
p r pariter, paritur. 
p ris particularis. 
prot parochialis. 
pr personarum. 
pra parochia. 

ps 79ars, personas, personis. 
p s partes. 

pseq° persecutio, persequendo. 
pseqo pcrsecutio. 
pso a persona. 
psoir personaliter. 
psona r personaliter. 
psoa persona. 
psor personaliter. 
pso^ personarum. 
psti se perstitisse. 
psuai persuasibilis. 
pta porta. 

pt a ctare, pertractare. 
ptare portare. 
pt b 3 partibus. 
pti parti. 
ptrt)3 partibus. 
pticip participate. 
ptic m participium, particulatim. 
pticla particula. 
ptictr particular iter. 
pti la particula. 
pti 1 ' partialis. 
pti ne participation . 
ptine a pertinentia. 
ptinetib} pertinen tibus. 
ptin pertinenciis, pertinet. 
ptificiis pertinenciis. 
pti°' m participationem. 
pti r particulariter, partitur. 
>tire part ire. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


pti re participarc. 

p ca publica. 

pti r ' particular is. 

p c ca n peccamen. 

pti 1 ' partialiter. 

pcc m peccatum. 

ptit 9 partitas. 

pcc° peccato. 

pti parlim. 

pec peccato. 

pticiis pertinenciis. 

peca peccata. 

pt m partem, partium, partum, 

pccm peccatum. 


peco^ peccatorum. 

pt r ba°r perturbator. 

pcta puncta. 

ptrtare pertractare. 

pcto peccato, puncto. 

pt s partis. 

p cus publicus. 

pt 9 portus. 

pc puncta. 

pt pert met. 

peca practica. 

ptbat r perturbatur. 

pcc m peccatum. 

pt: personaliter . 

PCC3 peccatum. 

puenlit pervenerit. 

pctu peccatum. 

pum parum. 

pctf peccatis. 

pmil parvulis. 

pe poence. 

puu parvum. 

pe a poena. 

pu 9 parvus. 

pea postea. 

pii parum. 

peb* patebit. 

pup parumper. 

pens poenitens. 

pus^ perversus. 

peia poenitentia. 

P3 paret. 

piddii possidendum. 

pid e possidere. 

P quadringenta milia. 

p j90sf, potest. 

plc e pulchre. 

p a poena, postea. 
palis poenalis. 
pb ce publicce, publice. 
pblio 9 publicus. 
pblico pablicatio. 
pfcr presbyter. 

plcer pulc/ier. 

plch m pulchrum. 

plcri ne pulchritudine. 

p le possibile, prcedicabile, princi- 

p lls possibilis, prwdicabilis, prin- 


The Record Interpreter. 

plliclas peliiculas. 

pnsu pcnsum. 

p 1 ' possibilis, prcedicabilis, prin- 

pna pcenitentia, prcesentia. 


pnia poenitentia. 

ptt a pemtltima. 

pniari 9 poenitentiari 'us. 

pm primam. 

pfiie poenitentitc. 

pm 9 possumus. 

pfitnt penetrant. 

pna poena. 

po positio. 

pn a pcenitcntia, prwsentia, prin- 

pone positione. 


p or possessor, posterior. 

pn a1 ' poenitentialisy principalis. 

por prioribus. 

pnai poena lis. 

p°' a posteriora. 

pn b 3 principibus. 

ppa J9<r/£W. 

pnci a principia. 

ppe papce. 

pncia 1 ' prcesentialiter. 

pplice publice. 

pnci 1 ' principalis. 

pplic 9 publicus. 

pnci m principium. 

ppim populum. 

pnci 11 principum. 

pp m papam, populum. 

pndiu prandium. 

pp° popido. 

pndt pendunt. 

pp 9 populus. 

pnd ; e pendere. 

ppu pauperum. 

pn 10 principio. 

pplis papalis, populis. 

pn 101 ' principalior. 

ppl m papalem, populum. 

pniter poenitcret. 

pplo populo. 

pnites pobnitens. 

pptris popular is. 

pnilis poenitenticdis, principalis. 

ppts populus. 

pn ilir ^a?w ifen tialiter. 

pr pater. 

pn le principale. 

pr a prceterea. 

pn lis principalis. 

p ra plura. 

pn 1 ' 1 ' principaliter . 

prand patrandum. 

pn° principio. 

pra 1 ' patratur. 

pns pro3sens. 

prari patrari. 

pnsat s pen sat as. 

pre patre. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


p ve posteriore. 

pres patres. 

pre pat rem. 

pri patri. 

p ri posteriori. 

pria patria. 

prib3 patribus. 

prie patriae, 

pries 2)luries. 

prifiiu patrimonuun. 

pri°niu patrimonium. 

priole patrimoniale. 

prno paterno. 

prnus patemus. 

prfi patemum. 

X>voohia, par ochia. 

prooiniu patroeinium. 

pron 9 pat r onus. 

proa patrona. 

pr s pater nit as, patris. 

pruelis patruelis. 

pru 9 patruus. 

p r ' s plures. 

pso possessio. 

psoe possessione. 

pt £>fltfe/, ^0s^, potest. 

pta c potestate. 

ptas protest as. 

pta* portavit, proesentavit. 

ptat a potestativa. 

ptate potestatem. 

ptatf 2 0O ^ e8 ^ a ^ s - 

pte potestate. 

pteb 1 patebit. 

ptet p^e£. 

pte 1 patebit. 

p^is potestatis. 

ptuit patuit. 

ptis potestatis. 

pttas potestas. 

p?n 9 patemus. 

pue parvoe, parve, pram, prare. 

puile a privilegia. 

puit privilegium. 

puiiios. privilegiorum . 

puitiu privilegium. 

pui m privilegium. 

puo^ parvorum, pravorum. 

pu 9 parvus, pravus. 

p |;r^, pretium. 

pabet 1 * proehabetur. 

pabit 9 prcehabitus. 

f5all ta proeallegata. 

pbeda preebenda. 

pbedari 9 prcebendarius. 

jibed: prcebendam, prcebendum. 

jjbiiis prcedicabilis. 

pb) prcebet. 

j?b prcebet, presbyter. 

pbe prcebere. 

j)bi b 3 prcedicabilibus, 

jfonda prcebenda. 

pbn is prcebendis. 

pbns prcsbens. 


The Record Interpreter. 

pbntis prcebentis. 
pfcr presbyter. 
pbru presbyterum. 
PI33 prcebent. 
\>\y q prcebere. 
pcaco prcedicatio. 
pce D 3 prcecedentibus. 


pce ns prcecedens. 


pcep a prcecepta. 

pcep m prceceptum. 

s i ~ 

pcepm prceceptum. 

pce re prcecedere. 
p Ce t p rcBCec ij£ t 

pee* 1 prcecedentii 

poi e prcecipue, prcecise. 
pcios 9 pretiosus. 

9) . 

pcip e prcecipue. 

9) . . , 

pcipi ao prcecipiendo. 

9) .^ . . 

pcipr prcecipitur. 
pci r prcecipitur. 

9) ._ 

pciu pretium. 
pcog prcecognitio. 

p C ta prcedicamenta. 

*) - 

pcu precum. 

pc prceceptum. 

pcio prcedicatio. 

pco prcedicatio. 

pcom prcedicattonem. 

pcti prcedicati. 

pda prceda. 

pdat 9 prcedatus. 

pdea prcedicta. 

pdem prcedictum. 
pdcus prcedictus. 

pdesti°is prcedestinationis. 

pdest prcedestinatus. 

pdetiare prcedeterminare. 

p derail are prcedeterminare. 

pdi b 3 prcedicabilibus. 

pdica nt f prcedicamentis. 

pdicao prcedicatio. 

pdict 9 prcedictus. 

pditcis prcedilectis. 

pditcu prcedikctum. 

pdi° prcedictio. 

pdi re prcedicare. 

pdi^ prcedicamentis. 

pdis prcedicatorum. 

pdoiari prcedominari. 

pd' prcenotandum. 

pd prceda, prcedicatur. 
pdm prcedium. 
pdnan prcedominantia. 
pdos prcedictos. 
pdo^ prcedictorum. 
pdr prcedicitur. 
pemi a prominentia. 
pest prceest. 
pexpta prceexperta. 
pexns prceexistens. 
pe prceest. 


pee prceesse. 
peet prceesset. 
pfat prcefatas. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


|Jft r prwfcrtur. 

pnoe prcenomen. 

j)gna m prcegnantium. 

pnoia s prcenominatis. 

jjgnas prcegnans. 

pns prcesens. 

jjgnicio prcecognitio. 

pnse prcetense. 

jjgni prcecognitio. 

fJnta 1 ' prcesentatur, prcesentia- 

j}gn° prcecognitio. 


phita prceliabita. 

pntatf prcesentatis. 

jjfiit 9 prcehabitus. 

pntat 9 prcesentatus. 


pissa prcemissa. 

pnt b 3 prcesentibus. 

pissis prce missis. 

pnte prcesente. 

piss prcemissa, prcemissis. 

pnt e prcesentice. 

pitti* prcemittitur. 

pnte 1 ' prcesentetur. 

plibt 9 prcelibatus. 

pnte prcesentem. 

p lis prcedicabilis. 

pnti prcesenti, prcedicamenti. 

pliu prcelium . 

pntia prcesentia. 

pm°ico prcemonitio. 

pntib3 prcesentibus. 

jJmostr Prcemonstratensis. 

pntie prcesentice. 

jJmta prcedicamenta. 

pntis prcesentis, prcedicamentis. 

pn a prcesentia. 

pnto prcedicamento. 

pncia prcesentia. 

pnt s prcesentibus. 

pncia 1 ' prcesentia liter. 

pntf prcesentis. 

pncie prcesentice. 

pnto prcesentato. 

pndi prcedicandi. 

pnuatf prcenumeratis. 

pndit 1 ' prcetenditur. 

pn prcesentia, prcesentibus. 

pndut prcetendunt. 

pnc a e prcenuntiare . 

pnia prcesentia. 

pncat prcenuntiat. 

pn m prcesentium. 

pnia prcesentia. 

pn n prcenomen. 

pno principio. 

pno d ' prcenotandum. 

pons r i prceostensiiri. 

pno e prcenomine. 

ponsu prceostensum. 

pno n prcenomen. 

pp 1 propositi. 

pnoto prcenotato. 

ppit> prcepositus. 


The Record Interpreter. 

ppo do proponendo. 
ppo s propositis. 
ppos propositus. 
ppot 1 ' proponatur. 
ppoi propositi. 
ppous propositus, 
ppt propositi. 
j}ptm propositum. 
ppts propositus. 
pp 9 propositus. 
ppab* proparalit. 
ppaco proparatio. 

ppafhta proparamenta. 


ppare proparare, 

ppatu proparatum. 

ppaui proparam. 

ppad proparandum. 

ppi propositi. 

ppit 9 propositus . 

ppni propositum. 

ppo proposition proposito. 

Jps propositus. 

fSpte proposito. 

fJpti propositi. 

jSptis propositis. 

ppto proposito. 

pptu propositum. 

ppt propositi^ proposterus. 

p;ppo propropero. 

pr prodicatur. 

pr a proterea. 

pre prodicare. 

pre 1 ' prodicaretur '. 

pri prodicari. 

prito proterito. 

proga a p>rorogativa. 

ps b 3 prosentibus. 

psfc presbyter. 

psbi presbyteri. 

psbr presbyter. 

jWp prescriptio. 

psorip b 3 proscriptionibm. 

pscbit r proscribitur. 

pscia proscientia. 

pscpco prfescriptio. 

p S do proservando. 

p se proeise. 

psen a prosentia. 

psenca prosentia. 

psen m prosentium. 

psenta prosentia. 

pse a prosentia. 

psem prosentem, prosentiam. 

psetiatr prosentialiter . 

pse prosepe. 

p sis promissis. 

psnia prosentia. 
psnti prosenti. 
psso? promissorum. 
pssoe pressione. 
pstaco prostatio. 
pstas prostans. 
pstate prostantem. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


; 3 

psti* prcestitit. 

j5stit m prcestitum. 

j}suit r prcesumitur. 

jJsup prcesumptio. 

j?s prcesentat, prcesentant, prce- 



psns prcesens. 

jSsnte prcesente. 

j>sppit prcesupponit. 

fJsppto prcesupposito. 

pst prcestet, prcesunt. 

jpsti prcesertim, 

j)sua e prceservare. 

psti prcesertim. 

j3sua e prceservare. 

pt prcedicat. 

j5ta prcedicata. 

^ta prcedicamenta. 

ptea prceterea. 

Jtet prceteritum. 

pt m prcedicat urn , prceteritum. 

j)t° prcedicato, prceterito. 

j3t°io prcetorio. 

j5to m prwtorem. 

ptor praetor. 

p tor prcedicator. 

pt 1 ' praidicatur. 

ptu prcedicatum. 

pt prceteriti. 

j)ta prceterea. 

ptea prceterea. 

pti m prceteritum. 

j3ti° prceterito. 

ptitu prceteritum. 

ptq prceterquam. 

j} t prceter. 

ptea, prceterea. 

ptib* prceteribit* 

pti m prceteritum. 

pti° prceterito. 

p tit prceter lit, prceterit. 

ptitu prceteritum. 

ptitf prceteritis. 

jJtmt e prceter mittere. 

p tq prceterquam. 

puei e prcevenire. 

pueiet prceveniente. 

P2 prcedicatorum. 

p i?ro. 

pa p r opterea. 

pbaco probatio. 

pba le probabile. 

pba° probatio. 

pba r probabiliter, probatur 

pbat probat. 

pbat probatum. 

pba r probantur. 

pbe r probetur. 

pbe probem. 

pbi probi. 

pb° probatio. 

pbon probationum. 

pbos probos. 

pboe probatione. 

pbom probationum. 

pbu problem. 


The Record Interpreter. 

pb 9 probus. 

pc procurator. 

pl>2 probrum. 

pcaco procuratio. 

p!5 probat, probavit, probi,probos. 

pcare procurare. 

pftores probatores. 

peat procurat. 

pl5r probabi liter '. 

pcator procurator. 

pc c and procreandis. 

pcet 1 ' procuretur. 

pc e at procreat. 

pel procul. 

pce do procedendo. 

pco probatio. 

peedd procedendum. 

pcre procurare. 

pce m processum. 

p8es proceres. 

pce nt procedunt. 

pCib} proceribus. 

pce nt f procedentis. 

p8u procerum. 

pce r proceditur. 

pqsul proconsul. 

pceres proceres. 

pd c tu production. 

pcerrt)3 procen'bus. 

pde* prodest. 

pee 1 procedit. 

pdee prodesse. 

pce^ procerum. 

pdi° proditio. 

pciare proclamare. 

pdo p>robando. 

pcto proclamatio. 

pd 1 produxit. 

pco^ procorum. 

pdu d ' producendum. 

pc r at iii procura to Hum . 

pdu r producuntur. 

pc rio procuratorio. 

pd probandum, prodest. 

pc v ium procurator ium. 

pdem productum. 

per procreati. 

pdc 9 product us. 

pcuran procurationis. 

pdt produnt. 

pcur°riu procurator ium. 

p e prope. 

pour procurator. 
pcure procurator em. 
pcurio procuratorio. 

pea propterea. 
pf co profecto. 
pf com prqfectionem. 
pf e° professio. . 

pcurtes procuratores. 

pfa r proferatur. 

pcuru procuratorium. 

pfo m professionem. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


pf°? professorum. 
pfri proferri. 
pf t r profertur. 
pg e ssu progressum. 
pgd r progreditur. 
pgsso progressio. 
phe° prooemio. 
pheiu procemium. 
phes prohiberes. 
phico prohibitio. 
phicom prohibitionem. 
phi re prohibere. 
ph r prohibetur. 
pti prohibet. 
phet prohibet. 
pMtu prohibitum. 
pfrndo prohibendo. 
pfcn r prohibentur. 
pfr 1 prohibet. 
p!iuit prohibuit. 
p 1 probi. 
pio proprio. 
p^s proprius. 
p 1 ^ propriurn. 
pia proximo,. 
pi pro lis. 
ptr probabiliter . 
pmpt 9 promptus. 
pmTe promittere. 
p m ^?ro manerio. 
pmtes promittens. 

pndu probandum. 

pn n pronomen. 

pno e pronomine. 

p nt probant. 

pniiciaco pronunciatio. 

pnuc° pronunciatio. 

pile pronunc. 

pfit probant. 

pfitiare pronuntiare. 

p° probatio, probo, propositio. 

po'm probationem. 

po e probatione. 

pp a propria, propterea. 

ppe prope. 

ppe a propterea. 

pplia propheta. 

pp 1 proprii. 

pp J a propria. 

pp^ propria}, proprie. 

pp ! et m proprietatum. 

pp ! i proprii. 

ppime propris&ime. 

ppin r propinqmor. 

pp^ proprio. 

pp^as proprietas. 

ppit'e proprietate. 

pp^u propriurn. 

ppm pyoprium. 

pp° propositio, proposito. 

ppoc propter hoc. 

pp em propositionem. 

ppo ib 3 proposition Urns. 


The Record Interpreter. 

ppo m propositionum, propositum. 

ppofir proponuntur. 

pporciot proportionabiliter. 

ppor°t proportioned liter. 

ppor°' lis proportionalis. 

ppor°' m proportioned. 

ppor ta proportionata. 

pposse proposse. 

ppo ur proponuntur. 

ppo propositionem. 

ppoi m propositum. 

ppois projjositionis. 

ppoitu propositum. 

ppo 1 ' proponitur. 

ppot proponat, proponit. 

ppria propria. 

pprie propria, proprie. 

ppr°ne proportions 

pptu promptum. 

ppt 9 promptus. 

pptor promptior. 

ppt propter. 

pptea propterea. 

pp 9 proprius. 

ppare properare. 

ppat properant. 

pp propter. 

ppe b 3 proprietatibus. 

ppe s proprietas. 

ppe te proprietate. 

ppiis proprik. 

ppis propriis. 

ppnq propinquo. 

ppo propositio, proprio. 

ppr propter. 

pps proprius. 

pp te proprietate. 

pp to proposito. 

ppto prompto. 

p 1 ' probabiliter, probatur, proro- 

pre probare, procurare. 

pri probari, proeurari. 

prs 9 prorsus. 

pr 9 prorsus. 

ps probus. 

pse r prosequitur. 

ps 1 prosequi. 

psp prosper. 

pspa prospera. 

pspi 9 prosperius. 

pstt 9 prostratus. 

ps prosecutor, prosequendo. 

pt probat. 

p* prout. 

pt a protestata. 

pt a hl e protrahere. 

ptecc protectio. 

ptest b 3 protestationibus. 

pte 9 protenus. 

pthofh protomartyr. 

pthon proton otar his. 

ptor protestator, protestor. 

pt r probatur, prorogatur, pro- 
test atur, protestor, protur- 

Latin Abbreviations. 


ptu probation . 

p^ prout patct. 

p t protectio. 

pthi protrahi. 

pto probatio. 

p t tur protestatur, proturbatur. 

p tuia protervia. 

pt propter. 

pruia protervia. 

pt uit proterviter. 

ptuias protervitas. 

puen proventus. 

pue* provenit. 

puet r a proventura. 

pui probavi, protervi. 

puiden a providentia. 

puid J e providere. 

puicia provincia. 

puone proventionem, provoca- 

put prout. 

pu prout. 
px a proxima. 
pxi a proxima. 
pxi e proxime. 
pxi m proximum. 
pxia proxima. 
px m proximum. 
px° proximo. 
px proximus. 
pxi proximi. 
pxm proximum. 


Q. cur, qua, quacunque, qua>, 
qucecunque, qucvdam, quceri- 
tur, quam, quantum, qua- 
que, quasi, quatenus, que, 
quern, quemcioique, qui, quia, 
quibus, quid, quingenti, 
quint um, quod, quodcunque. 

q a gwtf, quacumque, qualibet. 
q a drages a quadragesima. 
q a inta quadraginta. 
q a l<~ quale))}. 

q a lis qualis. 

q a lit r qualiter. 

q a l qualis. 

q a mptm quamplurimum. 

q a ntucuq > quantumcunque. 

q a nt 9 quant us. 

q^cuc^ quandocunque. 

q a or quatuor. 

q a ppr quapropter. 

q a r qualiter. 


The Record Interpreter. 

q a rrit na quarentena. 

q a rtus quartus. 

q a r quare. 

q a ten 9 quatenus. 

q a ti 9 quatenus. 

q a t quater. 

q a 2 quarum. 

qa quam. 

qb3 quibus. 

qfcs quibus. 

q^3 quibus. 

q d a quidam. 

q d ' quidem. 

qd quidem, quod. 

q e ^me, quare. 

q e da qucedam. 

q e ^ww. 

q 1 £W2. 

q'a ^«'«. 

q x b3 quibus. 

q x blib quibuslibet. 

q'cq^d quicquid. 

q J cq quicquam, quicquid, quicun- 

q'cuq^ quicunque. 

q*c quicunque. 

q T d gwttf. 

q^a quidam. 

q*d quidem. 

q^sc* quiescit. 

q^sSe quiescere. 

q'etau quietavit. 

q 1 !! gwt#. 

q^o quinimmo. 

q 1 !^ quinque. 

q^to quinto. 

q'113 quinque. 

q^fiiu quinquennium. 

q*q quinque. 

q ls quamvis, quis. 

q^s quisquis. 

q ls qj quisque. 

q 1 ' quibus, quicunque. 

q m <^m, quidem. 

q n quando, quin. 

qri quando, quoniam. 

qn ate quantitate. 

qficuq, quandocumque. 

qiim quoniam. 

qfi3 quandoque. 

q° qucestio, quo, quoque. 

q°cq quocunque. 

q°d <^od 

q°dam° quodammodo. 

q°da quodam. 

q°dao° quodammodo. 

q°d 00 quodammodo. 

q°lib quolibet. 

q°li3 quolibet. 

q°t quolibet. 

q°m° quomodo. 

q°m°ciiq > quomodocunque. 

q°m°lib3 quomodolibet. 

q°m°t quomodolibet. 

q°na quonam. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


q°ne qiuvstione. 

q°niri quoniam. 

q°ns quotiens. 

q°fim quonam, quoniam. 

q°q e quoque. 

q°q° quoquo. 

q°q°m° quoquomodo. 

q°q° quoquo. 

q°q > quoque. 

q or> quorum. 

q°s <?W0S. 

q ot ^wc^. 

q°tlib quotlibet. 

q°2 quorum. 

que qucestione. 

qom quwstionem. 

q^' quinque. 

q r quceritar, qualitcr, queritur 

q tas qua lit as. 

q 1 ' qualitcr. 

q*£ qualitatis. 

q. v. gwi #m7, #?kk/ nVfe. 

quadsio quadragesimo. 

qua! qualibet. 

qualr qualitcr. 

qua m quamquam. 

quant quant itat cm. 

qua 1 ' qualitcr. 

qua te qualitatem. 

quat 9 quat ernes. 

quat quatenus. 

quatus quatenus. 


quap quarum. 
qua quam. 
quai gwom. 
quer qucrentem. 
quest questum. 
que ywem. 
quela querela. 
queones quccstioncs. 
que* quazrerct. 
quet r qucereretur. 
quisq quisquam. 
quisq, quisque. 
quo bet quomodolibet. 
quo b 3 quomodolibet. 
quoe quotiens. 

quodfi 00 quodammodo. 

quo m quoniam. 

quom quomodo. 

quorim quoniam. 

quo quomodo. 

quo°q, quomodocunque. 

quo quomodo. 

quodolib3 quomodolibet. 

quom quoniam. 

quo que quomodocunque. 

quoq^ quomodocunque. 

quo quomodo. 

q3 <2ww. 

q 9 quatenus, quibus, quietus. 

q^ quorum. 

q^CjC^ quorumcunque. 

q^da quorundam. 

q g«#, quam, que, quod (mostly) 


The Record Interpreter. 

g. a quam. 

qa quia. 

q/^as quantitas. 

g. a ptm quamplurimum. 

q. a g a quamquam. 

q^ quamque. 

q. a fc£ quantitatis. 

q. a t quantum.° quodammodo. 

^3 quibus. 

qb quibus. 

qd gmtf, <^o^. 

qdamo quodammodo. 

qda° quodammodo. 

qdao quodammodo. 

qdd quoddam. 

qd quidem, quoddam. 

q.° gwm. 

q. 1 gm£, quidem. 

q/q. 1 quidquid. 

q m quantum. 

q m 93 quant umcunque. 

qq quodquod, quoque, quoquo. 

qc^ quoque. 

q 500000, quce, que, quern. 

qa $m#. 

qad du quemadmodum. 

qadmo m quemadmodum. 

qad quemadmodum. 

qadm quemadmodum. 

qae £tftB. 

qam ^w«m. 

q as quantitas. 

qa quam. 

qaciq,, quamcunque. 

qa^ quatnque. 

qa que at. 

qamo m quemadmodum. 

qao° quodammodo. 

q b ' qucelibet, quodlibet. 

qb} qucelibet, quodlibet. 

qb 9 quibus. 

qbs quibus. 

qcq quceeunque, quamcunque, 

qcu e quceeunque, quantumcunque. 

qco qucesitio. 

qcu e quibuscunque. 

qd gm<#, #wog?. 

qdam quadam, qucedam, quen- 
dam, quidam. 

qdamo quodammodo. 

qda quadam, qucedam, quendam, 

qdao quodammodo. 

qdd quoddam. 

qde quidem. 

qd^ii quadriennii. 

qd'ga quadriga. 

qd^gentf quadringentis. 

qdo quando. 

qdq quidquid, quodque. 

qd 1 ' quad riqj lie iter. 

qdrages a quadragesima. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


qd u pe a quadrupedia. 

qd u pl quadruples. 

qd u p r quadruplieiter. 

qd x quadruples. 

qd qucedam, quibusdam, quidem, 

qdn 11 quaclranguli. 

qdns quadrans. 

q e quoque. 

qela querela. 

qet 9 quietus. 

qi quasi, qui. 

qid <?mVi?. 

qi m qucesitum. 

qiti qucesiti. 

qlec qualecunque. 

qlibe m quotlibetum. 

qli bus qualitatibus. 

qli b 3 qualitatibus. 

qlitas qualitas. 

qli t£ quotlibeti. 

qli tu qualitatum. 

qli 1 ' qualitatem. 

qlit qualiter. 

qlis qualitas. 

ql r c qualiter cunque. 

q 1 ' qualibet, qualis. 

CJI3 qucelibet, quilibet, quemlibet, 

qi qucelibet, fyc., as above. 

qtt qucelibet, fyc., as above. 

qm quam, quern, quoniam. 

q m quantum, quidem. 
qmadm quemadmochun. 

qmad quemadmodum. 

qmolt quomoclolibet. 

q m ' quantumcunaue. 

qms qucesumus. 

qn gwm. 

qncc^ quandoeunque. 

qndo qaando. 

qngeti quingenti. 

qnio quinimmo. 

qnq > quandoque, quinque. 

qnta quanta. 

qnta e quantacunque. 

qnt as quantitas. 

qntc quantumcunque. 

qn te quantitate. 

qnt m quantum. 

qnto quanto. 

qntii quantum. 

qn^ quantitatis. 

qnt quantum. 

q n ' quanclo. 

qn quanclo, quandoque, quando- 
eunque, quoniam. 

qnm quoniam. 

qo qucestio, queo, quo. 

q° quomodo. 

qod ^MOf/. 

qodil quodam. 

qod quodam. 

qone qucestione. 

q°° quomodo. 

qoq > quoque. 

q or quatuor. 



The Record Interpreter, 

q or t quatuor temporum. 

qos quos. 

qo^ quorum. 

qoe qucestione. 

qoe quwstionem. 

qois qucestionis. 

qom qucestionem. 

qppe quippe. 

qppt quapropter. 

qpp quapropter. 

qq d quicquid. 

qq m quemquam, quicquam, quis- 

qq quamquam. 

qqa quamquam. 

qqd quicquid. 

q% quceque, quique, quamque, 

q r quceritur. 
qra 1 ' quceratur. 
qrat queer at, 
qre quare, qucerere. 
qrela querela. 
qre s quairens. 
qrimo a querimonia. 
qrioa querimonia. 
qro quairo. 
qr° quarto. 
qror queror. 
qr 1 ' quceritur. 
qrto quarto. 
qrtu quartum. 
qrt 9 quartus. 

qr ^?^rc, queer et, queer is, quce- 

qs <^«.s, quamcitius. 
q s qualitas. 
qsi gwasa. 

qsi 11 Quasimodo ejeniti. 
qso queeso. 
qsq m quisquam. 
qsq quisquam. 
qsqs quisquis. 
qsc^ quisque. 
qst 9 qucesitus, qucestus. 
qs queesumus. 
qt queerit, queesivit. 
q ta quanta. 
q tas qualitas, quantitas. 


q te quanta?. 


q 11 queesiti, quanti. 


q tl0 queestio. 

qtis queesitis. 

q tls quantitatis. 

qtiT quantitatis. 

qti ue quantitative. 

qtis quantitas. 

qt m quantum. 

qto qucesito. 

qto quantocimque. 

qtuor quatuor. 

qtus quartus. 

qtu quantum, quartum. 

q l f quantitatis. 

qt 9 quartus, quatenus. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


(ft quatenus. 
qto qucestio. 

qts quatenus. 
qtus quatenus. 
qc quater. 
qtn 9 quaternus. 
q^ quarum. 

(Jad du quemadmodum. 
qadmo quemadmodum . 
(|ad quemadmodum. 
qq quamquam, quemquam. 
qsi gwost. 

q^ quaque. 


R. octoginta, regni, rex, requies- 
eat, Rieardus, requiratur, 

r a regula. 

rach raclietum. 

racoe ratione. 

raeo ra&o. 

Radio Radutfo. 

r a l rationalis. 

r aiu re gi(J anit 

ra me rarissime. 
ramis ramuhis. 
ra° rtffoo. 

ra°ne ratione. 
r a tiua regulativa. 
rat°ci a i ratiocinari. 
r a t r regulatur. 
ratiioe ratiocinatione. 

ratoni ration i. 

r a regutam. 

raa r#fr/. 

ra lis rationabilis. 

rao rata), rafo. 

r c ti llc rectitudinc. 

rea recta. 

ree ra?fe. 

rem rectum. 

reor rector. 

res rectus. 

re 9 rectus. 

r da revere) i da. 

r dus reverendtcs. 

r c recipe, reguhv, require. 

rea te remanente. 

rea r real iter. 

reb5 r<?£ws. 


The Record Interpreter. 

reccn nc recognitions 

recep°3 receptionem. 

recep tor receptator. 

rec recessit. 

recasti recusasti. 

recat recusat, 

rec ea o recreatio. 

rec;edare recommendare. 

rec/iiedare recommendare. 

rec,medao recommendatio. 

redd da reddenda. 

red d ' reddendum. 

redd, redd it, redditionem, reddi- 

redde reddere. 
reddr rcdditur. 
redd J e reddere. 
redcp ois redemptionis. 
redees redeuntes. 
redudn redundantia. 
re c regulcB 9 require. 
refet refecit. 
ref'gat 1 " refrigeratur. 
refor a ta reformata. 
ref reficiendum. 
refg a t r refrigeratur. 
refgat 1 ' refrigeratur. 
reg a re regnare. 
reg'cola regnicola. 
regie regimen. 
regie regimine. 
regla regula. 
reg m regmtm. 

regn tc regnante. 

regil regnante, regni. 

reg regem, regis, regni, regnum. 

regfcr regenerabitur. 

regis regiminis. 

regra registra. 

regra io registratio. 

regrio registrario. 

regris registris. 

regro registro. 

retire rehabere. 

relit rehabet. 

reigro redintegratio. 

rel a reliqua. 

relaco relatio. 

relats relativus. 

rela lls relativus. 

relca relicta. 

relce relictce. 

releu relevium. 

relig religio. 

relig religiosus. 

relioe rcligionem. 

relio religio. 

reiii relevii. 

re m redditum. 

reme m remedium. 

remo* removet. 

rem^tim 9 remittimus. 

rem remanens, remanet. 

remntia remanentia. 
re ne re gi ncBt 

re recordatio, restitutio. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


repli dum replicandum. 
repl repletio, replicatio. 
reppim 9 repperimus. 
repug es repugnantes. 
rep 10 repertorio. 
reptare reportare. 
reptus repertus. 
repriare repatriare. 
rej3frn le reprehensibile. 
repb reprobatio. 
req a requisitani. 
req ! sit requisitum. 
requis requisitus. 
reqre require, requirere. 
reqt requirit. 

re r realiter, requiritur, rcspondc- 

residen a resident la. 
resid residentiarius. 
resig a re resignare. 
resig a uit resignavit. 
resigco resign atio. 
resign resignatio. 
resi re resaisire, resistere. 
reso lis resolvibilis. 
resp ive respective. 
respond respondendum. 
resp 1 respondet, respondit. 
res r ccio resurrectio. 
resti restitutio. 
resti 1 ' restituitur. 
resto restitutio. 
res resumptionem. 

resgna* resignavit. 
ret a hit retrahit. 
reti nt retinent. 
retrio retentio. 
re*' realiter. 
ret retinet. 
retct 9 retractus. 
re 11 respeetu. 
re lia regulativa. 
reuel revelatio. 
re a respectivum. 
reuncia revere ncia. 

reund 9 reverendus. 

reusio reversio. 

reuti 1 ' revertitur. 

re xive reS pective. 

re 9 rew», respectus. 

re$ rerum. 

rea3 remanet. 

reio remissio. 

reise remisse. 

reo do removendo. 

reoue removere. 

re re<7#, r&p. 

remedae reconvnendare. 

rend e respondere. 

rens recens. 

rensal responsalis. 

reri* remanet. 

rer cio resurrectio. 

rer s resurrectis. 

reti recent L 


The Record Interpreter. 

reus reversus. 

rfeco refectio, re/ractio. 

rfgar refragari. 

r 1 rei. 

ri p risibilis. 

r io repertorio, responsio. 

riuts rivulus. 

riulu rivulum. 

r m responsorhtm, referendum. 

r ma reverendissima. 

r me reverendissima?, reverendis- 

r m9 r ever en dissim us. 
r nda reverend a. 
r nd9 reverendus. 
Ho. Roma, Romanus. 
r° ratfo, r^'o, responsio. 
r°alis rationales. 
rob°ata roborata. 
r o1 ' rationales, 
ro m rationem. 
rom a Romana. 
romna Romana. 
rom Romanorum. 
ron Romance. 
ro s Romanos. 
ro tes rogantes. 
r ' resurrection em. 
roa Roma, Romana. 
roil Romam. 
roaa Romanam. 
roab ter rationabiliter. 

robi b ' rationabilibus. 

robilis rationabiUs. 

robilr rationabiliter. 

robi 1 ' rationabiliter. 

robtr rationabiliter. 

roci m ratiocinium. 

rocina s ratiocinatis. 

rocinai ratiocinari. 

roci ' ratiocinationem. 

rociaco ratiocinatio. 

roe ratione, Romance. 

ro lis rationales, rationabiUs. 

rom rationem. 

ronos Romanos. 

rono^ Romanorum. 

ron s Romanos, Romanus. 

ro r rationaliter, rationabiliter. 

ros Romanos. 

r. p. reverendus pater. 

rq r requiratur. 

rqt r requiritur. 

rq requiritur. 

t v redditur, rependitur, responde- 
tur, requiratur. 

rr. reverendissimi, requiratur. 

r s regulativus, requisitus. 

r su responsum. 

rs respondit. 

t 1 reddit, respondet, restituit. 

r ta registrata, rescripta. 

rt°nat 9 retornatus. 

r u redditu, respectu. 

rufrca rubrica. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


rub ruber, rubcus. 

ruftica rubrica. 

ru° rubco, rubro. 

r u r resurrectis. 

r 11 redditum, respectum, respon- 

R recipe, Regis, Regum {Book 
of Kings in the Bible), re- 
quisitus, Rex. 

Rbit respondebit. 

r receptor, reddit, rci, rclecio, 
responsum, 80000. 

ralf realis. 
rat realis. 
rair real iter. 
ra ma realissima. 
ra r realiter. 

rat, r at registrat, regulut. 
rato^s registratorum. 
rat? realiter. 

W reddebat, respondebat, respon- 
rcco resurrectio. 
roe recfe. 
rcep receptio. 
rci d0 recipiendo. 
rci du recipiendum. 
rci ne rectitudine. 
rci ns recipiens. 
rcip* recipit. 
rci$>cat r reciprocantur. 
rci* recipit. 
rci ta recitata. 

rcit rccitat. 
rcor rector. 
rcores rectores. 
rcorf rectoris. 
rco^ rectorum. 
rcte ra?fe. 
rcti ne rectitudine. 
rctos rectos. 
rctos rectores. 
rcata recitata. 
rcor rector. 
rcre recur rere. 
reus rectus. 
xcjg° recognitio. 
rc j nosc'e recognoscere. 
Ma reverenda. 
rda r recordatur. 
rdas. reverendarum. 
rda reverendam. 
rdde° reddendo. 
rdd m reddendum. 
rdd r redditur. 
rdet respondet. 
rdepco rcdemptio. 
rdu a redundantia. 
rduc/ reducuntur. 
rdu d ' reducendum. 
rdu 1 ' reducitur. 
rdu 1 ' reducuntur. 
rde respondere. 
rdn d ' respondendum. 
re respondere. 


The Record Interpreter. 

TfiPe reficere. 

rfi (lu reflciendum. 

rforta reformata. 

rfct°iu refectorium. 

rfn* refrenet. 

rft refert. 

rgal regalis. 

rg a ta registrata. 

rge regem. 

rggti reaggravati. 

rgim regimen. 

rgia regina. 

rgie regince. 

rgie r eg inline. 

rgi'n regimen. 

rg m regem, regum. 

rgrrkt 9 regenerates. 

rg° regno, regulo. 

rg r regitur. 

rg s regfeff, regulis. 

rg* regnavit. 

rgui 1 ' regulariter. 

rgu r regulariter. 

rgla regula. 

fgla r regulatur. 

rgm regulam, regulum, regnnm. 

rg° reeognitio. 

rhre rehabere. 

ripu cc reipublicce. 

riss remissis. 

rla, r la regula. 

rla a regulata. 

rlatir relabitur. 

r la ' c regulare. 

rle regale, regular. 

rlib3 regular Urns. 

rli ne religione. 

rliri 1 ' relinquUur, 

rli° religio. 

rllq 1 ' relinquUur. 

rl m relativum. 

rlois relationis. 

rlt e relative. 

rt regulis. 

rio relatio. 

rtt° relative. 

ritia relativa. 

rito^ relatorum. 

riua 1 ' relevatur. 

rm regulam, rem, reum. 

rme m remedium. 

rmeo 1 ' rememoratur. 

rmisce a reminiscentia. 

rmo a remota. 

rmo°' remotionem. 

rm r regulamur. 

rm s remittimus. 

rm* remanet, remansit, remittit. 

rinte s remit tenuis. 

r 11 regimen. 

rndem 9 respondemus. 

rndet respondet. 

rndet 1 ' respondetur, 

rndit respondit. 

La tin A bbreviations. 


rnd* respondet. 

rn d ' respondendum. 

rnd respondet. 

r net do respondendo. 

fnde respondere. 

rndi responderi. 

rn c respondere. 

rn° respondeo, responsio, resjoonso. 

rns respondens. 

rnsai responsalis. 

rnsio responsio. 

rns m responsum. 

rnso response 

rns 1 responsit. 

rnt respondent. 

rn* respondet, respondit. 

rntans reprcesentans. 

rate referentetn, respondentem. 

rnt 1 ' reguJantur. 

rnb* respondebit. 

rnr respondetur. 

rnt respondet. 

ro ra^tb. 

roat rationalis. 

ro do ratiocinando. 

roe ratione. 

roe rationem. 

rom rationem. 

rone ratione. 

roni rationi. 

ron les rationabiles. 

ro s rationis. 

ro 1 ' rationabiliter. 
r 0e responsione. 
roe ratione. 
roe rationem. 
roi rationi. 
rois rationis. 
rom rationem. 
rpet ur repetuntur. 
rpet 1 ' repctatur. 
rpti rescripti. 
rpt m rescriptum. 
rptu rescriptum. 
rptf rescriptis. 
rpt rescriptum. 
rpugn a repugnantia. 
rpubat reputabant. 
i'paco reparatio. 
rpatu reparation. 
rpit reperif. 
rpit 1 " reperitur. 
rpiiit 1 ' reperiuntur. 
rpt reparat. 
rptare reportare. 
rptu repertum. 
rplre repellere. 
rplsii repulsam. 
rpls 9 repulsus. 
rpng a repugnantia. 
rphe* reprcehendit . 
rpn* repreesentat. 
rp ntan reprcesentan tes. 
rpsn dl reprmentandi. 


The Record Interpreter. 

rjr reprcesentat, reprmentet. 

rp tat reprcesentat. 

rpmissi°e repromissionem. 

rq ir ' requireret. 

rq 1 requirit. 

rq r requiritur. 

rqrit requirit. 

rqrit r requiritur. 

rre regular em. 

rrib3 regularibus. 

rris regularis. 

nit regulariter. 

rr m rerum. 

rr°m resurrectionem. 

rr ' resurrectionem. 

rr^ rerum. 

rr rerum. 

rs regulas, res, respondet. 

rs cio resurrectio. 

rs°' m resurrectionem. 

rsp tu respectu. 

rsti restitutio. 

rs 9 rursus. 

rs residue 

rsuare reservare. 

rsuat reservatum. 

r?uat r reservantur. 

y 1 regulat. 

r ta registrata. 

rt a cts retractis. 

ri^h 1 retrahit. 

rt a nsies retransiens. 

rtfit retrahit. 
rti rec^'. 
rtle r retinetur. 
rtlere retinere. 
rtiecia retinentia. 
rtia regulativa. 
rto n?cfo. 
rt° re^ro. 
rt°g e retrograde. 
rt°gde retrograde. 
rt°nare retornare. 
rt°natu retornatum. 
rt r regulatur. 
rtro 1 ^ retroscriptis. 
r tu redditu, respectu. 
r t9 rcs})ectus. 
rtctu retr actum. 
rtlre retrahere. 
rtnsiuit retransmit. 
r lla relativa. 
ruere a reverentia. 
ruocare revocare. 
mocatii revocatum. 
more revocare. 
mot revocat. 
r us respectus. 
ru a r ever a. 
rubat 1 ' reverberantur. 
ruentia reverentia. 
rulsis revulsis. 
rub'at r reverberantur 
ruen a reverentia. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


ruencia reverentia. 

ruti 1 ' revertitur. 

rued 9 reverendus. 

rx ra&. 

rue? r ever enter. 

fxiue respective. 

rusio reversio. 

rx 1 rml 

ruta 1 ' revertatur. 

r 9 redditus, requisitus. 

ruti reverti. 

rf rerum. 


S. sanctitas, sanctus, scilicet, 
seriptum, secundus, sed, sei- 
since, septuaginta, sepultus, 
sequitur, serenissimus, serri, 
sibi, sigillum, signum, sili- 
ginis, sine, sit, sive, soc- 
manni, soka, solidi, sub- 
scripsi, subscripsit, sunt, 

s. %. b. solid et berewica. 

s. T:. so. saca et soca. 

s a secunda, substantia, supra. 

sabbi sabbati. 

sac a1 ' sacramentalis. 

sac a mtu sacramentum. 

sacifr 1 sacrificia. 

sac°ru sacrorum. 

sac°sce sacrosanctw. 

sacr a sacrament a. 

sacris sacramentis. 

sacr m sacramentum. 

sacro sacramento. 

sac sr^«, sacerdos, sacrificium. 

sac b 3 sacerdotibus. 

sac lls sacerdotalis, sacramentalis. 

saciii sacrilegii. 

sacmtu sacramentum. 

saemt sacramentum. 

sac ta sacrament a. 

sac te sacerdote. 

sac 11 sacramcnti. 

sac tum sacerdotum, sacramentum. 

sacte sacramentis. 

s a dcs supradictus. 

saec swculum. 

saena saenna. 

sagea sagena. 

saisied saisiendum. 

saisit°e saisitore. 

saisia saisina. 

sal c tu salictum. 


The Record Interpreter, 

salinar salinarum. 

sall a ii salinarii. 

salu salutatio. 

salu m salvagardiam. 

sat salina, salis, salutem. 

sahn salutem. 

sal ne salvatione. 

sat or salvator. 

salt salutem. 

sancx sanxit. 

san e sanguine. 

san ls sanguinis. 

san 9 sanies. 

sap a sapientia. 

sap e sapiente, sapient'up. 

sap er sapienter. 

sapi a sapientia. 

sapi ta sapientum. 

sapia sapientia. 

s a s a suprascripta. 

sasia sasina. 

sasie sasince. 

sa tu sacramentum. 

satf s«fo's. 

satf face satisfacere. 

satfem satisf actum. 

sat ne satisf actione. 

s a secundam. 

sag e sanguine. 

sag^f sanguinis. 

sag ne sanguine. 

sag* sanguis. 

siigie sanguinem. 

sagis sanguinis. 

sags sanguis, sanguinis. 

saine saisince. 

saitas sanitas. 

sai te sanitate. 

sai*f sanitatis. 

sau sanum. 

sa 9 sanus. 

saina saisina. 

sala saisina. 

sb sm&. 

sbt 9 subtus. 

sc. sciant. 

s c sac. 

s ca sancta. 

scacc scaccarium. 

soaci scacci. 

sc a cm scaccarium. 

scabiii scambium. 

scagiu scangium. 

sci a scientia. 

sciatf sciatis. 

sc^bi scribi. 

sc^ble scribere. 

sci d ' sciendum. 

sci e scientiw, scire. 

sciet scienter. 

scit scilicet. 

sc^pfr'a scriptura. 

sc^tfi script um. 

sc^pt scriptum. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


sc^pte scripturce. 

sci ter scienter. 
sci^ scientis. 
scim sciendum. 
set scilicet. 
scto sceculo. 
SCO. sco^. 
gco rium scolarium. 
sc r btur scribitur. 
scribr scribitur. 
s c t£ sect's. 
scu 1 scutiferi. 
sc ll pul 9 scrupulus. 
scutelt scute liar ius. 
scutut scutularius. 
scut scutifer. 
scu scutiferi. 
s c '° significatio. 
sc sanctus, sciant. 
sea sancta. 
sea sanctam. 
scbi r scribitur. 
scb* scribit. 
scbe scribere. 
scbet 1 * scriberetur. 
sebr scribitur. 
scb J e scribere. 
sctr et scribe rent. 
scda secunda. 
scdo secundo. 
scd 9 secunelus. 
scdm secundum. 
Beds secundus. 

see sanctce, sancte. 
sei sancti. 
scia scientia. 
scia scientiam. 
seie scientice. 
seific sanctificatio. 
sciis scientiis. 
scimoiat sanctimonialis. 
scio sanctio. 
scis Sanctis. 
sciss 9 sanctissimus. 
seism 9 sanctissimus. 
sei 9 sanctius. 
sclare seeculare. 
selu seeculum. 
set scilicet. 
sem sanctum. 
sembiii scambium. 
sco sancto. 
se°em sanctionem. 
sco^s sanctorum. 
sept r a scripture/. 
sept r e scripturce. 
septu scriptum. 
scptf scriptis. 
septa scriptura. 
sep m scriptum. 
ses sanctus. 
seuariu sanctuarium. 
seus sanctus. 
scuio sanctuario. 
sc 9 sanctus. 


The Record Interpreter. 

s d sect, sic lit. 

8. d. salutem dat, sine die, sab die. 

se. sede. 

sec c ta i9 secrctarius. 

sec e tf secretis. 

sec r i securi. 

secul^ scecidorum. 

secut r sequuntur. 

see secum, secus. 

seela scecula. 

seclu smculum. 

seem securum. 

se9 secum. 

sed s sedis. 

sed 1 sedit. 

sed sedem, sedes, sedis. 

se c srp/;<?. 

se c dcs scepedictus. 

seia semina. 

seiat seminalis. 

seiant 1 ' seminantur. 

semp semper. 

sem semen. 

semi seme/. 

sen a sententia. 

sen a o senescallo. 

sen b 3 sensibilibus. 

sen c tute senectute. 

senes. senescattus. 

sen le senile, sensibile, sensuale. 

sen ua sensitiva. 

sep a septima. 

sept a m septimanam. 

septet'o septentrio. 

septi a septimana. 

septim septimana. 

septuasia septnagesima. sepultura, sepultus. 

sep a separata. 

sepab r separabitur. 

sepaeo separatio. 

sepalf separalis. 

sepal t separaliter. 

sepati separatim. 

sepeo separatio. 

sep du separandum. 

sep hs separabilis. 

sepnt 1 ' separantur. 

sepo separatio. 

sep separate, sepes. 

sep a septima. 

sep e septimce. 

seplcm sepulcrum. 

seplis separabilis, separalis. 

sep hs septentrionalis. 

sepna septimana. 

seq e la sequela. 

seq e ncia sequentia. 

seq e stru sequestrum. 

seq 1 sequenti, sequi. 

seq 1 !; 1 ' sequitur. 

seq r sequitur. 

seq 1 ^ sequentis. 

sequeil sequentium. 

seqee sequacem. 

seqt secular ib us, sequela. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


seqr sequitur. 

sig° sigillo, signo. 

seqs sequens. 

s igcat ^ignificat. 

seq s sequentes. 

sigciis significans. 

seqt 1 ' sequuntur. 

sigctm signaculum. 

se r sequeretur, sequitur. 

sigco significatio. 

seruic servicium. 

sigct significant. 

seru/iu servitium. 

sigfi re significare. 

seru 1 servit. 

siglli sigilli. 

seru serviens, servitium, servus. 

sigltm sig ilium. 

serii tes servientes. 

siglii si g ilium. 

se ta separata. 

sigl sigillum. 

se. ua. sede vacante. 

sigo sigillo, significatio. 

se ue sensitive. 

sig°m significationem. 

sex a sexagena, sexaginta. 

sigones significationes. 

sext a iu sextarium. 

sig 1 ' significatur. 

se 9 s^c^s. 

sigtu signatum. 

see semen. 

silig se'%o, siliginis. 

seis se minis. 

siliq^i siliquarum. 

sep m sempiternum. 

silu st/ra. 

sep semjier. 

silure silvestre. 

seprnu sempiternum. 

silf siliginis. 

sesieciu sentient ium. 

S1I3 scilicet. 

seis seminis. 
sel semel. 

sit se'%0. 

sita si m ilia. 

sere 1 ' sequeretur. 

S 1 M&f. 

sicci te siccitate. 
sic 1 MCMtf. 

sitr similiter. 
sim a similia. 
simtr similiter. 

sic tas siccitas. 

simp 1 simplici. 

sic s/ci^. 

simptr simpliciter. 

si d s%jw£. 

simp r simpliciter. 

sig c re significare. 

sim 1 ' simpliciter. 

sig m sig ilium, signum. 

sim x simplex. 




The Record Interpreter. 

si ml simul. 

sipir simpliciter. 

sim? simpliciter. 

slpt? simpliciter. 

sin b 3 singularibus. 

sip 1 ' simpliciter. 

sing singulos. 

sip x simplex. 

singla singula. 

sip cl simplici. 

sint singulis. 

si re singularem. 

sinla singula. 

sirib3 singularibus. 

sin los singulos. 

six simplex. 

sin rls singularis. 

sie s^£. 

sirJe sinere. 

siia simonia. 

s*pta scripta. 

sil simul. 

s J pt r a scriptura. 

silaco simulatio. 

siq a Mgwa. 

silat simulat. 

siq e siquem. 

sile simile. 

siq siquis. 

silet simulet. 

siqs siquis. 

sile similem. 

si 1 ' similiter. 

sili simili. 

sirotheca^ chirotliecarum. 

silib3 similibus. 

s ls sm/s. 

sili do similitudo. 

si* sacwtf. 

sili e similitudine. 

siii sittf. 

sili° flwtft moafo. 

slbolu symbolum. 

silis similis, singulis. 

si ce simplicem. 

silitu es similitudines. 

si clb 3 simplicibus. 

silir similiter. 

sici? simpliciter. 

silid m similitudine m. 

sicni sineerum. 

silir similiter. 

slg 1 ' singulis. 

silla sigilla. 

sig r singulariter. 

sill b £ syllabarum. 

sig*' singulariter. 

sill e syllabce. 

s!gD3 singularibus. 

si 10 singulo, symbolo. 

slistm sinistram. 

si los singulos. 

si 01 ' simplicior. 

siia similia. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


silr similiter. 

so so/o, solutio. 

sist a m sinistram. 

so .so/e^, solum, solus, solutio. 

slm salutem. 

spa a spatia. 

slo solutio. 

spa m spatium. 

sit salutem. 

spa° spatio. 

sm a summa. 

spao spatio. 

s ma sanctissima. 

sp c ta s spectamus. 

g mus sanctissimus. 

sp c tat spectat. 

smu summum. 

sp c tas spectans. 

s n se^ tamen. 

spe ce specifice. 

sri sine. 

speci 11 specificati. 

sfiia sententia. 

speco speculo. 

snialr sententialiter. 

specl uo speculative. 

silia^ sententiarum. 

spec u speculativum. 

so a so/a. 

sp e u a i 9 spervarius. 

soch som, socemamius. 

spealis specialis. 

socfr^ socarum. 

spea me specialissinue. 


speer specialiter. 

sold a ii soldarii. 
solidat(^ solid at is. 
solid: solidus. 
solli ne solicitudinc. 
sol 1 ' solvitur. 
solu 00 solummodo. 
solu solummodo. 
S0I3 50 /<?^. 

sot solent, solidus, solum. 
solo solummodo, solutio. 

spei speciei. 
spelit specialiter. 
spes species, 
spe ua speculativa. 
sp J alis spiritualis. 
sp ib 3 spiritibus. 
spiiii spirit uum. 

sp itu spirit u. 
spitalis spiritualis. 

solor solicitor. 

spietu spinetum. 

sotom solutionem. 

spi is spirationis. 

solr solvitur. 

spialis spiritualis. 

S0I3 solent. 

spi'03 spiritibus. 

so m solum. 

spi' lis spiritualis. 



The Record Interpreter . 

spo lia sponsalia. 

sposa sponsa. 

sposa speciosa. 

sp semper. 

sp a sperma. 

spare sperare. 

spat r sperantur. 

spgit 1 * spargitur. 

spnend spemendum. 

spnle spernere. 

spu a i 9 spervarius. 

sp speciem. 

spa b 3 specialibus. 

spalis specialis, spiritualis. 

spali? specialiter, spiritualiter. 

spatb3 specialibus, spiritualibus. 

spatr specialiter, spiritualiter. 

spa m specialem. 

spa me specialissime. 

spa r specialiter, spiritualiter. 

spa te specialitate. 

spe specie. 

spea mc specialissime, 

spea r specialiter. 

spe speciem. 

spialis specialis. 

spitus spiritus. 

splis specialis. 

spli? specialiter. 

spm spatium, spirUum. 

spo spatio. 

spraiis spiritualis. 

spralit spiritualiter. 

sprli spirituali. 

sps species, spiritus, suspensus. 

sptactm spectaculum. 

spu spiritu. 

spualis spiritualis. 

spule spiritualem. 

sput spiritualis. 

sputr spiritualiter. 

spus spiritus. 

spu*' spiritualiter. 

spur spiritualiter. 

sptis spretis. 

sq^Wa squillaria. 

sqUlari 9 squillarius. 

s r super. 

s r giit surgunt. 

s r g surgent, surgit, surgunt. 

s. r. i. sacrum Romanum impe- 

ss. sacerdotes, sancti, sanctissi- 

mus, scilicet, secundus, sen- 

sus, sestertii, Spiritus sane- 

tus, suis, sunt. 
stabilico stabilitio. 

stat5 tas stabilitas. 
st a ciatu straciatum. 
st a gtur strangulatur. 
st a Ie stramine. 
st a me stramen. 
st a ta strata. 
st a taga stratagema. 
stat in statutum. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


statu 111 st a tut urn. 

st a tum st rat inn. 

stat m statutum. 

stiignii stangnum (stagnum). 

s tem sanctitatem. 

stfct 9 strictus. 

st^e stringere. 

stfman 9 stiremannus. 

stipto stipulatio. 

strae stramen. 

strlge stringere. 

stcte stride. 

stct 9 strictus. 

stlla stella-. 

stme stramen. 

sdnia stramina. 

sing* stringit. 

stng tur strangulator, stringitur. 

s?ii tas sterilitas. 

stii steriUs. 

srman 9 stermanus. 

si; serf. 

su a summa. 

subal?ii subalternative. 

subs s?^ sigillo. 

suba substantia. 

suba a substantia. 

subalis substantialis. 

suba substantiam. 

sube substantia), substantive. 

subis substantias. 

succ llc successive. 

succo successio. 

succoni succcssioncm. 

succ* succedit, succidit. 

sudoe sudore. 

su e summce. 

sufn a sufficientia. 

suffiea sufficientia. 

suffi ns sufficient. 

suffi nt ' sufficienter. 

suf* sufficit. 

sum 9 sumus. 

sum 9 summus. 

sum summonitum. 

surna summa. 

sum a i 9 summarius. 

sums sumens, sumptus. 

sup a supra. 

sup° supplicatio. 

supp ca0 supplicatio. 

supp cat supplicat. 

supp r supplicat ur, supponitur. 

supp di supplicandi. 

supp e supponc, supposita?. 

supp m supposition. 

suppo suppositio, supposito. 

supp ta supposita. 

supp ta siq)positum. 

sup super. 

supb 9 siqoerbus. 

supciliu supercilium. 

supi b 5 superioribus. 

supi°itas super ioritas, 


The Record Interpreter. 

supi°it te super ioritate. 

sfiu. summum. 

supio m superiorem. 

su 9 sumus. 

supi 9 superius. 

sy a symonia. 

supnu super num. 

syo a symonia. 

sup°tas superiority. 

syo a c symoniacis. 

suppP superplusagium. 

S3 seaf. 

supsbalis super substantialis. 

s 9 suspendatur, suspensus. 

supus supervisor. 

s 9 cipied suscipiendum. 

sup tu suppositum. 

s 9 cipe suscipere. 

supTm suppositum. 

s 9 pect 9 suspectus. 
s 9 ped J e suspendere. 

sup ran supremum. 

supm 9 supremus. 

s 9 pesu suspensum. 

surcis sur cuius. 

s 9 pice suspicere. 

su s suis, superius. 

s 9 pcm suspectum. 

suspcm suspectum. 

s 9 pi r suspenditur. 

suspns 9 suspensus. 

s 9 pns 9 suspensus. 

su* sunt. 

s 9 tent sustentaculum, sustention. 

suii suum. 

s 9 tiSe sustinere. 

sfi a summa. 

s 9 tled S'ustinendum. 

suend sumendum. 

S 70000. 

siii summi. 
sui r sumitur. 
suit sumit. 
silrna summa. 
siimagiu summagium. 
sum a i 2 summarius. 
sumaie summaries. 
siirne summa 3 . 
sfirn 9 summus. 

s scilicet, semper, septimana. 

sa secunda, sua. 

sarie secundaria 3 . 

sario secundario. 

sa secundum, suam. 

sb sw5. 

sbbo sabbato. 

sb c e subjecta 3 . 

su° summo. 

sb c o subjecto. 

siiope summopere. 

sbdet subdelegatus. 

sfipco sumptio. 

sb e subject®, substantia. 

sup ne sumptione. 

sbe subest. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


sb ia substantia. 
sbi c tu subjection. 
sbico subjectio. 
sbics subjectus. 
sbiiig* subjungit. 
sbitlindo subintelligendo. 
sbli tas sublimitas. 
sb m subjection. 
sbpo supposito. 
sbscb m subscribendum. 
sbsta cio substantiatio. 
sbstco substr actio. 
sbst tis substitutis. 
sbst t0 substituto, substrato. 
sbst subsunt. 
sbstn ia subsistcntia. 
sbspe subsistere. 
sbt a ccio subtractio. 
sbt a h e subtrahere. 
sbtil sub t His. 
sbti tas subtilitas. 
sbt 9 subtus. 
sbtco subtractio. 
sbth J e subtrahere. 
sbtxit subtraxerint. 
sbusoni subvcrsionem. 
sba substantia. 
sbalit substantialiter. 
sbat substantialis. 
sba r substantialiter. 
sba substantiam. 
sba m substantivum. 

sbe substantias. 

sbi subjecti. 

sbia substantia. 

sbiis substantiis. 

sbiua substantia. 

sbm subjectum, substantiam. 

sbt subest. 

sbt 9 subitus. 

sea sancta. 

scaco significatio. 

sea 1 ' significatur. 

seas sanctas. 

scat significant. 

sea? sanctarum. 

scci te siccitatem. 

seep susceptio. 

scia scientia. 

scie scientice. 

'sVfi sacrificio. 

sciis scientiis. 

scio sanctio. 

scioii sanctionum. 

scipdii suscipiendum. 

scipe suscipere. 

scir 1 sanciret. 

sci 9 sanctius. 

scla scecuJa. 

sclare scecularc. 

scli sceculi. 

sclo sceculo. 

sclo^; sceculorum. 

sctm sceculum. 


The Record Interpreter. 

sclris scecularis. 

sgnt significant. 

sc°em sanction em, signiflcationem. 

sgt significat. 

sco m signiftcationem. 

sgt e significative. 

sc r significatur. 

sgt r significatur. 

scs sanctus. 

si scm, secundi. 

so* significat. 

sies series. 

sous sanctus. 

s is secundis. 

so 9 sanctus. 

si simul. 

so s«cer, sanctus. 

sla singula. 

sea sacra, sancta. 

sle substantialem. 

see sacrce, sanctce. 

s'lis similis, singulis, substan- 

scla scecula. 


sclare sceculare. 

s'ltm salutem. 

scli sceculi. 

slf similis, singulis. 

sclo scecuio. 

stm similem. 

sclo^ sceculorum. 

sio solutio. 

scs sanctus. 

site salute. 

sdeus supradictus. 

sm secundum, summum. 

sd 9 s urdus. 

s m subjectum. 

sdus supradictus. 

sm* sibimet, submittet. 

s c substantias. 

smgt r submergitur. 

sff iens sufficiens. 

sn a sententia. 

sff 11 sufficit. 

sn am sententiam. 

sff fc sufficit. 

sndii significandum. 

Sf sufficit. 

snia sententia. 

sg 1 si^m. 

sniair sententialiter. 

sg° significatio. 

snias sententias. 

sgabit significabit. 

snia^ sententiarum. 

sgat significat. 

snia sententiam. 

sgas significans. 

sniado sententiando. 

sgat significant. 

snie sententice. 

sgbit significabit. 

sniis sen ten tils. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


s tls significans. 

sr e super ficiem. 

s nt significant. 

srei* super eminet. 

sil sine. 

srfi b 3 super ficiebus. 

s° secundo, sermo. 

srfi e superficie. 

s°' m sermonem. 

srfi lis superficial is. 

S 5e sermone. 

srfrn a s uperabundantia. 

sp c t 9 suspectus. 

srior superior. 

spedr suspenditur. 
sped J e suspendere. 

srio 1 superior i. 

sri rem superior em. 

spes serpens. 

sri 9 superius. 

spe s suspendens. 

srna superna. 

spes 9 suspcnsus. 

srna 1 ' supernaturaliter. 

spet 9 suspectus. 

srnt supernaturalis. 

sp u ' simpliciter. 

srno^ supernorum. 

spponle supponere. 

srn r spernitur. 

sppto supposito. 

srri 1 ' supernaturaliter. 

sp r simpliciter, super. 

srnl supernaturaliter. 

sp x simplex. 

srogat 9 surrogatus. 

sp semper, super. 

sroge surrogare. 

spes suspectus. 

srpodat 1 ' superponderatur. 

spi r suspenditur. 

srpo 1 ' 1 ' superponitur. 

spit? simpliciter. 

sr* superest, supersit. 

spt 9 suspectus. 

ss a substantia. 

sq e la sequela. 

s'stfb* subscribitur. 

s r similiter, substantialiter, super. 

ss 1 subscripsi. 

srare superare. 

ss^lis scnsibilis. 

srate superante. 

ssi le scnsibile. 

srbia superbia. 

ssi lia sensibilia. 

srb 9 superbus. 

ssit sensit. 

srelum surculum. 

ssi tas sensibilitas. 

sr es superficies. 

ssiti us sensitivus. 

srex 1 surrexit. 

ssit sensibi liter. 


The Record Interpreter, 

ssu sensu. 

s tu script urn, signification, sub- 

ss lla sensitiva. 

ject um. 

ssuali? sens ua liter. 

su s^e. 

ssuat sensualis. 

sx simplex. 

ssii sensum. 

sico serico. 

ss 9 sensus. 

sies series. 

ssa° sensatio. 

sie seriem. 

ssa r sensualiter. 

^ - 

spes serpens. 

ssm sensum. 

spete serpentem. 

sssi subscripsi. 

sta serfo. 

ss 1 subscripsit. 

suare servare. 

st s^, s?m£. 

suact servandum. 

s 1 significat. 

suiciii serritium. 

s te significatce. 

<7\ •- 

suies serviens. 

stent sustentaculum , 


suit servilis. 

s 11 subjecti. 

suit b 3 servitutibus. 

stine a sustinentia. 

suit r a servitura. 

stin 1 sustinety sustinuit. 

su 1 servet. 

stinle sustinere. 

^ - 

suu serviim. 

s t0 scripto, significato, suhjecto. 

sur servus. 

st r significatur. 


sus servus. 


T. centum sexagintd, talis, taliter, 
tempus, tenent, tenet, tene- 
tur, ter, terra, tcrtius, tcs- 
tamentum, testata, teste, 
testibus, tibi, titulum, tunc. 

t a ta#«, tertia. 

ta a tabula. 
tabar tabardum. 
t a bs £rfl$s. 
t a ctare tractare. 
t a cta u tractatu. 
t a ct 2 tractus. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


t a c t9 tractatus. 

t a dcco traduetio. 

t a deo traditio. 

t a de r tradetur. 

t a di tradi. 

t a dico traditio. 

t a d° traditio. 

t a ddo tradendo, traducendo. 

t a dr traditur. 

t a dt traderet, tradit. 

t a d J e tradere. 

t a hut r trahuntur. 

t a h e trahere. 

tain tainas. 

ta la tabula. 

fcalet talent urn. 

tal s fa/tff. 

tat a talent a. 

tatnt m talent ion. 

tatr taliter. 

tats fo$s. 

ta m tantum. 

tarn tamen, tantum. 

t a n 6e transmutatione. 

t a nq i litas tranquillitas. 

t a nquillis tranquillis. 

t a ns ^rcms. 

t a nsacco transactio. 

t a nsce r transcenditur. 

t^ns&h 11 * transcribitur. 

t a nscbi transcribi. 

t a nsgrom transgressionem. 

t a nsgrone transfjressione. 

t a nsi° transitio. 

t a nsire transire. 

t a nsit 9 transitus. 

t a nsi ue transitive. 

t a nsla a translata. 

t a nsto translatio. 

t a nsm° transmutatio. 

t a nsm r transmutatur. 

t a ns° transmutatio. 

t a nspens transparens. 

t a ns te transeunte. 

^ns 1 ' transmutatum. 

t a nsiipt 9 transumptus. 

t a nsba° transsubstantiatio. 

t a ns lia transm utabilia. 

t a n t9 transitus. 

tantm tantummodo. 

ta v taliter, tauyitur, tardatur 

t a sto translatio. 

ta fom. 

taq tanquam. 

ta 1 tang it. 

tatii tantum. 

ta* tardescit. 

t ci triplici. 

tc /^2<?. 

te. fe#e£. 

t e tempore. 

te a tenura. 

te do tenendo. 

temp 9 tempus. 

tempe tempore. 

t c 'mdi tremendi. 

teme temere. 


The Record Interpreter. 

temitas temeritas. 

tepm temphtm. 

ten a me tcntamen. 

tep temptatio. 

tenii tennus (takiiis). 

t5pta° temptatio. 

ten°e tenorem. 

tepto temptatio. 

ten r tenentur, tenetur. 

tep 9 tempus. 

ten tenens, tenuit. 

tepan a temperantia. 

tens tenens. 

tepe tempore. 

tent tenent. 

tep tempore. 

tent 1 * tenentur. 

tet r tenetur. 

teohi teoloneo. 

tea r teneatur. 

te r tenentur, tenetur. 

tebat r tenebantur. 

t e S 6'£S. 

teb°sit tenebrositatem. 

tesmto testamento. 

teb°s 9 tenebrosus. 

testametu testamentum. 

tebs tenebras. 

testate testante. 

tem r tenemur. 

testat r testantur. 

teor teneor. 

testarius testamentarius. 

tere tenere. 

testib3 testibus. 

th a m thaxam (taxam). 

testi m testimonium. 

theo e theologies. 

testio testimonio. 

theot theologim. 

testiu tedium. 

tbofhs Thomas, tomus. 

testioim testimonium. 

tho e theologian. 

testio m testimonium. 

tbos Thomas. 

testi testamenti. 

tft thesauro. 

testii testimonii. 

tfta thema. 

tes'tm testamentum, testimonium. 

tfrata themata. 

testo testamento, testimonio. 

tnau a ri 9 thesaurarius. 

tes* 1 testamenti. 

tfiaurari 9 thesaurarius. 

tetr m tetricum. 

ttiaur thesaurum. 

t e9 temp us. 

thaui thesauri. 

te a d r is tenandriis. 

tbo a 2 theologicarum. 

teens tenens. 

tfiot theologieum . 

teet fej?i£. 

tftri thesauri. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


ttirm thesaurum. 
thro thesauro. 
tf tibi. 
t*a tria. 
tfas trinitas. 
\}hmi G tribunale. 
\}h} tribus. 

t'b 9 tribuS. 

tffclo tribulatio. 
t lca triplica. 
t ic§ triplicem. 
t ici tripliti. 
t*is trinitatis. 
ti 10 ftfufo. 
ti 19 titulus. 
timtes timentes. 
tfni W. 
tfni* 6 trinitate. 
tfni 1 ^ trinitatis. 
t'nod: trinoda. 
tfnHiu trinoctium. 
tfn 9 trinus. 
ti° ftYttfo. 
tfp" triplici. 
tfpi 1 ' tripliciter. 
t l p x triplex. 
tfp' triplicatur. 
tfp? tripliciter. 
t^ti* tristitia. 
t l stis a tristissima. 
tfstissi tristissimi. 
tfst 8 tristis. 
tfte trinitate. 

titto titulo. 

t l t£ trinitatis. 

titl a i titulari. 

titlatu titulatum. 

titlo foYwfo. 

tittm tit idam. 

titts titulus. 

tfu trium. 

tfiiphatf triumphantis. 

tfuphu triumphum. 

ti x triplex. 

t 1 ' 1 ' tripliciter. 

tri tenementa, tenentium. 

to a fofo. 

to a li? total iter. 

tocies totiens. 

toci 9 totiens, totius. 

to i9 totius. 

tolit r tollitur. 

tolta lc tolcrabile. 

tolian a tolerantia. 

tolir tollitur. 

totam 9 tolcramus. 

tota s tolerant us. 

totr totalitcr. 

to m tomum, totam, tot a in. 

t°m° fcrfo'o wWo. 

to ns totiens. 

tons tonsionem, tonsionis. 

to fofo. 

to 1 ' totalitcr. 


The Record Interpreter. 

torn tu torneamentum. 

tor tu torneamentum. 

totalr totaliter. 

tot 1 ' totaliter. 

t5mtf tormentis. 

tpe tempore. 

tr a transgressione. 

trab trabes. 

tranqlt tranquillus, 

transit 9 transitus. 

transit transivit. 

tra tractum. 

t r ba r turbatur. 

fr'bau* turbavit. 

t r bil turbam. 

t r be trabem. 

t r b3 tribus. 

t. r. e. tempore regis Edward i. 

tremedu tremenditm. 

treedu tremendum. 

trip! fripliciter, trip him. 

triptita tripartita. 

trip triplieiter. 

tri 1 ' triplicatur, tripliciter. 

tristi a tristitia. 

tri tum triplicatum. 

t r il turnum. 

t r pe turpem. 

t r pi do turpitudo. 

t r pis turpis, 

t r pissla turpissima. 

t r pi? turpiter, 

t r re turrcm. 

t r rib3 turribus. 

t r ris turris. 
turofi Turonensium. 
turrMm thuribulum. 
tur Turonensium. 
tut°ii tutorum. 
tuto^ tutorum. 

tutf fo^tf. 

tutla tutela. 

tuco tuitio. 

tj tenet. 

t 160000, tallia, tarn. 

ta £n#. 

tbla tabula. 

tc toe. 

tccjj tuncque. 

tctare tractare. 

tcta 11 traetatu. 

tct 9 tactus, tractus. 

tc t9 tractatus. 

t c ' triplicis. 

tde ifonfe. 

t e tempore, tertice, 

th e trahere. 

tnr trahitur. 

tlile trahere. 

tid 9 timidus. 

t is temporis. 

tie fafe. 

ties fc^es. 

tie talem. 

tlia fo/itf. 

tli? fa#fer. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


tliu talium. 

tlo triplo. 

tt talis. 

tim talem. 

ttr taliter. 

tm tamen, tantam, tantum. 

tmd tantundem. 

tmm° tantummodo. 

tmfno tantummodo. 

tm° tantummodo. 

tm°o tantummodo. 

tmp 9 tempus. 

tmpe tempore. 

tn tamen. 

tn m tantum. 

tnta tanta. 

tnto frmfo. 

tnb ! s tenebris. 

tnb°sa tenebrosa. 

tnr tenentur. 

tpla templa. 

tplaii templarii. 

tplu templum. 

tpt a i temptari. 

tpt 10 temptatio. 

tpus tempus. 

tp 9 tempus. 

tpa tempora. 

tp a temperata. 

tpa b 3 temporalibus. 

tpamtu temper amentum. 

tpan a temperantia. 

tpari temperantia'. 

tpa 1 ' temporaliter. 
tpare temperare. 
tpatu temper atum. 
tpat temper ant. 
tpe tempore. 
tpi tempori. 
tpib3 temporibus. 
tpies temperies. 
tpis temporis. 
tp le temp or ale. 
tpm temporum. 
tpu temporum. 
tpm 1 ' temptamur. 

tpra tempora. 

tpre tempore. 

tpi tempori. 

tpib) temporibus. 

tprlis temporalis. 

tps tempus. 

tq. a tanquam. 

t s tempus. 

ttam testamento. 

ttm° tantummodo. 

tt tfftftf. 

tti ftftffti 

ttm testamentum, titulum, 

t x triplex. 

tj tenent. 

t? for, ^errtf, tertiam. 

tcetf trecentis. 

tcia tertia. 

rein tertiam. 


The Record Interpreter. 

tciu tertium. 
tci 9 tertius. 
tebntia terebinthina. 
tgo tergo. 
? ia tertia. 
ti m tertium. 
tini termini. 
tin m terminum. 
tino termino. 
tinos terminos. 
tinu terminum. 
tin 9 terminus. 
tin terminum. 
tia 1 ' terminabilis. 
tia° terminatio. 
tia r terminatur. 
tiari terminari. 
tiato terminato. 
tiatu termination. 
tie 1 ' terminetur. 
^Li termini. ' 
tio termino. 
tio m terminationem. 
tios terminos. 
tis ter minis. 
tius terminus. 
tni tertium. 

t m terminum. 
tmi s terminus. 
tmio termino. 
tin terminum. 
tmi termini. 
tna terrena. 
tnu terrenum. 

to^ terminorum. 
tra fern?. 
tra^ terrarum. 
tra ter ram. 
tre terrm. 
tre 9 terrenus. 
tribtr terribiUter 
tri 11 terribili. 
tris terris. 
tror terror. 
troe terrore. 
tr terra*, terris. 
ts terminus. 
tsi fera. 
ttia tertia. 
ttio tertio. 
ttiu tertium. 
tti 9 tertius. 

Latin Abbreviations. 



Y. quinque, quintus. 

u. vale, valent, valet, ubi, ubi- 
cunque, vera, verbum, ver- 
sus, verum, vestra, victus, 
videlicet, videtur, vidua, vir, 
virgo, vivas, vivens, vixit, 
una, iinum, vobis, voluit, 
votum, vovit, tit, uti, utri- 
que, utrum. 

ua. vacante. 
u a una. 

u a iati variatim. 
uai* variat. 
uald valde. 
ual* valebat, valet. 
ual3 valet. 
uariat variant. 
uari 1 ' variatum. 
uari' ne variatione. 
uarom variationem. 
ua fc valet. 
uaiat variat. 
vhidjG^ ubicunque. 
ubil ubilibet. 
ubiq ubique. 

ubiore uberiorem. 

ue a s vesperas. 

ue d velut. 

uegele vegetabile. 

uehiit 1 ' vehuntur. 

uehnr ve hem enter. 

uei velis. 

ueld velut. 

uena b 3 venationibus. 

uen a b} venerabilibus. 

uend venditum. 

uen lis venerabilis. 

uen venalis, venerabilis, veneris, 
verier unt, venit. 

ueSis veneris. 

ueS 1 ' venerabilis. 

uertn verumtamen. 

uescet 1 * vescerctur. 

uesp vesper. 

uesptu vespertinum. 

uesti m vestimcntiun. 

uet 9 vetus. 

uera Vetera. 

uetib3 veteribus. 

ued* vendidit, vendit. 

* In this list u is printed throughout for u and v, except for the 
numeral, as most early MSS. use only the one letter. In some 
MSS., however, an initial u is always written v, even when it is a 
vowel; as vnus for unus, vmbra for umbra, vua for uva. 



The Record Interpreter. 

uedit venchdit. 

nod e vender e. 

ueiefrfc veniebat. 

uei le veniale. 

ueit venit. 

uei 1 ' venialiter. 

lie 11 veniali. 

net venit. 

uetfs ventris. 

uet r m venturum. 

uetu ventum. 

uet 9 ventus. 

ueti ventri. 

uet venter. 

ueisile verisimile. 

ueitu vetitum. 

uei 1 ^ veritatis. 

ueo veneno, vero. 

ug ^770. 

uge virgine. 

ugi virgini. 

u 1 t«fo\ 

ui a vigilia. 

uicar vicaria, viearius. 

uicecom vicecomes. 

uicecoitat vicecomitatus. 

uici m vicinum. 

uicis vicinis. 

u^q ubieunque. 

uio ric vicarice. 

uic ri9 viearius. 

uict vicecomitatum. 

■u/cuck ubieunque. 
uic viearius, vicecomes. 
u*c ubieunque. 
uicis vicinis. 
uicla vincula. 
v}cc^ ubieunque. 
uic 1 videlicet. 
uict vicecomitatum. 
u^q, ubieunque. 
uide 1 " videtur. 
uid3 videlicet. 
uid videndum, vidua. 
uiddi videndi. 
uidd m videndum. 
uidem r videremur. 
uiditf videritis. 
uidr videatur, videtur, 
uid3 videndum. 
uig a vigilia. 
u^gine virginem. 
uigi li viginti. 
u^gis virginis. 
uiglti viginti. 
u igo ^{r^o. 
•u.ig s virginis. 
uig vigent, viginti. 
uigi viginti. 
vij a septima. 
vij em septem. 
vij° septimo. 
uill. w7fo, villanus. 
uillafi villanus. 

Latin Abbreviations, 


uilla villam. 

uili villa, villam, villi's. 

uilti villani. 

uilius villanus. 

uilt 9 villanus. 

ui m vinum. 

uincla vincula. 

uinela vincula. 

uin vineae. 

ui°ne visione. 

ui°' m visionem. 

ui r videtur. 

uirgat virgata. 

uirg virgata, virgin is, virgo. 

uis8a viscera. 

uis r £ visuris. 

uis 9 p&ws. 

uis mbw. 

m* videlicet. 

ui te virtute. 

uitfe vitricus. 

\\}t v virtutem. 

u'tu 01 ' virtuosior. 

u^u^ virtuosa. 

u^tute virtute. 

ui t9 virtus. 

v}t 9 virtus. 

uit vita lis, vitulum. 

uito^ vitiorum. 

u^iu vivarium. 

uiunt vivunt. 

uiue vivere. 
u 1 ' ubicunque. 
ui3 videlicet. 
uia »/w«, 
uib3 viribus. 
uicla vincula. 
uidce vindictm. 
uio^ vinorum. 
uiu vinum. 
ui wrj. 
uib viribus. 
uide viride. 
ui'lr virUiter. 
ui'o wro. 
uio^ virorum. 
uire vitare. 
uis verbis. 

ul a ultima. 
u le universale. 
u lis universalis. 
ullo ullomodo. 
ul° ultimo. 
ul rem ulterior em. 
ult a et^ra. 
ulti m ultimum. 
ultio ultimo. 
uit ultima. 
ulti ulti mi. 
ulto ultimo, ultio. 
ulto m ultionem. 
ulti 9 uit er ius. 


The Record Interpreter. 

u m tn verumtamen. 
tmani unanimi. 
unait unanimiter. 
unc imcia. 
undic^ undique. 
und unde. 
undq^ undequaque. 
imgm unguentum. 
uni°e unione. 

u nis virgin is. 

uniu^ universitatis. 
uniusis universis. 
uniusis universis. 
unioe unitione. 
nno uno modo. 
xm wide, unum. 
ufiis universis. 

-^ JO 

unusr universis. 
unus universis. 
uo. vobis. 
u° vero. 

u°ant r vocantur. 
uo a nt r wcantur. 
uo as voluntas. 
uoca e vocatce. 
uoc ter vocaliter. 
uoctf vocatis. 
uola b 3 volatilibus. 
uoleil volentes. 
uole s volentes. 
uoli nc volitione. 
uo lis vocalis. 

uotis voluntatis. 

uoit volunt. 

uoitS voluntatem. 

uo ns volens. 

uorir wcantur. 

u 00 zmo modo. 

u^q^ unoquoque. 

uo r vocatur. 

uo rie voluntarie. 

uo s vocamus. 
uo tas T0 i un t a8% 

uo tus vocatus. 
uo 1 ' voluntatum. 
uotf fO^S. 
u°tm vocativum. 
uo d0 volendo. 
uole vocalem. 
uom 9 vocamus. 
uont 1 ' vocantur. 
uo r vocatur. 
uos voluntas. 

not Wfl^. 

uo te voluntate. 

uoto^ vocatorutn. 

not 1 ' vocatur. 

uot s vocatus. 

uotf vocatis. 

uo^ voluntatis. 
v que quinque, 


usq,° usquequo. 

usq > q a 5 usquequaque. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


us r a usuram. 
US3 usque. 
us usque, usum. 
ut a q utraque. 
ute° utcnclo. 
Y t[ qu'niti. 
ut 1 utri. 
utiir ict iliter, 
ut^ utrique. 
ut 19 ^ utriusque. 
utlagau utlagavit. 
ut m utrum. 
ut m ck utrumque. 



ut° wfru 

ufr^biq^ utrobique. 
ut°b3 utrobique. 
ut 1 * ut probatur. 
uts. w£ supra. 
ut* w£ <f/c^. 
ut w£ patet. 
ut 9 q^ utriusque. 
ut t^r. 
urq^ uterque. 
uut 0W#. 

ux wwr. 

uxe uxorem. 

uxf uxoris. 

U3,V3 verch (Welsh for daughter) 

v quinque milia. 

liaq^ unaquaque. 

ua unam. 

ub e umbrae. 

ubra umbra. 

uco unctio. 

iii as unitas. 

ui ter universaliter. 

iu te unitatem. 

uiusat universalis. 

uiusatr universaliter. 

umsis universis. 

ui 9 unius. 

ui 9 cq. uniuscujuscunque. 

uicq uniuscujuscunque. 

lil re/. 

lillo «w//o wzotffo. 

uo° wwo wo^o. 

uoq^, unoquoque. 

uoquoq^ unoquoque. 

uq unquam. 

uii unum. 

u 9 wnws. 

u wfo', «£, #erfo\ 

u a flera. 

ub twfo's. 

u9q > ubicunque. 

ugi e virgine. 

ugi is virginis. 

ugitas virginitas. 

ugi'm virginum. 

ugns virginis. 

ugo wV^o. 

ug virginis. 

ugi virgini. 


The Record Interpreter. 

ug 1 ' virginalis. 

uris vestris. 

uge vergere. 

urm vestrum. 

iii viri. 

liro^ vestrorum. 

uis visis. 

u s virtuosus. 

ul re/. 

us 9 versus. 

ul c #e/ sec. 

us versiones, vesperas. 

ule universale. 

u* videlicet. 

ul e valete. 

u te virtute. 

tiles universales. 

u tes virtutes. 

ulia universalia. 

utu s virtutes. 

ulib* ubilibet. 

utut m virtutum. 

uli m universalium. 

utu 1 ' virtualiter. 

uliors univer sailor es. 

u^ virtutis. 

uli r univer saliter. 

ut 9 virtus. 

ulis universalis. 

u wr, versus. 

till tv?/M. 

ua wm. 

ult am#. 

9) 7 
u a mw. 

ul m/e^. 

^ - 

uace veracem. 

uii velati. 

uaoit veraciter. 

um verum. 

ua veram. 

tim 9 videmus. 

uba #er##. 

un b 3 venerabilibus. 

ubi a tferftt gratia. 

u ne virginem. 

ubo verbo. 

lint 1 * vldentur. 

ubu verbum. 

uiir vldentur. 

u b 3 versibus. 

uo vcrbo. 

ub verbis, verbum. 

U° wV^0. 

uba verbera. 

uq e unaquaque. 


**a "•* 

uDa r veroeratur. 

uqc^ unaquaque. 

ubat verberat. 

ur rester, vestitur, videtur, vo- 


ubib3 verberibus. 

ura vestra. 

ue t^re. 

ure vestra, videre. 

uecud verecundus. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


uget verget. 

urn verum. 

uges vergens. 

u m verbuni. 

ug*e vergere. 

umec verumetiam. 

ui ven. 

ume vermem. 

u 1 veroi. 

umf vermis. 

ui as Veritas. 

uo #erc>. 

u ib 3 verberibus, veritatibus. 

u° verbo. 

ui ca ' r verificatur. 

uo^ verorum. 

uifi r verificatur. 

u°£ verborum. 


uis 0ms. 

us #m«s. 

u is verbis. 

usi #em. 

ui s Veritas. 

^ - 

usu versum. 

uisite verisimile. 

utat 1 ' vertantur. 

uisilit verisimiliter. 

utor vertor. 

uitas Veritas. 

ute vertere. 

ui te veritate. 


uuex vervex. 

ui* 1 veritati. 


uu verum. 

ui^ veritatis. 

uuptn verumtamen. 

ui verms. 

uut n verumtamen. 


w a atizabm 9 waranthabim us. 

w a ato ivaranto. 

w a de tear eke. 

waiagid icainagium. 

wapentac wapentacium. 

wapentag wapentagium. 

wapentaK wapentakium. 

wap wapentagium. 

warant loarantum. 

war ivarantia, warantizabimt, 

waro ivaranto. 

with J nam wither namium. 
wlgarit vulgariter. 
wig 9 vulgus. 
win 9 vulnus. 
wlSa vulnera. 
wipes vulpes. 

wit 0tt#. 
wlt r vultur. 
w r cca icreccum. 
wreco wrecco. 
w th nam withernamium . 


The Record Interpreter. 


X. Christus, decern, denarii. 

x a decima, quadraginta. 

xannalifc decennalibus. 

xc Christus. 

x ce decern. 

x 1 Christi. 

xi a undecima. 

x^n 9 Christianus. 

x ! i Christi. 

xii a duodecimo,. 

xii cl duodecim. 

xii 9 duodecimus. 

x^ 9 Christianus. 

xi 9 undecimus. 

xl a quadragesima. 

xl e quadragesima'. 

xl ma quadragesima. 

xl me quadragesima?. 

xlsima quadragesima. 

x m decern. 

x ma decima. 

x° Christo. 

xpc Christus. 

xpe Christe. 

xpi Christi. 

xpiano^ Christianorum. 

xpian 9 Christianus. 

xpm Christum. 

xpo Christo. 

xps Christus. 

x u Christi. 

xv mo quindecimo. 

x flfecm ?mfe 

x decern, decimus. 

xana Christiana. 

xan 9 Christianus. 

xa^ decimarum. 

x e dechnm. 

xi Christi. 

xm Christum. 



yeal y emails (hiemalis). 

ydo a ydonea. 

yee yeme (hieme). 

yd tas ydentitas. 

yes ^ms iliiems). 

ye a le yemale (hiemale). 

ymag ymaginibus. 

Latin Abbreviations. 


ym ne ymagine. 

y I506W. 

ym° ymago. 

yag ymaginibus. 

y° ymago, ymmo. 

yno ?/mwo (Jiymno). 

yp ca ypotheca. 

ynu ymnum {hymnum). 

ypo ce ypothetice. 

yn 9 ymnus (hymniis). 

yunag yvemagium 


gium) . 

yizare ymnizare. 

y 9 ymnus. 

yizat ymnizant. 


zo ci zodiaci. 

zoa sowtf. 
Z 200000. 

3 e£, </?/£, ms. 

-f- £S^. 


The Record Interpreter. 



app s appartenans. 

appt appert. 

about aboutant. 

appten appartenant. 

acae a cause. 

appu approuver. 

acq 1 * acquereur. 

apteil appartenant. 

a£s acres. 

aps aprte. 

ad at advocat. 

arp arpentf arpens. 

ad cat advocat. 

arrest arrester. 

adio ner adjoumer. 

arr s arrerages. 

affes affaires. 

ascefi ascension. 

agable agreable. 

assig on assignation. 

aiam a jamais. 

assi r assigner. 

amde amende. 

ass 1 ' assavoir. 

angi Angleterre. 

asse assise. 

aon action. 

asson assignation. 

ape ans appellans. 

assr assavoir, assigner. 

app 011 appellation. 

attempmt attemprement. 

appra appartiendra. 

aud <m<tf#. 

appre apparoistre. 

auecqs avecques. 

* In French, writing of the 15th and 16th centuries, in a cursive 
hand, the abbreviations are often very carelessly made — as a for a, 
p for p, so that type does not exactly represent the forms used. 
If a word is not found in this list with the exact abbreviation 
occurring in a MS., it may be found with some similar form. 

French Abbreviations. 


auente aventure. 
aul s aultres. 
aur auroit. 
aut autre. 
autmt autrement. 
autpt autrepart. 
auts autres. 
au «flo#. 
aue autre. 
aues autres. 
aur 0ewV. 
aut #«w£. 
av a#0#. 
avr avoir. 
av 1 awtt'l. 
aon action. 


baill &a«7^', bailliage. 
bait 5r«7/?', bailliage. 
bapt baptiste. 
bn fo'm. 
bils tow. 
boiss boisseau. 
bourd Bourdeaux. 
bourg bourgeois. 
bout boutant. 
bo Sow. 
boe bonne. 
boiois bourjois. 

bt &6>w£. 
b boisseaux. 
bn foew. 
bnfice benefice. 
bns tow. 
bt 60^. 


caue c«ms£. 

cauon caution. 

caut causa nt. 

cae cause. 

ced c<?^7. 

cel e celeste. 

cestass ces£ assavoir. 

ce 9 mw (<?eM#). 

chandet chandelcur. 

chap re chapitre. 

chape chapitre. 

chapre chapitre. 

chal cheval. 

cliau chateau. 

chaux chateaux, chevaux. 

cheu. chevalier. 

chir chevalier. 

chs choses. 

cfr c/wr, chevalier. 

chal cheval. 

chaux chateaux, chevaux. 

chch chereher. 

clil cheval. 


The Record Interpreter. 

ctiler chevalier. 

cMr chevalier. 

ctin chacun. 

cfir chevalier. 

chre chartre. 

cttrs chevaliers. 

chs choses. 

cfrun chacun. 

cfru chacun. 

c^vencon cir convention. 

c^ee mee. 

cinq e cinquante. 

cinq te cinquante. 

etc c/erc. 

cog re cognoistre. 

colaon collation. 

colt collation. 

coltg le collegiate. 

compoir comparoir. 

cond condamne. 

con er conseiller. 

con ers conseillers. 

con eur controlleur. 

cont contre. 

conuen convenance. 

cop C0$?&. 

corpelmt corporelment. 
co rt ccmr£. 
cou co^r£. 
coe comme. 
cofess confesser. 
cornier confirmer. 

cois comnm. 

comad.3 commandements. 

come comme. 

comtt commettons. 

copte compte. 

copoir comparoir. 

copte comporte. 

cot e contre. 

coten contenant. 

c r cft'wr. 

ctain certain. 

8a e creature. 

cace creance. 

8tain certain. 

cjhn combien. 

eft condamnons. 

Cjdon condamnation. 

CjQ comme. 

cj e contre. 

Cjmanct commandons. 

cme comme. 

Cjmedt commendement. 

cjmisses commissaires. 

cjmdemt commandement. 

9me comme. 

cjmt comment. 
9petet competent. 
9pte compte. 
copoir comparoir. 
9puz comparuz. 
9seil conseil. 
csefi consentement. 

French Abbreviations. 


c/ e communaute. 
cten contenant. 
Gtes con tens. 
cjt contre. 


dar dhirrerages. 
daut cV autre. 
dautpt aV autre part. 
db. d\m bout. 
dc d'un coste. 
dee dicte (elite). 
decton declaration. 
decnons decernons. 
deff 1 ' defiendeur. 
deff 1 defiant, deffunct. 
deff defiant, deffunct. 
dem demourant. 
demd 1 ' demandeur. 
den denier 8. 
dens denier s. 
deppon depposition. 
deps depens. 
derech derechef. 
der derrain. 
desfht desmaintenant. 
dess 9 dessus. 
dess dessus. 
dessd dessusdit. 
desd dessusdit. 
deuem deuement. 

deu devant. 

deus devers. 

deus devers. 

dees demanderesse. 

dftiaon d' habitation. 

dignoi* d' ignorance. 

dilig diligemment, diligence. 

dillig diligemment, diligence. 

distr distrent. 

dom le domicile. 

douri donner. 

d l devant. 

dud dudit. 

dunept d\ine part. 

dub rf'ww &owf. 

duant durant. 

dyoc dgocese. 

d t/r/^s, cfc, denier, dit. 

db f/'ww taw/. 

dc ^'w« cos/e. 

dees demanderesse. 

dpt d'une part. 

dquel cluquel. 

dt devant, dit. 

dte dtfe. 


egte <?^//.s-c. 

enetiemt encherement. 

enchi enchcri. 


The Record Interpreter, 

ens enmity ensuivant. 


entler enteriner. 

enu envers. 


enus envers. 


epal episcopal. 

feb r Febvrier. 

escner eschequier. 

fe r /aire. 

escr escrit. 

ieme femme. 

escr escuier. 

f e femme. 

esd esdit, esdites. 


espal especial. 

for a t format. 

espal especial. 

f or?ece forterece (forteresse) . 

espaulx especiaulx. 

f ourf ait r e forfaiture. 

estie Estienne. 

from froment. 

est establi, estoit. 

Ire fr ere. 

euagi evangile. 

fur furent. 

ex a ord extraordinaire. 

f me femme. 

execuon execution. 

f re f aire. 

exept except er. 

ft /##. 

exe execution. 


exeon execution. 


expl exploit. 

f mier fermier. 

expos exposant. 

expssem expressement. 

ex re executoire, extraordinaire. 


ex t,e executoire. 

exon execution. 

g a ce #rac£. 

ec/bres encombres. 

g a nd grand. 

etigner enterigner. 

g a ns ^raws (grands). 

e es^. 

g a nt grant. 

g a raut guaraunt. 

garr garr ant. 

geilal general. 

French Abbreviations. 


gnalite generalite. 

gilai generalement. 

gilaulx generaulx. 

gor gorce. 

gouufht gouvemement. 

gre grace. 

gu a ant guarant. 

guilte Guillaume. 

guor gorce. 

gSal general. 

ge guerre. 


hefogenit hebergement. 

hebg heberger. 

herit heritage, heritier, 

herit: he ri tier. 

h ers heritiers. 

lion ble honorable. 

hon honneste. 

ho /jom (homme). 

hoe homme. 

home homme. 

hos /jows (hommes). 

huict e huictiesme. 

fibgenit herbergement. 

fifeg herberger. 

frfeiage herberiage. 

hile habile. 

tlirs foeVs. 

fritage Iter it age. 

iiitans habitans. 
hitaon habitation. 
Mt s habitans. 
hrs /zers, tors, 
hs /^rs, tors. 
fi s heritiers. 


iad /acfos. 

iefi Jehan. 

imp impel rant. 

inpole impossibile. 

inp le impossible. 

intes interes {inter et). 

intest interest (interet), 

io r jour. 

ioux jouxte. 

io jour, 

i r jour. 


iur* jurerent. 

im jure rent. 

iurdcon jurisdiction. 

iusqs jusques. 

iug Juing. 

Ipe impossible. 


katine Katerine. 
Kl Iialendes. 


The Record Interpreter. 


laqle laquclle. 

lass V assise. 

lb Ubvres. 

lbz Ubvres. 

led ledict. 

legle Veglise. 

le r fcwr. 

le r s leurs. 

leu 1 ' fetw. 

leu /<?^er. 

lex con V execution. 

le s leurs. 

liceri Ucencie. 

lie Ucencie. 

lieutefi lieutenant. 

lordon Vordonnance. 

lql lequel. 

Ire fe#re. 

Ires lettres. 

lfd lesditz. 

i livres. 

litage V heritage. 

Ire lettre. 

Ire3 lettres. 


M. Monsieur. 
Magd Magdekine. 

mandem mandement. 

mand mandons. 

mam J e maniere. 

ma3e manere, maniere. 

mar al mareschal. 

Marg Marguerite. 

ma tc majeste. 

m e maistre. 

me e were. 

mesm mesmement. 

mess 1 " messeigneur. 

mess messeigneur, messire. 

mest 1 ' mestier. 

mest mestier. 

mes messire. 

meub meuble. 

MicH J/i'cM. 

misicors miserieors. 

mlt moult. 

moit moitie. 

mond mondit. 

moiis 1 ' monsieur. 

monst monstrer. 

mons monsieur. 

mofi monnoie. 

moust moustier (monastere) 

most monstier (monastere). 

mos monsieur. 

m r maistre. 

me were. 

ms moins. 

mci merci. 

French Abbreviations. 


mcredi merer edi. 

oppo on opposition. 

mcy merci. 

6rd ce ordonnance. 

me mere. 

ord ne ordonne. 
ord re ordinaire. 


orr orront. 
ost r osfor \pter). 

n bre nornbre. Novembre. 


ottfer ottrier. 

neantrn neantmoins. 

oul e oultre. 

no bre nombre, Novembre. 

^i ~ j / 

outemt overtement. 

nob noble. 

nofcre Novembre. 

nor wofm 


nos wo^re Seigneur. 

not notaire. 

paiert paieront. 

notd wotfre afo^. 


parctin parchacun. 

no woms. 

parlemt parlement. 

noe nomme. 

parr e parroisse. 

n5er nommer. 

par Paris, Parisis. 

noes nommes. 

pat°naige patronauje. 

noobst nonobstant. 

&oe notre. 

pbre prcsbtre (prUre). 

peschie pescherie. 

nre wctfm 

phe Philippe. 


nredae wo^re Dame. 

p ! ere priere. 

nredt wo^re </?Y. 

p ! nce prince. 

nres 1 ' ;?o^re Seigneur. 

p^ncipale principale. 


nres ^o^re $?>£. 


p*ns prins. 

n we. 


p'ons prions. 

ill ww/. 

p ! os prions. 


p ! s jpris. 

p*se jonse. 

oct octave. 

p 5 sieej9r/s^ (prisie). 

op on opposition. 

pkie prive. 




The Record Interpreter. 

phiileg privileges. 

plete plente. 

plus plusieurs. 

plusrs plvsieurs. 

price presence. 

pfis presens. 

pnt present. 

pntaon presentation. 

pntenit presentement. 

po v pour. 

po r f orcemt pourforcemen t. 

por? porteur. 

poss possession. 

posson possession. 

pourp^ pourpris. 

poon possession i. 

po J pour. 

po' f orcemt poiirforcement. 

p* pour. 

presen presentement. 
proniaon proclamation. 
proucheii prouchenement. 
p r pris pourpris. 
preal presidial. 
pronaige patronaige. 
puiss puissant. 
p par. 
pen perches. 
pcliun parchacun. 
pcyd 1 parcyderant . 
pdeus pa rdeirrs. 

pdonn pardonnent. 

pd 1 pardevant. ' 

pd pardevant. 

TgQ p>ere. 

plemt parlement. 

pi parlement. 

pmiss permission. 

pnipt re peremptoire. 

poisse paroisse. 

pptuelmt perpe'tuellement. 

pqs perques. 

pre pier re. 

proiss parroisses. 

prr parroisse. 

pr parroisse. 

■gs 2 Mrs {parts). 

psoe personne. 

pt p«r£. 

ptf parties. 

pmier premierement. 

price presence. 

pns presens. 

pnt j) resent. 

pntaon presentation. 

pntenit presentement. 

ppal principal. 

psent presentes. 

pst prestre. 

pdecess predecesseurs 

plat prelat. 


pmier premierement. 

French Abbreviations, 


pnce presence. 


pndre prendre. ■ 

pneur preneur. 

q a nq, quanque. 

pns presens. 

q a nt quant. 

psent presentation. 

q a resme quaresme. 

pst prestre. 

q a rt quart. 

pudes preudes. 

q a rtier quartier. 

puost prevost. 

q a rt quartier. 

puot prevot. 

q a tre quatre. 

peed proceder. 

q x cte quicte. 

pees proces. 

q^lx </m<?/.£ [quels). 

pchain prochainement. 

q ! ex <^ie# (quels). 

pen prochain. 

q*l qu'il. 

pcuraon procuration. 

q*tie quitie. 

pcur procureur. 

q^tf quittes. 

pcurs procureu rs. 

quelcoq., quelconque. 

pdes prodes. 

q a t quant. 

peue proeve (preuve) . 

q <2W£. 

pfit profit. 

qelle quelle. 

pmetos prometons. 

ql <7^<?/. 

pmttos promettons. 

qlcoq. quelconque. 

pp*ete propriete. 

qlles quelles. 

pposee proposee. 

qlq, quelque. 

ppos proposer. 

qlx <£«£&?. 

ppre propre. 

qlz quails. 

ppe propre. 

pps propres. 


p r procureur. 

pucfi prouchain. 

raeh rachat. 

pue prouve. 

rant rantiers. 

puis 11 provision. 

reclon reclamation. 



The Record Interpreter. 

relig religieuse, religicux, reli- 
relt relation. 
relton relation. 
renoc renongant. 
repnter representer. 
req te requeste. 
reqros requerons. 
resue reserve, reserve. 
retorSoit retorneroit. 
reuent reverent. 
reuen reverence. 
regnut recognut. 
robt Robert. 
ryal royal. 


S. Saint, solz. 
sach e ' sachent. 
sacrmt sacrement. 
saGmt sacrement. 
salt salut. 
scau sgavoir. 
set sainct. 
scte saincte. 
segd segond (second), 
seign r seigneur. 
semb 1 semblable. 
semest semestier. 
sen al seneschal. 

sens s'ensuit. 

sent sentence. 

sente sentence. 

sept Septembre. 

septs septiers. 

sets setters. 

se^met serment. 

sf s« femme. 

stt sa/w£. 

soffiss soffissament. 

soub e soubsigne". 

soubz soubzage. 

soufiT souffisant. 

soe somme. 

spal special. 

spaulx speciaulx. 

s r seigneur, sire. 

S* sam£. 

st sow£. 

subgf subgiet (sujet). 

subtiimt subtilement. 

success successeur. 

succf successeurs. 

suffis suffisant. 

supp ant suppliant. 

suppt suppliant. 

s 9 dce susdicte. 

s 9 sistat sussistant. 

S3 saws. 

s seigneur, sieur, sire, solz. 

s a servira. 

s ct sainct. 

French Abbreviations. 


sdit susdit. 

t a us travers. 

§ e sire. 

ta tabellion. 

semet surement. 

tern temoins. 

siantie serjanterie. 

tend tendant. 

siaz serjanz (ser gents). 

tenefnt tenement. 

smt serment. 

ten 9 fe>ws. 

soient seroient. 

ten3 tenements. 

sont seront. 

tesm tesmoing. 

s r seigneur, sieur. 

testamt testament. 

sremt serrement. 

te§3 tesmoins. 

srial seigneurial. 

tfnite trinite. 

s rie seigneurie, sieurie. 

to al fo^/. 

st saint, sont. 

to r nois Toumois. 

ste sainte. 

to r il Toumois. 

st3 sofe Toumois. 

touch touchant. 

?a sera. 

tourn Toumois. 

? a servira. 

touss Toussaints. 

se s«r£. 

t r Toumois. 

sgf? ser gent. 

traus travers. 

sias serjans. 

t r nois Toumois. 

siatie serjanterie. 

t£ Toumois. 

smt serment. 

tj Toumois. 

soiet seroient. 

t Toumois. 

sot seront. 

tme terme. 

suir servir. 

tre ^re. 

te terme. 

?me terme. 


tre terra 

trouer terrouer {tcrroir). 

tabelt tabellion. 

?sor tresor. 

tab tabellion. 

?sor tresorier. 

t a nscript transcript. 


The Record Interpreter. 

u. v. 

valencli Valenchiennes. 

vall r vattoir. 

vali valiant. 

v e veuve. 

vend vendeurs. 

veil venant. 

vergf vergees. 

vesps vespres. 

vede r s vendeurs. 

vie viconte. 

vigf vignes. 

vo 9 rows. 

v r ? verront. 

vre vostre. 

us ?ms. 
vgf vergees. 
vite verite. 
vront verront. 
vue t&tftv. 
v£ verront. 
uite verite. 
v5t verront. 
utu rertfw. 


xphe Christqphe. 
xpien Chretien. 
xpofle Chrislofle. 




abactor a cattle lifter, who steals 
sheep or cattle in herds, not 

abacus a calculating board ; and 

hence, arithmetic. 
abandonnare to permit or forbid 

by proclamation. 
abandonum, abandwn anything 

sequestered, proscribed, 

pledged, or abandoned. 

abarnare to prove, legally, a 
secret crime. 

abastardare to bastardize. 

abatamentum an entry by inter- 

abatare to beat down ; to defeat 
a writ or appeal ; to enter 
into property void by death 
of the possessor before the 
heir takes possession. 

abatis an officer who distributes 
corn, an avener ; a ration 
of corn. 

abator a person who by interpo- 
sition enters into property. 

abatudus diminished, esp. clipped, 
as money. 

abbas an abbot. 

abbatatus the office of abbot. 

abbatia, abbathia an abbey ; the 
office of abbot. 

abbatis. See abatis. 

abbatissa an abbess. 

abbayum a milldam. 

abbettamentum abetment. 

abbettare, abettare to abet ; in- 

abbettator an abettor. 

abbettum abetment. 

abbottare to abut, or bound. 

abbreviare to abridge. 

abbrocamentum abbrochment, or 
forestalling a market or fair. 

abbrocator a forcstaller ; a broker. 

abbuttare to abut. 

abcariare to carry away. 

abdicare to renounce an office 
before the term of service is 

abditorium a chest for keeping 
plate or relics. 

abecedarium an alphabet. 

abecedarius a scholar learning to 

aberemurdrum manifest murder. 

abettare, Sfc. See abbettare, &c. 

abeyantia abeyance. Property is 
in abeyance when it is in 
expectation, in the intend- 
ment of the law, not in actual 

abgatoria, abyetorium the alpha- 
bet ; rudiments of a science. 

abigcvus a cattle stealer. See 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

abjudicare to take away by judi- 
cial sentence. 

abjurare to renounce the realm 
for ever. 

ablactatus weaned. 

abrocagium brokerage. 

abrocarius a broker. 

absconcius a casket. 

absconsa a dark lantern. 

absoniare to shun, or avoid. 

abutare. See abbuttare. 

accapitare, accaptare to pay a 

accapitis, accapitum, accaptamen- 
tum a relief. 

acceptilatio discharge, acquit- 

accessorius guilty of a felonious 
offence, not principally, but 
by participation. 

acciptrarius a falconer. 

accola a colonist; a cultivator of 

land where he was not born. 

accompliamentum accomplish- 

accrescendi jus right of increase. 

acephali persons who acknow- 
knowledged neither king 
nor church, temp. Hen. I. 

acerrum, acerum steel. 

aceta a snipe. 

achaptare. See accapitare. 

achatum purchase, bargain. 

achersetus a measure of corn, 

conjectured to be a quarter. 

acquestra acquisition. 

acquietantia a discharge in writ- 
ing, of money paid or debt 
due ; quittance. 

acquietare to pay : to free or dis- 

acquirere, adquirere to purchase ; 
to acquit. 

acra an acre of land ; a judicial 

combat, holm gang. 
acroisia blindness. For aorisia. 

actachiare. See attachiare. 

actilia armour and weapons; gear. 

actio a legal demand of a right. 

actionare to prosecute. 

actor a proctor or advocate in 

civil courts, 
actor dominicus the lord's bailiff 

or attorney. 
actor ecclesice the advocate or 

pleading patron of a church. 
actor villce the steward or head 

bailiff of a town or village. 

actornatus. See attornatus. 

actuarius the clerk who registers 
. the acts of convocation. 

aculus, acuta an aglet, a metal tag. 

acupatus interrogated. 

acustumabilis, acustumatus liable 

to custom. 
acustumare to exact custom ; to 

exempt from custom. 
acuta ague. 

acutecula a steel ; a hone. 
adalingus an etheling. 

adaquare to water (cattle) ; to 

adaquarium a watering place. 

adbreviare. See abbreviare. 

adcredulitare to purge oneself of 
an accusation by oath. 

additio a title setting forth a per- 
son's estate, degree, trade, &c. 

addresciare, addressare to re- 
dress ; to restore ; to make 
amends for ; to render ac- 
count of. 

adirare to lose. 

adiratus a compensation for goods 
lost or stolen. 

adjornamentum, adjournamentum 
adjournment, putting off to 
another day or place. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


adjornare, adjournare to adjourn. 

adjiidicatio pronouncing a judg- 
ment or decree. 

adlegiare to purge oneself of a 
crime by oath. (Fr. aleier.) 

admensuratio admeasurement ; a 
writ for remedy against per- 
sons who usurp more than 
than their share. 

adminiculum, adminiculatio aid, 

admiraldus, admiralis, admiral- 
lus an admiral. 

admiraldus sometimes used for 

admiralitas admiralty. 
admiravisus an emir vizier. 
adfiichilare, adnullare to annul. 
adquietare. See acquietare. 
adrectare to do right ; make 

adresciare. See addresciare. 

adulterinus unlawful, esp. of 

adunare to collect. 

advallacio anguillarum eel- 

advanciamentum advancement. 

advantagium advantage ; the right 
of the lord to redeem a fief 
removed by the vassal from 
his lordship. 

adventura an adventure, or ven- 

adventurare to adventure, or ven- 

advenhirarius an adventurer. 

adventus casual profit. 

advisamentum advice ; conside- 

advisare to advise. 

advocare to advow ; to justify an 
act done ; to avow, i. e. in 
boroughs, to falsely allege 

that goods belong to a free- 
man so as to evade duty. 

advocaria avowry ; the justifica- 
tion of having taken a dis- 
tress, when the party sues 
forth a replevin. 

advocatio advowson, right of 
presentation to an eccle- 
siastical benefice ; allegation 
of protection or authority. 

advocatus counsellor or pleader ; 

patron of a church, avowee, 

advowee ; protector of a 

cedituus a verger, keeper of relics. 
JEgyptiacus, JEgyptius a gypsy. 
aeraria, aeria an eyry, a nest, 

usually of hawks. 

aerarius nesting. 

afferamentum affeerment, assess- 
afferare to assess a fine. 

afferator an affeerer, a person who 
assesses fines in courts leet 
and courts baron. 

affidare to certify ; to swear 
fealty ; to affiance. 

affidatio an oath. 

affidus one who has pledged his 
faith to another. 

affilarc to put on a file with. 

affilatorium a steel, a hone. 

affinare to fine (gold) ; to finish. 

affirmare to let to farm. 

afforare to appraise. 

afforciamentum a fortress ; com- 

afforciare to increase, or make 
stronger ; to compel. 

afforciatas pure, unadulterated. 

Applied to cloth or other 

afforestare to turn land into 



Glossary of Latin Words. 

affra. See affrus. 
affraia an affray. 
affrectamentum, affretamentum 

affrectare, affretare to freight. 

affrus an ox or horse for farm. 

work ; usually a horse. 
affur amentum. See afferamentum. 

agalma an image on a seal. 
agaseus a gazehound. 
agellarius a hayward, a herd- 
agenda an imperfect missal. 

agenfrida a lord or owner. 

agillarius a hayward or herd- 
ward ; keeper of cattle on a 

agisamentum a masquerade. 

agistamentum right of pastur- 
age ; the sum paid for this 

agistare to assign pasturage for 
cattle, esp. in a forest. 

agistatcs terrce lands whose owners 

are bound to keep up the 

sea walls. 
agistator an agister, officer who 

assigns the pasturage in a 

agitatio animalium in foresta the 

drift or view of beasts in the 

agnatio lambing. 
ag?iellatio, agnilatio lambing. 
Agnus Dei an oval piece of 

white wax, stamped with 

the figure of a lamb, and 

agreamentum agreement. 
agreare to agree. 
agri arable land in the common 

ainescia the right of the eldest. 

aisiamentum, aisimentum liberty 

of passage ; easement. 
aisnecca a ship. (A.-S. snacc.) 

aisya convenience. 

ahermannus a small farmer. (A.-S. 
cecermon.) Their holding was 
less than that of the virga- 
tarii, but from comparison 
of rent must have been more 
than an acre. 

aketonum a haqueton, a gambeson, 
a padded or quilted tunic. 

a la the aisle of a church. 

alamandina a stone coloured like 

a garnet. 
alanerarius a keeper of dogs 

(alans) or hawks (lanners). 

alanus a large hound. 

alatoria, alatorium, alatura a 
covered way or walk; piazza. 

alaudarius a hobby hawk. 

alba an alb ; a white tight- 
sleeved vestment. 

alba fir ma a yearly rent payable 
to the chief lord of the 
hundred in white money, 
i. e. silver. 

albergata the right of lodging in 
a vassal's house ; money 
paid in lieu thereof. 

albergellum, albergio a hauberk or 
habergeon, a coat of mail 
covering the head and 

alblastarius crossbowman. See 

aldermannus an alderman. 

aldermanria a district under the 
jurisdiction of an alderman. 

alebrodium a warm drink ; broth ; 

alecenarium a lanner (falco lan- 

alecia (sing.) herrings. 

alecium, alectum a herring. 

aleium alloy. 

alficus a leper. 

alfinus a bishop, at chess. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


alfita flour. Aljita Herbarum is 

the title of a book. 
algorismus arithmetic. 
alices contortions. 
aliquilitas essence. 
aliteum a crime. 
alkamia alcamyne, a mixed 

alkemonia alchemy. 

allaga, allaia alloy. 
allecia. See alecia. 
allegiantia allegiance. 
allegiare to defend or justify by 

course of law. 
alleviare to levy or pay a fine. 
allocare to allow. 
allocatio allowance ; award. 
allodium. See alodium, 
allorium. See alura. 
allota, alluta cork. 
allottare to allot. 

almaria, almerium a cupboard ; 
aumbry. See armaria. 

almicia. See almucia. 

almonaria an almonry. 

almonarius an almoner. 
almoner a, almoneria an almonry ; 

a pouch or purse from which 

alms were given. 

almucia, almecium an amess, a 
cloth or fur hood worn by 
canons and monks. 

alna an ell. See ulna. 

alnagium measurement by the 
ell ; duty paid by the ell. 

alnetum a place where alders 

grow, an alder grove. 
alodarius the lord of a free manor. 

alodium a free manor. 
alorium a covered way. 
alosa a shad. 
aloverium a purse. 
alphita. See alfita. 

altaragium altarage ; offerings 
made upon the altar ; small 

altellus an alien. 

alterare to change, to alter. 

alteratio alteration. 

altile a fatted beast or fowl ; a 

alura (Ft. aleur) an alure, a 

passage, alley ; a parapet ; 

a walk behind a parapet ; a 

alutarius a cordwainer ; a tanner ; 

a tawyer ; dressed leather. 
alver the same as aloverium (?). 
amanda an almond. 
amatista an amethyst. 
ambactus a servant ; a client. 
ambassiata an embassy. 
ambassiator an ambassador. 
ambidexter a juror who takes 

money from both sides. 
ambis a vase. 

ambisiata. See ambassiata. 
ambra a measure of wheat or 

salt, four bushels ; a wine 

jar ; amber. 

ambro a prodigal. 

ambrum amber. 

ambularius an ambling horse. 

amerciamentum a pecuniary 

amerciare to amerce, to fine. 

amicia. See almucia. 

amictus an amice, a linen vest- 
ment forming a hood or 

amirellus admiral. 

ammobragium a kind of service ; 
a fine. 

amortizare to alien lands in mort- 
main ; to amortize. 
amortizatio amortization. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

amotibilis, amovibilis removeable. 
ampliatio deferring judgment till 

a cause is further examined. 
ampulla a vessel for holding holy 

oil ; a reliquary. 
amuntia amount. 
anabatrum a curtain. 
anachoreta ahermit; an anchorite. 
anamelatus enamelled. 
ancoragium duty paid by ships 

when they anchor in a haven. 
andena a swath ; as much ground 

as a man can stride over ; 

an andiron. 

andreseya a dairy. 

androchia, androgia a dairymaid. 

androchiarium a dairy. 

anelacium a knife, or dagger. 

angaria a vexatious personal 
service ; distress. 

angarialis grievous. 

angariare to compel. 

angarius a catchpole, an officer 
who arrests. 

angeldum, angildum the single 
valuation, or fine imposed 
on a criminal. 

Anglici, probatio proof of Eng- 

animalia oxen. 

annales yearling cattle. 

annatce first fruits ; annates. 

annuale yearly income of a pre- 
bendary ; or of a priest for 
celebrating an anniversary. 

annuatim yearly. 

annulatus ringed (of a pig). 

ansorium a shoemaker's knife. 

antecessor ancestor; also the name 

of a servant attending on a 

dean and chapter. 

ant eg ar da vanguard. 

an tela a poitrel. 

antephalarica a portcullis. 

antesignatus a soldier posted in 
front of the standard. 

antianitas seniority, ancienty. 

antianus old, ancient. 

antic a a hatch. 

anticopa a countertally. 

antidoron a gift given in ex- 

antigraphus a scribe, a copyist. 
antilopia an antelope (heraldic). 
antiphonarium a book containing 

antiquitas seniority ; ancienty. 
antistes a bishop ; an abbot. 
antistita an abbess. 
antistitium a monastery. 

antithetarius an accused person 
who charges his accuser with 
the same crime. 

apanagium the portion of a 
younger child. 

apatisare to agree ; to ransom. 

apechiamentum impeachment. 

aporiare to impoverish. 

apostare to transgress. 

apparatora messenger who serves 

the process of a spiritual 

court, an apparitor. 
apparens lex ordeal. 
apparentia appearance. 
appares equals. 

apparura furniture ; equipment. 
appatizare. See apatisare. 
appellare to appeal. 
appellum an appeal. 

appendens a thing of inheritance, 
belonging to a greater in- 

appenditia appendages ; appur- 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


appendix, appendicium a pent- 

appennagium. See apanagium. 

appensura payment of money by 

appenticium a pent-house. 

applauda sauce. 

applicium an inn ; lodging. 

applita harness, fittings. 

appodiare to prop up ; to sustain. 

appoisonare to poison. 

apponere to pledge ; to pawn. 

apporiare, apporriare to impover- 

apportionamentum apportion- 

apportionare to divide proportion- 

apportion revenue or profit ; cor- 
rody or pension ; rent or 

appreciare to appraise. 

apprenticius an apprentice. 

apprentisagium, apprenticiamen- 
tum apprenticeship. 

approbare to augment the value 
of, as to increase the rent 
of land. 

approbator a person who confesses 
felony and accuses others, 
an approver. 

appropriate to annex a benefice 
to the use of a spiritual cor- 
poration or person ; to ap- 

appropriation appropriamentum 

approvamentum profits ; crop. 

approviare, approware, appruare se 
to use for one's own profit ; 
as to enclose waste land. 

appruator an officer in some towns 
(e.g. Wakefield) appointed 
to look after the interests of 
the lord of the manor. 

appruntare to borrow. 

aquagium a watercourse ; a holy 

water stoup. 
aqualium the top of the head. 
aquarium an ewer. 
aracium a stud of horses. See 

aralus the maple tree. 

aratrum terra as much land as 
can be tilled with one plough. 

arcarius an archer ; keeper of an 
area, a chest for the deposit 
of bonds and deeds. 

arcenarius. See arconarius. 

archearius. See arcarius. 

archemecherus some officer in the 
household of Henry VI., 
perhaps chief sword bearer. 

archenius a rick of corn. 

archeria archery. 
archidiaconus an archdeacon. 
archiepiscopus an archbishop. 

archipresbyter chief priest in a 

collegiate church. 
archisigillarius chief keeper of a 

seal, chancellor. 
arvhivum a place where records 

are kept. 
arcista. See artista. 

arcisterium. See asceterium. 

arconarius a man engaged in 
some trade connected with 

arco?iius a rick. 

arcubalista a crossbow, arblast. 
arcubalistarius a crossbowman. 

arcubus, curia de Court of Arches, 
so called from the church of 
St. Mary de Arcubus (le Bow), 
where it was formerly held. 

arcuere to shoot with a bow. 

arcussit shot. 

area open space ; cemetery. 

arenga a preamble ; harangue. 

arentare to let for a rent, to arrent, 
to rate. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

arentatio rental ; assessment of 

are stum arrest. 
a retro in arrear. 
argumentosus ingenions. 
arista, pannus de arras. 
arivagium toll paid by ships on 

mooring at a wharf or port. 
arma dare to make a knight. 
armaria a cupboard ; an aumbry. 
armariolum a little cupboard. 

armarius a librarian in a monas- 

armatura armour ; military exer- 

armicudium a dagger. 

armiger an esquire. 

armilausa a cloak. 

armurarius an armourer. 

arnaldia a disease, perhaps bald- 
aromatarius a grocer. , 

arpentum a small plot of land ; 
an acre. 

arquilla a linchpin. 

arquillus a saddle bow (?). 

arquinecca some drug or spice. 

arraiamentum array, in reference 
either to a jury, or to soldiers. 

arraiare to array. 

arraiatio. See arraiamentum. 

arraiatores arrayers ; officers 
whose duty it was to see that 
soldiers were properly ac- 

arrainamentum arraignment. 

arrainare, arrainiare to claim, 
arraign, accuse. 

arramiare. See arrainare. 

arramire, adramire to promise, 
esp. in a court of law. 

arraya. See arraiamentum. 

arrectatus suspected ; accused. 

arrenamentum arraignment. 

arrenare. See arrainare. 

arrentare. See arentare. 
arrepticius possessed; a madman. 
arreragium arrearage. 
arrestare to arrest. 
arrestum arrest. 
arrivagium. See arivagium. 

arrivare to draw to the shore ; 

to arrive. 
arrura. See arura. 

arsina arson ; house-burning. 

arsura trial of money by fire. 

artavum a small knife. 

articulare to draw up in articles ; 
to article. 

articulus an article ; esp. a com- 
plaint exhibited in a Court 

artijicium handicraft. 

artillator maker of artillery. 

artilleria artillery. 

artista one who has taken a 
degree in arts. 

artitus skilfully made or ar- 

arura ploughing ; a day's work 
with a plough; a tilled 
field ; crops. 

asceterium a monastery. 

asiamentum. See aisiamentum. 

asinare to ride on an ass. 

aspersorium a sprinkler ; a vase 
for holy water. 

assaia, assaium assay ; exami- 
nation of weights and 
measures, bread, beer, &c. 

assaiare to assay, examine. 

assaiator an assayer. 

assartare to bring forest land 
into cultivation by grub- 
bing up the roots, &c. 

assartum assart ; land brought 
into cultivation. 

assay siare (of judges) to call 
others to assist them. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


assecurare to make secure by 

pledge or oath ; assure. 
assedare. See assidare. 
assemblare to assemble. 
assemblata, assemblatio assembly. 
asser a stake. 
asserrum steel. 
assessare to assess. 
assessor an assessor. 
asseurare. See assecurare. 

asseware, asseiviare to drain 
marsh, ground. 

assidare, assidere to tax equally; 
to assess. 

assignare to transfer a right ; to 
appoint a deputy ; to de- 
clare ; to pledge. 

assignare se ad to attack ; to lay 
hands on. 

assignatio assignment ; transfer- 
ence of interest. 

assignatus assignee ; deputy. 

assimulare to put together ; col- 

assisa a fixed measure ; a tax 
or fine ; a sitting of justices 
to hear causes ; a jury ; 
certain statutes and writs 
are also called assises. 

assisa panis et cerevisice the 
power of examining the 
weight and measure of 
bread and beer. 

assisores assessors. 

assisus rented or farmed out. 

assisus redditus rent of assize ; 

fixed rent. 
assoniare to essoin. 
assueare to drain. 
assuera a drain. 
assumptio the anniversary of the 

death of a saint. 
assurantia assurance. 

assurare to assure. 
a stela a staff. 

astrarius hceres an heir who 
occupies his inheritance 
during his ancestor's life. 

astrium, astrum hearth ; house. 

astructus instructed. 

astula a piece of firewood. 

astur. See austur. 

asura azure. 

atia hatred, malice. 

atilium utensil; implement; gear. 

atinctus. See attinctus. 

atratus a mourner. 

attachare to affix. 

attachiamentum attachment ; ap- 
prehension of a person or 
seizing goods; right of using 
(underwood, water, &c). 

attachiamentum for estce the lower 
court of a forest. 

attachiare to take in pursuance 
of a writ ; to attach. 

attachiator an officer who makes 
attachment ; bailiff. 

attaincta, attincta, attaint. 

attamiare, attaminare to broach. 

attegia a little house. 

atterminare to put within certain 
boundaries ; to postpone to a 
certain day ; to atterm. 

attilamentum. See atilium. 

attilliamentum. See atilium. 

attilliator maker of artillery, 

military engines. 
attincta attaint. 

attinctus attainted. 

attornamentum an acknowledg- 
ment by a tenant of a new 
lord, attornment. 

attornare to assign goods to some 
special use ; to aiipoint an 
attorn ey. 

attornatus attorney. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

attractus store. 

aubergellum a breastplate. 

auca a goose ; some article of 
plate, perhaps an ewer ; an 
enclosed piece of land. 

aucipiter a falcon. 

auctenticare to declare authentic. 

auctionarius, auctionator a re- 
tailer ; a broker. 

aucubaculo to catch birds after 
dark, to batfowl. 

auditor a catechumen ; an ex- 
aminer of accounts. 

augea a cistern. 

aula a court baron ; the nave of 

a church. 
auleum a hanging, tapestry. 

aunciatus antiquated. 

aureolus golden oriole or gold- 

auricalcum latten. 

auricular e a cushion ; a defence 
for the ears of a horse. 

auricularius a secretary. 

aurijicium goldsmith's work. 

aurifilum gold thread. 

aurifresarius an embroiderer. 

aurifrigium, aurifresium, aurifri- 
sium orphrey, embroidery on 
clerical vestments. 

aurisia blindness {ocoqxgIz}. 

auroca, aurocus a haycock, a 
hayrick ; the quantity of hay 
which can be lifted on the 
handle of a scythe. 

aurus. See averus. 

austur, austurcus a goshawk. (Fr. 

austur char ius a falconer. 

autela a horse's breastplate. 

aux ilium an aid. 

auxionarius. See auctionarius. 

avagium payment for right of 
pannage in the lord's wood. 

avalagium fixed engines to take 
fish ; eelbucks ; descending a 

avalare to descend a river. 

avantagium. See advantagium. 

avaragius one who looks after 

draught cattle. 
avellana nux hazel nut 

avenagium avenage, rent paid in 

avenarius an avener, purveyor of 

aventura. See adventura. 

avera a day's work of a plough- 

averagium service with horse and 
carriage due by the tenant 
to his lord ; contribution by 
merchants towards losses of 
cargo by tempest. 

averarius a man who looks after 
the farm cattle. 

averia horses or oxen for the 
plough ; cattle generally. 

averia de ponder e, or ponderis 
avoirs du poys, i.e. fine goods, 
such as spices, weighed by 
the pound at the king's 
small balance when the duty 
was charged. 

averium goods, merchandise. 

averrare to carry goods in a 

averus a farm horse, or draught ox. 
avis used like the Fr. oiseau, for 

a hawk or falcon. 
avisagium. See avagium. 
avisare. See advisare. 

avocare, avoare to avow, confess ; 

to justify. 
avragium. See averagium. 
awardium an award. 
aymellatus enamelled. 
ayziamentum. See aisiamentum. 
azaldus an inferior horse. 
azarum steel. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 



babatum a horseshoe. 

baca an iron hook or staple. 

baccalarius, baccalaureus a bache- 

baccinium a bason. 

bachelarius a young knight ; a 
knight disqualified from 
youth or poverty from 
carrying a banner in war. 

bacheleria the commonalty, as 
distinguished from the 

bacho. See baco, 

bacina, bacinus a bason. 

bacinettum a basinet, a helmet 
smaller than the helm and 
usually pointed at the top. 

baco a hog ; a salted pig's car- 
case ; a flitch of bacon ; a 

bactile a candlestick, esp. of wood. 

bacularius a bachelor. 

baculus a crozier. 

badius bay (horse). 

baga a bag or purse. 

bagea a badge. 

bagus bay (horse). 

bahuda, bahudum a chest ; a 

trunk, called a barehide in 

baia rumour ; a bay. 
bailius, baillivus a bailiff. 

bajula a pitcher ; the office of 

bajulus ; a nurse. 
bajulator a bearer ; a guardian. 
bajulus a bearer, a bailiff. 

bajulus aquilce an officer in the 
military order of St. John 
of Jerusalem, the Bailly 
of the Eagle. 

bakeria a bakehouse. 


bala a bale. 

balancea, balancia a pair of scales. 
balasius, balesius a balasse ruby, 
an inferior stone. 

balca a balk (of land). 

balcanifer, baldacimfer the stan- 
dard-bearer of the Knights 

balcanum the Templars' standard. 

baldekinum, baldicum baudekin, 
a kind of brocade, origin- 
ally brought from Bagdad ; 
a canopy. 

baldrea a baldric. 

balengaria, balingarium a bal- 
inger ; a barge. 

baleuga. See banleuga. 

balista used for a cross-bow, 
which is properly arcu- 

balistarius a cross-bowman. 
ballare to sweep ; to dance. 
ballia the keep of a castle. See 

ballium bail ; a fortress ; ward- 

balliva, ballivatus bailiwick ; 

ballivus a bailiff. 

balneare to bathe. 

balneo, miles de knight of the Bath. 

balus a bale. 

bancale a banker, a covering for 

a bench. 

bancum, bancus a bench. 

banda a band (of soldiers). 

bandum a pennon. 

banera, baneria a banner. 

banerettus a knight made in the 
field, by cutting off the 
point of his pennon and 
making it a banner. 

banidium a badge. 



Glossary of Latin Words. 

banleuga, bannaleuca the bounds 
of a manor or town ; the 
circuit of a monastery over 
which it has jurisdiction. 
(Fr. banlieue.) 

bannezatus banished. 

bannire to proclaim ; to banish. 

bannum, banum a proclama- 
tion; a boundary; (pi.) bans 
of matrimony. 

banum a bane. 

baractator, barator a barretor, a 
common mover of suits and 

barbacana. See barbecana. 

barbator a barber. 

barbecana, barbicana, an outwork 

of a fortress. 
barbicanagium contribution for 

the maintenance of a bar- 
barbitonsor a barber. 
barbitura shaving. 
barbota a barge. 
barbulus a barbel. 
barca a barque. 
barcaria. See ber carta and bar- 

barcius a fish, probably perch, 

perhaps also bass. 
bar da tics barded, armed with a 

bard (of a horse). 
barellus a barrel. 
barga. See barca and bargea. 
bargania an agreement; abargain. 
barganizare to bargain. 
bargea, bargia a barge ; part of 

a horse's trappings. 
barhuda, barhuta, a chest ; a 

trunk, Anglice, a barehide. 
barillum, barrillus a barrel. 
barharia a tan-house. 
barnagium baronage. 
baro a baron. 
baronagium baronage. 

baronatus barony ; baronage. 
baronettus a baronet. 
baronia a barony. 
baronissa a baroness. 
barra a bar, a barrier ; a bar to 
an action. 

barractator a barretor, an insti- 
gator of suits and quarrels. 

barrasterius a barrister. 

barratria dissension ; barratry. 

bartona demesne lands ; manor 

barutellum a cask. 

bascinus a bason. 

basculus a basket. 

basena. See bazeyna. 

basilardum a poinard. 

basnetum a basinet. See bacinettum. 

bassare to lower. 

bassaria camera a base chamber. 

bassellus a coin abolished by 

king Henry II. 
bassus low. 
bastardia bastardy. 

bastardus one born out of wed- 
basto a staff. 

basum. Per basnm tolnetum ca- 

pere to take toll by strike. 
bat alia battle. 

batella, batellus a small boat. 

batellagium boat-hire. 

batellarius a boatman.' 

batellatus embattled. 

bateria battery, beating. 

batilda toll for boats (?). 

batillus a bat; a beetle; a clapper. 

batitoria a fulling mill. 

bativa, batura battery. 

batus a boat ; a measure, 12^ 
gallons ; a peck ; a vessel 
used in feeding horses; abat. 

baubare to bark ; to bay. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


baubella jewels. 
baucaria a tapster. 
bausanus a badger, bawson. 
bausia, bosia treason, felony. 
bausiare, bosiare to rebel. 
bauzanus piebald. (Fr. baugant, 

bazeyna basil, prepared leather. 

beaconagium contribution for the 
maintenance of beacons. 

becnus some sort of fish. 

bedelaria office of beadle, or dis- 
trict to which his office 
extends ; bedellary. 

bedellus beadle, or bedell. 

bederipa. See bedrepium. 

bedrepium bedripe, harvest work 
done by tenants as a cus- 
tomary service ; it some- 
times means a definite 
amount, perhaps a day's 

bedripus. See bedrepium. 

bedum the portion of a mill- 
stream which turns the 
wheel and is boarded up 
to increase the force of 

belfredus a belfry. 

belgiga a car, a chariot. 

bellicrepa a muster. 

belli ger are to make war. 

helium a battle ; used, as the 
English word is, to denote 
a portion of an army ; a 
judicial combat, duel. 

benda aband, either metal or stuff ; 

a bar ; a bend (heraldic). 
benejiciatus holding a benefice. 

benejicium a benefice, an eccle- 
siastical living or promotion. 

bencvolentia a voluntary gratuity 
given by subjects to the 

benwrda service with plough and 

berbiagium a rent paid in sheep, 
or tax paid on sheep. 

berbicaria pasture for sheep. 

berbix a sheep. 

bercaria a sheepfold, sheepcote ; 
a sheep walk. 

bercarius a shepherd. 

berebrutus a man who takes 
charge of and distributes 
beer (?). 

berefridus a belfry. 

berewicha. See berwica. 

berfrarium a military engine. 

beria an open plain. 

berkeria a sheepf arm, a sheepfold. 

bemarius a forest officer ; a bear 

ward ; a beardog. 
berra a heath, or moor. 
bersa the fence inclosing a park. 
bersare to hunt. 

bersarius a hunter ; a forester 
or park-keeper. 

berseletta a small hound. 

bertona. See bartona. 

berwica a village or hamlet. 

berziza beer, or perhaps wort. 

besacutum. See bisacuta. 

besantus. See bisantius. 

besca a spade. 

bescare to dig. 

bescata as much land as a man 
can dig in a day. 

bestice beasts (deer or cattle). 

betagius a serf whose lord is a 
church or convent. 

biberagium beverage. 

biberia, biberrium an afternoon 

lunch, bever. 

bibina. See biberia. 

bica a bees' nest ; a beehive. 

N- 2 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

bicarius a bee-keeper. 

bidellus a bedell ; a beadle. 

biduana a fast of two days. 

bigata a wagon load. 

bigera a doublet. 

bilagines bye-laws. 

bilheta a bill ; a billet. 

bilinguis (of a jury) part English 

and part foreign. 
billet a bill. 

billetum a billet ; a stake. 

billia a branch. ; a post. 

billio money of copper, or copper 

and silver ; bullion. 
billies a staff or stick. 

binnarium a fishpond. 

birrettum a thin close-fitting cap ; 

a judge's coif. 
bisacuta a twoheaded axe. 

bisa?itius a,hesa,iit, a gold coin, first 
issued by the emperors of 
Byzantium, worth about a 
ducat. The Byzantius albus 
of silver was worth about 2s. 

biscoctus biscuit. 

bisius. See bisus. 
bissa a hind. 
bisus panis brown bread. 
bivernagium second crop. 
bizantium. See bisantius. 
bladarius a cornchandler. 
bladum corn. 
blancltetus a blanket. 
blanchiatura reduction of base 

money to its true value. 
blanci white money, sterling. 
blancum argentum money tested 

at the Exchequer as to its 

blancum fir me blanch farm. 

blanhornum a horn. (A.-S. blau- 

blaserius an incendiary. 
blendum. See bluedius. 
bleta peat. 

blida, blidus a catapult. 

blodeus, blodius deepcred^ blue. 

bluedius, bluetus blue. 

bocca a boss. 

boceras a royal secretary among 

the Anglo-Saxons. 
boculus a bullock. 
boga budge, lamb fur. 
bogetta a budget. 
boia. See buia. 
boisiare to rebel. 
bolare to play at bowls. 
boldagium, bolhagium a cottage. 
bolengarius a baker. 

bolla a bowl; three-quarters of a 
pint ; a boll, 6 bushels. 

boloninus a boloner, an Italian 
gold coin of two kinds, old 
boloners and Papal bolo- 
ners, bearing on one side 
the Resurrection, on the 
other S. Thomas the Apostle 
of India or Mary Magdalene, 
the former being slightly 
more valuable. 

bombarda a cannon. 
bombycinium padding. 
bonclia a bunch ; a bank. 
bondagium villenage ; slavery ; a 

tenement held by a villein. 
bondemannus a bondman. 
bondus a serf ; a slave. 
borachia an erection for fishing, 
forr/aaplank; a hut; a small farm. 

bordagium tenure by which bor- 
darii hold. 

bordaria a cottage. 

bordarius a cottier ; also pro- 
bably a farm-labourer living 
at the farm-house. 

bordellus a small house. 

bordus, bordum a board. 

boriens, borientalis north. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


boscagivm food which trees yield 
to cattle, as mast and acorns. 
boscar. See bostar. 

boscarium a wooden house ; a 

boscus a wood. 
bosia, bausia treason, felony. 
bosiare, bausiare to rebel. 

bostar, bostarium a stable for 

bostio a cattle driver. 
bota, botta a boot ; a bunch ; a 

bottle (of hay). 
botellarius a butler ; a bottle 

botelleria a buttery, or butlery. 

botellus a bottle. 
botha a booth. 
bothena a barony, lordship. 
bothna, buthna a park for cattle. 
boto a button. 
botonare to button. 
botracium a buttress. 
botrus a cluster. 

bovaria a cattle-shed, an ox-house. 
bovarius an ox-herd. 
bovata terrce an ox-gang. 
boveria, boverium an ox-house. 
bovetta a heifer. 
bovettus a steer, young ox. 
boviculus a young ox, but not the 
same as bovettus. 

bovina a stable for oxen ; a cow- 
bozetum cowdung. 

braca terrce a ridge of earth, a 
balk. (Fr. braye.) 

bracco a brach, a small hound. 

bracenarius a huntsman. 

bracetus, brachetus a brachet, a 

hound for hare and fox. 
brachia some fixed fishing engine. 
brachiare, braciare to brew. 

braciatorium a brewhouse. 

bracinum a brewhouse ; a brew. 

braconarius. See bracenarius. 

braelli breeches. 

braesium malt. 

bragetum bragwort, or bracket, a 

drink flavoured with honey 

and spice. 
bragmannus a robber, marauder. 
branch a torch. 
brandones the first week in Lent. 

branclonis vel brandonum dies the 
first Sunday in Lent. 

branis brawn, muscle. 

brannus a fish, probably a bream. 

brasiare to brew. 

brasiaria a brewery. 

brasiator a brewer. 

brasina a brewhouse. 

brasinagium brewing. 

brasinum the quantity of beer 
brewed at one time. 

brasium malt. 

brattea a leaf of metal, foil. 
br avium a prize. 

brecca, brecka a breach. See also 

brechia. See braca, brecca. 
breisna wethers. 
bremium bran. 
bremulus a bream. 
brenagium a rent paid in bran. 
brenna a bream. 
brennium bran. 
bresmia a bream. 
bretechia, bretesca a stockade. 
breve a writ. 
breviarium a breviary. 

brevigerulus one who carries and 
serves writs. 

brevis a brief. 

brig a contention. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

broca a tap. 

broccayium a broker's hire ; 

broccarius, broccator a broker. 
brocellum brushwood. 

brocket, broccus an awl ; a pack- 
ing needle. 

brochia a pitcher ; a spit. 

broculator a brewer. 

brodiellum brewet, pottage, 

brodium broth. 

brollium wood, esp. for game. 

brossus bruised. 

bruarium, bruera heather ; heath 

bruilletus a small coppice. 

bruisdatus, brusdatus embroi- 
bruneta. See burneta. 

bruscia a wood. 

bruscus brush ; broom plant ; 

brussura, brusura a bruise. 

brusua, brusula browse ; brush- 

bucca, bucia. See bussa. 

bucetum a cattle stall. 

bucia, buccula a boss; a buckle. 

buclarium a buckler. 

budellus. See bedellus. 

bufetum a board, cupboard. 

buff a a large ship (error for 
bussa ?). 

buyer annum buckram. 

buyula a buckle. 

buia, buio the two parts of a fetter. 

bujectum budge, lamb fur. 

buhelarius a buckler. 

buletellum a sieve. See bultellum. 

buly a, bulyium a budget ; a port- 
manteau ; a bale. 

bulla a papal bull, sealed with 
lead or gold. 

bulla tus sealed. 
bulleria a salt house (?). 
bullio a measure of salt, 12 gal- 
lons ; bullion. 

bultellum, bultellus a sieve ; bran ; 
the refuse of meal after it 
is dressed by the baker. 

bunda a boundary. 

bundare to bound. 

bundellus a bundle. 

bura a lock of hair or wool. 

burbalia the numbles of a deer. 

burbulium a bubble. 

burcerius the captain of a ship. 

burdare, burdeare to jest; to joust. 

burdeicia a tournament. 

burdo a staff. (Fr. bourdon.) 

burdus. See bordus. 

burellarius a bureller, maker of 
borel, or maker of yarn. 

burellator a bureller. See burel- 

burellatus barred. 

burellus borel or burrel, a coarse 
brown or grey woollen cloth 
niade in Normandy as well 
as in England (Fr. bureau) ; 
a cupboard. 

buryayium the service whereby a 
borough is held ; a dwell- 
ing-house in a borough; 

buryare to break into a house ; 
commit burglary. 

buryaria burglary. 

buryarius a burgess. 

buryator a burglar. 

buryemotus an assembly of bur- 

buryensis a burgess ; a towns- 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


burgesaticum land held by bur- 
gage tenure. 

burghgeritha a fine for breach, of 
the peace in a town. 

burglaria burglary. 

burgus a borough. 

burneta, bumetum cloth made of 

dyed wool; a kind of bird. 
burniciator a burnisher. 
burrellus. See burellus. 

burrochium a small weir for tak- 
ing fish. 

bursa an exchange, meeting place 
of merchants. 

bursaria a bursary. 

bur sarins a bursar ; a purse maker. 

burscida a cutpurse. 

bursesaticum. See burgesaticum. 

burum a room. 

burns a husbandman. 

busca underwood ; firewood. 

buscare to cut underwood. 

buscarlus a seaman. 

buscia underwood. See bussa. 

busellus a bushel. 

busones chief persons (barones ?). 

bussa a great ship. 

bussellus a bushel. 

bussio bush. 

buteus a boat. 

buthsecarlus. See buscarlus. 

buticularia a buttery. 

buticularius a butler. 

butirum butter. 

butta, butticum a butt of wine. 

buttileria a buttery, or butlery. 

buttum terra a butt of land ; the 

end of a ploughed field. 
buturum butter. 
buya. See buia. 
buzo the shaft of an arrow. 
bgzantius. See bisantius. 


caballus a horse. 

cabla a cable. 

cablicia, cablicium windfall wood ; 

brouse wood. 
cacepollus a catchpole, or bailiff. 
cacherellus a catchpole. 

cachiagium packing, or payment 

cacor. See chasor. 

cada a cade of herrings, 600 of 6 

score to the 100. 
cadia a piece of firewood. 
cadium a quay. 
Ccssar the emperor. 
ccusareus imperial. 
cafagium a stall ; a cage ; a pen. 
caffa some silk stuff. 

cagia a net for hunting ; a coop ; 

a cage. 
calacha a shoe. (Fr. galoche.) 
calafurcium gallows. 

calangia, calangium a challenge ; 
a claim. 

calcari to be assessed for. 

calcarius a spurrier. 

calcea chalk ; a causey, or cause- 
way ; a street. 

calceta, calcetum lime ; a causey, 
or causeway ; a street. 

calcifurnium a limekiln. 

caldaria a caldron. 

caldearium, caldellum caudle. 

calderium a caldron. 

caldo entrails. 

calefactor ceres a chafewax, an 
officer in the Court of Chan- 

calcfagium the right of taking 

calendcc rural chapters held on 
the first of the month. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

calendare to make a list ; to 

calendarium a list ; a calendar ; 

a table of contents. 
calengiare to challenge. 
calixtorium a limekiln. 
calmacia calm weather. 
calopodium a shoemaker's last. 
calumnia a challenge ; a claim. 

calamniare to challenge ; to ac- 
cuse ; to claim . 
calumniatio right of challenge. 

calumniator a claimant ; an ac- 
camahutum a cameo. 

cambiare, cambire to exchange ; 

to trade. 
cambipartia. See campipartitio . 
cambium an exchange ; a mint. 
cambuca, cambuta a pastoral 

staff, a crosier. 
cambutio exchange. 
camelotum camel's hair cloth. 

camera a crooked plot of ground; 

a chamber. 
camera stellata the Star Chamber 
cameralis chamber (adj.). 

cameraria the office of chamber- 
camerarius a chamberlain. 

cameria the office of chamberlain. 

cami?ius, caminum a road ; a 
chamber ; a chimney ; a 

camisia a shirt ; an alb. 

camoca a silken garment. 

campanarium a belfry. 

campanella a little bell. 

campanus country (adj.). 

campartum part of a larger field, 
which would otherwise be in 
common ; or the right of the 
lord to take a certain share 
of the crop. 

campedulum a cope. 

campertum. See campartum. 

camjjestralis open country. 

campestratus wearing short 

campio a champion. 

campipars. See campartum. 

campiparticeps a champertor. 

campipartitio champerty, a bar- 
gain with the plaintiff or 
defendant in a suit to have 
part of the thing sued for. 

campsare to exchange, to traffic. 
caynpsor a banker; an exchanger ; 
an exchequer officer. 

campus field (heraldic). 
canabasium, canabus canvas. 
canardus a great ship. 

cancellare to obliterate writing 
by drawing lines across it ; 
to cancel. 

cancellaria chancery. 

cancellarius a chancellor. 
cancellatura cancelling. 
cancellus the chancel of a church. 
candelarius a chandler. 
candidare to wash clothes. 
candidarius a launder, a whitster. 
candredum. See cantreda. 
canellus a gutter, a kennel. 
canestellus a basket. 
canevacium canvas. 
canfara ordeal by hot iron. 
canipulus a short sword ; a knife. 

canna a rod used for measuring 
land ; a can. 

canonia, canonicatus a canonry. 
canonicus a canon, a prebendary. 
can tar ia a chantry. 
cantarista a chantry priest. 
cantellum a lump ; that which is 
added above measure. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


canto a canton (heraldic). 
cantor a chanter ; a precentor. 

cantreda, cantredus a cantref, a 
Welsh division of a county, 
a hundred villages. 

capa a mantle ; a cope ; a cap. 

caparo a hood. 

capella a cap ; a chaplet ; a short 
mantle ; a reliquary ; a cha- 
pel ; the furniture of a cha- 

capellania a collegiate church ; a 
chaplaincy ; a chapelry. 

capellanus a chaplain. 

capellaria a chapelry. 

capellarius a capper. 

capelletum a headpiece. 

capellion, capellus a cap ; a 

capicium. See capitium. 

capillar e a coif. 

capisterium a barn, a granary. 

capita giam poll-money; a bolster. 

capitate a thing which is stolen, 
or the value of it. 

capitate vivens live cattle. 

capitalis chief. 

capitalitium poll-money. 

capitaneus a captain. 

capitare to abut. 

capite, tenere in to hold in chief. 

capitegium a hood, a cap. 

capitellum capital of a pillar. 

capitium a hood ; a cap ; the head 
of a bed ; a headland ; the 
chancel of a church. 

capitula. See capitulum. 

capitular e to divide into chapters ; 
to make articles of agree- 
ment ; to meet in chapter. 

capitulum a chapter ; chapter- 

cappa a cap ; a cope. 
caprarius a goatherd. 

captennium protection ; tax or 
homage as an acknowledg- 
ment thereof, esp. in Guienne. 

captio capture ; custody ; a prison ; 

captivus caitiff ; wretch ; unfortu- 

caputagium. See chevagium. 

caputium. See capitium. 

caracca, caracta a carrack. 

caraxare to write. 

carbonella a steak. 

carcannum pillory ; prison. 

car care to load ; to charge. 

carcasium a carcase. 

cardetum a carr, a low marshy 
place where alders grow. 

cardiolus a snipe. 

cardus a card, for carding wool. 
careata a cartload. 
carecta a cart. 
carectarius a carter. 
carectata a cartload. 
careia a load. 

careium, careyum service of car- 
carellus a quarel, a crossbow dart. 
carentinilla canvas. 
careta, caretta a cart. 
caretarius a carter. 

cariagium service performed with 

a cart ; baggage train. 
cariare to carry. 

carinutus a cockney. 

caristare to make dear. 

caristia dearth. 

carnarium a charnel-house. 

carnellare to crenellate. 

carniprivium fasting, Lent. 

carogium a car which bears a 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

carpentagium payment for wood- 

carpentarium wood- work. 

carpentarius a carpenter ; a cart- 
wright (?). 

carra a car. 

carrata, carrea a cartload. 

carreia the right of carriage 
through a place. 

carreia a cartload. 

carrica, carrucha a ship of 

carrietare to carry. 

carruca, Sfc. See carnca, Sfc. 

carta. See charta. 

cart alius a creel ; a hamper. 

car talus conveyed by charter. 

caruagium. See carucagium. 

caruca a plough ; a plough-land. 

carucagium a tribute imposed on 

ploughs or plough-lands. 
carucarius a ploughman. 

carucata a plough-land ; a team 
of oxen sufficient to work a 
carucate, i.e. eight. 

carucatarius one who holds land 
by plough tenure. 

carucator a carter; a ploughman. 

car ula a box. 

carvana a caravan. 

casale a village. 

caseatrix a maker of cheese. 

cassare to quash, annul. 

cassata, cassatum, cassatura a 
house with land sufficient 
to maintain a family ; a 
hide of land. 

cassea a box. 

cassidile a purse, pocket, or small 
coffer ; a gamebag, pouch. 

cassus a case, box. 
castellania the office of keeping 
a castle. 

castellanus the owner or captain 
of a castle. 

castellarium precinct or jurisdic- 
tion of a castle. 

casto the bezil of a ring. 

casula a small house or church ; 
a chasuble. 

casuma cinders. 

calabulum a shed. 

catallum cattle ; chattels ; capital. 

catapulta a broad arrow. 

catascopus an archdeacon ; a 

catatista a scolding cart. 

catellarius a pedlar. 

cathedratus consecrated (of a 

catillare to mew, as a cat. 

cattinus of catskin. 

cattus, catus a cat ; a military 
engine to protect from mis- 
siles soldiers attacking the 
wall of a town, called in 
classical Latin vinea. 

catzurus. See chacurus. 

caucettum a causey. 

caula a sheepfold. 

caulare to fold sheep. 

cauma thatch. 

cautio a bond. 

cavilla the ancle. 

cawagium a stall, cage, pen. 

cay a a quay. 

cayrellus a quarel, a crossbow 

cebum tallow. 
cedilla. See schedula. 
celda a chaldron ; the same as 

selda, a stall. 
celer the ceiler or canopy of a bed. 
celia ale made from wheat ; wort. 
cellarium a cellar. 
cellarius, cellerarius a cellarer. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


celura a ceiler. 
cementarius a mason. 
cenaculum breakfast or luncheon. 
cenapium mustard. 
cendalum silken cloth. ; cendal. 
cendula wood for roofing a house. 
cenella an acorn. 
cenivectare to carry in a barrow. 
cenivectoriam a mudcart, a wheel- 
censa rent ; farm ; tax. 

censaria a farm let at a standing 

censarius a farmer. 

censualis a person bound to pay 
a rent to a monastery or 
church, in return for pro- 

census tax, tribute. 

centena a hundredweight ; a 

centenarius a petty judge under 
the sheriff ; a hundredor ; 
an officer in the army. 

centenas, centuria the division 
of a county called a hundred. 

centonizare to arrange for sing- 
ceola a large ship. 

cepa a sand eel (?). 

ccpes a hedge (sepes). 

cephalia headache. 

ceppagium the stump of a tree. 

ccpum tallow (cebum). 

ceragium waxscot, payment for 

the supply of candles in a 

cercella a teal. (Fr. sarcelle.) 
cerevisia, cervisia beer. 
cerna choice ; sort. 
ceroferarins an acolyte. 
certiorare, certorare to certify, 

to inform. 
certum letce cert money. 

centra a mound or fence ; a lock. 

cervisiarius a brewer ; a tenant 
who pays rent in beer. 

chacea a chace ; the right of 
hunting ; a right of way 
for cattle, droveway. 

chaceare to hunt. 

chaceatus chased (of plate). 

chacia a countertally. 

chacurus a horse or hound for 

chalo a scapulary; a counterpane; 

a chalon. 
champertor. See campiparticeps. 

chamus a horse's bit ; a headstall. 

charactare to write. 

charnarium a charnel-house, 

charreya a cartload. 
charta paper ; a charter. 
charta partita a charter-party. 
chartulare a cartulary, register 

of charters. 
chasor a horse for hunting. 
chelindra a sort of ship. 
cheminagium cheminage, chim- 

inage ; a toll paid for a road 

through a forest. 
cheminus a road ; the right of 

carting crops through 

another's land. 
cliepingahulum tax paid at market. 

cherechsectum church scot. 

cheresettum church scot. 

cherigma?mus one whose duty it 
was to inspect and fix the 
boundaries of a manor. 

cherisetum church scot. 

cherucus a vane, weathercock. 

chevacia selionam the heads of 
the furrows. 

chevagium poll money paid by 
villeins to their lord, " ne 
vocentnr per capita " ; also 
used for payment by the 
king at shrines. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

chevantia a loan of money. 
cheverillus a cockerel; a roebuck. 
cheveringus, chevero a rafter ; a 
joist ; a chevron. 

chevescia, chevisca?, chevitice heads 

of ploughed land, headrigs. 

chevisare to obtain by agreement. 

cheviserum a headstall. 
chiminagium. See cheminagium. 
chiminus. See cheminus. 
chintura a strip of land. 

chirographare to grant by inden- 

chirographarius a chirographer, 
writer of chirographs. 

chirographum a chirograph, a 
public instrument of con- 
veyance, attested by wit- 
nesses ; an indenture. 

chirographus an officer of the 
common pleas who engrosses 

chirotheca a glove, gauntlet. 

chivagium payment by nativi to 
their lord for liberty to leave 
his lordship. 

chorepiscopus a suffragan bishop. 

chorum the choir of a church. 

chrisma consecrated oil ; any 
ceremony at which it is 
used, as extreme unction. 

chrismale the cloth laid over a 
child's head at baptism. 

chrotta a crowd, a fiddle. 

chursetum church scot. 

chymera for camera. 

ciborium a canopy or the ceiling 
over the altar ; a metal vessel 
to contain the sacramental 

cibutum a meat safe. 

ciffus a cup (scgphus). 

cilicium a hair shirt. 

cimbia a churn. 

ciminum cummin. 

cindalum cendale. 

cindula, scindula shingles, lath 
for roofing. 

cingnotus a cygnet. 

cingula. See cindula. 

cipha a sieve, a measure of about 

5 qrs. 
cippus the stocks. 

circa a watchman. 

circada a fee paid to the bishop 
or archdeacon for visiting a 

circinnare to arrange in a circle. 

circulator a cooper. 

ciricsetum church scot. 

cirografum. See chirographum. 

cirotheca. See chirotheca. 

cirpi rushes. 

cisera cider. 

cisimus ermine. 

cissor a tailor ; a shearman. 

citolla a cittern. 

civeria a wheelbarrow. 

cives in some cases an elected 
body of citizens who after- 
wards became aldermen. 

civilista a civil lawyer. 

clada, clades a hurdle or wattle. 

claia a hurdle. 

clamancia, clamalio a claim. 

clamare to claim. 

clamator a crier ; a claimant. 

clameum, clamium a claim. 

clamivus an accuser. 

clamor complaint ; demand. 

clamor popularis hue and cry. 

claretum a liquor made of wine, 

honey, and spices ; red wine. 
clarijicatio anniversary of a 

saint's death. 
clarigarius armorum a herald. 
clario a trumpet. 
classicum a peal of bells. 
elates a hurdle. 
clausella a closet. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


clausicula a closet. 

claustrum the precinct of a mon- 
astery ; the cloister. 

claustura brushwood, used for 
fencing, &c. 

clausum a close. 

clausum Paschce the close of 

Easter, the Sunday after 


clausum Pentecostes Trinity Sun- 

clausura an enclosure. 

clavia, clava a club or mace. 

clavica a privy {cloaca). 

clavicula a notch, a nock. 

clavinarius a keeper of keys (?). 

clavis. See clavus, clavium. 

clavtum a clove. 

clavus a clove, a weight used 
for wool and other goods, 
7 lbs', or 8 lbs. 

clawa a close of land. 

clay a a hurdle. 

clea, cleda, cleia a hurdle. 

clericus a clerk, clergyman. 

clerimonia assembly of the canons 
of a cathedral or of the 
members of a convent ; re- 
ligion ; sobriety. 

cleronomus an heir. 

clerus the clergy ; a clerk. 

cleya a hurdle. 

clipsadra a 'wsLtexclook(clepsgdra). 

clito a prince ; an setheling. 

clitorium a clicket ; a latch. 

clittum a tire for a wheel. See 

clocarium, clocherium a belfry. 
clocha, cloca a bell ; a cloak. 
clostura. See claustura. 
cluarium a forge. 
clucetta a clicket. 

clunabulum a dagger. 

clusa a sluice ; a fish stew. 

clutarium a forge. 

clutium, clutum a shoe ; a horse- 
shoe; the tire for a wheel, 
or perhaps knobs to serve 
the same purpose. 

clutus a cloth ; a clout. 
cnipulus. See canipulus. 
cobba a cobloaf ; bun. 
coconellus a cockney. 
cocula a drinking-cup in form of 

a boat. 
cofeojfatus a joint feoffee. 
coffera a coffer. 
cofferarius a cofferer. 
coffinum a coffer ; a coffin. 
coffra a coffer. 
cogga a small sailing-boat. 
cognitio homage ; cognisance ; 

armorial bearings. 
cognitor a judge ; an informer. 
cogo. See cogga. 
cohuagium a toll paid at a market 

or fair. 
coifa a coif, the head-dress worn 

by serjeants-at-law. 
coigniare to coin ; to stamp. 
coinagium. See cunagium. 
cohettum a custom-house seal ; a 

receipt for the payment of 


cokettus cocket bread, a superior, 

but not the finest sort. 
cokilla a shell. 
cokinus an inferior servant. 
coksetus a coxswain. 
colarium, colerium a collar. 
colerettus a necklace. 
colibertus a tenant in socage. 
colingaria. See coningeria. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

collardum. See cuillardum, cul- 

collarius carrying a load on the 

collectaneus a companion. 

collectare a book containing col- 

collistrigium a pillory. 

colobium a tunic without, or with 
short, sleeves ; a tabard. 

colonellus a colonel. 

color rhyme. 

colorare to rhyme. 

colpicium a pole. 

colpo a fragment ; a small wax- 

columbare a dovecote. 

columbarius a keeper of pigeons. 

comba a combe, valley. 

comes an ealdorman ; a count ; an 

comitatus a county ; a county court. 
commarchia a frontier. 
commatrix a godmother. 

commenda a deposit ; when a bene- 
fice is given to a layman, or 
to a clerk for a time, it is 
said to be given in commen- 
dam ; a commandry, a bene- 
fice in the order of the 
knights of St. John. 

commendatarius one who holds a 
living m commendam. 

commendatus a person who puts 
himself under the protection 
of his superior by doing 
voluntary homage. 

commensale board ; diet ; com- 

commensalis a fellow-boarder, 

commensare to begin. 

commissarius a commissary, one 
who exercises spiritual juris- 
diction by commission of the 

commissio a commission. 

com?nissionarius one who acts by 
commission; a commissioner. 

communa common land or pro- 
perty ; right of common ; 
commons ; a community ; a 
fiscal regulation. 

communare, com?nuniare, commu- 
nicare to enjoy the right of 

communaris a fellow-citizen. 
communarius, communiarius a 

communia commons ; ordinary 
business of a court. 

communis clericus common clerk, 
or clerk hi the commons, now 
town clerk. 

communis pasture common of 

communitas commonalty ; some- 
times all the citizens, but in 
this case usually communi- 
tas civium. 

communitas civitaiis commonalty 
of the city, the court or 

comortha collection made at mar- 
riages, and when a priest 
said his first mass. 

comparator a suffragan bishop. 

companagium anything eaten 
with bread ; right of having 
meals together. 

comparticeps, compartionarius a 

compassare to compass. 
compater a godfather. 
compellare to cite ; to accuse. 
compellativus an accuser. 

comper 'torium a judicial inquest 
in the civil law made by 

compestralis. See campestralis. 

compestratus. See campestratus. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


completorium compline, about 
7 p.m. ; supper. 

complicatorium a counting board, 

compos tiare to manure. 

compostam manure. 

compotus an account. 

comptista an accountant. 

compurgator one who swears to 
another's innocence. 

computatorium a counter, reckon- 
ing board ; the Counter, the 
name of two prisons in the 
Poultry and Wood Street. 

computoria a counting-house. 

computorium. See computato- 

computus an account. 

conalis murus a gable wall. 

concelamentum concealment. 

concelare to conceal. 

concelator a concealer, a man 

who finds out concealed 

concernere to belong ; to concern. 

concides felled trees. 

conclavis a parlour. 

condictum mandate, edict ; tri- 
bunal, court. 

condor sum a ridge or low hill(?). 

conductus a conduit. 

conductus, salvus safe-conduct. 

conestabulus, conestabilis con- 

conjiscare to confiscate. 

congius a measure containing 

about a gallon and a pint. 
coning a a rabbit ; a rabbit skin. 
coning eria a rabbit warren. 
conquestare to acquire, conquer. 
conquestus property acquired (by 

inheritance or conquest or 

conredium. See corredium. 

conscisorium a guidon. 
consequentia a precedent. 
considerare to decree ; to award. 

consistorium a council or as- 
sembly of ecclesiastical per- 
sons, or place of justice in a 
spiritual court ; a seat at 
table ; a meal. 

constabularius. See conestabulus. 

constuma. See custuma. 

consuetudinarius a book contain- 
ing the rites of divine offices, 
or the customs of a monas- 
tery; a man subject to 
feudal services. 

consuetudo custom, used, as the 
English word, for a payment 
imposed on merchandise. 

contenementum freehold land at- 
tached to a man's dwelling- 
house ; what is necessary 
for a man's maintenance. 

conthoralis husband or wife. 

contiguari to be near. 
contrada country. 

contrafacere to imitate, counter- 
contrafactura a counterfeit. 
contraiare to oppose. 

contramandatum a lawful excuse 
which a defendant alleges 
by attornej', to show that 
the plaintiff has no cause of 

contramurale an outwork. 

contraplacitum a counter-plea. 

contrapositio a plea or answer. 

contrariare to oppose. 

coyitrariparius a corrival, a dweller 
on the opposite bank ; a 
beater on the opposite side 
of a river when hawking. 

contrarotulatio comptrolment. 

contrarotulator a comptroller. 

contrarotulum a counter-roll. 

contratallia a counter-tally. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

contratalliator a counter-talleyer. 

contrivare to contrive. 

cotius a corner. 

conveancia conveyance. 

conveare to convey. 

convenire to summon, to convene. 

conventio a covenant. 

conversus a lay monk, lay brother. 

cooperlectorium a coverlet. 

coopertio bark and broken wood 

of felled trees. 
coopertorium a coverlet ; a roof ; 

a cuirass. 
coopertum covert. 

coopertura a covert ; coverture, 
the condition of a married 
woman ; thatch. 

coopertus equus a barded horse. 

coopicium coppice. 

coparcenaria coparcenary. 

coparticeps a coparcener. 

copecia, copicia coppice. 

coperosa copperas. 

cophinus a coffer. 

copia a copy. 

copiare to copy. 

cop la a couple. 

copo twigs. 

coppa a cock of hay. 

coppatus coppice. 

coprones twigs. 

coquinarius kitchen steward in a 

coraagium a tribute of certain 
measures (corus) of corn ; or 
perhaps the same as cor- 

corballum, corbella a basket. 

corbona a priest's treasury or 
strong box. 

corda a cord ; a measure of land, 
22 feet ; a cord of wood, 8 
feet by 4 feet by 4 feet. 

cordarius a rope maker. 

cordebanarius, cordvanerius a 

corderius a rope maker. 
cordewana, corduana cordwain, 

Cordovan leather. 
corduanarius a cordwainer. 
corerius a courier. 
coretes weirs. (Welsh, cored.) 
corigia, corrigia a strip of land, 

leather, &c. ; a girdle. 
coriletum a hazel copse. 

corluvus a curlew. 

comagium cornage, horngeld, 

payment for right to graze 

cattle on moor or common. 
comamusa, cormusa a cornemuse, 

a Cornish bagpipe. 
cornare to blow a horn. 
cornarius a horner. 
cornellatus. See kernellare. 
comera, corneria, cornerium a 

cornicallus a corn on the foot. 
corniadare to blow a horn. 
cornisare to blow a horn. 
coronale a wreath, a crown. 
coronare to crown ; to make a 

person a priest ; perform the 

coronarius, coronator a coroner. 
coronellus a colonel. 
corpus castri the castle without 

the surrounding town, &c. 
correctarius a licensed broker. 
corredium, corrodium a corrody, 

money or allowance due by 

a monastery to the founder 

for the maintenance of one 

of his servants. 
corrigiarius a girdler. 
cortina a curtain. 
cortis, curtis a courtyard. 
cortularium a farmyard. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


corns a corn measure, perhaps 

8 bushels. 
corvata, corveia compulsory work 

done by tenant for lord. 

corversarius, corvisarius a cord- 

cosduma custom. 

costa a rib, side; basket. Seecusta. 

costera coast. 

costerillum a flagon. 

costillagium a rent in the Channel 

costiterunt they cost. 

costrellus a drinking cup, often 
of wood. 

cos tula clove (of garlic, &c). 

costuma custom. 

cota a tunic ; a hat. 

cotagium a cottage. 

cotarius a cotter. 

cotellus a cottage. 

coterellus a servile tenant ; a 

coteria, coterium a cottage. 
cotsethla a small farmhouse. 
cotsethus, cotsetlus a cottager. 
cotuca coat armour. 
courba. See corvata. 
courearius a currier. 

courtepia a courtepye, a short 

covina, covinia covin ; a compact 
for purposes of fraud. 

covinosus fraudulently. 

craiera a crayer, or smack. 

cranagium liberty to use a crane ; 
profit made by a crane. 

cranare to lift goods with a crane. 

crannocum a crannock, a mea- 
sure of corn ; a basket. 

craspiscis a whale. 

crater a a chest or coffin. 
craticula a gridiron. 


cravare to impeach. 

creancia credit. 

creantum security. 

creca, crecca a creek. 

crementum increase. 

cremium refuse tallow. 

crenellare. See kernellare. 

creputellus a cracknel. 

cresta the crest of a bank. 

cretena, cretinus a torrent. 

crocardus a crocard, bad money, 
prohibited by statute 27 
Edw. I. 

crocea, crocia a crosier; investi- 
ture of episcopal sees. 

crociarius a cross-bearer. 

crocus a crook. 

croeria a shrike. 

crqfta, croftum a croft ; a close. 

cromio a strap. (Fr. creim.) 

cronnus four bushels. 

croppa, croppies a crop ; twig3. 

crucesignatus a crusader; one who 
has taken the cross. 

crucibulum a cresset. 

crucifer a crossed friar. * 

cruppa a horse's croup. 

crustum embossed plate. 

crypta a chapel or oratory under 

cubicare to go to bed. 

cuculla, cucullus a long, full 
garment without sleeves ; a 
cape ; a cowl. 

cucullatus wearing a cowl ; a 

cuillardum a spoonful, ladleful. 
culagium placing a ship in dock. 
culcitra a cushion, a bed. 
cullardus a wether (?). 
cultellarius a cutler. 

culver tagium confiscation ; servi- 



Glossary of Lathi Words. 

cumulus the chancel of a church; 

cuna coin. 

cunagium coinage ; stamp. 

cunere to coin. 

cuneus a stamp ; a coinage ; a 

cunicularium a rabbit warren. 

cuniculus a coney, rabbit. 

cuningeria a rabbit warren. 

cupa a cup. 

cuparius a cooper. 

cuperagium cooperage. 

cupperius a cooper. 

curagulus a caretaker. 

curallum coral ; some kind of 
corn or meal. 

curator an attorney in ecclesi- 
astical cases. 

curatus careful ; a clergyman in 

curcula a cable. 

curetarius a curator ; examiner. 

curia a court ; frequently used 
for curia Romano- , meaning 
simply Rome. 

curialis, littera court hand. 

curialitas courtesy. 

currifrugium a riddle , a sieve. 

cursalis current. 

cursaria. See cursoria. 

curso a ridge of land. 

cursor a courier ; a crier. 

cursoria a swift ship. 

curtena a curtain. 

curtilagium a curtilage, a court- 
yard or piece of land near a 

curtiles terrcB court lands ; de- 
mesne lands. 

curtillum. See curtilagium. 

curtina a curtain. 

curtinatus curtained. 

curtis a court. 

curuca a ship of burden. 

cussina a cushion. 

custa, custagium, custamentum, 

custantia cost. 
custodia wardship. 
custuma custom. 
custumannus a customary tenant. 

custumare to assess for payment 
of custom; to pay custom. 

custumarius customary ; subject 
to payment of custom; a 
collector of customs. 

custus cost. 

cutellarius a cutler. 

cuva a vat. 

cuvarius a cooper. 

cyclas a long garment, close at 
the top and wide below. 

cyula a ship. 


clacra, daher. See dicra. 

daeria a dairy. 

dagus a dais. 

data a dairymaid. 

daila, dailus, dolus a ditch ; a 

certain measure of land. 
daina a bushel. 

dalmatica a dalmatic, a deacon's 

dama a doe. 

damisella. See domicella. 
damma a dam. 
damnum damage. 
damus a buck. 
dancgildum danegeld. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


dangeria a payment made by 
forest tenants for liberty to 
plough, and sow during pan- 
nage time ; lessilver. 

dangerium liability to confisca- 

dapifer a sewer ; a steward of the 
household ; cellarer ; bailiff 
of a manor. 

dapiscida a carver. 
daps Hit as an act of liberality. 
dardus a dart. 
darsis some kind of fish. 
data the date of a document. 
dalarius a datary, an officer of the 
Roman chancery. 

dauberium plaster work, dab. 
davata a " daywercke," or four 

day a a dairymaid. 
dayaria, dayeria a dairy. 
day la. See daila. 
deadvocare to disavow. 

deafforestare to disafforest ; to 
bring forest land into culti- 

dcalbator a whitewasher, dauber. 

dearestare to free from arrest. 

deawarennare to dis-warren. 

debata, debatum a debate, a dis- 

debatabilis debateable. 

debriare to intoxicate ; to in- 
debriatus drunk. 
decaisatus decayed. 
decalcare to whiten. 
decanatus a deanery. 
deca?iia, decenna a tithing. 
decanus a dean. 
decena a tithing-man. 
decendhim a period of ten days. 

decennaria jurisdiction of a tith- 

decennarius a tithing-man, doz- 

decimal tithes. 

decimatio tithes, or paying a 
tenth, part. 

decipula a trap. 

decius a die. 

decretales decretals, papal letters 
containing decrees, or on 
matters in which, the popes 
were consulted. 

decretista a person learned in the 

decretum a decree, especially of 
the Pope. 

decrustare to strip off. 

decuria a tithing. 

decuriare to bring into order; 


defalcare to weaken. 

defalta default ; negligence. 

defeasancia defeasance, a con- 
dition relating to a deed on 
the performance of which, 
the deed is void. 

defensa a fenced park, an en- 
defensio a prohibition. 
defense-, in in defence. 

defensum an enclosure ; a pro- 

defensus custody. 
deferrare to unshoe a horse. 
defesancia. See defeasancia. 
defgurare to disguise. 
deforciamentum deforcement, il- 
legal occupation of property. 
deforciare to deforce. 
deforciatio holding goods in satis- 
faction for debt. 
deforciator a deforcer. 
o 2 


Glossary of L'xlln Words. 

deforestare. See deafforestare. 

degradus stairs. 

deguttare to drop on ; to pour 

deia a dairymaid. 

dels a dais. See dagus. 

deiwerca a day-work, or four 

delatura an accusation. 

demanda a demand. 

demandare to demand ; to cite. 

de?7ianium, demenium. See do- 

demorare to govern. 

demorari to demur. 

dena a glen ; a coppice. 

denarata, denariata a penny- 

denariatus terra land worth a 
penny per annum; one 
acre (?). 

denarius a penny ; a pennyweight, 
i. e., 32 grains of wheat from 
the middle of the ear. 

denbera a pasture for pigs (swine- 

denizatus a denizen. 

denies gratings. 

deobligalio a release. 

deodanda, deodandum an ani- 
mal or thing forfeited for 
having caused a person's 

deosculatorium a tablet handed 
round to be kissed at mass, 
a pax. 

departura a departure. 
depersonare to insult ; to degrade. 
depreculce beads. 
derationare. See disrationare. 
desamparare to yield, release. 
despitus a contemptible person. 
desponsalia a betrothal. 
destrarius. See dextrarius. 

desubitare to attack suddenly. 

detachiare to seize goods by at- 

de tallia retail. 

detractari to be torn in pieces by 

detunicare to discover. 

devadiatus without sureties. 
devadimonizare to redeem from 

devestire to give up possession. 

devisamentum a devise ; a device. 

devisare to devise ; bequeath. 

devisatio, devisum a devise. 

dextrcde a bracer. 

dextrarius a war horse. 

cleyla. See daila. 

diaconatus the office of deacon. 

diaconus a deacon. 

diceta a day's journey ; an as- 
sembly ; regimen. 

diarium daily food. 

diasperatus of various colours ; 

dica a tally ; a deed. 
diccus a dike. 

dicenarius. See decennarius. 
clicra a dicker, ten skins or pair 

of gloves, ten bars of iron. 

dictator a person charged with 
the duty of considering and 
redressing infractions of a 
peace or truce ; an umpire. 

dictor an umpire. See dictator. 

diffacere to maim, destroy. 

diffiadtas a tax. 

diffidare to defy; renounce al- 
legiance to. 

difforciare. See deforciare. 

difusculus diffuse. 
dignarium a dinner. 
diligiatus outlawed. 
dimidieare to halve. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


dimidietas a half, moiety. 

dimissio demise, making over 
properties by lease or will. 

dimissorice Uteres letters from a 
bishop for the ordination 
of a person in another 

dicecesis a diocese. 

dirationare. See disrationare. 

diribare to take away. 

disadvocare to deny, disavow. 

disboscatio bringing woods into 

discantus a chant. 
discarcare, discariare, discaricare 
to unlade, discharge. 

discifer a sewer; a steward. 
discopulare to uncouple ; to let 

discrasia a disease. 
discus a dish. 

disfacere to dismember, mutilate. 
dishabilitare to disable. 

disheritor one who deprives 
another of his inheritance. 

disparagare to disparage ; to 
marry to an inferior. 

disparagatio disparagement, mar- 
rying an heir or heiress 
below their degree. 

dispensa a warehouse. 

dispensarius, dispensator a stew- 

dispersonare to insult, to degrade. 

disrationamentum deraignment ; 

disrationare, disratiocinare to 

prove ; deraign. 
disrobbare to plunder. 

disseisina an unlawful dispossess- 
ing a man of his land ; dis- 

disseisire to dispossess ; disseise. 

disseisitor a disseisor. 

dissignare to break open a seal. 

districts a strait ; a defile. 

districtio distress. 

distringere to distrain. 

distringibilis liable to distress. 

disturbancia, disturbatio disturb- 

disturbare to send away ; to dis- 

disvadiare to receive or to redeem 
a pledge. 

diurnalis as much land as can be 
ploughed in one day with 
one ox. 

divadiare. See disvadiare. 

dividenda a dividend. 

divisa a device ; a devise ; a 
boundary ; a dole. 

divisibilis murus a party wall. 

doageria a dowager. 

documa a tithing. 

dola, dolea a portion, a dole. 

domesticus of the same house 

domicella a young lady ; a ser- 
vant ; a nun. 

domicellus the young son of a 
nobleman ; in the Roman 
Court, the same as came- 
rarius ; a servant in a mo- 
nastery. ^ <rvv-4 tA. 

domifex a carpenter. 

domigerium danger; power. 

domina a lady ; a dame. 

dominatus lordship. 

dominica Sunday. 

dominicum a demesne. 

dominium lordship. 

dominus a title anciently applied 
to a lord of a manor, to a 
clergyman, and a bachelor 
of arts. 


Glossary of Lathi Words. 

domnus a contraction of dominus, 
used especially for clergy- 

donativum a benefice given by 
the patron without presen- 
tation or institution. 

donator, donatorius a donor. 
donatus a donee. 

doracus a john-dory. 

dormiens mensa a table dormant, 

a fixed table. 
dorrea a john-dory. 

dorsale, dossale a dorser, tapes- 
try hung against a wall. 

dorsorium a dosser, a basket to 
carry on the back. See 

dortorium a dormitory, dortour. 
dos a dowry. 
dotarium a dower. 
dotata, dotissa a dowager. 
dracena a tiller. 

dragium drag, a coarse kind of 

drana a drain, watercourse. 

draparius a draper ; a standard 

drappus cloth. 
draschium, drascium draff. 
drathium draff. 
drecca. See drana. 
drengagiwn the tenure by which 
drengi hold. 

drengus a drench, the name given 
to certain tenants who were 
put out of their lands at the 
Conquest and afterwards re- 

dressorium a dresser. 

dromoj dromunda a dromound, 
a long, swift ship for passen- 
gers ; a warship, larger than 
a galley. 

droviare to drive cattle. 

drowa a drove. 

druggeria a druggist's shop. 

duca a mould. 

ducatus a dukedom ; a ducat ; a 

ducillariiis, ductillarius a tapster. 
ducillus a stopple. 
ducissa a duchess. 
ductillus a tap. 
duellio a champion ; a duel. 
duelliam, duellum trial by battle. 
dukketta a ducat. 
dumhula maris seaweed (?). 

dima, dunnarium, dunum a down, 
or hill. 

duodena a dozen; a jury of twelve 

duplicatus lined. 

duribuccus a slow speaker. 

duritia duress. 

dux a duke. 

dygnerium dinner. 

dytenum a ditty, or song. 


eabalus an alehouse. 

ealhorda the right of assising and 

selling ale and beer. 
eastintus the east coast, or the 

eastern side of a place. 

ebba ebb. 

ebdomadarius. See hebdomada- 

ebiculum back of an edged tool. 

ecclesia a church. 

edestium a building. 

edia help ; ease ; food. 

efforcialiter by force of arms 

forcibly ; in force. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


efforciamentum distraint ; inqui- 

efforciare to fine, distrain, com- 
pel ; to fortify. 
eia an island, ej^ot. 

einecia, eihiecia greater age, 

eisiamentum. See aisiamentum. 

ejectum jetsom, wreck. 

ela an aisle. 

elarg amentum liberation. 

elargare to set free ; to put off ; 
to increase. 

elarg alio liberation. 

elbidus, elbus russet. 

eleemosyna alms. 

eleemosynaria act of donation ; 
place where alms are dis- 
tributed ; office of almoner. 

eleemosynarius an almoner. 

elemosina libera, pura, et perpetua 

elemosinare to grant in alms, or 

in frankalmoign. 

elemosinarium almonry. 

elephantia leprosy. 

elongare to remove to a distance ; 
to eloign. 

eluvio a sewer. 

embassaria, embaxaria an em- 

embaxator an ambassador. 

embaxatura an embassy. 

emenda amends ; a fine. 

emendare to make amends ; cor- 
rect ; restore. 

emendatio the power of correc- 
tion ; the right of assize ; a 

emigranea megrim, migraine. 

emissarium a sluice. 

emolare to grind tools. 

emologare to confirm. 

emprisa an enterprise. 

emprumptum a loan. 

enarnatio flogging. 

encaustum ink. 

endroma rough cloth, falding. 

endurare to endure. 

enfranchiatus enfranchised. 

engleceria Englishry ; being an 

engrallatus ingrailed. 

engrossare. See ingrossare. 

enitia. See einecia. 

ensaisinare to put in possession ; 
give seisin. 

enterclausum a screen (?). 

epimenium a monthly present, or 

episcopalia synodals or other pay- 
ments by the clergy to the 

episcopare to make a bishop ; to 
act as a bishop. 

episcopatus a bishopric. 

cpiscopium a bishopric; a bishop's 

episcopus a bishop. 

epistolare a service-book contain- 
ing the epistles. 
epitilium a birdbolt. 

eques a knight. 
equicium a ruler. 
equitarius on horseback. 
cquitator a rider, a forest officer. 
equitatura a riding or baggage- 
horse; cavalry; knighthood. 

equitium a stud of horses. 
eremita a hermit. 
eremitorium a hermitage. 
eremodicium a non-suit. 
ermina ermine. 
ernasium. See harncsium. 
erpica a harrow. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

err a a pledge (arrha). 
erraticum a waif or stray. 

erthmiotum a court held on tlie 
boundary of two lands. 

erubiginator a writer of rubrics ; 
a painter in red. 

esbrancatura cutting off branches ; 

escaeta an escheat ; a fallen 


escaetor an escheator. 

escaetria escheatorship. 

escaetus escheated. 

escaldare to scald. 

escambiare to exchange. 

escambiatur an exchanger, money 

escambium exchange ; a place for 
changing money. 

escangia exchange. 

escantio a butler. 

escapiare to escape from arrest. 

escapium escape ; a thing that 

comes by chance. 
escaptura escape. 
escarius sl carver. 
escarletum scarlet. 
escaudare to scald. 

esceppa a step, a measure of 

corn, salt, &c. 
eschaeta. See escaeta. 

eschaetor. See escaetor. 

escheccum a jury, or inquisition ; 

a check. 
escheppa. See esceppa. 
eschina a chine. 
eschippare to equip. 
esclavus a slave. 

esclenka a leg of mutton or beef. 
(Fr. esclanche.) 

esclusa a dam or sluice. 

esclusagium payment for permis- 
sion to make a sluice. 

escuilliare to castrate. 

escurare to scour ; cleanse. 

esgardia, esgardum reward. 

esketor a robber. 

eskippa. See esceppa. 

eskippare to equip. 

eskirmire to fence. 

esmaelitus enamelled. 

esnamiare to distrain. 

esnecca a ship. 

esnecia primogeniture ; the limited 
right of primogeniture of 
the eldest coparcener. 

esperiolus a squirrel. 

esperkeria a duty on dried fish in 
the Channel Islands, consist- 
ing of a right of pre-emption 
of congers ; 2d. Tournois on 
every 100 mackerel; 2 sols 
Tournois on every bushel of 
fish ; and 2d. on every salt 
conger exported to Nor- 
mandy or elsewhere, not in 
kingdom of England. 

espervarius, esperverius a sparrow- 

espleta. See expletice. 

essarta, essartum. See assartum. 

essoniare to give an excuse ; 
to essoin. 

essoniator an essoiner. 

essonium, essonia essoin, excuse 
for non-appearance at a 
court baron, &c. 

estallagium. See stallagium. 

estallamentum a mortgage ; pawn- 

estallare to mortgage ; to pawn. 

estangnum a pond (stagnum) ; a 
bank or stank ; a measure of 
land less than an acre. 

esterlingus sterling. 

estintus. See eastintus. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


estoverium estovers, allowance of 
wood for repairs, or neces- 
sary food and clothes ; stover, 

estreciatus made narrow ; strait- 

estrepamentum, estrepiname?itn?n 7 
estrepement, injury done to 
lands by a tenant for life. 

esturare. See escurare. 

eucharistia the sacrament ; the 
consecrated bread ; a cibo- 

evangelare service-book contain- 
ing the gospels. 

eventio profits (of a church). 

eicagium toll paid for water pas- 

exactor a collector ; a sheriff. 

examitum samite. 

excaldare to scald. 

excamhia exchange. 

excambiare to exchange. 

excambiator an exchanger ; a 

excambium an exchange. 

excarletum scarlet. 

excaturizare to scald. 

excaudare to scald. 

excayare escheat. 

exclusa. See esclusa. 

exclusagium. See esclusagium. 

excrustare to remove the crust of ; 
to spoil. 

exennium a present ; new year's 

exercituale a heriot. 

exfrediare to break the peace. 

exhibitio an entertainment. 

exigenda writ of exigent. 

exigendarias an exigenter, an 
officer of the Court of Com- 
mon Pleas. 

cxigendis, in in exigent. 

exilium waste, ruin. 

exire to issue. 

exitus issue, in all senses, family, 
result, expenditure ; entrail. 

exlegalitus outlawed. 

exlegare to outlaw. 

exoniam. See essonium. 

exorcista an exorcist, a benett ; 
one of the lesser orders of 
the church. 

expedatus, expedicatus having the 
feet cut off. 

expeditare to hamble or hamel a 
dog, i. e., to cut out the ball 
of the foot or three claws ; 
to root up trees. 

expeditio the obligation of accom- 
panying the lord to war. 

expletice esplees ; rents ; profits. 

explicit ends. 

expressatum expressed. 

exsartum. See assartum. 

extendere to value lands. 

extenta extent ; valuation. 

extermino to bring without the 

extocare to grub up. 

extracta, extractum an estreat, a 
true extract or copy. 

extrahura a stray. 

extraneus a foreigner, i. e., not a 

extravagantes certain papal con- 
stitutions, not included in 
Gratian or the Decretals. 

extumce relics. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 


faber a smith. 
fabrica a smithy. 
fagot turn a faggot. 
faida feud, enmity. 
faidini enemies, exiles. 
falcare to mow. 

falcatura a day's work at mow- 
falcidium a swathe. 
falco a falcon. 

falconet a falcon ; a small cannon, 
2£ inch bore. 

falconaria service of supplying 

falda a fold. 

faldce cursus a sheepwalk. 

faldagium faldage, the right to 

set up folds. 
faldicium a fold ; foldage, fold- 

penny ; payment for folding 

sheep, or for leave to set up 

a fold. 
faldistorium an arm-chair ; esp. a 

bishop's throne. 

faldum a fold. 

falera trappings (phalera). 

falesia a rock, cliff. 

falla, folium a measure of land ; 

tin ; fault. 
falmotum folkmote. 

falsare to deceive; falsify; forge. 

falsarius, falsonarius a forger. 

falsator forger. 

falsitas forgery. 

falsoneria forgery. 

famen a speech. 

familia a set of chess or draughts 

fanatio the fawning season in 

fancielus some kind of tenant. 

farcinula a package, parcel. 

fardella, fardellum a fardel, the 

quarter, or eighth of a yard 

fardellus a bundle ; a fardel ; 

holder of a fardel. 
farinagium toll of meal or flour. 
farricapsium hopper of a mill. 
farundella a quarter of an acre. 
fascennia a bastile, a wooden fort 

used in besieging a town. 
fasianus a pheasant. 
fassus a faggot. 
fame turn treble ; a faucet. 
feira a fair. 

felagus faithful ; a companion. 
felo a felon. 
felonia felony. 
felonice feloniously. 
felparia, feltrum felt. 
femoralia drawers. 
fenestra a window. 
fengera fern. 

fennationis tempus fence months. 
fensura a fence. 

feodalis, feudalis feudal ; a vassal. 
feodalitas, feoditas fealty. 
feodamentum feoffment. 
feodariuSy feodatarius a feodary, 

an officer of the court of 

wards ; a feudal tenant by 

feodelitas fealty. 
feodifrma fee farm. 
feodum a fee ; a fief. 
feodum talliatum fee tail. 
feoffamentum feoffment, grant of 

tenements, &c. in fee. 

feoff are to enfeoff, to grant in 

feoffator feoffor. 

feoffatus feoffee. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


feoragiam straw. 

fera a wild beast ; used especially 

for deer. 
ferculum a dish ; a litter. 
ferdella, ferdellum. See fardella. 
feria a fair ; a day of the week ; 

a ferry. 

feriagium payment for ferrying. 

feriatus dies feast day, saint's 
day, holiday. 

feritorium a swingle ; a beetle. 

ferlingata, ferlingus four acres; a 
quarter of a yard land. 

ferlingellus a measure of corn. 

fermisona the winter season for 
killing deer. 

fernigo waste land, covered with 

ferramentum an iron tool or in- 
strument ; a horseshoe ; a 
ploughshare ; a tire. 

ferrandus grey. 
ferrare to shoe a horse. 
ferrarius, ferrator a smith. 
ferratura ironwork ; esp. horse- 
ferrifodina an iron mine. 
ferripodium a patten. 

ferro, ferronarius an ironmonger 
or ironworker. 

ferrura a blacksmith's trade ; a 

wheel tire. 
ferthendellum quarter of an acre. 
fesana, fesans, fesantis, fesantus 

a pheasant. 
fessum, fessus a truss. 

festinancia haste. 
festrum a roof-tree. 
feudum. See feodum, 
feu g era fern. 
fico a boat. 
fidelitas fealty. 

filacia lana woollen yarn. 
flacium a file, for documents. 
flare to file. 
filarium a steel, a hone. 
flair ix a spinster. 

flazarius a filacer, an officer of 
the Common Pleas who files 

filiaster son-in-law, stepson, 
nephew, sister's son. 

filiastra similar feminine rela- 

fliatio sonship, subjection, obe- 
dience ; used of monastic 

flicetum ferny ground. 

fliolus godson. 

filtrum felt. 

filum aqua the middle of a river. 

fima dung, manure. 

fimare to manure. 

f mar his a scavenger. 

financia ransom. 

finare to pay ; to exact ; to refine. 

fnirc to pay a fine ; to exact a 

finis a fine ; final concord. 

fiola a beaker; a phial (phiala). 

firgia a fetter. 

fir ma a farm ; rent. 

firmaculum a buckle. 

firmare ; to fortify ; to seal or 
sign ; to give security ; to 
grant a farm ; to rent a 

firmarius a farmer. 

firmatio doe season ; provisions. 

firmura a lock ; the right of 

fistuea a fishing rod. 
fstulator a piper. 
fixula a buckle, a button. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

Jlabellum a vane. 

flaco a marsh. 

flagellum a flail ; a door-bar. 

flameola a garment, usually of silk. 

flamicia flawn, custard. 

flecharia service of supplying 

flecherius a fletcher. 
Jlecta an arrow ; a hurdle. 
Jleebotimacio bleeding. 
fleta an arm of the sea. 
Jlocci flock, refuse wool. 
Jloccus. Seefroccus. 
florenus a florin. 
flota a fleet ; a raft. 

focagium focage or housebote ; 

focale fuel; the right of taking 

focaria a housekeeper. 

fodera a fother (of lead), 1,950 

lbs. or 2,000 lbs. 
fodertorium, foderum, fodrum 


foesa grass. 

fogagium fog, rank grass. 

folgarius a menial servant. 

foracra a foracre, the headland of 
an arable field. 

foragium straw; forage; the right 
of exacting it or obligation 
to provide it. 

foraneus foreigner. 

f ovarium the office of harbinger. 

forbannitus a banished man. 

forbarrare to bar or deprive. 

forbator a furbisher. 

forbatudus a person killed in 

forcelectum a fortress. 
forceria a casket; strongbox (?). 
forcescettum a fortress. 
forcia forcible exaction. 

forejudicatio a forejudges 

forellus a sheath. 

forensis a foreigner. 

forera a headland; a furrow (?). 

foresta a forest. 

forestagium a duty paid to the 

king's foresters. 
forestallagium, forestallamentum 

obstructing the highway ; 


forestallare to forestall ; to way- 
forestallator a forestalled 

forestallum a crime committed on 

the highway. 
forestare to afforest. 

forestaria office of forester ; fo- 

restership ; forestry. 
forestarius a forester. 

forgia a forge. 

forhelna concealment. 

forhurtha. Seeforuhtha. 

foriare to forage. 

forinsecus outside ; foreign. 

forisburgum suburbs. 

forisfacere to do amiss ; to for- 
feit ; also used actively, to 
exact a forfeit from. 

forisfactum transgression ; for- 
forisfactura forfeiture. 

forisfamiliare to remove from the 
family ; to emancipate. 

forisjadicare to pronounce for- 

forislalria forestalment. 

forlandum land at the extremity 
of an estate ; a promontory. 

forlangum. Seefurlangus. 

forma a form, bench ; a copy. 

formannus foreman ; headman. 

formella a shoemaker's last; a 
weight of about 70 lbs. 

formipedia a form, bench. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


formula a little bench. 
fornayium payment by tenants 
bound to bake in the lord's 

»oven, or for the right to use 
their own ; hearth-money. 
fornire to heat. 

forpices shears. 

forprisum an exception. 

furrare, forrari to forage. 

forrerius a harbinger. 

forstallare, Sfc. See forestallare, 

fortellescum a castle. 

fortericia a fortress. 

fortia power. 

fortiare to force ; to fortify. 

for tuna treasure trove. 

fortunare to happen. 

fortunium a tournament. 

foruhtha a measure of land. 

forulus a bin. 

forura. See furrura. 

forurda a measure of land. 
• fossa a mound, a dike, as well as 
a ditch. 

/oss«ynm contribution f or making 

fossare to ditch. 

fossatum a place surrounded by 
a ditch ; ditch ; dike ; mound. 

fossiculus a basket (?). 

fovea a burial-place. 

fractillosus daggecl, jagged (of 

fractillus a dag. jag. 

fractitium arable land. 

fraellum a frail ; a basket. 

fraeria a fraternity ; a brother- 

fraginellus a cracknel. 
Branca petra freestone. 

francbordus freebord, land 
claimed outside a fence. 

franchesia franchise. 

franchilanus a freeman. 

franchire, franchisare to enfran- 

franchisa a franchise. 

francigena a foreigner. 

franciplegium frankpledge. 

francolanus a franklin. 

francus free. 

fraria a fraternity ; a brother- 

frassetum an ashwood (fraxine- 

f rater a friar. 

fratriagium a younger brother's 

frecta, f rectum coarse cloth, as 
used for horse cloths, 
frieze (?) ; embroidery, usu. 
with metal ; a fret. 

frectagium freight. 

frectatus frettee (heraldic). 

f rectum freight. See frecta. 

fredum a composition paid by a 

frescus fresh. 

fret tare to load ; to freight. 

frettum freight. See frecta. 

fretum freight. 

frideburgum frithburgh, the same 

as frankpledge. 
friscus fresh ; also uncultivated 

frithbregium breach of the peace. 
fritum fry of fish. 
frixura a fried dish ; a pancake. 
froccus, froggus a frock ; for 

monks a long garment with 

long, wide sleeves. 
fronciatus wrinkled. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

frontale a frontal. 
frontellum a frontal. 
frontinella moulding, in gold- 
smith's work. 
frontispicium a gable end. 
frunio a tanner. 
frunire to tan. 
frusca waste lands. 
frusshiare to break up land. 

frussura breaking into a house ; 

or ploughing. 
f rust rum, frustum a small plot of 

frutectum a shrubbery. 
fuagium hearth-tax. 
fuallia fuel. 
fuga a drove ; a chase ; hunting ; 

the right to drive cattle on 

to a place. 
fugacia a chase. 

fug are to hunt ; to drive. 

fugarius a hunter (horse). 

fugatio a chase. 

fugator hunter (horse) ; a driver. 

fugatorius a hunter (horse). 

fug era fern. 

fugillus a poker. 

fuleratium, molendinum fulling 

fullare, fullire, fullonare to full 

fullum aquce a stream of water. 

fulreticum a fulling mill. 

fumagium manure j chimney- 
fumarium a chimney. 

funditor a founder ; a pioneer. 

fundum ground. 

funtura founding, casting (metal) . 

furare to steal. 

furbire to furbish. 

furcare to pitch corn or hay with 

a fork ; to hang a cart on 

its wheels. 

fureclare to ferret. 
furfuraculum a sieve. 
furigeldum a fine for theft. 

furlangus, furlong us the eighth 
of a mile ; the eighth of an 

fumagium. Seefornagium. 

furnarius a baker. 

furniare to bake. 

furnire to heat up an oven or 

fumus a bakehouse. 
furratus furred. 

furrellus sword sheath ; bow case. 
furrura, fururia fur. 
furulus. See furrellus. 
fusor f usour, melter, an officer in 

the Exchequer. 
fusor ia the office of f usour. 
fustarius a joiner. 
fustianum fustian. 


gabella rent ; service. 

gablaginm the same as gabella. 

gablare to pay rent. 

gablum a cross. See also gabella. 

gabulum a gable. 

gabulus. See gabella. 

gafra a wafer. 

gafrarius a waferer. 

gagtiagium, gainagium gain, pro- 
gaineria a tilled field ; a crop. 
gaivelettum. See gaveletum. 
galea a galley. 
galeasia a galliasse. 
galeo a galleon. 
galida a galley. 
galiotus a galliot. 
gallicidium Shrovetide. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


gillivolatium a cock-shoot or 


gallo, gallofia, galo, galona a gal- 

galya a galley. 

gamberia armour for the legs. 

gambeso, gambesum a quilted 
jacket worn under the ar- 

ganagium. See gagnagium. 
ganerium gainery, profit arising 
from tillage. 

gannatura yelping, derision. 
ganta, gan tele tics a gauntlet. 
gaola a prison ; a gaol. 
gaolagium prison dues. 
gaolarius a gaoler. 

gara terrce a gare or gore, a strip 

of land. 
garandisare to warrant. 
garantum warrant. 
garba a sheaf. 
garbelagium garbelage. 
garbellare to garble, to pick out 

the refuse. 
garcifer. See garcio. 
*>l garcio a groom. 

gar da a ward of a town ; w ardship. 

Igarderoba a wardrobe. 
garderobarius a wardrobe-keeper. 
gardia, Sfc. See guardia, Sfc. 
gardiator guardian, warden. 
gardinarius a gardener. 
gardinum a garden. 
gardum a garth. 

garenna a warren. See warenna. 
gargarare to brag. 
gargata the throat. 
garilatrix a scold. 

garlanda a chaplet ; a garland, 

» sometimes of gold or silver. 

garmamentum a garment. 

garnestura victuals, arms, &c, 
necessary for a garrison ; 

garra. See gara. 

garterium a garter. 

gastaldus governor of a town or 

gata a bowl. 

gauda, gaudo woad. 

gaugeare to gauge. 

gaugetum gauging, gauge. 

gaugiator a gauger. 

gaveletum gavelet, a writ of ces- 
savit, where gavelkind ob- 

gavelmannus a tenant liable to 

gavelocus a javelin. 
gayra. See gara. 
geburus a villager, peasant. 
geldahilis liable to pay tax. 
geldare to pay a geldum. 

geldum, geldus tax ; compensa- 
tion ; fine. 

gelima a sheaf. 

geloffium a gillyflower. 

geltum. See geldum. 

gemala a hinge. 

gemotum an assembly. 

generate the commons of a monk. 

generosa a gentlewoman. 

generosus a gentleman. 

genimen an offshoot. 

geola, Sfc. See gaola, Sfc. 

gernarium a granary. 

gersa starch. 

gersuma a fine ; a reward j an 

gerusa a goad. 
gesa a guisarme. 
gesta, gestum yeast ; food. 
getti a hawk's jesses. 


Glossary of Latin Wurds. 

getticium a jetty. 

gewineda an assembly. 

ghestum food. See gistum. 

gialda, gyalda a guildhall. 

gifta a stream. 

gihalda a guildhall. 

gilda a fraternity, guild. 

gildare. See geldare. 

gildatio payment of a tax. 

gildaula, gildhalla a guildhall. 

gildhalla Teutonicorum the Steel- 
yard, or company of Easter- 
ling merchants. 

gilla, gillus a mug. 

gillagium tax paid on wine sold 
by retail. 

gilofera clove or gillyflower. 

gimphus. See gumphus. 

gipo a doublet (pou?point). 

gipsura pargeting. 

gir gillus a reel with a handle for 
winding thread. 

giro an apron, a skirt. 

gisarma a guisarme, a weapon re- 
sembling a halberd, having 
a spear point, with a small 
axe at the foot, and some- 
times a spike on the oppo- 
site side. 

gista a joist. 

gistum duty of entertaining the 
lord when on a journey ; 

glaneare, gleniare to glean. 

glavea, glavia a glaive. 

gleba land belonging to a parish 
church, glebe. 

glebalis terra glebe land. 

glebaria turf. 

gleniagium gleaning. 

gleniare to glean. 

glis mud. 

glomellus a clew. 

glomerarias, glomerellus a com- 
missioner appointed to 
settle disputes between the 
scholars of a university and 
the townsmen. 

glorietta a gloriet, an upper room 

in a tower. 
glutum glue. 
gobonatus embossed. 
godetus a mug. 
golda a drain ; a mine (?). 
goliardus a buffoon. 
gora. See gara. 
gorgona a gargoyle. 
gota a gut, drain. 
grabatum a couch. 
gradate, graduate a gradual, or 

grail ; a book containing the 

musical portion of the mass. 
gradiens passant (heraldic). 
graduatus a graduate, one who 

has taken a degree in a 

graffio a count, earl, or perhaps 

grajfium, grajium, graphium a 

register, or cartulary; a pen. 
granat'a a garnet. 

granatorius, granetarius, keeper 

or steward of a granary. 
grancia, grangia a grange, esp. a 

farmhouse belonging to a 

grangiarius the keeper of a 

grantum security. See creantum. 
granum grain ; the coccus ilicis 

and coccus arboritm, used in 

dyeing red. 
grava, gravia a grove. 
gremium the nave of a church. 
grenetarius keeper of a granary. 
gresius grey. 
gressibilis able to walk. 
grisengus, griseus grey. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


griseum opus greywork, gris, fur 
of badger skin, or more 
likely the " mus Ponticus." 

grissus, grisus grey ; gris. 

groceria grocery. 

grocerius a grocer. 

gromes, grometus, gromus a 

gronna a place whence peat is 

gropus a hook, perhaps a skid. 
grossare to engross, to make a 

fair coiyy, or to buy up. 
grossarius an engrosser, a grocer. 

grossum revenue of a benefice ; 

grossus (adj.) large, gross. 

grossus (subst.) a groat. (Fr. 

groiindagium payment for per- 
mission to anchor in a har- 

grova a grove. 

grovetta a little grove. 

grovum a grove. 

gruarius a chief forester ; a fal- 
con used for cranes. 

gruellum gruel. 

grumns gruel. 

grunda a gutter. See alura. 

gruta grouse. 

grutum grout. 

guar da ward. 

guardaroba wardrobe. 

guardiania office of warden. 

guardianus a warden. 

guardiare to guard, protect. 

guarennarhis, guarnerius a war- 

guastum waste. 

guerra war. 

guerrare, guerreare to make war. 

guiare to lead. 


guidagium safe-conduct, or a pay- 
ment for safe-conduct. 

guidare to lead ; to take toll for 

guido a guidon. 

guihalla a guildhall. 

guilda a guild. 

guildhalda a guildhall. 

gala a tippet. 

gula augusti the first of August, 

gulla a gully, watercourse. 

gumfus a hinge, a joint ; glue. 

guna a cupping glass. 

gunca reeds. 

gunellus a short gown. 

gunna some part of the machinery 
of a mill ; a cannon, gun ; 
a gown. 

gunnarius a gunner. 

gunniun a cannon, gun. 

gurda a handmill (?). 

gurges, gurgitum a weir. 

gurgidio a gargoyle. 

gutter a, gutteria, guttura, gutturxis 

a gutter. 
gutturna quinsy. 

guuarda ward (giiarda). 

gydagium paj'ment to a guide. 

gylda a guild. 

gysarma a gisarme. 


habentia riches. 
habilis fit ; capable. 
habundancia. For abundancia. 
hachia a pickaxe ; hatchet. 
hada a small piece of land. 
hadocus a haddock. 
haerarkts nesting. 
hccreditaSf Sfc. See hereditas, Sfc. 



Glossary of Latin Words. 

hccrela a conspiracy ; society ; a 

bishop's army. 
haeria an aery, nest. 

haga a hedge ; a house in a city or 

hagabulum a rate or tax paid at 

hagardum a rickyard. 
hagia, haia, haicia a hedge. 
hairus a heron ; haircloth. 
haka a hake {inerlucius vulgaris), 
hakedus a hake. 

hakeneius, hakenettus a hackney, 

hala a hall. 

halgardum a shed. 

halimotum hallmote ; court baron. 

hamella a hamlet. 

hamleta, hamletius a hamlet. 

hamma a home-close ; a little 
meadow ; an edge or hem 
in the common field. 

hamsoca a fine for forcibly enter- 
ing a house. 

ha?iaperium, haneparium a ham- 
per. The Hanaper is an 
office in the Court of Chan- 

hancia a haunch. See also hansa. 

handana, handayna, handena 
a day's work. 

hangwitha a fine for wrongfully 
hanging a robber or letting 
him escape. 

hansa a house, or company of 
merchants ; a city with re- 
ference to its foreign mer- 
cantile dealings. 

hara a stye. 

liar are to plough. 

haratium a stud of horses. 

harciare. See herciare. 

liarella. See hcerela. 

harenga a harangue ; a herring. 

liarengaria the herring fishery, 
or season. 

harengus a herring. 

harepipa a snare for hares, called 

a harepipe. 
harnesiare to put on armour ; to 

harness ; to decorate. 
harnesium armour ; harness ; 

liarpare to play on the harp. 
harrectus a harrier. 

harreum a herd, troop, esp. of 

liaspa a hasp, door-fastening. 

hastiludium a tournament. 

hatchettus a hatchet 

haubergeo, hauborio a habergeon. 

hauritorium a pump. 

hauslrum a pump. 

havenator a harbour master. 

haver ocum a ha_ycock, a hayrick ; 
the quantity of hay which 
can be lifted on the handle 
of a scythe, or bound with 
one cord. 

haga, hagcia, hayea a hedge ; a 
net ; an enclosure. 

haydagium. Same a.shedagium(?). 

hayuma meadow. 

hebdomadarius a canon of a ca- 
thedral church, appointed 
weekly to take charge of the 
choir ; a priest appointed 
for weekly duty in a 

heccagium rent for heckles, fish- 
ing engines used in the Ouse. 

hechium a hatch ; a hedge. 

heda a wharf ; a hithe. 

hedagium toll paid at a wharf. 

heiria an eyry, nest. 

heiro a heron. 

heiivardus a hayward. 

heraldus a herald. 

herbagium herbage ; right of 
pasturing cattle. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


herbergagium lodgings. 

herbergare, herbigare to lodge ; 
to entertain. 

herbergiator a harbinger ; an inn- 

hercarius a narrower. 

hercia a harrow ; a frame to hold 

herciare to harrow. 

herebannum a fine for refusing 
to perform military service. 

herecius some kind of hound used 
for stag hunting. 

heredipeta the next heir. 

hereditament urn hereditament, all 
property that may be in- 

hereditare to cause to inherit. 

hereditas an inheritance. 

herellus a kind of small fish. 

heretic m a courtyard for the use 
of soldiers. 

herezeldus military service, scu- 

hericius a hedgehog ; a revolving 
bar with spikes used in 

herietum. See heriotum. 

herigaldum a surcoat. 

herigeta a heriot. 

herilis adjective formed from 
hares as well as from herus. 

heriotum a heriot. 

heriscindium division of house- 
hold goods. 

herminus ermine. 

hermitagium, hermitorium a her- 
hemasii irregular soldiers. 
hcrnesium. See harnesium. 
heroudes a herald. 
hesia an easement. 
hesta, hestha a small loaf. 
heuedrata a headland (?). 
heura a hure. See hura. 

heymectus a rabbit-net. 
heyronagium a heronry. 
heyronus a heron. 

hibemagium the winter season 
for sowing corn ; rye. 

hida a hide of land. 

hidagium a tax levied on every 
hide of land ; a fine paid by 
persons of servile condition 
instead of receiving corporal 
punishment for offences 

hidare to divide into hides. 

higra the bore or eager of a river. 
hilt r a an engine for catching 

hiltum a hilt. 

hippocomus master of the horse. 

hi ma a sausage. 

hirquicallus squinting. 

hirsepa a torch. 

hispaniolus a spaniel. 

hit ha a wharf. 

hivernagium. See hibemagium. 

hlammator a fisherman of some 

hobellarius a hobbler, a light 

horse soldier who rode a 

hobelus a hobby (hawk). 

hoccus salis a salt pit. 

hocium housing of a horse. 

hoga a wood. 

hogacius a hogget. 

hogaster a pig ; a sheep in its 

second year, hogget. 
hogettus, hogietus a hogget. 
hoggus a hog. 
homagium homage. 
hominatio muster. 
hominium homage. 
homiplagium maiming. 
hopa a hopper, a basket. 
hordarius the keeper of a granary, 
p 2 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

hordera a treasurer. 
horderium a treasury. 
horisonium a clock. 
homagium, hornegeldum tax on 

horoscopus a dial. 
horripilatio shuddering. 
hoses hose. 

hospitalaria the hostry or guest- 
house of a monastery. 

hospitalarius a knight of the 
Order of St. John of Jeru- 
salem ; the hosjntaller or 
hostillar, a monk whose duty 
is to attend to guests, the 
steward of the guest-house. 

hospitarius. See hospitalarius. 

hospitator an innkeeper. 

hospitium a house for receiving 
guests ; procuration or visi- 
tation money. 

hostagium hostage. See also 
hospitium and hostelagium. 

hostelagium a lord's right of 
being lodged by his tenants. 

hostelarium. See hospitalaria. 

hostellarius an innkeeper. 
hosteria a ciborium. 
hosterium a hoe. 
hostia the consecrated wafer. 
hostiarius an usher. 
hosticius a porch. 
hostillaria. See hospitalaria. 
hostillarius. See hospitalarius. 

hostorcus, hostricus a goshawk. 

See osturcus. 
huca a hewke, a frock or mantle. 
hucea housing of a horse ; a gown. 
huchea a hutch. 
hudagium. See hidagium. 
hugia a hoy, a hutch. 

huisserium a ship for conveying 

huisserius an usher. 

hulcus. See hulka. 

huldare to plank, to put camp- 
sheathing on a bank. 

hulka a large ship, a transport 

hull us a hill. 

hulmus a holm, a meadow on a 
river bank, or an island. 

humagium a marshy place ; 

hummulina beer. 

hundredarius a hundredor, a juror 
in a case concerning land 
who lives in the hundred in 
which the land is ; a bailiff 
of a hundred. 

hundredum a hundred, a division 
of a shire ; a hundred court ; 
payment due from a hun- 
dred ; fine from the hun- 
dredors for non-appearance 
at the court. 

hura- a hure, a coarse cap. 

h urarius ahurrer, maker of hures. 

hurdicius a hurdle ; a military en- 
gine to protect the assailants 
of a fortress ; a hoarding. 

hur tardus, hurtus a ram. 

husa a horsecloth ; housing. 

husbandrea a farmhouse ; a farm. 

husbandus a farmer ; a peasant. 

huscarla, huscarlius a household 
servant ; a military retainer 
attached to the lord's house- 

husebondus a husband. 

husgablum, husgabulum house- 
tax, or rent, husgable. 

hussus holly. 

hustengium, huste?igum, hustin- 
gum hustings ; the Supreme 
Court of the City of London. 

hutagium hue. 

hutellum, hutesium hue [and cry]. 
hyda. See hida. 
hydromellum mead. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 



ibanum ebony. 

ibernagium. See hibernagium. 
icona, iconia an image, figure. 
idriola a holy water stoup. 
ifungia fine white bread, called 

cocket bread. 
ignitegium curfew. 
imaginarius an image maker. 
imbassiator an ambassador. 
imbesilare to embezzle. 
imbreviare to abridge ; to put in 

imbrocus a brook. 

imbulus a pentice, a penthouse. 

imbursare to put in one's own 

immerciatus fined, amerced. 

imminorare to diminish. 

impalare to impound. 

impanellare to enter the names 

of a jury ; to empanel. 
imparcamentum, imparcatio the 

right of impounding cattle. 

imparcare to impark ; to empound. 

impechiamentum hindrance ; im- 

impechiare to accuse, impeach. 

impediare to mutilate a dog's 

feet, to law. See expe- 

impedientes defendants. 

imperator emperor. 

imperpetuam for ever. 

impersonata, persona parson 
imparsonee, lawful incum- 
bent in actual possession. 

impescatus impeached. 

impetere to accuse, impeach. 

impetitio impeachment. 

implacitare to implead, to sue. 

implementum complement ; uten- 

implicatio a landing-stage, moor- 

impoisonare to poison. 

impomentum dessert of fruit. 

importancia importance. 

imposterum hereafter. 

impotionare to poison. 

impressor a printer. 

impressus an adherent, a partisan. 

impretiabilis invaluable. 

imprimere to print. 

imprisa, imprisia enterprise. 

imprisius, imprisus an adherent. 

imprisonamentare to imprison. 

imprisonamentum imprisonment. 

imprisonare to imprison. 

impropriatio an ecclesiastical 
benefice in the hands of a 

impruiamentum the improvement 

of land. 
imp r uia re to improve land. 

inactitare to register. 

inamelatus enamelled. 

inancia advantage, advance. 

inannulatus not ringed (of a pig). 

inbladare to sow with corn. 

inbladatio growing crops. 

inblaura the product of land (im- 

inbrochiare to broach. 

incartare, inchartare to grant by 

a written deed. 

incastellare to fortify. 

incaustum ink. 

incerchare to seek. 

inclaudare to fetter. 

inclausura an enclosure, home 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

includere to enclose. 

inclusa a nun. 

inclusarius, inclusorius a pinder. 

inclusorium a pound. 

inclusus a monk. 

incluvium some instrument of 

incombrancia encumbrance. 

incombrare to stop up a road ; to 

incompatibilitas incompatibility, 
of benefices which cannot be 
held together. 

incopare to accuse. 

incopolitus a proctor ; a vicar. 

incortinare to adorn with hang- 

incrocamentum incroachment. 

mcrocare, incrochiare to encroach. 

incumhrare. See incombrare. 

incur r amentum liability to a pen- 

incussa. For inconcussa. 

incustodia carelessness. 

indebitatus indebted. 

indecimabilis not liable to tithes. 

indefensus one who refuses to 

answer to an accusation. 

indefesibilis indefeasible, that 

cannot be made void. 
indentura an indenture. 
indictamentum an indictment. 
indict are to indict. 

indictio indictment ; indiction, a 
cycle of fifteen years by 
which writings were dated 
at Borne. 

indictor an accuser. 

indistringibilis not distrainable. 

indivisibilis mums a main wall, 
not a party wall. 

indivisum held in common. 

i?idorsare, indossare to endorse. 

indorsation indorsamentum en- 

inductio induction, putting a 
clergyman into possession 
of his church. 

indula strong thread. 

indus indigo. 

inewardus a watchman. 

infalistatio a capital punishment 
inflicted at Dover, drown- 
ing (?). 

infeodare to enfeoff. 

infeodatio decimarum granting 
tithes to laymen. 

infeofare to enfeoff. 

infirmaria the infirmary of a mon- 

infirmarius the guardian of the 
sick in a monastery. 

infirmitorium an infirmary. 

iiifiscare to confiscate. 

inforciare to fortify. 

infossare to surround with a ditch. 

infrontare to stop. 

infrontare sese to resist. 

infrunitas madness. 

infugare to put to flight. 

infula a cassock ; a coif. 

ingaignia an engine ; machine ; 

ingeniator an engineer. 

ingenium a machine ; engine; gin. 

ingenuitas freedom ; nobility. 

ingrangiare to deposit in a 


ingravare to engrave ; to demand. 

ingressus the relief paid by an 
heir on entering upon his 

ingrossare to engross, to copy out 
fairly, or to buy up. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


ingrossator a copier ; a wholesale 

inguardus a guard ; a watchman. 
inhokare, inhoc facer e to enclose. 

inhokum " any corner or part of 
a common field, ploughed 
up and sowed with oats, 
&c, and sometimes fenced 
in with a dry hedge, in that 
year wherein the rest of the 
same field lies fallow and 
common " (Jacob). 

inlagare to restore to the benefit 
of the law. 

inlagatio the restitution of an out- 

inlagatus one who is not an out- 

inlantale demesne land. 

inlegiare to satisfy the law, or re- 
store to the benefit of the law. 

innamiare to distrain. 

innamum a pledge. See namium. 

innire to inn, to carry corn or 

innocum. See inhokum. 

innodare to knot ; to bind. 

innonia an enclosure. 

innoxiare to purge ; absolve. 

inofficiare to provide with the 
services of the church. 

inordinatus intestate. 

inprisins an adherent. 

inquesta, inqiiestum, inquisitio an 

inquisitor a sheriff, coroner, &c, 
who has power to hold in- 
quests ; a retriever. 

inrollare to enrol. 

insectator a prosecutor. 

inservire to bring into slavery. 

insigne a coat of arms. 

insilium bad advice. 

installare to instal ; to quitclaim, 

installatio a composition. 

instaur amentum. See instauratio. 

instaurare to stock (a farm). 

instaurarius a stockkeeper. 

instauratio, instaurum store; stock 
of a farm ; furniture of a 
church, books, vestments, &c. 

instirpare to plant, establish. 

institutio institution, the granting 
by a bishop to a clerk of the 
cure of souls in his benefice. 

insularius a keeper or porter of a 
detached house (insula). 

intassare to heap up hay in cocks. 

interceptio enterprise, aggression. 

intercipere to attack ; to seize 

inter claustrum a walk or passage 
between cloisters (?). 

interclausura the setting of pre- 
cious stones ; chasing of metal. 

inter communicare to intercom- 
mon, where the tenants of 
two manors use the com- 
mons of both. 

interesse interest. 

interlinear is between the lines. 
interloingnium. See loingnium. 
interludium play, mumming, as 

at Christmas. 
intemamentum burial. 

interpugnare to fight together. 
interranea the bowels. 

intersignum a token ; a counter- 

intertenere to entertain. 

intertiare to sequester. 

intrare to enter, or inn, i.e. drain 
and cultivate, marshes, which 
are then called innings. 

intrastagnum a seat in a row, a 
stall (?). 

intrinsecus a dweller within, a 
citizen, opp. to forinsecus. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

introitus an introit, an antiphone 
sung while the priest is 
going to the altar. 

intrussare to pack up. 

invadiare to mortgage ; to pawn. 

invadiatio a mortgage. 

invadimoniare to pledge, put in 

inventarium an inventory. 

inventio treasure trove. 

inventorium an inventory. 

inveritare to prove. 

investio, investimentum investi- 

investire to invest, give posses- 

investitura investiture. 

inwardus a watchman. 
ipoporgium an andiron. 

irreplegiabitis, irrepleviabilis irre- 
plevisable ; that which ought 
not to be replevied or de- 
livered on sureties. 

irrotulamentum an enrolment. 

irrotulare to enrol. 

irrotulatio enrolling. 

iter circuit, or eyre, of a judge. 

iterans justiciar ius justice in 

iter are to make a journey ; to 

hold an eyre; to rejudge ; 

to repeat. 
iterato again, repeatedly. 

iteratus repeated. 


jacens in abeyance. 

jact acuta a hawk's jesses. 

jacti jesses. 

jactivus one who loses by default. 

jahones furze, gorse. 

j amp num, j annum furze, gorse. 

jardinus a garden. 

jarellum a barrier. 

jauia, Sfc. See gaola, 8fc. 

jercia a lamb. 

jetti jesses. 

jocale a jewel. 

jocarius a jester. 

jocillator a juggler. 

joppus a fool. 

jornancia a day's work. 

jornata a day's work or journey ; 
an acre of land. {Yx.journau.) 
Jo vis dies Thursday. 
judaismus Jewry. 

jugulare to yoke. 
jugutiettum the neck. 

jugum a yoke of land ; half a 

juisa, juisium judgment ; trial by 

ordeal or battle ; execution ; 

jumentum a mare. 
juncare to strew rushes. 
juncata cream cheese. 
juncta a joint. 

junctum a measure of salt. 

junctura jointure. 

jupa a petticoat, a gown. 

jupelluvz a coat, a frock ; a kind 
of banner. 

jurata a jury. 

jura tor a juror. 

juratus a j urate. 

jurnale a diary. 

jurnedum a day's journey. 

justa, justea a joust, tournament ; 
a flagon. 

justicia jurisdiction ; fine ; right, 
due ; a justice ; a joust. 

justiciabilis under jurisdiction. 

justiciare to bring to trial ; to 
exercise or administer jus- 
tice ; to compel, to punish. 

justiciare se to appear or plead 
before a justice. 

justiciarius a justice. 

justificare to bring to trial. 

justijicator a compurgator. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


justitiaria a writ to justices ; the 
day when they sit. 

justitium cessation from the ex- 
ercise of justice. 


kaia, kaium a quay ; wharf. 
kaiagium toll paid for unloading 
goods at a wharf ; quayage. 

kalendce, fyc. See calendce. 

kaneva canvas. 

karetta a cart. 

karistia dearth. 

karrata a cartload. See carecta. 

karvana a caravan. 

karvannum a baggage train. 

katallum. See catallum. 

kauma thatch. 

kayus, kaya a quay, a wharf. 

kembelina a kemeling, or keeler, 

a tub. 
kemmotus a cymwd or comot, 

the quarter of a cantref. See 

kernellare to embattle. 
kidellus a kiddle or kettle, a con- 
trivance for catching fish 

set in a weir. 
killagium keelage, the right of 

demanding money for ships 

lying in a harbour. 
kintctle a weight, about 100 lbs. 

See qnintale. 
kivilla a pin. 
knipulus a knife. 
knopa a knob ; knop. 
kokettas. See cokettus. 
kunupulus clapper of a bell. 
kydellus. See kidellus. 


lab Hit as liability to slip. 
labina a marsh ; a meadow. 
laborarius a labourer. 
laccus a lock (of hair or wool). 

laceatus fringed ; laced. 

lacerta a fathom. 

lacista a cade of herring. 

lacta defect in weight ; lack. 

lactare to lack. 

lacum lack. 

lada purgation ; a watercourse, 

lode ; a load. 
ladare to purge oneself of a crime. 
Icedorium reproach. 
Ices turn a lathe. See leda. 
laga a lane ; law. 
lagemannus a lawman, a judge. 

lagena a gallon, an eighth of a 

laghdagha a law- day. 

laghelmotus a law hallmote. 

lata a broad way in a wood. 

laicus a layman. 

lairvita punishment for incon- 

lambella a label (heraldic). 

lambrissare, lamburchare to wain- 
scot, to ceil, to ornament with 

lampreda a lamprey, sometimes a 

lanarius a woollen draper. 

lanceare to extend, to abut (of 

Icmcettagium a base or servile 

lancet us, lancetta tenant holding 
by such a tenure. (A. S. 
landsceta or landsittencl.) At 
Bury St. Edmunds the lan- 
cetti had to clean out certain 
chambers in the abbey. 

laudator keeper of lances in the 

Ian da a lawn ; land. 

lanclea a ditch for draining a 

lanerius a lanner. 

langabulum tax or rent from 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

langellum swaddling clothes. 
langemannus lord of a manor. 
langeolum, langeolus a woollen 

shirt, reaching to the knees, 

worn by monks. 
lanlordus a landlord. 
lano niger a kind of base coin. 
lanterium the top of a steeple. 
lapicidina a stone quarry. 
lardanarium, lardarium a larder. 
lardanarius, larderarius larderer, 

or clerk of the kitchen. 
lardearium a larder. 
lardum bacon. 
largitio largesse. 
lasirium azure. 
lassatinus an assassin. 

lasta, lastum a last, a measure 
used for fish, hides, corn, 
wool, &c. 

lastagium custom paid for wares 
sold by the last ; ballast. 
See lestagium. 

lastum a lathe. 

lata a lath. 

later anea a bedfellow ; a wife. 

later are to lie sideways (of land). 

latha a lath. 

latinarius an interpreter, a lati- 

mer or latiner. 
latomus a stonecutter. 
latro the right of punishing 

latta a lath. 
latus a sidesman. 
laubia a porch, gallery. 
laudum an award. 
lavatorium, lavandaria a laundry. 
laxa a leash. 
lecator, leccator a person of bad 

character, lecher. 

lecia a leash. 

lecteria. See liter a. 

lectica litter for cattle. 

lectio a lesson. 

lectis a brother's daughter. 

leetisternium bedding; a mat- 

lectoriimi, lecturium a reading- 

lecturire to lecture. 

leda a lathe, a division of a 

ledo, ledona tide. 

lega the standard of money. 

legamannus a lawful man, or man 
of law. 

legatarius, legataria legatary, 

legiosus litigious. 

legrewita a fine for adultery. 

lemniscus a label (heraldic). 

lenga a ling [asellus long us). 

leones false coin prohibited by 
Edw. I. 

lepa two-thirds of a bushel. 

leporarins a greyhound. 

leporium a hare-warren. 

leprosaria a lazarhouse. 

lesia a leash. 

lessa a legacy ; a lease. 

lessia a leash. 

lesta a last ; a lathe. See lasta. 

lestagium toll paid at a port on 
landing goods ; or at a 
market or fair for licence to 
remove goods. 

lesura a leasowe, a pasture. 

leta a court-leet. 

leuca a league ; 1,500 paces, or 
480 perches; sometimes used 
for a mile. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 


leucata a league ; banlieue. 
leugator a scout or forager (?). 
levabilis leviable. 
levanum leavened bread. 
levare to collect, levy ; to remove ; 

to carry bay. 
levellus level. 
leverarius a barrier. 
leverio, breve de writ of relief. 
levescere to become ligbt. 
levinarius a lyniehound. 
lex sometimes used for ordeal. 
lezura a leasowe, a pasture. 
libellus a declaration ; a libel. 
liber lapis freestone. 
libera delivery of a portion of 

grass or corn to a tenant 

who bas been engaged in 

cutting it. 

liberata, liberation libcratura 

liberate a writ ordering a pay- 
ment to be made, commenc- 
ing witb tbis word. 

libra a pound, in weigbt or 

librata terra land wortb 20s. 

yearly ; 4 oxgangs, or 52 

librillare to cbatter ; babble. 
licece, licice lists ; barriers. 
licere to license. 
lichinhis wick of a candle. 
lichinus a candlestick. 
liciarhtm, licitamentum a bid, in 

Uganda allegiance, bomage. 
ligatus a liegeman. 
ligeancia allegiance ; breacb of 

ligeus liege ; lawful. 
lignagimn tbe rigbt of cutting 

fuel in woods. 
lignamen timber. 
lignipodium a wooden leg ; a 


ligula a fillet, a file. 

limas an apron. 

liminiscus a point or stop in a MS. 

limus an apron. 

linarium a place wbere flax is 

lineare, liniare to line. 

lingua loin. 

Unteamen, linthiamen linen stuff; 

a sbeet. 
liquiritia liquorice. 
liripipium tbe tail of a bood, or 

tbe peak of a sboe. 

lista edge ; strip ; catalogue ; lists 

for a tournament. 
lisura list (of clotb). 

liter a, literia litter, straw; a 

litter ; bedclotbes. 
lobbum a large fisb in tbe Nortb 

Sea, of tbe cod species. 
lobia a porcb, gallery. 
lobium a portico ; a lobby. 
locare to let. 

loccum a lock on a river. 
lochia a loacb. 
locutorium a parlour. 
loda a load. 
lodium a louvre. 
log a a truss (?) of bay. 
loggiare to cut wood into logs (?). 
logia a lodge ; an outhouse. 
logiare to lodge, dwell. 
loingium, loingnium a lewne, lune, 

a strap attached to a hawk's 

lokettum a locket. 
longellus a coverlet. 
lonnia a loin. 
lopare to lop. 
loquela imparlance ; a plea ; a 

loquenda a point reserved by a 

court for consideration. 
lorarius a lymebound. 
lorema a bridle bit. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 


lorimaria lorimery, bits, buckles, 
and other metal work for 

lorimarius a lorimer or loriner. 

lotorium a wash-hand basin. 

lottum et scottum lot and scot. 

lovcrium a louvre. 

lucarius a woodward. 

lucellus a bier, a hearse. 

luces pike (pi.). 

lucubrum a lantern. 

ludricus a beast of burden. 

luigna a loin. 

lumbale, lumbare a belt, a girdle. 

luminarius a dealer in lights ; 

luminio lighting. 

lunce, dies Monday. Lunce is 
also used for Monday by 
itself, not declined, as — infra 
Lunce, before Monday ; and 
the same is true of the 
names for the other days of 
the week. 

lunda a bind of eels, i.e. 250 ; 
two timbers of skins, i.e. 80. 

lundinarium a quarter of a vir- 

luplicetum a hop garden. 

lura a bung. 

lu rale a lure. 

lusius a brother-in-law. 

Inter a basin, laver, font. 

lutricius an otter hound. 

luvare a louvre. 

lymputta a lime pit. 


macea a mace. 

maceria outer wall of a convent. 
machecaria a meat market. 
machecarius a butcher. 
machecollare to add machccoulis 

to a castle. 
macia a mace. 
macuellus a small mace. 

macula mail ; silver half-ponce. 

madera madder. 

madius month of May. 

maeremium timber. 

magnagium a house. 

magthura same as mangura (?). 

mahemiare to maim. 

mahemium mayhem, maim. 

maignagium a brazier's shop. 

maioria maj^oralty. 

maisneda household. 

major a mayor. 

majorare to increase, to improve. 

makerellus a mackerel. 

mala a budget for carrying 

letters ; a mail. 
malandrinus a pirate. 
malecredere to suspect. 
malcjicare to bewitch. 
malejicium witchcraft. 
malejicus a wizard. 
maletta a small mail or trunk. 
malignare to maim. 
malina spring tide. 
mallardus a mallard. 
mallium a mesh. 
malmaria a mosque. 

malveisina an engine to cast 

mana an old woman. 

managium. See magnagium. 

manca a square gold coin, value 
65. or 30t/. ; a mark ; a fish- 
ing boat ; a defect. 

manceps manciple, clerk of the 

mancinus lefthanded. 

mancusa. See manca. 

mandatum maundy. 

mandra a shed, hovel. 

manens a tenant who was con- 
fined to the land. 

manerium a manor. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


mangerium riglit of receiving 
food, &c, at the house of a 

mangiatorium a manger. 

mangonale^ mangonelus a mango- 
nel, for casting stones. 

mangonare to traffic at a market. 

mangura food. 

manipulum a maniple, worn by 
a priest on the left arm. 

mannagium. See magnagium. 

mannire to cite. 

mannus a horse. 

manopera a day's work. 

mansa a hide of land. 

mansa, mansio, mansum, man- 
sura, a dwelling-house. 

manser a bastard. 

mantellum a cloak. 

mantiare to fit a handle to. 

mantica a wallet. 

mantile a long robe. 

mantum a cloak, mantle. 

manuale a manual, a book con- 
taining Avhat is necessary 
for the administration of 
sacraments and sacra- 

manualis obedientia sworn obedi- 

manucapere to mainprise, become 
mainpernor for. 

manucaptio mainprise, surety. 

manucaptor a mainpernor, bail. 
manumula a handmill. 

manuopera stolen goods taken on 
a thief ; cattle and farm im- 

manuopera rim a handicraftsman. 

manupastus a domestic servant ; 
domestic service. 

manupes a foot in length. 

mannpositum a deposit; an earnest. 

mantis used for an oath. 

manutenentia maintenance ; the 
unlawful upholding of a 
person or cause. 

manutenere to maintain. 

manutensionis pileum cap of main- 

manutentor maintainor. 

manatentum a handle. 

manutergium a towel. 

mapparius a keeper of linen. 

mara a lake, mere ; moor. 

marabotinus a maravedi. 

marca a mark, 8oz. troy weight ; 
in money 13s. 4d. 

marcanda villa a market town. 
marcarda villa a market town. 
marcare to mark ; to take by 
right of letters of marque. 

marcata, marcatus a rent of a 

marcatum market. See mercatum. 
marchahtesia merchandise. 
marcheium a market. 
marcheta. See merchehcm. 
ma re he tarn a market. 
mar chia the march or border 
land between two countries. 
marchiare to adjoin, border on. 
marchio a marcher ; a marquis. 
marchionatus marquisate. 
marchionissa a marchioness. 

marchisus marcher, dweller on a 

marearchus an admiral. 

marcmium timber. 

marescalcia, marescallia right of 
taking fodder for horses ; 
office of marshal ; the Mar- 
shalsea, London ; a stable. 

marescalcus, marescallus a farrier; 
a marshal. 

maretum a marsh. 

margia a border, margin. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

marina seashore. 

marinarius a seaman ; mariner. 

marinellus a mariner. 

mariola a small image of the 
Virgin Mary. 

marisarchus. See marearchus. 

mariscus a marsh. 

maritagium marriage ; marriage 
portion ; right of giving in 

marla marl. 

marlare, marliare to spread marl 

over land. 
marleputtum a marlpit. 

marlera, marlerium, marletum a 

marlia marl. 

marlura marling. 

mama some clay used in pottery. 

marqua right of reprisals ; 

marquezius a marquis. 

marquisia a marchioness. 

marquisius a marquis. 

marra a moor ; an iron tool like 

a pickaxe. 
marscallare to do a farrier's work. 

martellus a hammer. 

martilogium a register of martyrs 

martinet, a marten. 
martineta a kingfisher. 
Martis dies Tuesday. 

martrina, martrix, martro a mar- 

masagiam a messuage. 

masca a masque. 

mascea a mace. 

maserus a maser, a bowl, often 

of wood. 
masnagium dwelling-place. 
massa a club ; a mass. 
massare to chew ; to hammer. 
mastinuo, mastivus a mastiff. 

mastruca a cloak of skin, fur in- 
mastus a mast. 
masuella a small club. 
masura a decayed house. 
matare to mate at chess. 
matinellum breakfast. 
matracia a mattress. 
matricula a list ; register. 

matrimonium marriage ; inherit- 
ance descending by mar- 

matrina a godmother. 

matu tines matins. 

matutinellum breakfast. 

maupigymum a sort of pottage. 

maviscus a thrush. 

mazonarius a mason. 

medaria a place for making or 

stowing mead. 
medarius a mead maker, or seller. 

mederia a house where mead is 

medianetum arbitration. 

meditentum the cap of a flail. 

medihtlliitm middle. 

medius mean ; mesne. 

medleta a fray ; medley. 

medo mead. 

megarus mackerel. 

megucarius a white tawyer, a 
leather dresser. 

melleta a medley ; melee. 

mellibr odium bracket or bragwort, 
a drink flavoured with honey 
and spice. 

melotus a badger. 

menagium a family. 

mencia obeisance (?). 

menestrallus an artisan ; a min- 

menialis menial. From mania. 

ineniare to wall. 

mensaculus a carving knife. 

mensura a bushel ; the dimen- 
sions, or perhaps imago in 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


wax, of a sick person sent to 

a shrine. 
menusa reeds, rushes (?). 
mera a marsh ; mere. 

mercancia, mercandisia merchan- 

mercandizare to trade. 

mercatum, mercatorium a market. 

mercearins a mercer. 

mercenarhts a hireling. 

merceria mercery. 

mercerius, mercerus a mercer. 

merchetum a fine payable by a 
villein for licence to give his 
daughter in marriage, and 
in Scotland at his own mar- 

mercia traffic ; a fine. 

merciarius a mercer. 

mercimoniaius impost on mer- 

mercum a mark, sign. 

Mercurii dies Wednesday. 

meremium timber. 

mercndida an afternoon refresh- 
ment, a bever. 

mergidus a sink, of a lamp or a 

mergns a bucket. 

merlare. See marlare. 

merlingus a ling (asellus longus). 

merscum a marsh. 

merulus a merlin. 

mesfacere to do wrong. 

meslea, mesleia, mesleta a fray ; 

messaria the office and profits of 
a farm bailiff. 

messarins a mower or reaper; a 
farm bailiff. ha^y t+ a> *t 

messina harvest time. 

messuagium a messuage ; dwell- 

mestarta, mestera, mesterum art ; 
trade ; mistery. 

mestelenium the remains of a meal 
given as alms. 

mesticare, mestijicare to make sad. 

mestilo mesline, wheat and rye 

meta mete, bound. 
mega a stack of hay or corn. 
micatorium a grater. 
michia a loaf. 
miles a knight. 
miliare a mile, a milestone. 
miliatium millet. 
milicentum a millstream. 
militare to be knighted. 

militia knighthood ; a knight's 
fee ; a body of knights or 
soldiers ; tenure by knight 

milium millet. 

milliare a mile. 

millus a hound's collar. 

milwellus. See mulvellus. 

mina a measure of corn, &c, 3 to 

7 skeps ; a measure of land 

or wine. 
minagium toll paid on corn sold 

by the mina, 
minator a miner. 

minera a mine, ore. 
minerarius a miner. 
mineria a mine ; a quarry. 
minetarius a miner. 
miniator an illuminator. 
minietum verrum miniver. 
minister a thane ; a bailiff. 
ministeriales traders. 
ministerium a trade. 
ministralcia minstrelsy. 
ministraulus a minstrel. 
minorissa a minoress, a nun of 

S. Clare. 
minstrellus a minstrel. See men- 

mint a mint. 
minuere to let blood. 
minutio bleeding. 
misa agreement ; arbitration ) 

cost, expense. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

miscuare to mix. 
misellus a leper. 

misericordia an arbitrary fine ; a 
gratuitous portion of food 
given in addition to com- 
mons ; hall in a monastery 
where additional commons 
were given ; a dagger. 

mis event re J# fail. 

misprisio misprision, culpable 
concealment of crime. 

missa mass. See also misa. 

missale a massbook, missal. 

missaticus a messenger. 

missurium a dish, or mess. 

mistera, misterium trade ; mistery 

mitta a measure of salt. 

mixtilio. See ?nestilo. 

mixtorium a rudder, an imple- 
ment used in mixing malt. 

mixtum breakfast of bread and 
wine in a monastery. 

modiatio duty paid on wine or 
corn, measured by the muicL 

mola a millstone. 
molatio multure. 
molda a mould. 
moldera, moldra multure. 
molendinarius & miller. 
molendinator a miller. 
molendinum a mill. 
molitura, moltura grinding ; pay- 
ment for grinding, multure. 

molneda a millpool. 

molta toll paid by vassals for 
grinding corn at the lord's 

molumentum toll for grinding. 

monacha a nun. 

monachare to make a man a 
monk ; receive him into a 

monaclius a monk. 

monasterium a monastery, min- 
moneta money ; a mint. 

monetacio coining, minting. 

monetagium mintage, right of 
coining ; tribute paid by 
tenants to the lord that he 
should not change the money 
he had coined. 

monetare to coin. 

monetarius moneyer ; coiner ; 

monetum a mint. 

moniale a nunnery. 

monialis a nun. 

monstra a muster. 

monstrantia a reliquary, mon- 

monstrare to muster. 

monstratio a muster. 

monstrum a muster ; a reliquary. 

moota. See mota, muta. 

mora a moor. 

moratum a drink, supposed to be 
wine flavoured with mulber- 

mordacidum the tongue of a 

moretum brown cloth. 

morgabulum rent of moorland. 

morgagium mortgage. 

morganegiba the husband's gift 
to the wife on the wedding- 
day, or the day after. 

morina murrain. 

morosus boggy ; delaying. 

morsella, morsellus a small piece 

[of land]. 
morsus a morse ; a clasp. 

mortarium mortar ; a lamp over 
a grave or shrine. See also 

mortgagium a mortgage. 

Glossary of Latin Words, 


morticinium murrain. 

•mortificare to alienate in mort- 

mortitivus dead of murrain. 

mortizare. See amortizare. 

mortuarium bequest to the testa- 
tor's parish church ; a duty 
payable to the lord on the 
death of a tenant. 

moruca a codfish. 

mossa a moss or bog. 

mota a mote ; a moot ; a pack of 
hounds ; a moat. 

motaculum a rudder, an imple- 
ment used in mixing malt. 

motibilis moveable ; a vagrant. 

mo turn a moat. 

motura. See molitura. 

mua a mews. 

mueta a watchtower ; mews. 

muff nice fur gloves. 

mugettum musk. 

muillo a haycock or hayrick. 

mulecius a mullet. 

mulier lawful issue. 

mulio a cock, or rick of hay. 

mullo a hayrick. 

mulneda a mill pool. 

multa a fine. 

multo a sheep, a wether; a French 
gold coin bearing the agnus 
Dei, worth 1 2s. 6 d. Tournois ; 
an engine of war. 

multoties many times. 

multra, multrum a pail. 

multura toil paid at a mill. 

mulvellus melwell, mil win, green- 

muncellus a mound. 

municeps a magistrate of a town. 

munimen a grant, charter. 

munimenta records. 

muragium toll exacted in a town 
for repairing the walls. 

murale a wall. 

muratio a walled town. 

murdra murder. 

murdrare, murdrire to murder. 

murdrator, murdritor a murderer. 

murdredum, murdrum murder ; 

tax imposed for the escape 

of a murderer. 

murena a lamprey. 

murilegus a cat. 

muripellus, muripula a buttress. 

murrus a maser. 

murtrarius a murderer. 

musca musk. 

muscata nux nutmeg. 

muscidus mossy ; mouldy. 

massa a moss or bog. 

mussetum a mossy place. 

musta must, unfermented wine. 

mustrum muster. See monstrum. 

muta a pack of hounds ; a mew 
of hawks ; moulting. 

muta re to mew hawks. 

mutarius mewed. 

muto. See multo. 

mutus, mutatus mewed. 

mysterium mystery ; sometimes 
used for mistery. See mis- 
ter ium. 


nalulum freight. 

naca a small ship ; smack. 

nacella, navicella a skiff ; boat. 

naivietas naifty, bondage. 

naivus. See nativus. 

namare to distrain. 

namatio distraining ; impound- 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

namium, namum distress; pledge. 

nammiare, namtire to distrain. 

naparia napery. 

napta tow. 

narrator an advocate. 

nascula a button. 

nasellus a small ship. 

nassa a kiddle or fishweel. 

natale condition of a man. 

natalis dies Christmas Day. 

nativa born bondwoman ; nief . 

nativus a born serf ; born bond- 
natta a reed mat. 

navagium the duty of carrying 

the lord's goods by ship. 
navata a ship load. 

?iavicclla, navicula an incense cup 
in the shape of a boat. 

navicularius a shipowner ; a ship- 
navigalis seafaring. 

navigium a fleet. See also nava- 

navis the nave of a church ; the 
same as navicella. 

navithalamus a state barge. 

nayvus. See nativus. 
nepos a nephew. 
nepta, neptis a niece. 
nervicia strength. 
netus a bondman [nativus). 
nigra moneta copper money. 
nisus a fish-hawk. 
noa a marshy pasture. 
nobile a noble, 6s. Sd. 

noca, nocata a nook of land, the 
quantity uncertain, in some 
places 12£ acres. 

nocta?iter by night. 

noctare to be dark ; to spend the 

noctuatim nightly. 

nocturnum religious service per- 
formed at night. 

nocumentum nuisance ; damage. 

nodare to decree. 

nodulus a button. 

noka. See noca. 

nolo, a small bell. 

nona none, from about 2 p.m. to 

nonce ninth part, paid to the 
church by church tenants. 

nonagium ninth part of moveable 
goods paid at death to the 

nonna a nun. 

nonneria a nunnery. 

nonsecta a non-suit. 

nontenura nontenure. 

notarizes a notary ; scrivener. 

notegcldum a tax on cattle (?). 

novate newly tilled land. 

novitius a novice. 

numeralia beads. 

numerator a teller. 

nummata price ; nummata terrce 

is the same as denariata. 
nummus a penny. 

nundince a fair. 
nunna a nun. 
nutriciaria a nursery. 


obbatus a jug full. 

obediencia any office in a monas- 
tery. _ 

obedientialis, obedientiarius an in- 
ferior officer in a convent ; an 
advocate of a convent. 

obiculum a chace at tennis. 

obitus funeral service, or anni- 
versary of death ; obit. 

oblata an offering ; a gift ; a 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


obligatorium obligation ; bond. 

obolata half an acre, or half a 

obolus a halfpenny. 
obrizus pure, of metals. 
obstaculum a tribute. 
obstinatus deaf. 
obstupare to stop up. 
obturacio filling up; stopping up. 
obventio offering ; tithe ; profit. 

occasio a tribute on a special 
occasion ; a hindrance. 

occasionamentum molestation. 

occasionare to molest. 

occasionari to be liable to some 
special tribute ; to be hin- 
dered, vexed. 

occatio assart. See assartum. 

octet va the eighth day after a 
feast, utas. 

ocularium visor of a helmet. 

odorisequus hunting by scent. 

ceconomicus administrator of pro- 
perty; executor. 
ofasium caudle. 

offer toriam offerings ; piece of 
cloth in which the offerings 
or the chalice is wrapped. 

officialis one who exercises the 
jurisdiction of a bishop or 

officium trade. 

offram an offer. 

ofnama an enclosure. 

olosericum entirely of silk ; bawde- 

omelia homily. 

operabile a handicraft. 

operabilis dies working- day. 

operarius a tenant who did bodily 

work for his lord ; a clerk of 

the works. 

operatio a day's work. 

operatus chased. 

opertia not lawed (of a dog). 

opertura lining. 

opirus sour; mouldy (of bread). 

oplondina uplands. 

oppidanus the keeper of a town. 

or a ore ; a Saxon coin worth 16g?. 

to 20</. 
ovarium a hem ; border. 

orator an ambassador. 

ordalium ordeal. 

ordinate ordinal. 

ordinarius an ordinary, "he who 
hath the proper and regular 
jurisdiction, as of course and 
of common right." 

ordinatus in holy orders. 

ordinium posterity. 

ordotaium ordeal. 

organa a pair of organs. 

oriolum portico ; gallery ; oriel. 

ortellus, ortitlus a claw. 

ortolagium a garden plot. 

osceptrns a hawk. 

osculatorium a pax. 

ostagiamentum security. 

ostagiare to give security or a 

ostagius a hostage. 

ostensio toll paid by tradesmen 
for leave to expose their 
goods for sale ; a muster. 

ostentatus a muster. 

ostiarius an usher. See7iostiarius. 

ostigare to release on security. 

ostilium a gate ; entrance. 

osturcus, osturus a, goshawk. 

oustitrix a midwife. 

ovenana. See ofnama. 

overhernissa contumacy. 
ovcrsamessa fine for neglecting to 
pursue malefactors. 

oviate a sheepfold ; sheepwalk. 
q 2 


Glossary of Latin Words. 


paagator collector of paagium. 
paagium. See passagium, pava- 

pacabilis payable, passable. 
pacare to pay. 
pacatio payment. 
paccus a pack, bale. 

paceri to be at peace, be dis- 

padnagium. See pannagium. 
paga payment. 

paga, pagns a country ; a dis- 
pagella a panel. 
pageta a page (servant). 
paiare to pay. 
paisa a wey. See waga. 
paisso pannage. 
pakellum a pack. 

pala a pale of wood ; a pale 
(heraldic) ; a baker's peel. 

palaciatum office of palator. 

palacium a palace ; a palisade. 

palafredus, palefridus a palfrey. 

palatinus a courtier. 

palator a paler, a forest officer. 

palettus a palet, a headpiece of 
cuir bouilli. 

palicium a paling. 

palistrum a paling. 

palla a canopy ; funeral pall ; 
altar cloth. 

pallagium a duty paid to lords 
for loading or unloading 
ships at their ports. 

palliare to cover. 

pallium the pall, a pontifical ves- 
ture ; altar cloth. 

palmarius a pilgrim, palmer. 

palmata, a bargain ; a handful 
or handbreadth. 

palmula a rudder, an implement 

used in mixing malt. 
paltenerium a pautener, a purse. 

paltc?ierius, paltonarius proud, 

pana a counterpane. 

panarius a place in a church 
where bread was distributed 
to the poor. 

panatus fortified with piles (?). 

pandoxare to brew, or sell beer. 

pandoxator a brewer. 

pandoxatorium a brewhouse. 

panduca a bagpipe. 

panella, panellum a panel ; a list 

of jurors' names. 
panellare to empanel. 
panellus a panel. 

panerius a panier, a bread- 
panetaria a pantry. 

panetarius, panetrarius a pantler, 

or panter. 
panetria a pantry. 

panicius a baker. 

panna squared timber. 

pannagiare to pay pannage. 

pannagium pannage ; mast ; pay- 
ment or licence for feeding 
swine in a forest. 

pannarius a clothier. 

pannucia party- cloth, cloth of 
divers colours. 

pannus cloth ; a weaver's spittle 
or spool. 

paonacius purple. 

papa a pope. 

papatum pap, child's food. 

papains popedom ; papacy. 

papilio a tent, pavilion. 

papilonarius a tentmaker. 

papirium a record room; register. 

par pair ; peer. 

par civitatis a citizen ; freeman. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


paragium, paraticum equality of 
condition or property ; a 
tenure between parceners. 

paramentum equipment ; orna- 

paraphernalia furniture, clothes, 
&c, which a widow may 
claim in addition to her 
dower or jointure. 

paraphus a paragraph. 

parasceue Good Friday ; any 

parastica the step of a mast. 

parcaminarius a seller of parch- 

parcarius a parker ; a pinder ; a 

parcella a parcel (of land). 

parcellare to parcel out. 

parcenarius a joint holder of land ; 

parcopollex a shoe-horn. 

parous a park ; a pound. 

pardonare to pardon. 

pardonatio pardon. 

pargulum a parclose. 

pariagium, pariatio grant of por- 
tion of lands to lord or king 
in return for protection. 

pario a pirate ship. 
parius lapis freestone. 
parlamentum parliament. 
parlatorium a parlour ; audience 

parmentarius a tailor; a fripperer. 
parochia a diocese ; a parish. 
parochianus a parishioner; a 

parish priest. 
parterra a plot of ground. 
partica a perch. 
particulariter by retail. 
partionarius a partner. 

parura apparel; embroidery on 
an alb, amice, or altar 
frontal, &c. 

parvisa, parvisium, parvisiis a 
church porch ; a chamber 
over it. ( Paradisus.) 

parvisice an exercise for law 
students ; a moot. 

parvisium. See parvisa. 

pasaiarius a ferryman. 

pascere to feed, is used of men as 

well as beasts. 
Pascha Easter. 

Pascha Floridum Palm Sunday. 

pascua a meadow ; pasture. 

pascuagium pasturage. 

pasnagium pannage. 

passagium passage over water, 

ferry ; payment for passage ; 

payment by military tenants 

in lieu of serving abroad. 
passare to pass ; to cause to pass. 
passarius a ferryman. 
passator the owner of a ferry, 

passiagiarius a ferryman. 
jmssiator. See passator. 
passus portion of a book or 

poem, " fytte " ; a mountain 

pasta dough ; pastry. 

pastea pastry. 

pastellarius a pieman. 

pastellum woad. 

pasticium a field for pasture. 

pastillus a pie. 

pas turn paste ; dough. 

pastura pasture. 

pasturare to depasture. 

pastus provisions which a tenant 
is bound to supply to his 

patella a pan ; a tool used in 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

patena a paten. 
patenarius an acolyte. 
pathnagium pannage. 
paticium an allowance. 
patriaster a stepfather. 
patrina a godmother. 
patrinus a godfather. 
paunagium pannage. 
pausa a barrel. 
pausatio repose. 

pavagium pavage ; payment for 
paving the roads. 

pavare to pave. 

pavesium pavice, a large shield. 

paviare to pave. 

paviator a paviour. 

pavilio a tent. 

pavire to pave. 

paxillum a staff ; a landmark. 

pecia a piece or small quantity. 

pectorale a breastplate ; an orna- 
ment worn by a bishop ; a 
horse's poitrel. 

pecuarius a grazier. 

pedagium pedage ; toll paid by 
travellers, esp. through 

pedale a footcloth ; a duty ex- 
acted at Bordeaux. 

pedalis pons a footbridge. 

pedatus having a foot. 

pedellum a pightell or picle (?). 
See pictellum. 

pedica a fetter ; a trap for catching 
wolves ; a calthrop. 

pedicator a trapper. 

pedicru pedigree. 

pedis pulveris, or pulverisati, curia 
Piepowder Court. 

pedo a foot soldier. 

peisa a wey. See waga. 

pela a peel, a castle; abaker'speel. 

peletarius a pelterer. 

pel/are to pilfer. 

pelfra booty ; pelf. 

pella a booth ; a shop. 
pellagium duty on hides. 
pellefridus a palfrey. 

pelletria fur ; the wardrobe of 
furs in the royal house- 
hold ; the trade of peltry. 

pellica a baker's peel. 

pellicia a pilch ; a fur gown. 

pelliparius a pelterer. 

pelliris a palet, a headpiece of 

cuir bouilli. 
pellas a shovel ; peel. 
pelota, pellota a ball ; the ball of 

the foot. 
pelum. See pela. 

pendicia aj>purtenances. 
pendicula a plumb-line. 
pendulus a pendant jewel. 
pencrarius an ensign-bearer. 
penitentiaria penitentiaryship. 
penitimus inmost. 
penitior inner. 
pennarium a penner. 
pennum a pennon. 
pensd a wey. See waga. 

pentecostalia Whitsuntide offer- 
ings, or a payment in lieu 
of them. 

Pentecoste Whit Sunday. 

penticium a pentice or penthouse. 

penula a hood. 

per a a purse. 

per acuta a little bag or purse. 

perambulatio survey ; a walk in 
a forest (?). 

perca a perch of land. 

percaminarius a seller of parch- 

percaptura stakes set in a river 
for catching fish. 

percata a perch. 

perdona pardon ; discharge ; re- 

pcrdonare to pardon. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


perdricarius a nian employed in 
taking partridges. 

peregrinatio a pilgrimage. 

peregrinus a pilgrim. 

perendinare to delay ; to redouble. 

performare to perform. 

per g amena parchment. 

pergulwm a lodge. 

peribolus a walk, pathway. 

peridota a peridot, a gem. 

periermenim interpretation (wapi 

perillum part of the machinery 
of a mill. 

perla a pearl. 

permentarius. See parmentarius. 

perpacare to pay in full. 

perperus a Byzantine coin, worth 
half or a quarter of a mark. 

perplacitare to decide. 

perpunctum a doublet. 

perquirere to purchase ; to ac- 
quire otherwise than by in- 

perquisilio purchase. 
perquisitor a purchaser. 
perquisition purchase ; perqui- 
site; profit. 
persecus, perseus peach-coloured. 

persona a person ; a parson or rec- 

persona impersonata parson im- 
parsonee, a lawful incum- 
bent in actual possession. 

personabilis able to maintain a 

personagium parsonage ; bene- 

personatus office of a parson ; 

pertica a perch of land ; a cross- 

perticalis a percher candle, placed 
on a crossbeam. 

perticata the quarter of an acre ; 

perticulus a staff, a bat. 
pertinentia appurtenance. 
pertizona distribution of alms (?). 
perula a pearl. 
pervisum. See parvisus. 
pesa. See pensa. 
pesagium pesage, custom paid 

on weighing goods. 
pesarius a weigher. 

pesor a weigher, an Exchequer 

pessagium pesage, toll taken for 
weighing goods. 

pesso, pessona mast. 

pessnlaria a stockade. 

peta peat. 

petagium. See pedagium. 

petalum a paving stone. 

petitorium a claim, a writ of right. 

petra a stone weight. 

pctraria a stone quarry ; an en- 
gine to cast stones. 

peytrellum a poitrel. 

p hales ia a cliff on the sea- shore. 
phanus a banner (?). 
pheliparius a fripperer. 

phelipparius, philipparius a frip- 

phila a file. 

philaternum, philaterium a phy- 
lactery ; an amulet ; a reli- 
quary, worn suspended 
from the neck. 

pica an index, pyebook ; rules 
for saying divine service ; a 

picagium, piccagium payment to 
the owner of the soil for 
breaking ground to erect 
booths, &c. 

picesium a pickaxe. 

pichoisium, picoisum, a pickaxe 

pictaciarius a cobbler. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

pictellum a pightell, or picle, a 
small piece of land, enclosed 
with a hedge. 

picida pickle. 

pietantia a pittance, an addition 
to the usual food. 

pietantiarius pittancer, an officer 
in collegiate churches or 
convents who distributes 
the pittance. 

pightellum. See pictellum. 

pikerellus a pickerel, small pike. 

pila a pile (heraldic) ; the reverse 
of a coin. 

pilare to drive piles. 
pilatus a blunt arrow, bolt, or 

pilettus an arrow with a knob at 
the head. 

pillar e to plunder. 
pillaria plunder ; devastation. 
pillorium, pilar ia, pilorium a pil- 
pilum cloth. 

pilus a stake. 

pinaculum a pinnacle. 

pinca a jug ; a bodkin. 

pincella a pencil. 

pincema a butler ; cupbearer. 

pincemaria buttery ; office of 

pincernarius an officer of the 

pinnare to notch ; to cut niches. 
pinsa a pestle. 

pinsis a mocking gesture. 

pipa the great or pipe roll of the 

Exchequer ; a pipe of wine, 

two hogsheads. 
piperarias a pepperer. 
piretum perry. 
piritegium curfew. 
pisa a wey. See waga. 
piscaria fishery. 
piscetiarius a fishmonger. 

pistare, pistrinare to bake. 

pitanceria place where pittance is 
distributed, or office where 
pittancer does his work. 

pitancia^pitancium. See pietantia. 

placea a place ; plot of ground. 

placitare to plead. 

placitatio pleading. 

placitator a pleader. 

placitum plea ; obligation to at- 
tend courts. 
placium a piece of flat ground. 

placius a plaice. 

planca, planchia a plank ; a 
measure of land. 

planchagium, planchicium plank- 
ing ; camp-sheathing. 

planctura planking. 

planeta a chasuble. 

planicies a field (heraldic). 

planula staunchegreyne, a pre- 
paration like pounce, used 
by scriveners. 

plastrare, plastriare to plaster. 

plastrum plaster. 

plata a flat piece of unwrought 

metal, ingot. 
plaustrata a wagon-load. 

plebania a church having sub- 
ordinate chapels ; a parish. 
plebanus (adj.) parish. 

plebanus a rural dean. 

plecta a plait. 

plegagium, plegiagium, plegiatio 

suretyship ; pledgery. 
plegium, plegius a pledge ; surety. 
p lev in a replevin ; bail ; surety. 
plumerus a plover. 
pluscula, plustula a buckle. 
poderis an alb, a linen vestment 

worn under the chasuble. 
podium anything to lean on ; a 

staff ; part of the seat in a 

choir stall. 

Glossary of Latin Words, 


podoris. See poderis. 
poenacius purple. 
poketta a pocket. 

pola a perch or pole ; a bank ; a 

poletarius a poulterer. 
poletria poultry. 
polimitarius a stainer. 
politrudinare to boult flour. 

pollardus a pollard, bad money, 

used in the 13th century. 
polteria poultry. 

polus an axle. 

pomaciam apple-moss, a dish 

made of stewed apples. 
pomelum a pommel. 

pondagium poundage. 

ponderare to weigh. 

ponderatio pesage. 

ponder ator a pesour, weigher, an 

officer in the Exchequer. 
pondus a pound, pinfold. 

pontagium tax for repairs of a 
bridge ; toll taken on a 

pontarius a bridgemaker or 
bridge keeper. 

pontifex a bishop ; pope. 

pontificalia episcopal vestments. 

po?itificalibus, in under stole. 

pontificatus bishopric ; popedom. 

porcarius a swineherd. 
porcellatus born (of pigs). 
porchettus a porker, little pig. 
porpecia, porpes a porpoise. 
porta g in m toll taken at a gate ; 

porterage ; wear and tear. 
portamentum behaviour. 

portaria the office of porter. 
portarius, portator a porter. 
portatus carriage. 
portgrevius a portreeve. 
porticulus a truncheon. 
portiforinm a breviary. 

portimotus. See portmota. 
portionarius a joint holder of a 

portmota a portmote, a court held 

in towns. 
positio an impost ; a tax. 

posta station ; post. 

postdisseisina postdisseisin. 

postergare to leave behind, to 

posterida, posticum postern gate. 
potagium pottage ; tax on drink. 
potellus a pottle, two quarts. 
poteria pottery. 

potestas king, chief ruler, or 

poticarius. For apothecarius. 

potionare to poison. 

pottarius a potter. 

potura pasture ; drink. 

poudratus powdered ; salted. 

poutura. See potura. 

practizare to practise. 

prabenda a prebend ; provender. 

prmbendarius a prebendary. 

preceptor an officer of the knights 
of the Temple. 

praceptoria the benefice assigned 

to the office of preceptor. 
prcBcluis famous. 

praconsa some vestment. 

praicontestis a previous fellow- 
prcefectus a mayor. 

prafierentia preference ; right of 

receiving firstfruits. 
prarferrementum prerogative ; 

prcelata an abbess. 

prcelatia ecclesiastical dignity. 

pradatus a magistrate ; a bishop ; 

an abbot. 
pralibare to mention before. 

praemunire to cite (for prmmonere). 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

prcepositura a reevesliip, con- 
stableship ; district under 
the jurisdiction of such, an 

propositus a provost ; a constable 
or reeve ; a warden (of a 

prcerogativa prerogative. 

prcesentare to present. 

prcesentia a present. 

prcesentialiter immediately ; in 
presence of ; as a gift. 

prcestitum advance of money. 

prcesul chief; a bishop ; an abbot ; 
a judge. 

prccsalatus bishopric ; abbacy. 

precaria a request by a lord to 
his tenant for aid or tax ; a 
day's work which a tenant 
is bound to do, boonday, 

precentaria precentorship. 

precentor precentor, chanter. 
precipitaria a battering ram. 
precis. See precaria. 
precida a rosary. 
presbyter a priest. 
presbyteragium the income of a 
parish priest. 

presbyteratus priesthood. 

presbyterium priesthood ; pres- 
bytery ; the choir of a 

presentum a present, gift. 

princeps a prince. 

principalium an heirloom ; a 

principatus principality. 

principissa a princess. 

prior a monastic officer, next to 
the abbot. 

prioratus a priory. 
priorissa a prioress. 
prisa a prize ; booty ; a fine ; 

prisayium share of prizes ; pris- 
age, duty on wine and pro- 

prisalia reprisals. 

priso a prisoner of war ; a prison. 

prisona a prison. 

prisonarius a prisoner. 

privatus privy. 

probator an accuser ; approver. 

probatum a sheep. 

probi homines good men, an 
elected body of citizens 
forming a common council. 

proceres ornamental heads of 
beams on house fronts. 

processionale a book containing 
directions for and music to 
be used in processions, the 
service for gangdays, lita- 
nies, or intercessions. 

proclamator a crier ; in Court of 
Common Pleas, proclamator. 

proconsul a justice in eyre. 

procuratio procuration, a sum 
paid to bishop or arch- 
deacon at visitations ; proxy. 

procurator a proctor. 

procuratorium procuratory ; a 

proditio treason. 
proditionaliter treasonably. 
projectus, projicuum profit. 
prof rum profer ; time appointed 

for officers to make their 

promtorium a buttery ; storehouse. 

propalare to publish. 

propars, propartia pourparty. 

proportare to purport ; to show. 

proportatio verdict ; declaration. 

proportionabiliter proportionally. 

proportionare to divide. 

proportum purport. 

propriare to claim ; to appro- 
priate ; to make fit for use ; 
to grind (of tools). 

Glossary of Lathi Words. 


proretha master of a ship. 

prosecutor a prosecutor ; a pur- 

prostrare to throw down. 

protractura drawing a picture 
before colouring. 

protonotarius, protonolator a pro- 

provisor a purveyor. 

puctura. See putura. 

puellagium. See pullagium. 

pugnata a handful. 

pulcinus a chicken. 

puletarium a poultry yard. 

puletarius, pulletarius a poulterer. 

pullagium tax or rent paid in 

pullanus a foal. 

pullarius officer of the royal 
household in charge of the 

pulletria poultry. 

pullus, pulliolus a young horse. 

pulsare to accuse. 

pultrella a filly. 

pulveris, pulverisati pedis, curia 
Court of Piepowder. 

pundfalda, punfauda a pound, a 

pundo a pinder. 

puniata a handful. 

punicare to paint red. 

purare to clear (ground). 

purcachium illegitimacy. 

purportare to extend. 

purporting purport. 

purprestura pourpresture, en- 

purprisa, purprisum an enclosure. 

purpunctus a doublet. (Fr. pour- 

putagium fornication. 

putura food for cattle, &c. ; food 
for men, horses, and hounds, 
exacted by officers of a 
forest from the inhabitants. 


quaccum cream. 

quachetus a sort of bread used in 

quadra a square loaf ; a quarter 

of a loaf. 

quadragesima Lent. 

quadragesimalia Easter offerings ; 
or a rate paid in their stead. 
quadrans a farthing. 

quadrantata the quarter of an 
acre, a farthingdeal. 

quadrellus a quarel, a square- 
headed arrow. 

qucesta an indulgence ; a tax. 

qucestabilis taxable. 

qucestionarius collector of alms ; 
seller of indulgences. 

qumstus acquired by purchase. 

quarellus. See quadrellus. 

quarentena quarentine, a space 
of 40 days ; Lent ; a fur- 
long, i.e., a space of 40 

quarrera, quarreria a stone 

quarrerius a stonecutter. 
quarta a quart. 
quartale a quart. 
quartarium a quarter of corn. 
quartarius terra eight, acres. 
quartenarius suffering from quar- 
tan ague. 

quarteragium quarterage, quar- 
terly payment. 

quarterisare to cut into four 


quarterizatio quartering, part of 
the punishment of treason. 

quarteronus a quarter of a 

quartus a quart. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

quassare to annul, quash. 
quassillarius a pedler. 
qaatemio, quaternion a folded 

sheet of paper (Fr. cahier)) 

quaternis, in in quarto. 

quaterno, in in quarto. 

quatriplicare to quadruple. 

quaxillarius a peddler. 

quen testa device. 

querela party ; faction ; fine. 

querquera ague. 

querraria a quarry. 

querulare to complain. 

questa an inquest or inquisition. 

quieta clamatio a quitclaim. 

quietantia acquittance ; abandon- 
ment ; immunity. 
quietare to quit, to acquit. 

quietatio exemption, discharge, 

quiete, quietum clamare to quit 

claim, renounce. 
quietus freed, acquitted, quit. 

quindena a quinzaine, fifteen 

quintale, quintallus a weight used 
for metals, &c, varying 
from 96 lbs. to 120 lbs. 

quintena the game called quin- 

quintema a cittern. 

quirea the hounds' reward at the 
death of a stag. (Fr. curee.) 

quirinarium a quintain. 

quitancia acquittance ; discharge. 

quittacio acquittance ; quittance. 

quitlare to acquit ; remit. 

quota a share ; a tax to be levied 

quota litis a bribe received by a 

quo tare to divide into chapters ; 

to repeat. 
quotator a chronicler. 


racenius raisin. 

rachaptare, rachetare to ransom. 
rachatum, rachclum compensa- 
tion ; ransom. 
radiatus rayed, of ray, striped. 
ragana a ray or a skate. 

raglorium jurisdiction of a rag- 

raglorius, raglotus a steward. 

(Welsh, r hag law.) 
ralla a rail ; a cloth. 
ramilla, ramilia twigs. 
rang eat or a ranger. 

rapa, rapus a rape, a division of 

a county. 
rasa, raseria a rase, a measure of 

corn ; land requiring a rase 

of seed. 
rasare to scrape, rase. 

rasorium a razor. 
rastillare to rate. 
rastillum a rake. 
rastrare to rake. 
rasurus a razor. 
rata agreement ; share ; rate. 
ratificare to ratify, confirm. 
ratijicatio ratification. 
ratihabere to confirm. 

rationale a peculiar form of the 

pontifical pallium. 
rato a rat. 

ratula a landrail. 

ratus a rat. 

raubaria robbery. 

ray us a rayfish. 

reafforestare to make land into a 
forest after it has been dis- 

reattachiamentum a reattachment 
of one who has been dis- 
missed the court. 

rebroccator a cobbler. 

recap tio taking a second distress. 

Glossary of La I la Words. 


recatum relief. 

receptamentum receiving ; enter- 

receptare, recettare to harbour ; 

rechaciare to drive out ; to sepa- 
rate gold or silver from the 

recidiva retribution. 

recidivare to fall back. 

red tare to revoke. 

reclusagium, reclusorium a cell. 

reclutare to reglue {reglutinare). 

recognitio acknowledgment ; re- 
cognizance ; recognition. 

recognitor one who enters into a 
recognizance ; a juror im- 
panelled on an assize ; re- 

recognoscere to acknowledge ; to 
take cognizance of. 

recompensare to repay, recom- 

recordator a recorder. 

recordum a record ; memorial. 

recreantisa recreancy. 

recta right ; jurisdiction. 

rectare to cite, accuse. 

rector the rector of a parish, or 

rector ia a rectory ; a rector's 

recuperare (subst.) recovery. 

recuperatio a recovery. 

recusum rescue. 

reddare to clean, scour (a river). 

redditarium a rental. 

redditarius a renter. 

redditualis rent (adj.). 

redditus rent. 

redisseisina redisseisin. 

reditus, Sfc. See redditus. 

refare to rob, deprive. 

refectorarius a caterer. 

r ejector ium a refectory ; dining- 

refeoffare to enfeoff again. 

referendarius an officer who ex- 
hibits petitions to the king. 

refletum an osier bed. 

refollum, refullum the outlet of a 
pond ; an overflow. 

refutatio quittance, receipt. 

regale, regalia royalty ; the tem- 
poral rights of a bishop. 

regalitas royalty. 

regardare, regardere to examine, 
inspect, regard. 

regardator the regarder of a 

regardum the regard, or inspec- 
tion of a forest ; the extent 
of the regarder' s charge ; 
the impost levied by him ; a 

regestum a register. 

registrarius a registrar. 
rcgistrum a register. 
regrataria sale by retail. 
regratarius, regrator one who 

buys to resell in the same 

market, a regrator. 
reguardum. See regardum. 

regulare to rule ; to rule lines. 

regulare an instrument used in 

the mint. 
regularis belonging to a monastic 

regulus a prince ; an earl. 

rehabilitatio restoration to former 

reintrare to re-enter. 
reintratio re-entry. 
rejunctio rejoinder. 
relaxare to release. 
relaxatio a release. 


Glossary of Latin Words, 

rclevamen, relevatio, relcvium re- 
lief, a payment to the lord 
by a feudal tenant on enter- 
ing his fief. 

remanentia remainder. 
remasilia vaccarum cowdung (?). 
remembrancia remembrance. 
rememorator a remembrancer. 
remissus careless. 
remocium rowing. 
remuabilis removeable. 
rcmulus a rudder, an implement 

used in mixing malt. 
r en gum a rank ; row. 
rentale a rental ; a rent-roll. 

rentarius a renter, a tenant paying 

reparium a fortified place ; a 

harbour (for deer) ; repair, 

i. e. recourse, visit. 

repassagium return. 

repassare to return. 

rep a stum repast, meal. 

repatriate to return to one's 

rcpausare to nourish ; to be still, 
to repose ; to make still. 

repellare to repeal. 

repellum repeal. 

reperium. See reparium. 

replacitare to plead what was 
pleaded before. 

replegiabilis replevisable, bail- 

replegiamentum replevin. 

replegiare to redeem by giving 
surety ; to replevy. 

rcportare to report. 

reportus report. 

reprisa deduction. 

reprisale taking one thing in 
satisfaction for another, re- 

reragia. See arreragia. 

resaisire to replace in possession. 

rescussa recovery; rescue; attack. 

rescussor rescuer. 

rescussus rescue. 

reseisire to retake lands into the 

king's hand ; to replace in 

resiantia residence. 

resortire to be in the jurisdiction 

of ; to revert. 
resortum the jurisdiction of a 

court ; return. 

respecta, respectus respite. 
respiciens reguardant (heraldic). 
responsalis one who answers for 

another in court. 
restaur amentum restocking. 

restaurare to repair, restore, re- 
restaurus reparation ; store. 
resummonire to summon again. 
resummonitio resummons. 
retallia, retallium retail. 
retare. See rectare. 
retenementum withholding. 
retentio, retinentia retinue. 
retirare to retire. 
retondarius a clipper of coin. 
retorna return of writs, &c. 
retornare to return. 
retornus profit ; return. 

retrocomitatus vier-county, a place 
appointed by the sheriff for 
receipt of the king's money, 
after the close of the county 

retrovenda a sum paid on pur- 
chasing an estate in addi- 
tion to the price. 

retta. See recta. 

returtia, Sfc. See retorna, Sfc. 

reugia a measure of land. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


revella, revelles revels. 

reventio revenue. 

revestiarium vestry ; sacristy. 

rewardum. See regardum. 

rewennio rennet. 

ribaldus a light-armed soldier ; 

a rogue, vagrant. 
ribinare to bank up (?). 

ridare to clean. 

ridellus a curtain. 

rifflare to take away by force ; 

riffietum an osier bed. 

rifflura plunder. See also rufflura. 

rig a a ridge. 

rinia rhyme. 

ringa a soldier's belt. 

ringeldus, ringildus a bailiff. 

( Welsh r h ingy 11. ) 
ringildria office of ringildus. 

riota a riot. 
riotosus riotous. 
riottum a riot. 

riparia water flowing between 

riparius one who conveys fish 

from the coast to inland 

risa rice. 

rismus rhyme. 

rivagium toll taken on rivers for 

the passage of boats. 
rivaria a river bank. 

riveare, riviare to have the right 
of fishing and fowling on a 

rivera a river. 

rivola a stream, rivulet. 

rixa rice. 

roba a robe. 

roharia robbery. 

robator, roberator a robber. 

roberia robbery. 

r obi g alia rogation week. 
roborare to confirm. 
rocca a spinning rock, or distaff. 
rochettum a rochet, a frock of 
white lawn with tight sleeves. 
rochia, rochus a roach. 
i*ociis a rook at chess. 
roda a perch, 16£ feet ; a rood, 

a quarter of an acre. 
rodata a quarter of an acre. 
rogatorium almonry. 
rogatorius a beggar ; an almoner. 
rogus a pile of wood ; a rogue. 
roll a a roll. 
rollare to enrol. 
romea room. 
romipeta one who has appealed 

unto Rome. 
ro?icalis, roncaria. See runcalis. 
ropa a rape, a division of a county. 
rosa, rosarinshad money so called. 
rosera aaca a species of wild 


rosetum a rushy place ; thatch. 

rossinum rosin. 

rossus red. 

rotabidum a firefork. 

rotagium wheelage, toll on 
wheeled vehicles. 

rotarius a soldier ; a robber ; a 

rotula a roll. 

rotulare to turn round ; to enrol. 
rotularius a notary ; a secretary. 
rotulus a roll. 
routa, roiitum a rout ; unlawful 


rubbosa rubbish. 
rubea, rubettus a ruby. 
rubrica rubric. 
ruhricella little rubric. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

rufflura a scratch. 

minus ruinous. 

rumigerulus bearer of tidings. 

rumphea a dart. 

runcalis, runcaria land overgrown 
with brambles, &c. 

rimcilus, runcinus a draught- 
horse, or pack-horse. 

runsus. See rimcilus. 

ruptarius a husbandman ; merce- 
nary soldier ; a robber. 

ruptura arable land. 
rusca a tub ; a hive. 
ruscatia a place where broom 

ruscum filth. 

russetus russet. 

ruta. See routa, rutta. 

rutta a troop. 


sahaia small beer. 

sabbatarius a Jew. 

sabbatis dies Saturday. 

sabbatum sometimes means peace. 

sabelinus (adj.) of sable fur. 

sabelum a sable. 

sablona sand. 

sablonare to strew with sand. 

sabracia sabras, a mixture used 

in dressing parchment. 
sabulonarium a gravel pit ; liberty 

to dig gravel, and money 

paid for the same. 
saca sac, a lord's right of holding 

a court for pleas of trespass 

among his tenants. 
saccare to pack. 
saccha. See saca. 
saccinus wearing sackcloth ; a 

sacculus a satchel ; a hood. 
saccus a sack ; cloak. 

sacrista a sexton, sacristan. 
sacristaria a sextry. 

scecularis not belonging to a mo- 
nastic order. 
saenna, sagena a seine ; fishery. 
sagemannus. See sagibaro. 
sagibaro an elder, a judge. 
sagimen fat, lard. 

sagitta, sagittaria a small swift 

sagmen fat, lard. 

sagum say, woollen cloth. 

saio a tipstaff. 

saisio season. 

saisire, 8fc. See seisire. 

sola a hall. 

salariare to ebb. 

solarium a saltcellar. 

salcia a sausage. 

salina a salt pit ; tax on salt. 

salitus salted. 

salma a seam of corn, 8 bushels. 

salsaria, salseria a salt pit ; the 

saucery, an office in the royal 

salsarium a saltcellar, a saucer ; 

a measure of dry goods. 
salsanus the officer in charge of 

the saucery. 
salsatio, salsatuni salting. 
salsea sauce. 
salsutia a sausage. 

sanatorium, saltorium a deer leap ; 
a stirrup. 

salutia, salutium a French gold 
coin of the 1 5th century, with 
the Annunciation or Saluta- 
tion thereon, worth 25s. ; 
coined also by Henry Y. and 
Henry YI. 

salvagardia safeguard, safe keep- 
salvagium salvage. 

salvagius wild, savage. 

salvistrum saltpetre. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


samba a cittern. 

samictum samite. 

sanctuarium sanctuary j conse- 
crated ground. 

sanguinarius a bloodhound. 

sanna derision. 

saponarius a soap maker. 

sappus sap ; moisture. 

sarabaitce men calling themselves 
monks, who belong to no 

sarabara a kind of cap ; coarse 

sarclare, sarculare to weed, to hoe. 

sarculatura a day's work at weed- 
sargens. See serviens. 

sargia serge ; a mat. 

sarkellus an engine for catching 

sarplare a sarpler of wool, half a 

sarplerium. See sarplare. 

sarrator a sawyer. . 

sartatectum thatch. 

sartor a tailor. 

sartorium a tailor's shop ; a room 
in a monastery where the 
clothes were made. 

sartrinum. See sartorium. 

sartam woodland brought into 
cultivation. See assartum. 

satiare to impound. 

satifiare to ratify. 
satitolwn a seedlip. 
satleria a salthouse, saltery. 

satorium a seedlip, or basket used 

in sowing. 
satrinum a bakehouse. 
saugma, sa?*m«asoam. See summa. 
saitrns a hawk of a year old. 
sausaria a saucer. 
scabinus the wardens of the town 

of Lynne are so called. (Fr. 



scaccarium a chessboard ; the 

scacci chessmen. 
scaccificare to play chess. 
scachia the body of a tally. 
scalarium a staircase. 
scaldria a scalding house. 
scalinga a slate quarry. 

scambium, scambum. See escam- 

scamnarium a banker, a carpet or 

cloth to cover a bench. 

scandalum prejudicial report ; 

scangium. See escambium. 

scansillum a stile. 

scantilio a piece ; a sample. 

scaphalda a scaffold. 

scara underwood. 

scaria, scara a body of troops. 

scarioballum cog of a mill. 

scarlateus, scarlatus, scarletus 

scar r a a share. 

scarta a measure of corn. 

scatera a creek. 

scavagium scavage or schewage, 
toll exacted from merchants 
for goods exposed for sale, 
or paid when imported goods 
are shown at the Custom- 

scavaldus a collector of scavage. 

scawanga. See scavagium. 

scenerium a courtyard (?). 

sceppa a skep. See esceppa. 

sceurum a granary ; a repository. 

schaffa a sheaf. 

schavaldus. See scavaldus. 

schilla a small bell. 

schillingus a shilling. 

schira a shire ; shire court ; pay- 
ment for exemption from 
attending thereat. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

, a score, 

schopa a shop. 

scilicet to wit. 

scindallum cendal. 

scindifaber a bladesmith. 

scindula shingle for roofing ; 
lath. ; a blade. 

scisimus a fur ; gris. 

scissor a tailor. 

scitus site. See situs. 

sclopetarius a musketeer. 

sclopetum a gun ; arquebus. 

scochia a scutcheon. 

sco?icha, sconsa a sconce. 

scopeta a gun. 

scorcium bark. 

scoria dross 

scota scot # 

scotalla, scotallum an alehouse 
kept by a forest officer ; a 
contribution ; a feast pro- 
vided by contribution. 

scotta. See scota. 

scottare to pay scot. 

scottum. See scota. 

scrineum a screen. 

scrinialis a scrivener. 

scrinium a shrine. 

scrivabile paper urn writing paper. 

scrofa a sow ; a machine for dig- 
ging at the base of the walls 
of a fortress. 

scrutator an examiner. 

scrutinium search ; examination. 

scrutlanda land assigned for pro- 
viding clothes. 

scurare to scour. 

scurellus a squirrel. 

scurgia a whip (?). 

scutagium a tax paid in lieu of 
military service by those who 
held lands by knight-service. 

scutella a scuttle ; basket. 

scutellarius, scutillarius, scutu- 
larius a scullion (?). 

scutifer, scutiger an esquire. 
scutum a shield ; the coin called 
a crown ; a coat-of-arms. 

scyria. See schira. 
seca a saw. 

secerniculum a portcullis. 
seckillo thorns (?). 
secretarius a secretary, sacristan. 
secta suit, in all senses. 
sectare to sue. 

sectator an executioner ; a suitor. 
secimdarius a secondary, second 
clerk of the sheriff. 

securantia assurance. 

secitrare, securiare to warrant ; to 

make secure. 
securatio surety ; security. 
sedula a schedule. 
seillo a strip of land ; a furrow. 
seisiare. See seisinare. 
seisina seisin, possession. 
seisinare to put in possession. 
seisire to take possession. 
seisona season. 

selda a shop, stall, shed ; a willow 

wood ; a salt pit. 
selio a butt of land, an uncertain 

quantity ; a strip in the open 

sellarius a saddler. 

semitorius a seedlip (basket). 

semotim separately. 

sempectce senior monks, of fifty 
years' standing, in the Bene- 
dictine order. 

semus imperfect ; mutilated. 

senagium money paid for syno- 

senescalcia, senescaldia steward- 

setiescallus a steward. 

senescaria stewardship. 

seneucia widowhood. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


senevectorium wheelbarrow, mud 

cart (cenivectorium). 
senglarius a wild boar. 

sententiare to sentence, condemn. 

seolda a shop, a stall. 

seosinabilis seasonable. 

sepa. See cepa. 

separale, seperaria, separia several. 

seplassarius a merchant ; a 

septimana a week. 

septimanarius taking weekly 
turns of duty (Jiebdoma- 

sepultura burial fee. 

sepum tallow. 

sequela result ; suit ; retinue ; 
issue of a nalivus, or bond- 

sequestrare to sequester ; to re- 

sequestrum sequestration. 

seratura a bolt or lock ; lock- 
smith's trade. 
serchia search ; hue and cry. 

serganteria serjeanty. 

seriere to settle. 

serifaber a locksmith. 

seriolius in order. 

serjantia, serjeantia serjeanty. 

serplera a sarpler of wool, half a 

serrura a bolt, a lock. 

serum evening. 

servagium the obligation of pro- 
viding workmen for the lord. 

serviens a servant ; a sergeant. 

servitium service, the duty owed 
by the tenant to his lord. 

servus a bondman; servile tenant. 

sesso season, esp. for sowing. 

severundce eaves. 

seweare to drain. 

sewera a trench to preserve land 
from floods ; a sewer. 

sexhindeni men whose wergyld 
was 600s. 

seylo. See selio. 

seysire. See seisire. 

shava alei a chive of garlic. 

shelfa a bank where mussels are 

shippare to ship. 
shir a a shire. 
sliopa a shop. 

shotea a workman of some kind. 
shouta a schuyt or scout, a 
Dutch fishing boat. 

sica a ditch, furrow. 
sichetum a little stream of water; 
a piece of meadow. 

siclus a coin worth a shilling ; a 

sigalis, sigalum rye. 

sigillare to seal. 

sigillarius keeper of a seal ; chan- 

sigillum a seal. 

sigla a sail. 

siglare to sail. 

siglatura a day's sail. 

signetum a signet. 

signum the sign of the cross. 

sika sike (Yorks.). 

sikettus. See sichetum. 

sila a sill ; a ditch. 

silarium ceiler of a bed ; canopy. 

silentiarius a privy councillor ; an 
usher ; a papal secretary. 

silvicedium coppice wood, under 
30 years' growth. 

siminellus simnell bread, the 

best white bread. 

simonia simony, traffic in spiritual 

sincellus (ouyx.zk\Qs) sharing the 
same cell ; coadjutor. 
r 2 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

sincubare to cut short {syncopare). 

sindicus an advocate. 

sindula. See scindula. 

sinimum cinnamon. 

sirgia an instrument of torture. 

sirographum. See chirographum. 

sirotheca. See chirotheca. 

sirurgicus a surgeon {chirurgicus). 

situare to be situate. 

situs site. 

skamberlengeria chamberlainship. 

skarkalla an engine for catching 

skerda a scar. 

skermia swordplay, fencing. 

skillet a small bell. See schilla. 

skirmia fencing. 

skuvinagium, skyvinagium reve- 
nue of a scabinus ; some due 
at Calais harbour. 

slippa el stirrup. 

smakka, snacca a smack. 

smeltus, smyltus a smelt. 

snecca. See esnecca. 

soca the jurisdiction of a lord ; 
the liberty of tenants ex- 
cused from customary im- 

socagium socage ; plough-service ; 
a tenure inferior to tenure 
by knight-service. 

socca. See soca. 

socenagium. See socagium. 

sochemanria tenure by socage. 

socmannus a socman or socager ; 
tenant by socage, or tenant 
in ancient demesne ; a soke- 

socnum. See soca. 

soinns essoin. 

soka. See soca. 

sokerevus a sokereve, rent col- 
lector for the lord of a soke. 

sokmannus. See socmannus. 

solagium a due paid for use of 

solanda a double hide ; a plough 

land. (A. S. suiting.) 
solarium an upper room. 
soldarius a soldier. 
soldum pay. 
soldus, solidus a shilling ; a sou. 

solemne the mass. 
solicitator a solicitor. 
solidarius a soldier. 
solidata a shilling's worth. 
solidatum property. 
solidus a shilling ; a sou. 
solinum a meal for one person. 
solinus a measure of land about 

160 acres. 
solium an upper room. 
solta payment. 
somarius, summarius a sumpter 

sometarius the officer in the 

king's household who at- 
tended to carriage. 
sopa. See shopa. 
sorceria sorcery, witchcraft. 
somus red. 
sors sort, kind. 

sorus red. See saurus, sourus. 
soscallus some kind of hound 

used for stag hunting. 
sotillares, sotulares shoes 

sottus a sot. 
sourellus a sorel, buck of three 

years old. 
sourus a sore, a four-year-old 

spada a sword. 
sparrus a hobbyhawk. 
spar t ha an axe. 
spatularia apparels round the 

neck and wrists of an alb. 
specialitas a bond or deed. 
species spices. 
spectacula spectacles. 
speleum a cell. 
spengabulum a duty on mill 

spervarius a sparrow-hawk. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


spigurnellus the sealer of the 

king's writs. 
spinacium a pinnace. 

spindula, spinula a gold pin used 
with the archiepiscopal pall. 

spiritualia the profits which a 
bishop or other spiritual 
person receives as an eccle- 
siastic, not as a lord. 

spiritualitas the clergy. 

spirula a ferrule ; a chape. 
spolia a shuttle ; a spool. 
sponda a bier ; a pier. 
springaldus a springald, a kind 

of cannon. 
sprottus a sprat. 
spurarium aureum a gold coin 

called a spur royal. 
spurgellum a box or trunk. 

squarrare to square. 

squittaria a scullery. 

squillarius a scullion. 

squinatus a sequin. 

squirellum a squirrel. 

stabilamentum, stab ilia, stabilitio 
a buckstall, or deerhay ; a 
stand for shooting deer. 

stablia a stall. 

stabula, stabidum a stable. 

staca a measure of corn. 

stachia a stage for catching fish. 

stadium a furlong ; a floor, a 

stafa a stirrup. 

stagiarius a canon in residence. 

stagium a story of a house. 

stagmen tin. 

stalaria a fixed engine for catch- 
ing fish. 

stalinga same as stalaria (?). 

stalla stall. 

stallagium stallage, right of 
erecting a stall and payment 
for it. 

stallangiarius a seller of goods at 
a stall. 

stallarius master of the horse ; 

stall-keeper in a market. 
stallatio installation. 

stallum a stall. 

stalo a stallion. 

stamen, stagmen tin. 

stamen, staminea, stamineum 

under-shirt of wool. 
stamina stamen, a kind of cloth. 

stancilla stirrups (?). 
standardum a banner ; legal 

weight and measure. 
stangneus, stanneus of tin. 

stannaria a tin mine. 

stannarius a pewterer ; tinman. 

stannum tin. 

stanso a stancheon (?). 

stapellum a staple, a bolt. 

s tap ha a stirrup. 

stapula, stapidum a market or 

starrum a Jew's deed or bond. 

stationarius a canon in residence. 

statutum a statute. 

stauramentum the stock of a farm. 

staurus stock ; store. 

stella a kiddle, a weir for fishing. 

stellata camera the Star Chamber. 

sterilensium solidi shillings ster- 

sterlingus sterling ; an English 
penny ; money. 

stica a brass Saxon coin, worth 
half a farthing ; a stick of 
eels, i.e., 25. 

stiga a pricket for a candle. 

stika. See stica. 

stillatorium a distillery. 

stina the handle of a plough. 

stingus a shrimp. 

s^joa a metal bar, as on a belt. 

stipes a tally. 

stipula stubble. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

stiremanmcs a steersman. 

stivale, stivella a shoe. 

stochia. See stachia. 

stockarias a stockfislmionger. 

s toff ara equipment ; provisions. 

stola a stole. 

stolium a fleet or army. 

stonda staddles. 

stophare to store ; stuff. 

stoppa tow. 

stotarius a keeper of horses or 

stottus a horse or an ox. 

straciatus striped. 

stracus a strake ; a tire. 

stragulare to strangle ; to em- 
broider of divers colours. 

stragulati fratres Carmelite 
Friars, whose clothing was 
parti-coloured when in 

strangulator an embroiderer. 

stragulus variegated. 

straiatus strayed. 

stramere to strew. 

straminare to strew with straw. 

strandagium strandage, payment 
for leave to beach a boat. 

stranglinum, stranlingum squirrel 

strata a street, high road. 

strepa a stirrup. 

strepitus destruction ; estrepe- 

stricum, strikum a strike, a stick 
used for levelling corn in the 
measure ; the eighth of a 

strublus a staff ; a goad. 

stubula stubble. 

studium an university. 

stuff (b hot baths. 

stuffura. See stoffura. 

stupula stubble. 

sturemanus. See stiremannus. 

sturio a sturgeon. 

suanimotum swainmote, a forest 

subalternus subordinate. 

subarrare to espouse ; to give a 

pledge, or earnest. 
subboscus underwood. 

subdiaconus a subdeacon. 

subductura lining or trimming. 

subescaetor a sub-escheator. 

subfalcum aftermath (?), or a field 

after mowing or reaping. 
subjugalis a beast of burden. 

sublegerius guilty of incest. 

submonere to summon. 

submonitio summons. 

submonitor a summoner. 

subnervare to hamstring ; hough. 

subplacitare to cite before a 

court of law. 
subprior an officer of a monastery 

next in authority to the 

subregulus a baron, lord. 
subsidium an aid, subsidy. 
subsistemium a litter. 

subucula a bodkin. (In classical 
Latin subucula is a shirt, and 
subula an awl.) 

suburbanus a countryman, rustic. 

succentor assistant to the arma- 
rius in a monastery. 

succurrum candidum sugar candy. 

succursarius a courser (horse). 

suchia a stump. 

sucura sugar. 

suera. See sewera. 

suetta, suettum suit. 

suffalum. See subfalcum. 

sufferentia grant ; sufferance ; 
suspension of arms, armi- 

suffraganeus a suffragan or sub- 
sidiary bishop, who assists 
the bishoj) of a diocese. 

suffrago pastern. 

suissimus very own. 

sidling a, sidling ata a measure of 
land, perhaps a hide. 

sulliva, suliva a beam, sill. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


summa a load ; a soam or seam, 
6 or 8 bushels. 

summa mensa high table. 

summagiare to carry loads. 

summagiatio carrying loads. 

summagium a horse-load, soam ; 
obligation to supply pack- 
horses ; toll for horses. 

summarizes a pack-horse. 

summata a load. 

summetarius man in charge of 

summonere to summon. 
summonitio summons. 
summonitor a summoner. 
suparum a linen sleeve ; a shirt. 
supercedificium an upper build- 

superaltare an altar stone ; the 
covering of an altar. 

superannatus more than a year 

superdemanda excess of claim. 

superfossorium a drawbridge. 

supergabulum overgavel. 

superhidagium superhidage, the 
extra rate per acre imposed 
upon a hide of small extent. 

superpellicium a surplice. 

superplusagium a surplus. 

super sennuatus measled(of pork). 

supersisa sursise, penalty for 
neglect, esp. for not paying 
castle-ward at Dover. 

supertunica a garment worn over 
a tunic. 

supervidere to survey, examine. 

supervisor a surveyor ; overseer. 

supervisus survey. 

supparum. See suparum. 

supprior. See subprior. 

sura a coarse loaf. 

surigicus a surgeon. 

surplusagium. See superplus- 

surrogatus a surrogate, one ap- 
pointed in the room of 

sursa a spring, fountain. 

sursumreddere to surrender. 

sursumredditio a surrender. 

sivagium aid. 

swainmohes, sivainemotus swain- 
mote, a forest court. 

swolinga. See sidling a. 

sya a load ; a seam. 

synaxis assembly, congregation ; 
church service or office. 

syndicus an advocate ; a burgess. 

syngraphus a deed signed by all 
the parties. 

synodale payment by the clergy 
to the bishop or archdeacon 
at a visitation. 

synodus a meeting of ecclesias- 
tical persons. 
syra. See schira. 

syrografum a chirograph. 


tabacum tobacco. 
tabardum a short tunic worn by 
heralds, priests, and others. 

tabellarium a board for the game 

of tables. 
tabellio a notary. 

tabellionatus the office of notary. 

tabula a board ; cover of a book. 

tabuletta a tablet. 

taburcinum, taburcium a drum. 

tachiamentum attachment. 

tactare to confirm. 

tailla brushwood, copse ; a tally. 
taillagium. See tallagium. 

tainus. See thainus. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

talentum sometimes a pound. 
tallagium tallage, tax. 
tallea, tallia a tally. 
talliare to cut, limit ; to tax. 
talliator a teller; a cutter of 

tallies ; a tailor. 
talliatum feodum feetail. 

talliatura talwood ; firewood. 
tallia tus in tail. 
tallium entail ; retail. 
tamenetallum. See tenemenetal- 

tanaliter mortally. 

tannare to tan leather. 

tannarius, tannerius a tanner. 

tanneria a tannery. 

tannum oakbark for tanning. 

tapetum a carpet, in the middle 
ages used for covering ta- 
bles, benches, or beds, not 
the floor. 

tapiceria tapestry. 

tapicerius a tapestry maker. 
tapinagium concealment. 
tappa a tap. 
taragium the foot of or a stand for 

a piece of plate. 
taratantarizare to boult flour. 
tarenus a Sicilian gold coin, 20 gr. 
targa a small shield, target. 
targia a ship of burden ; a target. 
targus. See targa. 
tarida a ship of burden. 
tar if a a list of prices ; customs. 
tarkosia a quiver. 
tarta a tart, pastry. 
tartenus pannus cloth of tars, 

perhaps China silk crape. 
tasca, taschia task ; tax. 
lassare to put hay into cocks. 
tassellus a fringe ; tassel ; hood. 
tassus, tassum sl cock of hay ; 

sheaf (?) of corn. 
tastare to try ; to taste. 
taxa a tax ; a task. 

taxare to name ; to heap up ; to 
appraise ; to tax. 

taxatio valuation, assessment. 

taxator an assessor; a tax col- 

taxus a badger. 

techa a chest (theca). 

tedinga a tithing. 

tegnum apparently used for re'^v^, 
art, fraud. 

tegula a tile ; a slate ; a brick. 

tegularius, tegulator a tiler, brick- 

tela, telum a tile. 

telarius a weaver. 

teldum a tent. 

telligraphia written evidence. 

telonium. See thelonium. 

temantale a tax of 2s. on every 
plough-land. See tenemene- 

templarius a knight of the 

temporalia temporalities, the 
revenues, &c, held by a 
bishop as a baron. 

tempt alio trial ; proof. 

tena a coif ; a cap. 

tenalia pincers. 

tenandria, tenendria a vill, a 

tenatura a tenancy, holding. 

tenda a trace. 

tenditor a man who attends to 

tenella tongs, pincers. 

tenellus a banqueting-hall. 

tenematallum. See tenemenetal- 

tenemenetallum tenmentale, a tith- 
ing ; f rithborch, frankpledge. 

tenementum a tenement. 

tenens a tenant. 

tenentia tenancy. 

teniludus tennis. 

tenisia tennis. 

tenor purport ; copy. 
tenorculus a notch, nock. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


tensamentum a tax. 

tensare to protect, defend ; to 

exact, extort. 
tenser ia tax ; tallage ; exaction. 

tensum toll. 

tenta a tent for a wound. 

tentum a tent. 

tenura tenure; a tenant's service. 

terbichetum a tumbrel, cucking- 
stool. See trebuchettum. 

tercelettum a young tiercel. 

tercillus a tiercel, a male hawk. 

tercionarius a farmer with a third 
share (?). 

tereus earthen. 

tergotenus on the back, endorsed. 

terminarius a termor, one who 

holds lands for a term. 
terminatus a boundary. 

terminus a term. 
termisium. See tremagium. 
terragium land tax ; groundwork. 
terrarium a terrier, landroll. 
terrarius a landholder ; a terrier 

terrains banked up. 

terricidium fallen branches. 

tersorium a duster, a broom. 

tesso a badger. 

testa a head. 

testamentalis devisable by will. 

testamentum a will. 

testator the maker of a will. 

tethinga. See tithinga. 

tetrizare to tether. 

texera the sign of the chequers. 

textus the gospels. 

teysa a fathom. 

thainus a thane. 

thanagium land belonging to the 

king of which the governor 

was a thane. 
thaxa. See taxa. 
thedinga a tithing. 

thelonium toll. 
tkelonmannus toll-collector. 

themmagium a duty paid by in- 
ferior tenants to be free from 
the lord's jurisdiction. 

themumtheam, theright of having 
the issue of one's bondmen. 

thenicium a hedgerow. 

theolonium toll. 

thesaurarium, thesauria a trea- 

thesaurarius, thesaurizarius a 

thethinga a tithing. 

thimagium. See themmagium. 

thingus a thane. 

thollia thowlpins. 

tholonium toll. 

thrava, thravus. See trava. 

threngus. See drengus. 

thrimsa an Anglo-Saxon coin 

worth three pence. 
thumelum a thumb. 

thymallus a smelt ; a grayling. 

ft'a an aunt on the mother's side. 

ticendulum wick of a lamp. 

tilerium a trigger (?). 

tillagium tillage. 

timoratus God-fearing. 

tina, tyna a cask, tun, tub. 

tinettum brushwood for repairing 

tinneum tin. 

tipularia domus an alehouse. 

tipus (rvtyos) pride. 

tira a tier, used of the lines of 

skins in a fur cloak. 
tiriaca treacle (theriaca). 
tiro a young man intending to 

become a knight ; a young 

knight, a champion. 
tirocinare to be a tiro ; to serve 

in war. 
tirocinium knighthood. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

tissutum tissue. 

tithinga a tithing. 

titulus a title. 

toacula, toale, toalle a towel. 

todda a tod of wool, 28 lbs. 

toftmannus the holder of a toft. 

toftum a toft ; a place where a 
house formerly stood. 

tolcestrum tolsester, payment to 
the lord of the manor for 
liberty to brew. 

tollagium forcible exaction of 
illegal toll. 

tolletum toll. 

tollum toll. 

tolnetum toll. 

tolnetum de pixide toll pixy, a 
customary payment by arti- 
sans and dealers in Grower 
to the lord. 

tolta wrong, extortion. 

tonellum, tonellus a tun, a vat ; a 

prison on Cornhill. 
tonna a tun of wine. 
tonnagium tonnage. 
tonsor a shearman. 
topare to top trees. 
topettum a knob ; knop. 
tor ale bedding ; a mound. 
torallum a mound. 
tor care to clean. 

torcha cob, straw and mud used 

for roofing. 
torchea, torchetus a torch. 

torchiator a plasterer, dauber. 
tornare to turn. 
tomatilis pons a swingbridge. 
torneamentum a tournament. 
tomeare to tilt at a tournament. 
tomus. See turnus. 
torta a cake. 

tortica a torch ; a winch, wind- 
tortua a turtle. 

tor turn wrong ; injustice. 

totsectus. See cotsethus. 

tottum rent ; toll ; day's work 

for rent. 
to way turn toll paid for towing. 

traba. See trava. 

trabaria a small boat, a "dug- 
tracea search ; pursuit ; a trail. 
traco a cavern. 
tractilis pons a drawbridge. 

tractula, tractulus a little tract or 

tr actus a horse's trace ; a haul. 
tr actus struck out. 
traga, traha a sledge. 
trainellum a shoehorn. 

tramaricia a boundary; a land- 
tramesio. See tremesium. 
transfretare to cross a strait. 
transgressio trespass. 

transitus noon; death; a judge's 

transnavare to cross the sea. 
transvadare to wade across. 
trassa a dungeon ; a fetter. 

trava a thrave of corn, 24 or 12 

traversia a traverse. 
traversum a ferry. 
traxus a trace. 
treacha treacle. 
trebuchettum a catapult ; tre- 

trebuculus a catapult. 
trega a truce. 
tremagium the season for sowing 

summer corn. 
tremellum a granary. 
tremesium corn cut after three 

months' growth. 
tremiscum. See tremagium. 
tremulum a granary. 
trencatum a ditch ; trench. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


trenchea, trencheia right of cut- 
ting wood ; a trench. 

trencheator a carver. 

trentale an office of 30 masses 
said for the dead. 

trescentia rent or tax from land. 
tressorium a tress of hair ; also 
some article of dress. 

trestellus a trestle. 

trestornare to turn aside. 

treuga, treuia a truce ; tribute. 

triare to try ; to select. 

triatio trial. 

triator a trier ; a witness. 

tribuculus a catapult. 

tricar e to hinder ; to complain. 

tricatura twisted work (used of 

chain armour). 
tricennale a trental. 
tricesima a trental, " month's 

tridens a harrow. 
tridingam a trithing, or riding, 

the third part of a shire. 

trigeldum a triple fine. 

trigintale a trental. 

trinoda necessitas the threefold 
tax, for repairing bridges, 
maintaining castles, and re- 
pelling invasion. 

triparium a three-legged stool. 

tripodium a length of three feet. 

triroda three rods or perches. 

trisilis a three-legged stool. 

tristega, tristegum a house of 
three stories ; an engine 
used in sieges, consisting 
of a tower in three stories. 

tristellum a trestle. 

tristis exemption from attendance 
on the lord when hunting. 

tristra a station for hunting. 
tritennale a trental. 

trithinga a riding, a third of a 

triumvir a constable of three 

trivium the study of grammar, 

logic, and rhetoric. 
irochus a cluster, band, esp. of 

precious stones. 

trogulus a cowl. 

trona, tronum the Tron, a beam 
for weighing. 

tronagium toll for weighing wool 

and other goods. 
tronare to weigh at the Tron. 

tronator the officer who weighs 

troparium, troparius a book con- 
taining tropi, verses sung at 
certain festivals before the 

trubuculus a catapult. 

trubula a sieve. 

truga a measure of corn. 

truncagium a payment to Barn- 
borough Castle by the town- 
ships near. 

truncus a money-box ; the pillory. 

trussa, trussum a truss. 

trussellum a bale. 

trutannicus worthless, false. 

trutannuSy trutanus truant, va- 

trutta a trout. 

tryinkus a net used in the Thames. 

tuallium a towel. 

tumberalis poia the punishment 
of the tumbrel. 

tumbrellum a cucking-stool ; a 

tumpilloralis pena the pillory. 
tunellum a tun or ton. 
tunnagium tunnage. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

turba turf. 

turbagium the right of digging 

turbare to turf. 
turbaria the right of digging turf; 

a place where turf is dug. 
turbarius kerne. 
turbo a turbot. 
turcasia a quiver. 
turetti tirrets. 
targiolum a boss. 
tumarius a turner. 
tumatus pons a swingbridge. 
turneamentum a tournament. 

turneare to joust, to hold a 

turnum, tumus a turn ; the king's 

leet through a county; a 

winch, as on a crossbow. 
turrellus a turret, a tourel, a 

small tower. 
turtarius baker of tourte, i. e., 

coarse brown bread. 
turtra trout. 
turtus tourte bread. 
twigeldum a double fine. 
tyna a tub ; part of Gloucester 

tyro. See tiro. 


ulcus a hull. 

uligo a marsh. 

ulmetum an elm grove. 

ulna an ell. 

ulnagium alnage, duty on cloth. 

tibiator, ulniger alnager, exam- 
iner of cloth and collector 
of alnage. 

ulphus hassock, coarse grass. 

umbra an umbrer or umber, part 
of a bacinett, which pro- 
tected the face ; a grayling. 

umbraculum. See uinbra. 

umpirator an umpire. 

uncia an ounce ; an inch ; a 

measure of land, perhaps 12 

unciata. See uncia. 
uplanda upland. 
ura ore. 

urla a border ; an orle. 
ursarius a bearward ; a beardog. 
usagiitm usage. 
ustilamentum a loom. 
utensilium a loom. 
uthesium. See hutesium. 
uthlega, Sfc. See utlaga, Sfc. 
utlaga an outlaw. 
utlagare to outlaw. 
utlagaria, utlagatio outlawry. 
utterare to distribute, utter. 
uxorare to give in marriage. 
uxoratus married. 
uxorium a fine for not marrying. 


vacanus vacant ; void. 

vacare to be void. 

vacaria waste ground. 

vacatura a church benefice not yet 

vacant ; provision thereto ; 

the next avoidance of a 

vaccaria a cow-house or pasture. 

vaccarius a cowherd. 

vadiare to pledge oneself ; to give 

security for ; to wage. 
vadimonizare to pawn. 
vadium surety ; wage. 
vagium security. 
valectus. See valetlus. 
valentia value. 
valettus a,. groom-; a yeoman; a 

valibilis valuable. 

Glossary of Latin Words. 


valisona anguillarum eelbucks(?). 

vallare to wall up. 

valvassor a vassal. See vavassor. 

vana a weathercock. 

vanga a shovel. 

vannus a vane ; a winnowing-f an. 

vantarius a footman who runs 

before his master. 
vapulatio beating, cleaning. 
varectare. See warectare* 
varium vair, an expensive far, 

perhaps ermine. 
vassalagium the condition of a 

vassallus a vassal, feudal tenant. 
vasseleria a vassal's tenure. 
vastellum a shade ; an arbour. 

See wastellus. 
vastum waste. 
vatila a scoop. 

vavassor a vassal, next in dignity 
to a baron ; a free tenant of 
a tenant in chief. 
vavassoria land held by a va- 
vealtrarius, veautrarius. See vel- 

vehagium payment for carriage. 
vehia a load. 
velar e to sail. 
veltrarius a lyme-hound ; a man 

who leads hounds. 
veltrea a leash. 
veluettum, velutum velvet. 
venaria beasts of chase. 
venatio venison ; right of hunting. 
venda payment to lord for licence 

to sell. 
venella a lane. 
Veneris dies Friday. 
ventare, ventilareto winnow ; to air. 
ventosa a cupping glass. 
ventriceum, ventriticum molendi- 

num a windmill. 
veragium verage, the right of the 
Marshal of England to all 
pied cattle taken in war. 
verbale a dictionary. 

veredarius a courier. 

veredarius, veredus a thill horse. 

veredictum a verdict. 

veredis a ferret. 

vergenta a measure used for spices. 

vermiculus vermilion. 

vernacio varnishing. 

vernellum varnish. 

vero a minnow. 

versatilis pons a swingbridge. 

versator a turnspit. 

vertebra a hinge. 

vertevella a hook ; shears. 

vertinella a hinge. 

vesca vetch. 

vesperce vespers, about 4 p.m. 

vespilio a nocturnal robber. 

vesta crop. 

vestiarium a room where vest- 
ments are kept. 
vestire to invest. 

vestura crop ; possession. 

vettrarius, veutrarius. See vel- 

vexillator a standardbearer. 

viagium a voyage. 

vians a traveller. 

vibrella a cannon. 

vicar ia a vicarage. 

vicariatus the office of a vicar. 

vicarius a vicar. 

vicecancellarius a vice-chancellor. 

vicecomes a viscount ; a sheriff. 

vicecomitilia vicontiels, rents 
farmed by a sheriff. 

vicedominus a vidame, a bishop's 
deputy in temporal matters. 

vicinetum neighbourhood ; venue. 

victualarius a victualler. 
vicus a street. 
viduatus widowed. 
vidulator a fiddler. 
viella a viol. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

vigilia the eve of or day before a 

villa a vill or village. 
villanus a villein, bondman. 
villata a township, village. 
villaticus a peasant. 
villains pannus frieze. 
villenagium the tenure of a villein. 
villicanus a steward. 
vilnetum. See vicinetum. 
vina a fin. 

vinagium rent paid in wine. 
vinetria vintry. 

vinitarius a vintner ; the custo- 
dian of the wine in a monas- 

vintenarius a vintner. 

virbius twice married. 

virga a yard ; a wand ; the verge, 
the compass of the king's 

virgata a yard-land ; the verge. 

virgatarius originally holder of a 
virgate or yard-land, but 
used for all small holders of 

vir gator a verger. 

virgens striped, brindled. 

virgiferens a verger. 

viridarium a clearing in a forest ; 

a garden. 
viridarius a verderer, a forest 

viride vert, trees, &c. in a forest ; 

the right to cut green wood. 
viridere to scour a river or ditch. 

viridis sometimes used for va- 

rium, vair. 
visnetum. See vicinetum. 
visor an inspector. 
vispilio a nocturnal robber. 
visits view. 

vitellarius, vitillarius a victualler. 
vitellium caudle. 
vitriare to glaze. 

viiulare to calve. 

vivarium a park ; a fishpond. s& 

viverra a ferret. 

vola the hollow of the hand ; a 

volatus falconry. 

volsura vaulting. 

volt a a vault. 

volupare to roll up (volutare). 

vosare to address in the plural. 

vota a drain. 

vulgariter in English. 


waccaria. See vaccaria. 

waccarius. See vaccarius. 

ivacta watch. 

wactare to watch. 

wadda woad. 

wadium. See vadium. 

waerum a weir. 

waftor a pilot. 

ivaga, waia a wey or weigh : of 

wool 256 lbs. or 2 sacks ; of 

cheese 168, 256, or 300 lbs. ; 

of barley or malt 6qrs.,temp. 

Edw. I. ; of salt 25 qrs. ; of 

tallow 168 lbs. ; a waif ; 

wagesium ooze, sea-ground. 
waida woad. 
wainabilis passable by waggons ; 

wainagium a stock of wagons, 

team, &c. ; wainage ; cart- 

wainare to till ; to get a profit 

out of. 
waivare to forsake ; to outlaw (a 

waiviamentum,waiviaria a waiver, 

waiviary ; refusal. 
waiviatum waived, abandoned. 
waivium a waif. 
walda, icaldia a forest ; weald ; 


Glossary of Latin Words. 


icalecheria Welshry. 

waliscas a servant. 

ivalla, luallia a wall. 

wallare to wall ; to fortify. 

ivallura walling. 

ivambasarius a maker of gambe- 

wambasiam. See gambeso. 

wapentacium, ivape?itachium, wa- 
pentagium a wapentake, a 
division of a county simi- 
lar to a hundred, used in 
the north ; suit of court and 
other duties incumbent on 
the inhabitants. 

wara a measure of land, gore(?). 
See warnetum. 

warantia, Sfc. See warrantia, Sfc. 

ivarda a ward of a city ; custody ; 
wardship ; wardpenny. 

warda castri castleguard. 

wardagium contribution for the 
custody of a castle, ward- 

warderoba wardrobe. 

wardmotus wardmote, a court 
held in London. 

warecta, warectum fallow land. 

warectabilis fallow. 

warectare to plough land in- 
tended for wheat in the 
spring and let it lie fallow. 

warectus fallow. 
warenna a warren. 
warennarius a warrener. 
waretare. See warectare. 
waretta, fyc. See warecta, Sfc. 
war/as a wharf. 
wargus a banished rogue, 
warworn warnoth, a rent doubled 

if not paid. 
warnistura garrison. See gar- 

warpenna wardpenny. 

warrantia warranty. 
warrantizare to warrant. 
warrantizatio warranty. 
warrantum a warrant. 
ivarrecta, Sfc. See ivarecta. 
warrenna. See warenna. 
wasshum a shallow arm of the 

sea ; the Wash. 
ivastellus wastelbread, the second 

sort of white bread, next in 

quality to simnel. 
wastum waste. 

watergagium watergage ; a water- 

waterganga a watercourse ; an 

watergangius a trench to carry 

off water ; an aqueduct. 

water scopiam. See ivatergangins. 

watillum a wattle. 

wavitis wandering. 

ivaynabilis. See ivainabilis. 

waynagiam. See wainagium. 

wayura a channel. 

wayvium, ivaviiwi, Sfc. See 
waivium, Sfc. 

ivdewardas a woodward. 

wegga. See ivaga. 

welcomare to welcome. 

welkus a whelk. 

wendus a circuit of ground. 

wera wergild, the fine paid for 
killing a man. 

werccitm wreck. 

iverelada purgation of homicide 
by oath. 

wergildus wergild, fine for homi- 

werra war. 

wesda woad. 

icesdarius a dealer in woad. 

wexare to mend, repair. 


Glossary of Latin Words. 

weyfa maris waif of the sea. 
ivharfa a wharf. 

ivharfagium, wharvagium wharf- 
whassum. See luasshum. 

wica a country house, farm. 

wicarins, wikarius the keeper of 

a wica. 
wikettum a wicket. 

wiscare to mend, repair. 

ivisda woad. 

wista a measure of land, half a 

wita a fine ; amerciament. 

withemamium carrying off a dis- 
tress, so that the sheriff 
cannot deliver it when re- 

wittescalchi officers who collect 
fines imposed by judges. 

wixare to mend, repair. 
wodegeldum tax paid on woods. 
tooodwardia office of woodward. 
woodwardus a woodward, a forest 

wreccatum wrecked. 

ivreccum wreck. 
wreclum wreck. 
wrekum wreck. 
ivudewardus a woodward. 
ivyka. See wica. 
wykettum a wicket. 
wyta. See wita. 


xenium a present. See exennium. 

• • • 

xenodochium an inn ; a hospital ; 

a convent. 
xylopola a dealer in wood. 
xysticus a champion ; a wrestler. 


yarda a yard. 

yconia an image. 

yconomus a guardian. 

yems used for hiems, winter. 

yepso " a little ipson," in 
Somerset, is a handful. 

ympnare a hymnal. 
yvernagium. See hibemagium. 


zabidum gravel, sand. 

zabulus the devil (diabolas). 

zeta a dining-room ; a chamber. 

zigarus a gipsy. 

zinziber ginger. 

zourum a sore, a four-year old 

zuchara sugar. 

zucheus the dead trunk of a tree ; 

a stub. 
zygostata a clerk of a market. 
zythum a drink made of corn. 




Aballaba, Aballiaba— Appleby, 
Westmoreland ; Watchcross, 

Abbandonia, Abbandunum — 
Abingdon, Berkshire. 

Abbas cestuarium — River Hum- 
ber, Yorkshire. 

Abbendonia — Abingdon. 

Abbotesbiria — Abbotsbury, Dor- 

Abbus — Humber. 

Abedesberie — Abbotsbury, Dor- 

Aberconovium — Aberconway ; 
also the Biver Conway. See 

Aberdona, Aberdonia — Aberdeen, 

Aberdora, Aberdura — Aberdore, 
and Aberdour, Scotland. 

Abergennium — Abergavenny, 

Aberistyvium — Aberystwith. 

Aberncethum — Abernethy, Scot- 

Abervanus, Aberruanus. See 

Abindonia — Abingdon. 

Ablatum Bulgium — Cardunnock, 
or Bowness, Cumberland ; 
or Middleby, Dumfries. 

AbonaFlu. — River Avon, Hamp- 

Abone, Abonis — Sea Mills, on 
the Avon ; Alvington-on- 
the-Severn, Abstone, or 
Aunsbury, Gloucestershire. 

Aboya — Athboy, Meath, Ireland. 

Abravannus, Abravanus Flu. — 
The estuary at Ravenglass, 
Cumberland ; or Glenluce 
Bay, Wigtownshire. 

Alreconium — Abercorn, Linlith- 

Abredea — River Dee, Aberdeen. 

Abredesega Insula — Bardesey 
Island, Carnarvonshire. 

Abrenethceum — Abernethy, Scot- 

Abretaum — Swansea, Glamor- 

Abrevicum — Berwick-upon- 

Abrinca — Abernethy. 

Abunderf — Abingdon. 

Abus cestuarium — Humber. 

Acantium prornontorium — North 

* To the names of Roman Stations, npon the position of which there is a 
difference of opinion, several of the localities suggested have been appended, as 
the object of this list is not to identify Roman Stations, but to give the meaning 
of the names when used in later times. It has not been thought necessary 
always to insert Latin names where they are merely the common English names 
with a Latin termination. 

M. S 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Acastra — Acaster, Yorks. 

Acemanni Civitas — Bath. 

Achada — Achonry, Sligo. 

Achadia — Aghadoe, Kerry, Ire- 

Achathkonrensis, Achathronensis 
— Of Achonry, Ireland. 

Achelandia — Bishop's Auckland, 

Achilla — Achill Isles, Con- 
naught, Ireland. 

Aclea — Oakley, Surrey ; Aycliffe 
or Auckland, Durham. 

Acmodce Insula — Seven Islands, 
mentioned by Pomponius 
Mela and Pliny. 

Ad-Ansam — Ithanceaster, Wit- 
ham Barklow, Tolshunt 
Knights, or Halstead, Es- 
sex ; Wratting or Strat- 
ford St. Mary, Suffolk. 

Ad- Candidam Casam — Catwade 
Bridge near Brantham, 

Adcovecin. See Combretonium. 

Adelingia, A delona — Athelney, 

Ad-Lapidem — Stoneham, Hamp- 

Ad-Latus Bovium — Boverton, 
Glamorganshire. See Bo- 

Ad-Murum — Walbottle (?), 

Ad-Pontem — Paunton, Line. ; 
Southwell or Parndon, 
Notts, or Zouch Bridge, 
over the Trent. 

Ad-Portum Dubris — Dover. See 

Ad-Portum Lemanis — Lympne, 

Ad-Portum Butupas. See Butu- 

Adron Flu. — Biver Adder, Ber- 
wickshire, or Piver Wear, 
Durham. See Ouedra. 

Adros — Bardsey Island, Caer- 
narvonshire ; or Lambay, 

Adtanatos Insula — Isle of 

Ad-Taum — Tasburgh or Nor- 

Ad-Tisam — Piersbridge, Dur- 

Adtropam — Thrup, Abingdon. 

Adurni Portus — Porchester, 
Hants ; Aldrington, Sussex ; 
or Old Shoreham. 

uEbudce — Hebrides, West of 

JEgelesbyri, JEglesburgus—- 
Aylesbuiy, Bucks. 

AEiglea — Iley Mead, near Melks- 

JEilecuriana — Yale of Aylesbury. 

Aelfete — Adlingfleet, Yorkshire. 

Aeljlnensis — Of Elphin, Ireland. 

Aelfonensis — Of Elphin, Ireland. 

JElia — Ely. See Elia. 

JElia Castra — Alchester, War- 

JEliani Porta — A town near 
Hadrian's Wall. 

Aera — Piver Ayr, Scotland. 

JEsycha, JEsica — Netherby, 
Cumberland ; Great Ches- 
ters, Northumberland. 

JEtona, JEtonia — Eton, Bucks. 

Afena — Littleborough, Notts. 

Afena Flu. — Piver Avon. 

Agamerium — Aghamore, co. 
Mayo, Ireland. 

Agelocum — Littleborough, Notts. 

Agmundishamum — Agmundis- 
ham or Amersham, Bucks. 

Agneda — Edinburgh. 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Aiscaranus — Of Aysgarth, 

Akelea — Ockley, Surrey. 

Akemancester — Bath. 

Ala Campi — Wingfield. 

Alachda — Killalla, bishopric in 

Alcenus Flu. — River Axe, Devon ; 
or Stour, Dorset. 

Alana — Alio way, Ayrshire. 

Alannius — River Avon, Wilts. 

Alata Castra, Alatum Castrum — 
Tain, Ross ; Edinburgh ; or 
Burghead, Moray. 

Alauna Civitas — Alnwick, 

Northumberland ; Alcester, 
Warwick ; Allchester, Oxon ; 
Oamelon, Stirling; a place 
near Roole, Dorset. 

Alauna Flu. — River Stour, Dor- 
setshire ; Alne, Northumber- 

Alauna Silva — Borders of Hamp- 
shire and Dorset, or perhaps 
Stourhead, Dorset. 

Alauni fluvii ostia — Alnmouth. 

Alaunicastrum — Alcester, War- 

Alaunicus Pons — Maidenhead, 

Alaunicus Portus — Milford 

A launivadum — Aylesf ord, Kent. 

Alaunodunum — Maidenhead. 

Alaunovicus — Alnwick, North- 
umberland. See Alauna. 

Alaunus — Maidenhead. 

Alaunus Flu. — R. Tweed, North- 

Alba Domus — Whiteland, Caer- 


Albalanda — Whiteland, Caer- 
marthenshire ; also Blanch- 
land, Northumberland. 

Albana — Scotland. 

Albania — Scotland, or Britain 
north of Humber. 

Albi Equi Mons — White Horse 
Hill, Berks. 

Albinunno Civitas — Oaer Nonou 
or Whitewalls, Monmouth- 

Albion — Britain. 

Album Castrum — Whitchester, 

Album Monasterium — Whit- 
church, Shropshire. 

Alcheseia — Alchester, Dorset. 

Alcluith — Dunbritton, on tho 

Alducl — Dumbarton. 

Alecana — Ilkley, Yorkshire. 
Alectum — Dundee. 
Alenus Flu. — See Alamus. 
Alexodunum — Brough - on - the - 
Sands, Cumberland. 

Alicinca — Ilkley (?). See Oli- 

cana and Alecana. 
Aliennia — Athelney. 

Alione, Alionis — Whitley Castle, 
Northumberland ; Amble- 
side, Westmoreland ; Kirk- 
bride or Allonby, Cumber- 

Alitacenon Civitas — Elgin, Scot- 

Allectum — Dundee. 

A Ina — Alne, Yorks ; River Alne, 

Alnetum — Llangerniw (?) on the 
Elwey, Denbighshire. 

Alnevicum — Alnwick, Northum- 

Alone — Bowness, Cumberland; 
Whitley Castle, North- 
umberland ; Ambleside, 



A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Alone Flu. — Eiver Alne, North- 

Along hum, Alovergium Civitas — 
Carnbrea, Cornwall. 

Alpes Peneni Monies — Pendle 
Hill, Lancashire. 

Aire — Aller, near Bridgwater. 

Alta Prisa — Haltemprice or 
Howdenprice, Yorks. 

Allium Peccum— The Peak, 

Alunna — Castleshaw, Yorkshire. 

Alunus — Eiver Alan, Wales. 

Alverodunum Brigantum — North 
Allerton, Yorks. 

Alvertona — North Allerton, 

Alvion — See Albion. 

Ambegianna. See Amboglanna. 

Ambesbiria, Ambresbiria — Ames- 
bury, Wilts. 

Amboglanna — Ambleside, West- 
moreland ; Burdoswald, 

Ambrosia, Ambrosii Burgus, 
Ambrosii Mons — Amesbury, 

Anachoreticus vicus — Anker- 
wyke, Bucks. 

Anandia Vallis — Annandale, 

Ancalites — A tribe, near Hen- 
ley, Oxfordshire. 

Anderelio — See Anderida. 

Anderida — Newenden, Kent ; 
Pevensey, Eastbourne, or 
Arundel, Sussex. 

Andevera, Andovera — Andover, 

Andreapolis — St. Andrew's, Scot- 
land. See Fanum Reguli. 

Andresega — An old monastery on 
the site of Burton Abbey, 

Andrium, Andros — Bardsey 
Island, Caernarvonshire. 
See Adros. 

Anecastrum — Ancaster, Line. 

Anegus — Angus, Scotland. 

Angelocum — Ancaster, Lincoln- 

Anglesega — Anglesey. 

Angra — Ongar, Essex. 

Angnillaria Insula — Isle of Ely. 

Anguillarianus — Of Ely. 

Angulia — Flintshire- 

Angusia — Angus, Scotland. 

Anicetis Civitas — In Dorsetshire. 

Ansoba — Eiver Galway, Ireland. 

Antivestceum promontorium — 
Land's End, Cornwall. 

Antona — Eiver Avon, North- 
ants ; Eiver Anton, Hants. 

Antona Australis — Southamp- 

Antona Borealis — Northampton. 

Anti-urn Flu. — The Ernie, Devon- 

Apaunaris Civitas — In Devon- 

Apelbia — Appleby, Westmore- 

Apiacum — Hexham ; Papcastle. 

Apletrea — Appledore, Kent. 

Applebeia, Applebera — Appleby, 

Apultrea — Appledore, Devon. 

Aqua Rubra — Eedburn. 

Aquce Calidce — Bath, Somerset- 

Aquce Soils, Sulis — Bath. 

Aqucedonum — Eton, Bucks; Aik- 
ton, Cumb. 

Aqucedunensis Saltus — Water- 
den, Norfolk. 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Aqucedunum — Waldron (?), Sus- 
sex ; Waterden, Norfolk. 

Aqucevadensis Po?is — Eye 
Bridge, Dorset. 

Aquapontanus — Bridgwater. 

Aquelmum — Ewelme, Oxford- 

Aquila — Eagle, Lincolnshire. 

Aquilodunum — Hoxne, Suffolk. 

Aquis Civitas — See Aqace Ca- 

Aramis, Aranus Civitas — In 

Arbeia — Moresby or Ireby, Cum- 
berland ; Armley or Castle- 
ford, Yorkshire. 

Archfordemis — Of Ardfert, Ire- 

Archmachia — Armagh. 

Arclovium — Arklow, co. Wick- 
low, Ireland. 

Arcmacensis — Of Armagh. 

Arcmorensis — Of Ardmore, 

Arcubus, Curia de — Court of 

Ardacha — Ardagh, co. Long- 

Ardahachdensis — Of Ardagh, 

Ardaoneon Civitas — Old Sarum ; 

Ardatum — Ardat or Ardathen, 
co. Kerry. 

Ardefertensis — Of Ardfert. 

Ardgathelia — Argyle, Scotland. 

Ardmacha — Armagh. 

Ardmoria — Ardmore. 

Ardrceum — Ardee, co. Louth ; 
Ardree, co. Kildare, Ire- 

Ardraicum — Ardagh, co. Long- 
Ardua — Lostwithiel, Cornwall. 
Arewe — Piver Orwell, Suffolk. 

Argadia, Argathelia — Argyle, 

Argistillum — In Gloucestershire, 

or perhaps Arwystli, Powys. 

Argita — Lough Foil, London- 
derry. Camden applies this 
name to Lough Swilley. 

Ariconium — Kenchester, Ross, 
or Penyard Castle, Here- 

Armacha — Armagh, Ireland. 

A rmanothia— Ardmeanach, Scot- 

Armis — Bath. 

Armone — Caernarvon. 

Amemega — Willoughby-on-the- 
Wolds, Notts. See Fero- 

Arrania — Isle of Arran, Scot- 
A rregaidela — Argyle . 

Arthferdensis, Arthfertensis — Of 
Ardfert, Ireland. 

Arthmorensis — Of Ardmore, Ire- 

Arundelia, Arundellum — Arun- 
del, Sussex. 

Arundinis Vadium — Pedbridge, 

Aruntina Vallis — Arundel, Sus- 

ArunusFlu. — PiverArun, Sussex. 

Arus — Piver Aire, Yorkshire. 
Arvone — Caernarvon. 
Arvonia — Caernarvonshire. 
Asaphopolis — St. Asaph, Flint- 
Ascaranus. See Aiscaranus. 

Athanaton, Athanatos — Isle of 
Thanet. See Tanathos. 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

A thesis Flu. — River Tees. See 

Atholia — Athol, Scotland. 

Athra — Athenry, Ireland. 

Atina Insula — Thanet. See Acl- 

Atrebati — People of Berkshire. 
Attacotti — Conquered tribes N. 

of the Roman wall. 

Auchelandia — BishopsAuckland, 

Aufona — River x4.von, Northants. 

Augusta Trinobantum, Augusta — 

Augustaldia — Hexham. 
Aula, vol Villa Antiqua — Aid- 
bury, Herts. 

Anna — Awn, bishopric in Ire- 
Atcnesf — Elstow, Beds. 
Aura — Awre, Gloucestershire. 
Auravanus. See Abravannus. 

Aurea Vallis — Golden Yale, 

Aureum Vadum — Guildford, Sur- 

Ausoba. See Ansoba. 

Ausona — River Avon, North- 

Auteri, Auterii — People of Gal- 
way and Roscommon, dwell- 
ing near Athenry, Ireland. 

Autona — Avon, Northants. 

Avalana — Watchcross. See Abal- 

Avalonia — Glastonbury, Somer- 

Ave — River Avon, or Avin, 

Avena Flu. — Avon, Wiltshire. 

Avenina, Avenna Flu. — Afan, or 

Avon, Glamorganshire. 
Avenmorus — Blackwater river, 


Avennus — River Avon, a tribu- 
tary of the Clyde, Scotland. 

Aventio Flu. — River Aun, or 
Avon, Devon. 

Avinus — River Avon, or Avin, 

Avona — River Avon ; River Nen, 

Avona — Bungay, Suffolk. 
Avona, Avondunum — Hampton 

Court, according to Leland. 

Avona Littoralis, sive Australis — 

Avona Mediterranean sive Borealis 
— Northampton. 

AvoncB Vallis — Oundle, North- 

Avondunum Limenorum — South- . 

Avonii palatium — Winchester 
House, Southwark. 

Axelodunum — Hexham ; Burgh- 
on-the-Sands ; or Bowness, 

Axiholma — Axholme, Line. 
Axium Flu. — River Axe, Devon- 


Ba, Baa — Bath. 

Babaglanda — Burdoswald. See 

Baclielagana, Bacheleia Sylva — 
Bagley Wood, Berks. 

Baddanbyrig — Badbury, Dorset. 

Badecanwella — Bakewell, Derby- 

Badiza — Bath. See Aqua Calidce. 

Badonicas Mons — Badon Hill, or 
Bannesdown, a hill near 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Badunum — Bath. 

Bagilogana Sylva — Bagley Wood, 

Bainardi Castellum — Baynard's 
Castle, London. 

Bainus Pons — Bainbridge, York- 

Bala — Bala, Merionethshire. 

Balneodunum, Balnea — Bath. 

Baltifordia — Waterf or d, Ireland. 

Bamfum — Banff. 

Bana Insula — An island opposite 
the month of the Biver Taff, 
Glamorganshire . 

Banatia — Bean Castle, Murray ; 
Comrie, Perthshire ; or near 

Banburia — Banbury, Oxford- 

Bancornensis — Of Bangor. 

Banesinga Villa — Bensington, 

Banna — River Ban, Ulster. 

Banna — Cambeck, or Castle - 
steeds, Cumb. 

Bannavenna, Bannaventum — Bo- 
rough Hill, near Daventry ; 
or Weedon, Northants ; or 
Banbury, Oxfordshire. 

Bannio — Abergavenny. See Go- 

Bannochorus, Bangorium — Ban- 
gor, N. Wales. 

Bannovallum, See Bannaventa. 

Banna — Bannow, Ireland. 

BanusFlu. — River Bain, Lincoln- 

Bara — Dunbar, Scotland. 

Barangce. See Brannogenium. 

Bardunus — River Bure, Norfolk. 

Bamastapula — Barnstaple, 

Baromaci. See Catsaromago. 

Barvicus, Barwicus — Berwick- 

Base?iga, Basingum — Basing, 
Basingstoke, Hampshire. 

Batersega — Battersea, Surrey. 

Bat ha, Bathonia — Bath. 

Batilfordia — Waterf ord, Ireland. 

Batonicus — Of Bath. 

Bdora — River Dore, Hereford- 

Beanflota — Bamfleet, Essex. 

Bearrocscira — Berkshire. 

Bebba, Bebbanbyrig — Bambo- 
rough, Northumberland. 

Bedeforda — Bedford. 

Bedericia, Bedcricum — St. Ed- 
mundsbury, Suffolk. 

Bedfordia — Bedford. 

Begesse — Town on the Wall of 

Beggeivurda — Badgworth, 


Belaisena — Ballinasloe. 
Belerium promontorium — Land's 

Belgcr — Inhabitants of Somerset, 
Wilts, and Hampshire, in 
Csesar's time occupying the 
South Coast. 

Belgm, Wellce — Wells, Somerset. 

Belin us Sinus — Billingsgate. 

Belisama — River Ribble, or Mer- 
sey, Lancashire. 

Bella Vallis — Beau vale, inGres- 
ley Park, Notts. 

Bellalanda — Byland, Yorkshire. 

Bellesitum, Bellositum — Oxford. 

Belloclivum, Bellodesertum — Bel- 
desert, or Beaudesert, War- 

Bellomariscus — Beaumaris, Isle 
of Anglesey. 

Bellositum — City of Oxford. 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Bellum — Battle, Sussex. 

Bellum Caput — Beauchief , Derby- 

Bellus Campus — Bulcamp, Norf. 

Bellus Locus — Beaulieu, Hants ; 
Beauly, Inverness ; Beau- 
desert, Warwickshire. 

Bellus Locus Regis — Beaulieu 

Belverum — Beauvoir. 

Beneihleya — Bentley, Middlesex. 

Bennavenna. See Bannavenna. 

Bennones. See Venonce. 

Beohrtforda — Burford, Oxon. 

Berceia — Berkshire. 

Bercheleia — Berkeley, Glouc. 

Bercheria — Berkshire. 

Berclea — Berkeley, Glouc. 

Berdeniga — Bardney, Line. 

Berechingum — Barking, Essex. 

Bereda. See Voreda. 

Berga — Bridgnorth, Shropshire. 

Bergonium — A vitrified fort, op- 
posite Oonnell Ferry, at the 
mouth of Loch Etive, Lome. 

Berheria — Berkshire. 

Berkleia — Berkeley, Gloucester- 

Bermundesaia, Bermundsheia, Ber- 
mundi Insula — Bermondsey, 

Bernardi Castellum — Barnard 
Castle, Durham. 

Bernia. See Hibernia. 

Bernicia — Province reaching 
from the River Tees to 
the Frith of Forth. 

Berua — Barrow, Ireland. 

Berubium promontorium — Dun- 
cansby Head, or more pro- 
bably NossHead, Caithness, 

Bervicium, Berivicus — Berwick. 

Beverlacum, Beverlea — Beverley, 

Bibrocassi, Bibroci — A tribe near 

Bray, Berkshire. 
Bhnonium — Binchester, Durham. 

See Vinovium. 
Bindogladia. See Vindogladia. 
Binonitmi, Bi?iovia, Binovium — 

Binchester, Durham. See 


Buy us — River Barrow, Water- 

Birila Insula — Burril Island, co. 
Down, Ireland. 

Birnwda — Burnham Wood. 

Bishamum — Bustlesham, or Bis- 
ham, Berkshire. 

Bistaghnensis — Of Glandelagh, 

Blacamora — Blackmore, North 
Riding of Yorkshire. 

Bladince Monies — Sliabh Bladh- 
ma, now called Slieve Bloom 
Mountains, in the barony 
of Ossory, Queen's County, 

Bladunum — Malmesbury. See 
Maidulphi Curia. 

Blancaforda — Blandford, Dorset- 

Blancalanda — Blanch Land, 
Nor thumb erland . 

Blancum Castrum — White Cas- 
tle, or Blane Castle, Mon- 

Blanii — Tribe about Dublin. 

Blatum Bulgium, Ablatum Bui- 

gium — Middleby, Dumfries ; 

or Bowness, or Cardunnock, 

Blestium — Monmouth ; Oldtown, 

Blia, Blicla — Blythe, Notts. 
Blidberia — Blewbury, Berks. 
Blithodunum — Blyton, Line. 
Blya — Blythe, Notts. 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Boanda, Boandus — River Boyne, 

Bobiam. See Bomium. 
Boccania, Bocci?iia, Boccinum — 

Buckingham ; Buckenham. 

Boderia. See Bodotria. 

Bodianum — Bodiam, Sussex. 

Bodotria — Frith of Forth. 

Boduni. See Dobuni. 

Boena — A town in the west of 

Boghania — Buchan, Aberdeen- 
shire, Scotland. 

Bolerium — Land's End. 

Boleshovera — Bolsover, Derby- 

Bolvelaunio — Poole, Dorset. 

Bomine — Bodmin, Cornwall. 

Bomium — Cowbridge, Boverton, 
or Bridgend, Glamorgan- 
shire ; or Axbridge, Somer- 

Bonium, Bovium — Stretton, Ban- 
gor, or Queenhope, Flint- 
shire ; Bunbury, Cheshire ; 
or Whitchurch, Shropshire. 

Bonno. See Bomium. 

Borcmm prom. — Malin Head, 

Borcovicum, Borcovitium — 

Housesteads, Northumber- 
land ; Berwick. 

Bosmanacha — Bodmin, Cornwall. 
Bosphorus Picticus — Pentland 

Frith, Scotland. 
Bosuenna — Bodmin, Cornwall. 

Botelega — Botley, Hants ; Bolney, 

Bothmenia — Bodmin, Cornwall. 
Botis — Bute Island, West Coast 

of Scotland. 
Bouenia — Boveney, Berks. 

Bovium. See Bomium, Bonium. 

Boxeleia — Boxley, Kent. 

Boxora — Boxford, Berks. 

Braboniacum. See Bremetona- 
cum, Bremetenracum, Bro- 

Bracchium — Burgh, Yorkshire. 

Brachilega — Brackley, North- 

Brage. See Brige. 

Bramenium. See Bramenium. 

Bramptonia — Brampton, near 

Branconium. See Branoricum. 

Brangonia, Brannogenium — Ban- 
gor. See also Branoricum. 

Brangoria — Bangor. 

Branodunum — Brancaster, Nor- 

Branoricum, Branovium, Bravi- 
nium, Bravonium — Worces- 
ter ; Ludlow, Leintwardine, 
or Onibury, Shropshire. 

Brechinia — Brecknock. 

Brechinium — Brechin, Scotland. 

Brehinium. See Brechinium. 

Breinensis — Of Brechin, Scot- 

Bremenium — Newcastle, or High 
Brampton y Northants. 

Bremetenracum — Either the same 
as Bremetonacum ; Old Pen- 
rith or Bromfield, Cumb. ; 
or Pibchester, Lancashire. 

Bremetonacum — Overborough, 

Lancaster, or Clitheroe, 

Brendanici Monies — Knock 

Brandon, Kerry. 
Brendanicum Mare — The 

Brenna — Breubege or Bryna- 

bege, Glamorgan. 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Brent cb Vadus — Brentford, Mid- 

Bresnetenati Veteranorum. See 
Bremetenracum and Bremeto- 

Brexarum — Burgh, Lincolnshire. 

Bribra — Perhaps the same as 

Brigantes — Inhabitants of York- 
shire, Lancashire, Durham, 
Westmoreland, and Cum- 
berland ; also of Waterford 
and Kilkenny, Ireland, and 
Galloway, Scotland. 

Brig an tium — York . 

Brige — Bridgnorth, Shropshire ; 
Broughton, or Titchfield 
Bay, Hampshire ; Hyde. 

Briges. See Brigantes. 

Brigewatera — Bridgwater, 

Brigomono — Bargeny, Wigtown. 

Brigns — Barrow River, Ireland. 

Brillendunum — Bridlington, 

Briodunum — Bredon, Worcester- 

Bristoldum — Bristol. 

Bristolia, Bristolium, Bristowa — 

Britanni — People of Britain. 

Britannia Prima — Britain south 
of the Thames. 

Britannia Secunda — Britain west 
of the Severn ; or from Bris- 
tol Channel to Mersey, and 
from Thames to Humber. 

Britannicus Oceanus — English 

Britannodunum — Dumbarton, 

Brithania. See Britannia. 

Br it ones — People of Britain. 

Britonum Cast rum — Dunbritton, 
or Dumbarton, Scotland. 

Brocara, Brocavo — Brough or 

Brougham- on-the -Eamont, 


Broconiacum — Brougham, West- 

Bromfelda — Bromfeld, Denbigh- 

Brovonacis — Aldstone Moor, 
Brough, Brougham, or 
Kirkbythure, Westmore- 

Bruga — Bridgnorth. 

Bruhella — Brill, Bucks. 

Brutannia. See Britannia. 

Brycstowa — Bristol. 

Bubris. See Dubris. 

Buchania — Buchan, Scotland. 

Buckinghamia — Buckingham. 

Bucostenum — Buxton, Derby- 

Bu difo rda — B edf or d . 

Buellium — Boyle, Ireland. 

Bulgium — Bowness, Cumberland. 

Bullmum — Builth, Brecknock; or 
Usk, Monm. 

Bungehia — Bungay, Norfolk. 

Burgensis Pons — Boroughbridge, 


-Burton, Stafford- 

Burgum super Zabulum — Burgh- 
on- Sands, Cumb. 

Burgus — Brough, Westmore- 
land ; Peterborough ; 
Bridgnorth, Shropshire. 

Burhella. See Bruhella. 

Buroaverus. See Durovernum. 

Burolevo. See Durolenum. 

Burrio — Usk, Monmouthshire ; 
Ledbury, Hereford. 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Buseneia — Binsey, Oxon. 

Bustelli Domics — Bustleshain or 
Bisham, Berks. 

Buvinda — River Boyne, Ireland. 

Byligesleaga — Billingsley, Shrop- 

Cacaria — Tadcaster, Yorks. 
Caerdiffa — Cardiff, Glamorgan- 

Caerdigania — Cardigan. 

Caer-Lincoit — Lincoln. See Lin- 

Caermardinia — Caermarthen, 

Caerperis — Porchester, Hamp- 
Cacrseverus — Salisbury. 
Ccesaria — Jersey. 

Ccesaris Bur gum — Searbyrig, Old 

Ccesaromago — Chelmsford, "Writ- 
tie, Widford, Burntwood, 
Canvey Island, or Billeri- 
cay, Essex. 

Calacum. See Galacum. 

Calaterium — P. Calder, Yorks. 

Calaterium Nemus — Forest of 

Galtress, Yorkshire. 
Calatum. See Galacum. 

Calcaria — Tadcaster or Aberford, 

Calcoensis — Of Kelso, Scotland. 

Calcua, Nalcaa. See Calleva and 

Caldei Insula — Ynys Pyr, or Cal- 
dey Island, Pembrokeshire. 

Calderus Flu. — Biver Calder, 

Caledonia — Callander, Perth- 
shire. It is also nsed for the 
whole of Scotland. 

Caledonia Sylva — Argyle, Loch- 
aber and Moray. 

Caledonii — Inhabitants of north- 
west of Scotland. 

Caledonium Castrum — Dunkeld. 

Calidonice Sylvce — Florus applies 
this name to the interior of 

Calkoensis — Of Kelso. 

Calleva — Basingstoke, Hants. 

Calleva Attrebatum. See Galleva 

Calna — Calne, Wiltshire. 

Calonia — Coldingham. 

Calunio — Same as Galacum ; or 

Camaldwium, Camalodunum — 

Maldon, Essex ; Colchester, 

or Lexden. 

Camaletum — Camel, Somerset- 

Cambium Regale — Poyal Ex- 
change, London. 

Cambodunum — Almondbuiy, 
Greetland, or Elland, West 
Biding of Yorkshire. 

Camboricum, Camborium — Ick- 
lingham, Suffolk ; or Cam- 

Cambretonium. See Combre- 

Cambria — Wales. 

Cambula — P. Camel, Cornwall. 

Camelodunum — Doncaster. 

Camolodunum. See Camaldunum. 

Campodunum. See Cambodunum. 

Campus Altus — Hatfield, or Haut- 
field, Hertfordshire. 

Campus Fabrum — Smithfield. 

Campus Novo-Forensis — New- 
market Heath. 

Camudolanum. See Cambodu- 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Camulodunum. See Camaldu- 
num and Cambodunum. 

Carta Insula — Sheppy. See 

Canachina Silva — Cannock 
Chase, Staffordshire. 

Canani Terra — Merioneth. 

Cancani — People living in Car- 

Cancanum. See Canganorum. 

Candalia — Kendal, Westmore- 

Candida Casa — Whithern, Wig- 

Candida Ecclesia — Whitchurch, 

Canganorum promontorium — 
Braichy Pwll Point, Car- 
narvonshire. See Gan- 

Cangi — Tribe in Somersetshire, 

or perhaps the same as 

Canonium — Canewdon, or Fam- 

bridge, or near Kelvedon, 

Canovaci — People in Argyle, 

Lorn, and Lennox. 

Cantabrigia — Cambridge. 
Cantce — Tribe in Sutherlandshire. 
Cantia, Cantium — Kent. 
Cantium promontorium — North 

Cantiventi — Tribe probably in 

Cantuaria — Canterbury. 

CantuaritcB — Kentish Saxons. 

Canubio. See Conovium. 

Caprcs Caput, Caprocephalia — 
Grateshead. See Gabrosen- 

Carbantium — Caerlaverock, Dum- 

Carbantorigum — Drummore, 

Carbonarius Collis — Coleshill, 

Carcaria. See Calcaria. 

Cardelum — Carlisle . 

Cardigania — Cardigan, Wales. 

Careni — Inhabitants of Caith- 

Carleolum — Carlisle. 

Carmarthinia — Caermarthen. 

Carnarvonia — Caernarvon, 

Carnonacce — People of Ross, Scot- 

Carphillis — A castle, supposed 
to have been built by the 
Romans, Glamorganshire. 

Carricta — Carrick, Scotland. 

Carrum — Charmouth, Dorset ; 
Carham, Northumberland. 

Cartusia — Witham Charter- 
house, Somerset. 

Carugia — Kerry, Ireland. 

Casa Candida. See Candida 

Casella — Cashel, Ireland. 

Cassi, Cassii — Tribe in Hertford- 

Cassilia — Cashel, Ireland. 

Cassiterides — Scilly Islands. 

Cassivelauni oppidum — St. Al- 
ban's. See Verolamium. 

Castra Alata. See Alata Castra. 

Castra exploratorum — Burgh on 
the Sands, Netherby, Old 
Castle, or Bowness, Cum- 

Castrodunum — Chesterton, Cam- 

Castrum Britonum — Dunbritton, 

Castrum Caledonium — Dunkeld. 

Castrum Cubii — Holyhead. 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Castrum de Vies — Devizes, Wilt- 

Castrum Leonis — Holt Castle, 

Castrum Oscce — Usk, Monm. 

Castrum Puellarum — Edinburgh. 

Cataracta, Cataractonium — 

Thornbrough, near Thirsk, 
Allerton, or Catterick Bridge, 

Cataracta Flu. — River Swale, 

Catenessa — Caithness. 

Cateracta — Catterick, Yorks. 

Cateuchlani. See Catuellani. 

Catguilia — Kidwelly, Carmar- 

Cathania — Caithness, Scotland. 

Cathinensis — Of Caithness. 
Catini — People of Caithness. 
Catuellani, Catyeuchlani — People 

of Buckingham, Bedford, 

and Hertfordshire. 

Cauci — Tribe living in Wicklow, 

Cauda — P. Calder, Cumberland. 

Cauna. See Counos. 

Caunonio. See Canonium. 

Causemia, Causennis — Boston, 
Ancaster, Brig Casterton, or 
Swineshead, Lincolnshire. 

Cava — Cave, Yorks. 

Cava Dira — Holderness, York- 

Caver na Viperina — Aspeden, 

Cavoda — Cawood, Yorkshire. 

Cawda. See Cavoda, 

Cealchithe — Chalk, Kent ; Chel- 
Cealtide — Chelsea. 

Ceangi. See Cangi. 

Celerion — Callander Castle, 

Cella Canici — Kilkenny. 
Cella S. Brigitta — Kilbride. 
Celnius Flu. — Piver Findhorn, or 

Piver Spey, Elgin. 
Celovion. See Celerion. 
Celunno. See Cilurnum. 
Celurca — Montrose, Forfar. 
Cenenersis — Of Kells, Ireland. 

Cenimagni — The same as the 
Iceni, a tribe in the east of 

Cenion Flu. — Piver Falle, Corn- 

Centum fontes — Hundreds-kelde, 

or Hinderwell, Yorks. 
Ceolesega — Selsey, Sussex. 
Ceoleseia — Cholsey, Berks. 
Cerda Selgovarum — Dumfries. 
Cerdici vadum — Chardf ord , 

Ceretica — Ceredigion, a province 

of S. Wales; Cardiganshire. 
Cerneia — Charney, Berks. 
Cernelium — Cerne, Dorsetshire. 
Cemualia, Curnualia — Cornwall. 
Cero?zes, Ceronii — Inhabitants of 

Lochaber and Poss. 

Cerota Insula — Chertsey, Surrey. 
Certesia — Chertsey, Surrey. 
Cervi Insula — Chertsey ; also 
Hartlepool, Durham. 

Cesare Tumulus — Cam Ceasra, 

Cestre — Is used for York, Chester, 
and Chester-le-Street. 

Cestria — Chester ; Cheshire ; 
Castle Knock, Dublin. 

Cestrisiria — Cheshire . 

Chanrea, Chanoricum — Chan- 
onry, Poss-shire, Scotland. 

Chardum — Chard, Somerset. 

Chathania. See Cathania. 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Chanci. See Cauci. 

Chausega — Cheausey, or Cholsey, 

Chelmerium — Chelmsford. 

Chentenses — Kentish men. 

Chepstovium — Chepstow, Mon- 

Chesterfelda — Chesterfield, Der- 

Chestria, Chestrum. See Cestria. 

Cheva — Kew, Surrey. 

Chibii Castrum — Holyhead, 

Chicum — St. Osith, Essex. 

Chienfernensis — Of Clonfert, Ire- 

Chineglisi Castrum — Kenilworth 

Chingesordia — King's "Worthy, 

Chirca — Chirk, Denbighshire. 

Chirchbeia — Kirkby, Kirby. 

Chonderensis — Of Connor, Ire- 

Chorfa — Corfe, Dorset. 

Chridiantune — Crediton, Devon. 

Cibra — A town on or near the 
Antonine Wall. 

Ciceastria, Cicestria ( Cissaceastre) 
— Chichester, Sussex. 

Cilurnum, Cilurinum — Walwick 

Chesters, or Collerton, 

Nor thumb erland . 
Cindocellum — Town in Scotland, 

north of Antonine' s Wall. 
Cirecestria, Cirencestria, Cirinium 

— Cirencester, Glouc. 

Cirnea — Charney, Gloucester- 

Cissaceastre — Chichester. 

Civella — Cheveley. 

Civitas Legionum — Caerleon, 
Monmouthshire ; Chester. 

Clanoventa — Lanchester, Dur- 
ham ; Cockermouth or 
Ellenborough, Cumberland. 

Clara — County of Clare, Ireland. 

Clarentia — Clare, Suffolk. 

Claria — Clare County, Ireland. 

Claro -font anus, Clarus-fons — 
Sherborne, Dorsetshire. 

Claudia Castra, Claudia — Glou- 

Claudiana provincia — Gloucester- 

Claudiocestria — Gloucester. 

Clausentum — Bishop's Waltham, 
Southampton ; or Bittern, 
Hants; or Chichester, Sus- 

Clavinio — A town probably in 

Cledhea Flu. — River Cleddy, 

Cleocestria — Gloucester. 
Clevum — Gloucester. See Claudia, 

Clidum — Ardoch, Perthshire. See 

Cliva — King's Cliff, Northants. 

Clocheria, Clocherium — Clogher, 

Clona — Clone, Ireland. 

Clonfertum — Clonfert, Ireland. 

Clot a — River Clyde. 

Clovesho — Cliffe at Hoo, Kent. 

Cluanania, Cluai?iva?iea, Cluanum 

— Cloyne, co. Cork, Ireland. 
Cluanumensis — Of Cloyne, co. 


Cluda — River Clyde. 

Cluenerardensis — Of Clonard, 

Cluida, Cluta — R. Clwyd, Den- 

Clun ererardensis — Of Clonard, 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Clutina Vallis — Diffryncloyd, 

Cnaresbargus — Knaresborough, 

Cnobheriburgum — Burgh. Castle, 

Coantia — R. Kent, Westmore- 

Cocarus — R. Coke, Yorkshire ; 
Cocker, Lane. 

Coccium — Blackrode, or Rib- 
chester, Lancashire. 

Cocuneda Civitas — On the River 
Coquet, Northumberland. 

Cognacta — Connaught, Ireland. 
Coguvensuron Flu. — R. Soar, 

Coila — Kyle, W. of Scotland. 
Cokarus. See Cocarus. 

Colania — Carstairs, or Crawford, 

Colanica — Coldingham, or Col- 

Coldania — Coldingham. 

Coleceastra, Colcestria — Colches- 
ter, Essex. 

Collis Magnus — Crug Mawr, 

Collis Victoria — Knockmoy, a 
Cistercian Abbey, Ireland. 

Colmonora. See Cumonora. 

Colnia Flu. — River Colne. 

Colonia — Colchester, Maldon, or 
Mersea Strood, Essex. 

Colonia Victricensis — Maldon, 

Coludi Urbs — Coldingham. 
Colunum — Colnbrook, Bucks. 
Comberetonium — Brettenham ; 

Stratford St. Andrew ; or 

Hadleigh, Suffolk. 

Combretovium. See Combere- 

Conacta — Province of Connaught, 

Conallea — Tirconnell, Ireland. 

Concangios — Watercrook, near 
Kendal ; or Chester-le- 
Street, Durham ; or Burgh, 
near Woodbridge. 

Concani — People of Munster, 

Condate — Congleton, Northwich, 
Kinderton, or Arley Hall, 
Great Budworth, Cheshire. 

Condercum — Chester-le-Street, 
Durham ; Benwell, North- 

Congavata — Stanwix, or Drum- 
burgh, Cumberland. 

Congericuria — Congersbury, 

Connaccia, Connachtia — Con- 

Connacta — Connaught, Ireland. 

Connaria, Conneria, Connertum — 
Connor, co. Antrim, Ireland. 

Cononium — Chelmsford, Essex. 

Conovium — Caer Rhyn, or Caer- 
hen, on the Conway, Caer- 

Conovium, Conovius — River Con- 
way, North. Wales ; also used 
for the Town of Conway. 

Contaracta — River Swale, Yorks. 

Convennon, Convennos Insula. 
See Counos. 

Conventria — Coventry, Warwick- 

Convetoni. See Comberetonium. 

Coqueda, Coquedus — Coquet 
River, in Northumberland. 

Coqueda Insula — The Isle of 
Coquet, on the coast of 

Corcagia — Cork, Ireland. 

Corcensis — Of Cork. 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Cor da — Cumnock, Ayrshire ; 
Lynekirk, Peebles, or some 
town near Loughcure, Scot- 

Coria — Corbridge, Northumber- 

Coria, Curia Ottadinorum — Jed- 
burgh, Roxburghshire ; or 
Currie, Edinburghshire. 

Coria Damniorum — Carstairs, La- 
nark ; or Kirkurd, Peebles. 

Corie — Patrington, Yorks. 

Coriendi — Tribe in Wexford, 

Corinea — Cornwall. 

Corinium, Corinium Dohunorum 
— Cirencester, Gloucester- 

Corinus Flu. — The Piver Churne 
that runs by Cirencester. 

Coritani, Coritavi — People of 
Northampton, Leicester, 
Putland, Derby, and Not- 
tingham shires. 

Cornabii — Tribe in Strathnavern, 

Cornavii, Cornabii — Inhabitants 
of Warwick, Worcester, 
Stafford, Shropshire, and 

Corneliensis — Of Cerne, Dorset. 

Cornuallia — Cornwall. 

Comubia — Cornwall. 

Cornutum Monasterium — Horn- 
church, Essex. 

Corragia — Cork. 

Corstopilum, Corstopitum — Cor- 
bridge, Morpeth, Gorbet, or 
Corchester, Northumberland 

Corsula Insula — Perhaps Holy- 

Corvesgeata — Corfe, Dorset. 

Coterinus Mons — Cotterdale, 

North Piding of Yorkshire. 

Cotteswoldia — Cots wold, Glouces- 

Cottona — Cotham, near Yarm, 

Counos — Isle of Sheppey, Kent ; 
or Canvey Island, Essex. 

Covalia — Kyle, Ayrshire. 

Coventria — Coventry, Warwick- 

Coviburchelega — Coverly, Glou- 

Cranburna, Craneburgum — Cran- 
borne, Dorsetshire. 

Crativallis — Cratundene, Cam- 

Cravena — Craven, Yorkshire. 

Creccanforda — Cricklade, Wilts. 
Crecolada — Cricklade, Wiltshire. 
Credigone — Caerriden, on the 

Wall of Antonine. 
Crenodunum — Crendon, Bucks. 

Creones — Tribe living in Poss. 
See Cerones. 

Cridea, Cridiatunum, Cridiodu- 
num — Crediton, or Kirton, 

Crococala?ia, Crocolana — Ancas- 
ter, Lincolnshire ; Brough, 
near Collingham ; or Car- 
Colston, Notts. 

Croucingo — Crosby. 

Crowlandia, Croylandia, Cruilan- 
dia — Crowland, Line. 

Crukeri Castrum — Pen-y-Crug, 

Crulandia — Crowland. 

Crux Chariniana — Charing Cross. 
Crux Oswaldi — Oswestry. 
Crux Roe sice — Poyston. 
Cubii Castrum — Holyhead. 
Culenum — Cullen, Banff. 
Cumanora — Cumnor, Berks. 
Cumberlandia — Cumberland. 
Cumbri — People of Cumberland. 
Cambria — Cumberland. 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Cunecacestre — Chester-le- Street, 

Cunetio — Marlborough, Milden- 
hall, or Ramsbury, Wilts. 

Cunetio Flu. — River Kennet. 

Cunga — Cong, Ireland. 

Cunia — River Conway. 

Cunio — Mull of Cantire. 

Cuprum Fifce — Cupar Fife. 

Curia. See Coria. 

Curia Edmundi — Bury St. Ed- 

Cumualia — Cornwall. 

Cyneta — River Kennet. 


Dabrona — River Avonmore, Cork, 

Dacorum ballivus — Bailiff of 
Upper and Lower Deans, 

Dacorum clades — Danes-end, 

Dammucensis, Daumuicensis — 
Of Dunwich, Suffolk. 

Damnii — People of Clydesdale 
and Stirling. 

Danifiium, Damnonium promon- 
torium — Lizard, or Dodman 

Damnonia, Devonia, Domnania — 

Damnonii — People of Devonshire 
and Cornwall. 

Dancastria — Doncaster, Yorks. 

Daneia — Denny, Cambridge- 

Danica Sylva — Andredswald 
Forest, Sussex ; also the 
Forest of Dean, Gloucester- 

Danmonii. See Damnonii. 

Danubiai Sylva — Forest of Dean. 

Danum — Doncaster, Yorks. 

Danus Flu. — The Dane, Lincoln- 
shire ; Dan, or Daven, Che- 
shire ; Don, or Dun, Yorks. 

Darbia — Derby. 

Darensis — Of Kildare. 

Darentivadum — Dartford, Kent. 

Darentus Flu. — Darenth, or Dart 
River, in Kent. 

Darinum — Estanford, Strang- 
ford (?), Ulster. 

Darnii — A tribe in Ulster. 

Darotenses — People of Dorset- 

Daruenum — Canterbury. See 


Darventia — River Derwent, 

Darvernum — Canterbury ; Ro- 

Daurona. See Dabrona. 

De Fontibus — Wells, Somerset. 

Dea — River Dee, Cheshire. 

Debba. See Bebba. 

Decha — Town in Scotland, North 
of the Forth. 

Decuaria. See Petuaria. 

Deia — River Dee. 

Deidonum — Dundee. 

Deilocum — Godstow, Oxford- 

Deira — The part of the kingdom 
of the Northumbrians on the 
south side of the Tyne. 

Deira Sylva — Deerhurst, Glou- 

Deirorum Sylva — Derewald, or 
Beverley, Yorkshire. 

Dela — Deal, Kent. 


274 A List of the Latin Names of I J laces 

Delgovitia — Goodmanham, Fim- 
ber, Millington, or Market 
Weighton, East Piding of 

Delvinia — Delvin, Westmeath, 

Demerosesa — Dumfries. 

Demetce, Dimetce — People of 

South Wales. 
De?netia, Demetica — Dyved, a 

province in Soutli Wales, 

Pembrokeshire and a part 

of Caernarvonshire. 

Dena Victrix — Chester. See 

Dencaa Sylva — Forest of Dean. 

Denbighia — Denbigh, Denbigh- 
Deomedum — South Wales. 
Deorbeia — Derby. 
Derce — Derry, Ulster. 

Derbentione — Little Chester, near 

Derebisciria — Derbyshire. 

Derentivadum — Dartford, Kent. 

Derstemuta — Dartmouth, Devon. 

Dertmuta — Dartmouth, Devon. 

Derventione — Holtby, Kexby, or 
Stamford Bridge, on the 
Dervvent, Yorkshire ; Pap 
Castle, Cumberland. 

Desmonia — Desmond, Ireland. 

Dessia — Decies, co. Waterford, 

Deucaledonii — The Scots. 
Deucaledonius oceanus — The sea 

on the W. of Scotland. 
Deuna — Chester. See Deva. 
Deunana — Doncaster. 
Deva — Dundee ; Chester. 
Deva Flu. — EiverDee, Cheshire. 
Devana — Aberdeen ; Chester ; 


Devania — Cheshire. 

Devi Flu. — Piver Dovey. 
Devionisso — Devonport. 
Devonia — Devonshire. 
Devovicia. See Delgovitia. 
Devus Flu. — Piver Dovey. 
Deivi — St. David's. 
Dextralis Cambria — Deheubarth, 

i. e. South Wales. 
Deya — Piver Dee. 
Dicetum — Diss, Norfolk. 

Dictis — Ambleside, Westmore- 

Dictum — Diganwy, Caernarvon- 

Dimetce. — People of South Wales. 

Dinevour — South Wales. 

Diona — Piver Dee, Scotland. 

Dirtovicum — Droitwich, Worces- 

Divana. See Devana. 

Divilina — Dubh-lein (the Black 
Pool), now called Dublin. 

Divism, Divisio — Devizes, Wilt- 
shire. See Castrum de Vies. 

Dixio — See Dictis. 

Dobaria — Dover. 

Dobuni, Boduni — People of Glou- 
cestershire and Oxfordshire. 

Dofris — Dover. 

Dolocindo — A town in Dorset- 

Domnania. See Damnonia. 

Donewicum — Dunwich, Suffolk. 

Donus — Piver Done, Durham. 

Dorbeia — Derby. 

Dorcadce — The Orkneys. 

Dorcestria, Dorkcestria, Dorkeces- 
tria, Dornsetta — Dorchester, 

Dorcinia — Dorchester, Oxford- 

Dorcinni Civitas — Dorchester, 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Dorfris — Dover, Kent. 

Doris Cantiorum — Dover. 

Dornaceaster — Dorchester. 

Dornociim — Dornock, Dumfries- 
shire, Scotland. 

Dorobellum. See Darvernum. 

Dorobernia — Canterbury; Dover. 

Dorobrevum. See Durobrivis. 

Dorobrina — Dover. 

Dorocina — Dorchester. 

Doroventio. See Derventione. 

Dorovemum — Canterbury; 

Dorpendunum — Orpington, Kent. 

Dorseta, Dorsetania, Dorsetia — 

Dorubernia — Canterbury ; Dover. 

Bonis Flu. — The Dor, Herts. 

Dorvanttum, Dorvatium — River 
Dart, Darenth, or Derwent. 

Dorventa — River Derwent or 

Dorventani — People of Derby- 

Dorvernum. See Darvernum. 

Dour a — Dover. 

Dourus — Dingle Bay. 

Dovaria, Dover ha, Dover ia — Do- 

Dovus Flu. — River Dove, Derby- 

Dromoria — Dromore, co. Down, 

Duablisis, Duabsisis — Dupplin, 

Duacum — Kilmacduagh, Gal- 
way, Ireland. 

Dublicensis — Of Dublin. 

Dublinia, Dublinium — Dublin. 
See Divilina. 

Dubris — Dover, Kent. 

Dufelda — Duffield, Derbyshire. 

Duglassus Flu. — River Douglas, 

Dulce Cor, Suavicordium — Sweet- 
heart, or New Abbey, Kirk- 

Dulma. See Magiovintum. 

Dumbarum — Dunbar, Hadding- 

Dumbinensis — Of Dumblane. 

Dumblanum — Dumblane, Perth- 

Dumbrosa — Bundroose, or Bun- 
doram, Leitrim. 

Dumbum promontorium — Ben- 
gore Head, or Fair Head, 

Dumera — Dummer, Hants. 

Dumna — Pair Island, one of the 

Dumnonia — Devonshire. See 

Dumnonii. See Damnonii. 

Duna — Down, Downpatrick. 

Dunamum — Downham, Cam- 

Duncheldinum — Dunkeld. See 
Caledonium Castrum. 

Duncheranum — Dunkerrin, 
King's County, Ireland. 

Dundalcum — Dundalk, Louth, 

Dunedinum — Edinburgh. 

Dunehnia, Dunelmum, Dunelmus 
— Durham. 

Dunestaplia — Dunstable, Beds. 

Dunestor — Dunster, Somerset. 

Dunevetum — Launceston, Corn- 

Dunfreia — Dumfries, Scotland. 

Dungallum — Donegal, Ulster. 
t 2 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Dicnholmum, Dunholmns — Dur- 

Dunistabulum — Dunstable, Bed- 

Dunium — Dorchester, Dorset. 
See Moridunium. 

Dunmonii. See Damnonii. 

Dunovicum — Dunwich, Suffolk. 

Dunrodunum — Dornoch, Suther- 

Ditnum — Down, Ulster ; Don- 
caster, Yorks ; Dundalk, 
co. Louth ; Salisbury ; 
Waterford, Ireland. 

Dimum Sinus — Scarborough 

Bay, Yorkshire, or Tees- 

Dunus Flu. — River Doon, Ayr- 

Dunus Sinus. See Dunum Sinus. 

Dunvicus, Dumivicus — Dunwich, 

Dura — Derry, Ireland. 

Duracastrum — Dorchester, Ox- 

Durbis — River Dour, Kent. 

Durcinate. See Durolipons. 

Duri, Duris — That part of the 
Bay of Dingle where is the 
mouth of the River Maing, 
co. Kerry. 

Duria — Dorsetshire. 

Duris — Dover. 

Durnium — Dorchester. 

Durnonovaria — Dorchester, Dor- 

Duroavemi — Canterbury. 

Durobrabis, Durobreva. See Du- 

Durobrivas — Caistor, Lincoln- 
shire ; or West Lynne ; or 
Wiggenhall St. Germain's, 

Durobrivis — Rochester, Strood, 
or Cuxton, Kent. 

Durobrovce. See Durobrivis. 

Durobrus. See Durobrivis. 

Durocastrum — Dorchester, Oxon. 

Durocobrivis — Dunstable, Beds ; 
Hertford, Great Berkhamp- 
stead, or Redburn, Herts. 

Durocornovium — Cirencester. 

Durolani Flu. — River Len, Kent. 

Durolenum, Durolevum — New- 
ington, Lenham, or West- 
well, Kent. 

Durolipons — Cambridge, God- 
manchester, or Ramsey, 

Durolitum — Old Ford, Leyton, 
Romsey, or Purfleet, Essex. 

Duronovaria — Dorchester, Dor- 

Duroprovis. See Durobrivis. 

Durosipons. See Durolipons. 

Durotriges — Men of Dorsetshire. 

Durovemum, Dorovernum, Dar- 
vemum — Canterbury. 

Durtis, Darius Flu. — The Stour. 

Duvelescense Castrum — Duleek. 

Duvelina — Dublin. 

Duvere — Dover. 


Eadmodum — Emmet, Yorks, 
Earipolensis — Jerpont, Ossory. 
East-Sexena — Essex. 
Ealhelingiana Via — Watling St. 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Eaxanceastra — Exeter. 

Ebbecastram — Bamborough 
Castle, Northumberland. 

Eblana — Dublin. See Divilina. 

Ebodia — The Isle of Alderney. 

Eboracum — York. 

Ebuda Insula — Two islands are 
thus named by Ptolemy, of 
which one is Skye or Islay, 
the other Lewis or Jura. 

Ebudce — Is used for the Western 
Isles of Scotland generally. 

Ebitr cecum — York. 

Eburocastrum — Near Rochester, 

Edenburgus — Edinburgh. 

Ederosum Monaster ium — Ivy- 
church, Wilts. 

Edmundi Burgus — Bury St. Ed- 
munds, in Suffolk. 

Edros, Hedros Insula — Bardsey 
Island, Caernarvonshire, or 
Ireland's Eye. 

Edwiniburgus — Edwinstow, 

Eia — Eye, Suffolk. 

Eidumania, or Idumanus, Flu. — 
Blackwater River, or mouth 
of the Stour and Orwell, 

Eilecuriana Vallis, Eilecurium — 
Yale of Aylesbury, in Buck- 

Eilvius, Elvius — St. Asaph's. 

Ejudensca — Jedburgh. 

Eladunum — Eildon, Roxburgh- 

Elaviana — Islay. 

Elconium — Town in Cornwall. 

Elevemia. See Elvemia. 

Elgis, Elginum — Elgin, Scotland. 

Elgotii, Elgovce — Inhabitants of 
Liddisdale, Ensdale, Esk- 
dale, Nidisdale, and Annan- 
dale, in Scotland. 

Elia, Elys — Ely, Cambridge- 

Eliensis Insula — The Isle of Ely. 

Ellandunum — Allington, near 
Amesbury, or Wilton, in 

Ellebri — People in Kerry, Ire- 

Ellesmara — Ellesmere, Shrop- 

Eltabo. See Voluba. 

Elteshamum — Eltham, in Kent. 

Elvemia — Elvael, a cantref in 

El v ium, Ehva — St. Asaph's. 

Elys, Elia — Ely, Cambridge- 

Emelia — Emly, in Ireland. 

Emonia — May Isle, in the Erith 
of Eorth. 

Enachdunensis — Annadown, co. 
Clare, Ireland. 

Enchegallia — Inisgall, i.e. Iona, 
Tiree, Coll, Canna, and Rum. 

Engleschyria — England. 

Eng le w via — En gland . 

Eouercon — Abercorn, Scotland. 

Eovesum — Evesham, Worcester- 

Eoyrus — River Nore, Ireland. 

Epeiacum, Epiacum — Hexham, 
or Papcastle. See Apia- 

Epidii — Tribe living in Cantire. 

Epidium Insula — Islay. 

Epidium promontorium — Mull of 

Epocessa — Perhaps Upx>er Stan- 
ton, Herefordshire. 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Erdini — People of Fermanagh, 

Eripolensis — Of Jerpont, Ossory. 

Ernulpln Curia — Eynesbury, 

Erpeditani. See Erdini. 

Esca — River Esk, Dumfries. 

Esica. See JEsycha. 

Esse Insula — Stourmouth (?), 

Essexa — Essex. 

Estantona — Stanton. 

Estratona — Stratton, Bedford- 

Estreia — Eastry, Kent. 

Estsexa — Essex. 

Ethandunum — Heddington, 

Ethelinyia — Athelney, Somerset- 

Etocetum — Kingsbury, War- 
wickshire ; or Wall, Staf- 

Eubonia — Isle of Man. See 

Euonium — Dunstaffnage, Ar- 

Evania. See Mevania. 

Evenlodus Flu, — River Evenlode, 
in Oxfordshire. 

Everwyk — York . 

Evonium — Dunstaffnage. 

Exa i^. — River Exe, Devon- 

Exancestria, Excestra — Exeter. 

Excambium Regium — The Royal 

Exexa — Essex. 

Exoche — Gunfleet, Essex ; or 
Wintertonness, Norfolk. 

Exonia — Exeter. 

Exosades — Islands off Norfolk 
or Essex. 

Exploratorum Castra — Burgh 
upon Sands. 

Extensio. See Exoche. 

Eya — Eye, Norfolk. 


Fala Flu. — River Fal, Cornwall. 
Falensis Portus — Falmouth. 

Fanocodi — A town in Cumber- 

Fanum ad Taffum — Llandaff , 

Fanum Andrea — St. Andrew's, 

Fanum Canici — Kilkenny. 

Fanum Christi — Christchurch, 

Fanum Germani — Llanarmon, 

Fanum Iltuti — Llantwit, Gla- 

Fanum Ivonis Persice — St. Ive's, 

Fanum Leonis — Leominster. 

Fanum Neoti — St. Neot's, 

Fanum Oswaldi — Nostal, York- 

Fanum Reguli — St. Andrew's, 
Scotland, also called Kirk- 
rule and Kilrule. 

Fanum S. Albani — St. Alban's, 

Fanum S. Asaphi — St. Asaph's, 

Fanum S. Botolphi — Boston, Lin- 

Fanum S. Edmundi — Bury St. 
Edmund's, Suffolk. 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Fanum S. Johannis — St. John's, 
Roscommon, Ireland. 

Fanum S. Mauditi — St. Mawe's, 

Fanum Stephani — Kirkb} r -Ste- 
phen, in Westmoreland. 

Fanum Teclce — Llandegla, Den- 
bigh. ; S. Tecla's Chapel, an 
island at the mouth of the 

Faustini Villa — Bury St. Ed- 
munds, or Orford, in Suf- 
folk. See Villa Faustini. 

Favor ia — Faure, Meath, Ireland. 
Fawenses — Inhabitants of 

Fowey, Cornwall. 
Felicia — Felixstow, Suffolk. 

Felicis Oppidum — Flixton, Suf- 
Ferberga — Farnborough. 

Femce, Fernum — Ferns, Wex- 
ford, Ireland. 

Ferulega — Hereford. 

Fibrilega, Fibrolega — Beverley, 

Fifburgensis — Of the Five Bo- 
roughs — Lincoln, Notting- 
ham, Derby, Leicester, and 

Finnabrensis — Of Kilf enora, alias 
Edumabrach, alias Fena- 
bore, co. Clare, Ireland. 

Flagajlora, Flaujlor — Sparsholt, 

Flava Casariensis — Province of 
Roman Britain between the 
Thames, Humber, and Mer- 
sey ; or between Humber, 
Mersey, and Great Wall. 

Flexlega Flaxley, Gloucester. 

Flintia — Flint. 

Fluentanus Career — Fleet Prison. 

Fo?is Amnensis — Amwell, in 

Fons Brigidcc — Bridewell, in 

Fons clarus — Sherborne, in Dor- 

Fons Clericorum — Clerkenwell. 

Fons interfraxinus — Ashwell, in 

Fons Sacer — Holywell. 

Fontanetum, Fontanensis Ecclesia 
— Wells, in Somersetshire. 

Fontes — Wells ; Fountains 
Abbey, Yorks. 

Fontis, Villa — Holywell, Flint- 

Fordunum — Fordoun, co. Kin- 
cardine, Scotland. 

Fortheia — Frith of Forth. 

Forum — Cheap, London. 

Forum Jovis — Marazion, Corn- 

Fovera, Fouria — Fore, West- 

Fraxula Flu. — In Derbyshire. 

Fretum Britannicum, Fretum 
Gallicum, Fretum Morino- 
rum — Straits of Dover. 

Frigidum Mantellum — Free- 
mantle, Hants. 

Friscodunense cwnobium — Freston 
Abbey, Lincolnshire. 

Frodrenela — Fotharta, Leinster, 

Fromus, Froma — River Frome. 

Frumentarius Mons — Cornhill, 


Gabaglanda. See Amboglanna. 

Gabrantonicorum, Gabrantovico- 
rum Sinus — Bridlington or 
Filey Bay, Yorkshire. 

Gabrocentum, Gabroscntis — 
Gateshead, Durham ; Black 
Dyke or Drumburgh, Cum- 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Gadeni — Inhabitants of Fife, 
Tweeddale, March, and Lo- 
thian, in Scotland. 

Gadiva — Aberffraw, in the Isle 

of Anglesey. 
Gaelwallia — Galloway, Scotland. 

Gaidingtona — Geddington, 

Gaingtona — Geddington, 

Gaini — People of Lincolnshire. 

Gainiburgas — Gainsborough, 

Galacum — Appleby, Kendal, or 
"Whallop Castle, Westmore- 

Galava, Gallava — Old Town, 
Keswick, or Wythburn, 
Cumberland; or Walwick, 

Galleva Atrebatum — Guildford, 
Silchester, Henley, Head- 
ing, Wallingford, Calve Pit 
Parm, near Heading, or 
Haslemere, Surrey. 

Galliva — Galway, Ireland. 

Gallovidia, Galiveia — Galloway, 

Gallanio — Aldborough. See 

Gallutum. See Galacum. 

Galveia — Galloway. 

Galwalenses — People of Gallo- 

Galivedia, Galivegia — Galloway. 

Gangani — People of Connaught, 

Ganganum promontorium — Brai- 
chy Pwll Point, Caernar- 
vonshire. See Canganorum. 

Garbantorigum — Caerlaverock, 

Gareotha — Gaury or Gowrie(?), 

Gariannonum — Yarmouth, or 
Burgh Castle, in Norfolk. 

Garrienis, Garyenus, Flu. — Yare 
River, in Norfolk. 

Garry eni Fluvii ostium — Yar- 

Gauinga — Wenge, Bucks. 

Gaurovicum — Warwick. See 

GausenncBj Gausennis. See Cau- 


Gavelforda — Camelford, Corn- 

Gedewurda — Jedburgh, Rox- 

Geldeforda — Guildford, Surrey. 

Genesbomvia — Gainsborough, 

Genunii — People living on the 

border of Scotland. 

Gernemutha — Yarmouth, Nor- 

Gevini — A river in Wales that 
runs into the River Usk. 

Gevissi — West Saxons. 

Gippevicum — Ipswich, Suffolk. 

Girovicum — Jarrow, Durham. 

Girvii — Inhabitants of the Fens. 

Girvum, Girwa — Jarrow, Dur- 

Givela — Yeovil. 

Glamorgania, Glamorgantia — 
Gl amor gan shire . 

Glandelacum — Glendalough, 
Wicklow, Ireland. 

Glannibanta, Glanoventa. See 

Glasbiria — Glasbury, Brecknock. 

Glasconia — Glastonbury, Somer- 

Glascovium — Glasgow. 

Glascua, Glasquiun — Glasgow. 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Glascum — Glascwni, Eadnor- 

Glastincbiria — Glastonbury, 

Glastonia — Glastonbury. 
Glaudiocestra — Gloucester. 

Glavorna^Glaworna — Gloucester. 
See also Claudia. 

Gleastonia — Glastonbury. 

Glenus — Eiver Glen, Northum- 

Glessoburgum — Glastonbury. See 

Glestonia — Glastonbury. 

Glevum — Gloucester. 

Glocestria — Gloucester. 

Glota — Isle of Arran. 

Gloia, Glottiana — Eiver Clyde, 

Gloveceastria, Glovernia — Glou- 

Gobannium — Abergavenny, 
Monmouthshire. See Aber- 

Goccium. See Coccium. 

Goderici Castrum — Goodrich 
Castle, in Herefordshire. 

Godestova — Godstow. 

Gouheria — Gower. 

Grcecolada — Cricklade, Wilts. 

Grampius Mons — The Gram- 

Grangia — Gransha, Down, Ire- 

Granta — Eiver Cam, Cambridge- 

Granta, Grantanus Pons — Cam- 

Gravesenda — Gravesend, Kent. 

Greenwicum — Greenwich, Kent. 
Grenovicus, Grenovicum — Green- 
wich, Kent. 
Grenteburga — Cambridge. 
Greva — Gravesend. 

Grevanus — Eiver Girvan, Ayr- 

Guala — Wales. 

Guarcs — Ware, Herts. 

Guerfa Flu. — The Eiver Wharf e, 

Guidonicus Clivus — Guy's Cliff, 


Guildhalda Teutonicorum — The 
Steel Yard, London. 

Guilon Flu. — Eiver Will, or 

Wiley, Wiltshire. 
Guinethia — Wales. 

Guinta — Gwent, a province in 
South Wales, between Usk 
and Wye. 

Guldeforda — Guildford, Surrey. 
Gumicastrum — Godmanchester, 

Gwallia — Wales. 
Gyrvum — Jarrow, Durham. 


Habitancum — Eisingham, in 

Habus — The Humber. 
Hadriani Murus — Picts' Wall, 

or Wall of Hadrian. 
Hcebuda. See Ebuda. 
Hcemodce. See Acmodce. 

Hafren Flu. — The Severn. See 

Haga — The Hay, or Hasely, in 

Hagulstada — Hexham, North- 
umberland ; Alston, Cum- 

Hagustaldunu?n — Hexham, 

Haia — Eye, Suffolk ; Hay, 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Halcenus — The River Avon, in 

Hamptonia, Hamtona — South- 
ampton, Northampton, 

Hancstesia — Hinksey, Oxford- 

Hamas Flu. — River Hans, Staf- 

Han tonia — Hampshire . 

Haraia — Harris, one of the 

Harefordia — Hereford. 

Harlec uni — Harlech, Merioneth- 

Harlepolis — Hartlepool, Dur- 

Harvicum — Harwich, Essex. 

Hastinga — Hastings, in Sussex. 

Haugustaldium. See Hagustal- 

HautevoHa — High worth, "Wilts. 

Hauxoniensis — Of Hawkshead, 

Haverfordia — Haverfordwest, 

Haya — Hay. 
Hebrides, Ebudce — A cluster of 

Isles on the West side of 


Hebuda. See Ebuda. 
Hederosum Monasterium — Ivy- 
church, Wilts. 

Hedros. See Edros. 

Hegdunensis — Of Annaghdown, 
co. Clare, Ireland. 

Heisa — In Kent. 

Helaturnum — Ellerton (?), York- 

Helenum promontorium — Land's 
End. See Antivestceum. 

Helia, Ella — Ely, Cambridge- 

Helmanensis — Of Elmham, Suf- 

Hengestesdunum — Hengston 
Hill, Cornwall. 

Henlega — Henley-upon-Thames. 

Henoforthum — Hereford. 

Heortforda — Hertford. 

Heoveshamnensis — Of Evesham. 

Heppa — Shap, Westmoreland. 

Herculis promontorium — Hart- 
land Point, Devonshire. 

Herefordia — Hereford, formerly 

Herkeloua — Arklow, Connaught. 

Hertfordia — Hertford . 

Hesperides — Scilly Isles. 

Hestinga — Hastings, Sussex. 

Hestingi — East Angles. 

Heya—Eje, Suffolk. 

Hibernia — Ireland. 

Hichelendunum — Ickleton, Cam- 

Hichia ccenobium — Newbiggin, 
or Hitchin, Herts. 

Hicthteslapa — Islip, Oxon. 

Hieron Promon torium — Gr eenore 

Point, or Carnsore Point, 


Hildesleia — Ilsley, Berks. 

Himba — One of the Acmodse 

Hinchisega — Hinksey, near Ox- 

Hirtha — One of the Hebrides. 

Histesleapa — Islip. 

Hithinus portus — Hythe, Kent. 

Hludense Monasterium — Louth 
Park Abbey, Lincolnshire. 

Hodneius Flu. — Honddhu River, 

Hoilandia, Hollandia — Holland, 
a part of Lincolnshire. 

Holmus — Hulme, or St. Bennet's- 
in-the-Holme, Norfolk. 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Homdeleia — Hundsley, Yorks. 

Homelea Flu. — River Hamble, 
opposite the Isle of Wight, 

Horesti — People living north of 
the Frith of Forth. 

Horka, Orcas — Dannet Head, 

Horspada — Horspath, Oxon. 

Houendena — Hoveden, Yorks. 

Iloulandia. See Hollandia. 

Hripum — Ripon, Yorks. 

Hrq/i, Hrosi Civitas — Rochester. 

Hullus, Hulla — Kingston-upon- 
Hull, Yorkshire. 

Hultonia — Ulster, Ireland. 

Humbra Flu. — River Humber, 

Hundesdena — Hunsdon, Hert- 

Hungreforda — Hungerford, 

Hunnum — Sevenshale, or Halton 
Chesters, Northumberland. 

Hunsdona — Hunsdon. 

Huntendonia, Huntundona — 

Hurstanum Castellum — Hurst 
Castle, Hampshire. 

Hurstelega — Hurley, Berkshire. 

Huya — Holy Island. 

Hiverivella — Wherwell, Hants. 

Hiviccii — People of Worcester- 
shire, and about the Severn. 

Hydropolis — Dorchester, Oxon. 

HymbrionenseS) Hymbronenses — 
People of Northumberland. 

Hyrebothla — Harbottle, 
Northumberland . 

Hyrtha — One of the Hebrides. 

Ilyta — Hythe, Kent. 


Ibemi — People of Desmond, 

Ibern ia — Ireland. 
Ibernio — Bere Regis, Dorset. 
Ibernis — Dunkerrin, King's co., 

Iberran — A town in Scotland, 
north of the Forth. 

Icannum — Boston, Lincolnshire. 

Iceni, Icini — People of Suffolk, 
Norfolk, Cambridge, and 
Huntingdon shires. 

Iciani, Icinos — Chesterford, 
Essex; Thetford or Ig- 
borough, Norfolk ; or 
Southwold, Suffolk. 

Ictis Insula — St. Michael's 
Mount, Cornwall ; or, per- 
haps, the Isle of Wight 
( Vectis). 

Idumania. See Eidmnania. 

Iena cestuarhnn — Wigtown Bay, 

Ierne, Iernis — Ireland. 

Iemus — River Erne, or Ken- 
mare Bay, Ireland. 

Igenia — Part of Flintshire. 

Ihona. See Zona. 

Ila Flu. — River Wick, Scotland. 

Ha Insula — Isla, west of Scot- 

Imelaca, Imlaca — Emly. 

Imensa cestuarium — Mouth of the 

Incuneningum — Cunningham (?), 

Inderauuda — Beverley, Yorks. 

Ingirvum — Jarrow, Durham. 

Inmeleccensis — Of Emly, Tippe- 

284: A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Innerlothea — Inverlochy, Inver- 

Insula — Eynesham, or Ensham, 
Oxfordshire ; Axholm, Lin- 
colnshire ; Isle, near Stock- 
ton, Durham. 

Insula Sacra — Ireland ; also 
Holy Island, Northumber- 

Insula Sancti Columba — Columb- 
kill, Iona. 

Insula Vectis — Isle of Wight. 

Interamna, Inter amnium — Christ 
Church, Hampshire. 

Invemessus — Inverness, Scot- 

Iona — Iona, or Icolmkill Isle, 
West Coast of Scotland. 

Iphletha — Evelith, Shropshire. 

Ircenefelda — Archenfield, or 
Irchingfield, Herefordshire. 

Iris — Ireland. 

Isaca — River Exe, Devonshire ; 
also River Esk, Scotland. 

Isamnium — St. John's Foreland, 
or Point, co. Down, Ireland. 

Isannavantia, Isannavaria, Isan- 
navatia — Stony Stratford, 
Northamptonshire, or the 
same as Bennavenna ; All- 
chester, Oxon. 

Isannium. See Isamnium. 

Isca — River Exe ; River Usk. 

Isca — Liskeard. 

Isca Dumnoniorum — Chisel- 
borough, Somerset ; or Exe- 

Isca Legio II. Augusta, lscelegua 
JLugusti, Isca Silurum, Isca- 
mum — Caerleon, Monmouth- 

Iscalis, Ischalis — Ivelchester, 
now Ilchester, Somerset- 

Iscamum — Caerleon. 
Isiacum — Oxford. 

Isiburna — Woburn, Bedford- 

Isidis Insula — Ousney, or Ose- 
ney, near Oxford. 

Isidis Vadum — Oxford. 

I sis Flu. — River Isis, Oxford; 

the Ouse, Buckinghamshire ; 

and the Ouse, Yorkshire. 
Isubrigantum. See Isurium. 
Isuria — Yorkshire. 
Isurium — Aldborough, or 

Boroughbridge, Yorkshire. 

Isurovicum — York. 

Ittingaforda — Hitchin, Herts. 

Itucadon — Town between Tyne 
and Forth. 

Ituma, Ituna — River Eden, 

Cumberland ; or Solway 

Itys — Loch Eu, Torridon, or 

Duich, Scotland. 

Ivecestra — Ilchester, Somerset. 

Iverianus Pons — Iford Bridge, 

Ivernia. See Hibernia. 

Ivernis — Dunkerrin, King's Co., 

Ivorus — Newry. 

Jaciodulma. See Magiovintum. 

Jamesa, Jamissa — River Thames. 

Jano — A town in Caithness. 

Jemmuthia — Yarmouth, Nor- 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Judaismus — Old Jewry, London. 

Jugantes. See Brigantes. 

Jugo Dei, de — Jude, a Cistercian 

Abbey, in Ireland, a cell of 

Holme Coltram. 

Jugum Fraxinetum — Ashridge, 

Julia Strata — A Roman road in 
South Wales ; from New- 
port to Caerleon, Caerwent, 
and the Wye. 

Julianus Pons — Julian Bridge, 

Wimborne Minster. 
Juliocenon. See Tunnocelo. 
Jumanius. See Eidumania. 
Juverna. See Hibemia. 


Kanus Flu. — River Ken, or Kent, 

Karintona — Catherington, 

Karlegion — Chester. 

Karlenefordia — Carlingford, 
Louth, Ireland. 

Katenessa, Kathenessia — Caith- 
ness, Scotland. 

Katinensis — Of Caithness. 

Kenceleia — Hykinselagh, a dis- 
trict in Leinster. 

Kenelcunillia — Tirconnel, Ulster. 
Keneleonia — Cinel-Eoghain, 

Keneta Flu. — River Kennet, 

Keresburga — Carisbrook, Isle of 

Keretica — Ceredigion, a province 
of South Wales ; Cardigan- 

Kerriensis Comitatus — County of 
Kerry, Ireland. 

Kestevena — Kesteven, a division 
of Lincolnshire. 

Kilchennia, Kilchennium — Kil- 
kenny, Leinster, Ireland. 

Kildabeivensis — Of Killaloe, Ire- 

Kildareuensis — Of Killaloe (?). 

Kildaria — Kildare, Ireland. 

Killathensis — Of Killalla, Ire- 

Kilmalochum — Kilmallock, 

Kilmora — Kilmore, co. Cavan, 

Kinardeferia — Kinardferry, Ax- 

Kinebantum Castrum — Kim- 

bolton Castle, Huntingdon- 

Kirchvallum — Kirkwall, Orkney 

Kirketo7ia — Kirton, Lincolnshire. 
Xoila. See Covalia. 
Korcensis — Of Cork. 
Kubii Castrum — Holyhead. 
Kyenfernensis — Of Clonfert (?). 
Kyma — Kyme, Yorks. 
Kynlathensis — Of Killalla. 


Laberus — Killare Castle, West- 
meath, Ireland. 

Lactodorum, Lactorodum — Tow- 
cester, Northants ; Stony 
Stratford, Bucks ; Bicester, 
Oxfordshire ; Bedford ; or 
Loughborough or Lutter- 
worth, Leicester. 

Ladeni. See Gadeni. 

Ladensis Episcopatus — The 
bishopric of Killalla, co. 
Mayo, Ireland. 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Lagecium — Castleford, near 
Pontefract, Yorkshire. 

Lagenia. See Laginia. 
Lagentium. See Lagecium. 
Laghlinum — Leighlin, co. Car- 
low, Ireland. 

Laginia, Lagenia — Leinster, Ire- 

Lagubalium. See Luguvallum. 

Lamitha, Lcmiithus, Lamea — 
Lambeth, Surrey. 

Lamyrii Montes — Lammermnir 
Hill, Scotland. 

Lancastra, Lancastria — Lan- 

Landava — Llandaff, in Wales. 

Landinium — London. 

Lanelvensis — Of Llanelwy, i.e. 
St. Asaph, Wales. 

Langanum promontorium. See 

Langeleia — Langley. 

Lanliondenum — Lanthony, Mon- 

Lanhondenum Claudianum — 
Lanthony, Gloucestershire. 

Lania — Lancashire. 

Lanicolce — Lancashire men. 

Lannotava — Llandaff. 

Lcmstuphadonia, Lanstaventum — 
Launceston, Cornwall. 

Laodonia — Lothian. 

Laonia — Killaloe, co. Tipperary. 

Lapis Tituli — Stonor, in the Isle 
of Thanet, Kent. 

Lathelada — Lechlade, Glouces- 

Latisaquensis — Lewes. 

Latum Bulgium. See Blatum 

Laudenia, Laudonia — Lauden, or 
Lothian, Scotland. 

Lavatres, Lavatris, Lavaris — 
Bowes, North Eiding of 
Yorkshire ; or Barnard 
Castle, Durham. 

Lawedra — Lauder, Berwick- 

Lea Flu. — River Lea, Herts. 

Lecefelda — Lichfield, Stafford- 

Lechetilada, Lechelada — Lech- 
lade, Gloucestershire. 

Lechlinia — Leighlin, co. Carlow, 

Lectoceto. See Etocetum. 

Ledanum Castrum — Leeds Castle, 

Ledesia — Leeds, Yorkshire. 

Ledone — Dunbar. 

Legacestra — Chester. 

Legacestria, Legecestria — Leices- 

Legeolium — Pontefract, Castle- 
ford, Goole, or Ferrybridge, 
Yorks. See Lagecium. 

Leghglensis — Of Leighlin. 

Legio VI. Victrix — York. 

Legio XX. Victrix — Chester. 

Legionum Urbs — Chester ; Caer- 

Legoria — Leicester. 

Lcgra — Piver Soar, Leicester- 

Legrecastrum, Ligrecastrum — 

Leicestria — Leicester. 

Leis — Leix, Leixlip, co. Kildare, 

Lelannonius, Lelamnonius Sinus — 
Loch Fyne. 

Lelienus, Limenus, Flu. — Piver 
Pother, Kent. 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Lemana Flu. — The Bother, Kent ; 
the Loman, Devon. 

Lemanis portus, Lemavio — 
Lympne, Kent. 

Lemaus — Lympne. 

Lena — Monkland, Hereford. 

Lenes — Lessness, Kent. 

Leofense, Leonense Coenobium — 
Leominster, Herefordshire. 

Leofrici Villa — Leverington, 

Leogereceastria — Leicester. 

Leogoria — Leicester. 

Leogus — Lewis, one of the 

Leonis — Lothian. 

Leonis Castrum — Lyons, alias 
Holt Castle, Denbighshire. 

Leonis Monasterium — Leomin- 
ster, Herefordshire. 

Leovechenora — Lewknor, Oxford- 

Leovense Coenobium — Leominster. 

Lesua — Lewes, Sussex. 

Letha — Leith, Scotland. 

Lethglensis — Of Leighlin, Ire- 

Leuca — River Low. 

Leucarum — Glastonbury, Somer- 
set ; Loughor, Glamorgan- 
shire ; or Llandybi, Caer- 

Leucobibia. See Lucopibia. 

Leucomago. See Verlucio. 

Leugosena — River Loughor, 
South Wales. 

Levarum. See Leucarum. 

Levinia — Lennox, Stirlingshire. 

Levinus — River Leven, Scotland. 

Leviodanum — Livingstone, Lin- 

Levioxana — Lennox. 

Levissa — Lewis Island, He- 

Levisum — Lewes, Sussex. 

Lewes — Lewes. 

Liar Flu. — River Liver, Lanca- 

Libceus — Sligo Bay. 

Libnius — River Liffey, Ireland. 

Licestria — Leicester. 

Licetfelda, Lichfeldia — Lichfield, 

Lichinus Campus — Lichfield. 

Liddenus Flu. — River Leadon, 

Lideforda — Lydford, Devon. 

Lidocollina. See Lincolnia. 

Ligea — River Lea. 

Ligeria — Leicester. 

Limenus — R. Rother, Kent. 

Limericum — Limerick, Ireland. 

Limes Prcetorius — Gravesend. 

Limnos, Limnus — Dalkey Isle, 
or Lambay Isle, Dublin. 

Limodomus — Limehouse, near 

Limonius Mons — Plinlimmon, 

Limpida Sylva — Sherwood 
Forest, Nottinghamshire. 

Lincolnia, Lindecolina, Lindecol- 
linum, Lincolinum — Lincoln. 

Lindeseia, Lindisfari, Lindisseia 
— Lindsey, Lincolnshire. 

Lindis — River Witham, Lincoln- 

Lindisfarnea, Lindis farnum — 
Holy Island, or Farn Isle, 
on the coast of Northum- 

L in disgia , L in dis i — Lind sey , 

Lindocollinum — Lincoln. 
Lindonium — Lincoln ; London. 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Lindum, Lindum Colonia — Lin- 
coln. See Lincolnia. 

Lindum Damniorum — Linlith- 
gow, or Ardoch, Perth. 

Linia — Bardsey Island, Caernar- 
Liniennus — River Rother, Kent. 

Linum Regis — King's Lynn, 

Linus — River Lin, Nottingham- 

Liserpalus — Liverpool, Lanca- 

Lisia. See Lissia. 

Lismora — Lismore, Ireland. 

Lismoria — Lismore, Scotland ; 
Lismore, Ireland. 

Lissia — The Wolf Rock, or the 
Seven Stones, between the 
Scilly Islands and the Corn- 
ish coast. 

Litana — Linlithgow. 

Litinomago — Linlithgow. 
Littus Altum — Roxburgh. 

Littus Saxonicum — Eastern and 
southern coasts of Britain. 

Llanlienis — Leominster. 

Locherinum stagnum — Lough 
Owel, Westmeath. 

Locus Benedictus — Stanlawe, 

Lodanum Castrum — Leeds Castle, 


Lodetieium, Lodo?ieium, Lodonis 
(dat.) — The Lothians, Scot- 

Loegria — England, between 
Humber and Severn. 

Loennais — Lothian. 
Logi — A tribe in Sutherland and 

Logia Flu. — River Bann, which 
flows north from Lough 
Neagh. Camden applies the 
name to Lough Eoyle. 

Logus — River Llugwy, "Wales. 

Loidis — Lothian. 

L,okerleia — Lockerley, Hants. 

Lomandus. See Lomundus. 

Lomea — The Goodwin Sands. 

Lomithis — Lambeth. 

Lomulla — Lemallyon, Cornwall. 

Lomundus — Loch Lomond. 

Lonais — Lothian. 

Loncastria — Lancaster. 

Londi?iia, Londinium, Londinia 

Augusta, Lo?idimcm, Lon- 

donia — London. 

Londino-Deria — Londonderry. 

Longa Leta — Longleat, Wilts. 

Longovicariorum, Longovico — 
Lanchester, or Chester-le- 
Street, Durham ; or Lan- 

Longum cestuarium — Loch 

Linnhe, Argyleshire. 
Longus Pons — Longbridge, 

Loonia — Lothian. 
Lounecastra — Lancaster. 
Loventinum — Powysland, in 

Wales. See also Luentinum. 
Loxa — River Lossie, Elgin; or 

the Loth, Sutherland. 

Loxa Civitas — Inverlochy, Scot- 

Luceni — The people of West 

Lucga — River Lugg, Hereford- 

Lucopibia — Whitherne, Gallo- 
way. See Candida Casa, 

Lucus Benedictus — Stanlawe 

Luda — Louth, Ireland ; Louth, 

Line; Ludlow. 
Ludloa, Luddolocus — Ludlow, 


in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Luentinum — Llanddewybrefy, 

Lugas — River Lug, Hereford- 

Lugdunum — Louth, Ireland. 

Lugensis — Of Louth, Ireland. 

Lughbelunensis — Of Louth, Ire- 

Lugi — People in the north of 

Luguballia, Luguballium — Car- 
lisle, or Plumpton Wall, 

Lugundinwn — Lanchester, Dur- 

Luguvallam — Carlisle, Cumber- 
land. See Luguballia. 

Luia — Louth (?). 

Luia — River Lea, Herts. 

Lumbricus — Limerick. 

Lumpniacensis — Of Limerick. 

Lundi?iium, Lundonia. See Lon- 

Lunia — Lancashire. 

Lutudarum — Tapton, near -Ches- 
terfield, Derbyshire. 

Lutum — Louth, Ireland. 
Luueth — Louth (?), Ireland. 
Luva — Louth County, Ireland. 
Luvius — River Lee, Cork. 
Lychefeldia — Lichfield, Stafford- 


Macat onion — The same as Ari- 

Machui — Mayo, Ireland. 
Macolicum — Mallow, co. Cork, 


Madus — Maidstone, Kent, or 
Strood. See Vagniacce. 


Mceatm — People living near the 
Wall of Antonine. 

Magesetce — The people of Rad- 
norshire, or Herefordshire. 

Magiovinium, Magiovintum — 
Dunstable or Ashwell, Bed- 
fordshire ; or Penny Strat- 
ford, or Aylesbury, Buck- 

Magis — Pierce Bridge, Durham, 
or Lonsdale Hundred, Lane. 

Maglonce, Maglovce — Machyn- 
lleth, Montgomeryshire ; 
Greta Bridge, Yorks ; or 

Magnis — Bowness, Cumberland; 
Caervoran or Chester-in-the- 
Wall, near Haltwhistle, 



chester, or Old Radnor, 

Magnitum. See Magiovinium. 

Magnus Portus — Portsmouth. 

Maia — May Island, in the Prith 
of Forth. 

Maidulphi Curia, Maidulphi 
U?-bs — Malmesbury, Wilt- 

Maigonensis — Of Mayo, Ireland. 

Mailenia — Maelienydd, a pro- 
vince in Powys, North 

Ma ilo ria Wa llica — Maylor , Flint- 

Maina Flu. — The Mintern, 

Malaca — Isle of Mull. 

Malbanus Vicus, Vicus Malbus — 
Wyz Mauban, Nantwich, 

Malcolicum — Mallow, co. Cork. 

Maldimense ccenobium — Malmes- 
bury Abbey. 



A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Malea Platea — 111 Street, 

Maleos — Isle of Mull, west of 

Malmesbiria — Malmesbury. 
Malum Oppidum — Yeovil. 
Mains Passus — Malpas, Cheshire. 

Ma Ivern ia , Ma Ivern um — Mal- 
vern, Worcestershire. 

Mameceastra — Manchester. 

Mamucium — Manchester, Lan- 

Manapia — Wicklow, or Wexford, 

Manavi. See Menevia. 

Mancunium — Manchester. 

Manduessedum — Mancetter, or 

Kenil worth, Warwickshire. 

Mania, Manna, Mannia — The 
Isle of Man. 

Mantavis — St. David's, Pem- 

Mantio. See Manucium. 

Manucium — Manchester. 

Mara, Foresta de — Delamere 
Forest, Cheshire. 

Marchenium — Roxburgh. 

Marchia — March, or Mers, Scot- 

Marchia Wallim — The Marches 
or Borders of Wales. 

Marchidunum — Roxburgh. 

Marcotaxon — A town north of 
the Wall of Antonine. 

Mare Britannicum — The English 

Mare Caledonium — The Scotch 

Mare Hihernicum — The Irish 

Mare Sahrinianum — The Severn 

Mare Virginium, Vergininm — 

The sea on the south of 

Mar g ah erg a — Marlborough, 

Margidunum, Margitudum — East 

Bridgeford, Notts; or Mount 

Sorrel, Leicestershire. 
Maridunum — Caermarthen . 
Maris callia — The Marshalsea, 

Marlehrigia — Marlborough. 

Marnia — Mearns, Kincardine, 

Marria — Marr, Aberdeen, Scot- 

Masona — A town probably in 

Massamensis Pons — Masham 
Bridge, Yorkshire. 

Ma tillis Castellum — Painscastle, 

Matovion — A town north of the 
Wall of Antonine. 

Mauditi Castrum — St. Mawe's 
Castle, Cornwall. 

Maulion — A town north of the 
Wall of Antonine. 

Mavia — River Maw, Merioneth- 

Maxima Casariensis — Province 
of Britain, north of the 
Humber and Ribble, and 
south of Tyne ; or the 
Scotch Highlands, north of 
the Wall of Severus. 

Mealdunum — Maldon, Essex. 

Mealmeshiria — Malmesbury. 

Meandari. See Meanvari. 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Meanvari — A tribe living in 
Hampshire, whose name 
remains in Estmeon and 
Westmeon Hundreds. 

Mearlsberga — Marlborough, 

Meatce — People of Lothian. 
Medeguaia — River Medway. 
Meclena — Newport, Isle of 

Medeshamstundensis — Of Peter- 

Media — County of Meath, Ire- 

Mediamnis — Medmenham, 

Medimna — Ohristchurch, Hants. 

Mediolanium — Middleham, 

Mediolanum — Llanvyllin or 

Meifod, Montgomery ; or 
Nantwich, Cheshire ; Dray- 
ton, Whitchurch, or Bear- 
stone, Shropshire ; or Ches- 
terton, Warwickshire. 

Mediomanum — The same as 
Mediolanum, or Maentwrog, 

Medionemeton — On the Wall of 

Mediterranei Angli — People of 
the Midland Counties. 

Medius Vicus — Middlewich, 

Medvaga, Medweacus — Piver 

Mela— Isle of Mull. 

Melamon — In Devonshire. 

Melanclani, Melanchlani — People 
of the Scilly Islands. 

Melduna — Maldon, Essex. 

Meldun um — Malmesbury, Wilt- 

Melezo — In Dorsetshire. 
Mella monasterium — Meaux 

Abbey, Yorkshire. 
Meha — Meaux, Yorks. 
Memanturum — A town north of 

the Wall of Antonine. 
Menan — Meneg, Cornwall. 

Menapii — Trib e inhabiting Wex- 

Menavia — Isle of Man. 

Menes — Meon, Hants. 

Menevia — St. David's, Pem- 

Menna — Meneg, Cornwall. 

Mentce — People on the Scotch 
Border. See Meatce. 

Meodewega — Piver Medway. 

Mercia — Middle part of England. 

Mercii — Inhabitants of Mercia. 

Merion iih la — Merionethshire. 

Merleberga — Marlborough. 

Merleberia, Merlebrigia — Marl- 

Merscum — Marske, Yorkshire. 

Mersia — Piver Mersey, Cheshire. 

Mertcc — Tribe inhabiting Suther- 

Mervinia — Merionethshire. 

Metaris JEstuarium — The Wash, 

Mevania — Isle of Man ; also 

Miba — Midhurst, in Sussex. 
Micelnia, Michennia, Michlania 

— Muchelney, Somersetshire. 
Mictis. See Ictis. 
Mida — Meath, Ireland. 
Midcelania — Muchelney. 
Middlesexia — Middlesex . 
Midia — Meath. 
tj 2 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Mildeshala — Mildenhall, Suf- 

Mildetunensis — Of Middleton, 

Milfordiensis Portus — Milford 

Milidunum — In Devonshire. 

Milleferda — Milford, Pembroke- 

Milverdicus Portus — Milford 

Minarii Monies — Mendip Hills, 

Miner vce Insula — Peninsula of 

Morvern, Argyleshire. 

Mir a Valle, de — Merevale, War- 

Mirmanton — According to Nen- 
niusthe same as CairSegeint, 
which Henry of Hunting- 
don says is Silchester; but 
one MS. of Nennius adds, 
" Id est EboracaP 

Mitfordia — Mitf ord, Northum- 

Modanus — Piver Liffey, Ireland. 

Modarnus — Piver Mourne ; once 

applied to the Foyle. 
Molis Flu. — The Mole, Surrey. 

Momonia — Province of Munster, 

Mona — Anglesey. 

Mona Ulterior — Isle of Man. 

Monachodunum — Monkton, 

Monachopolis — Newcastle-on- 
Tyne (Munekeceastre). 

Monaceda, Monapia — The Isle of 

Monasterium Hederosum — Ivy- 
church, Wilts. 

Monege — -Anglesey. 

Monemuta — Monmouth. 

Monia — Anglesey. 
Monmuthia — Monmouth. 
Monocotona — Monkton, Kent. 
Monomia. See Momonia. 
Monovaga — Monmouth. 
Mons Acutus — Montacute, 

Mons Arenosus — Sandon, Hert- 

Mons Dives — Pichmond, Surrey. 

Mons Dolorosus — Stirling. 

Mons Gomericus — Montgomery, 

Mons Grampius — Grampian 

Mons Jovis, Mons Gaudius — 

Mountj oy, or Monge, Norf. 
Mons Michaelis — St. Michael's 
Mount, Cornwall. 

Mons Posarum — Montrose, Scot- 

Mons Solis — Bath. 

Mont Dolerus, Chastel de — Mont- 
Montgomeria — Montgomery. 
Monumethia — Monmouth. 
Mora—^ More, Shropshire. 

Moravia — Moray or Murray, 

Morbium — Moresby, Cumber- 
land ; Hornsea, or Temple 
Brough, Yorkshire. 

Morda — Piver Meole (?), which 
joins the Severn near 

Moricamba, Moricambe AEstua- 
rium — Morecambe Bay, 

Moridunum — Seaton, or Honi- 
ton, Devonshire ; Eggerton, 

Morpitium — Morpeth, Northum- 

Morsiburgus — Bridgenorth, 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Mortuus Lacns — Mortlake, Sur- 

Mula — Isle of Mull, west coast 
of Scotland. 

Munemuta — Monmouth. 

Munus — River Monnow, that 
divides Herefordshire from 

Murevia — Moray, Scotland. 

Muridunum. See Moridunum. 

Muridunum — Caermarthen. 

Murimintum, Murivindum — Sil- 
chester, Hampshire. 

Murionio — In Dorsetshire. 

Murotriges. See Durotriges. 

Murrevia — Moray, Scotland. 

Murthlacum — Murtley, Aber- 

Murus — Biver Yere, Herts. 

Murus Picticus — The Picts' Wall. 
See Hadriani Murus. 

Muscomaria — Mossdale Moor, 

Mussalburgum — Musselburgh, 

Mutuantonis — Lewes, Sussex ; 
Whitewalls, Wilts. 

Mygensis — Of Mayo, Ireland. 


Nabceus. See Navceus. 
Nceomagus. See Neomagus ; 

Ncesbeia — Naseby, Northants. 
Nagnata — Sligo, or Limerick. 
Nalcua — The same as Calleva. 
Nanceus. See Navceus. 

Nantovicum — Nantwich, 

Nasense Castrum — Naas, Ivil- 


Naurum- — The Nadder, Wilts ; 

the Naver, Sutherland. 
Nauticus Sinus — Rotherhithe. 

Navceus — River Naver, Suther- 
Navesbia — Naseby, Northants. 

Neagora — Newmarket. 
Nemedus — Barrymore, near Cork. 
Nemetotacio — Town in Cornwall. 

Nemus Aquilinum — Elstree, 

Nemus Boreale — North-hall, 

Neomagus — Buckingham. See 
also Noviomagus. 

Neoportus — Newport, Isle of 
Wight ; Newport, Essex. 

Neoportus Paganellicus — New- 
port Pagnell, Buckingham- 

Neorus — Lagan Water, Ulster. 

Nerigon Insula — Isle of Lewes. 

Neslandia — West of Scotland. 

Nicholia, Neuarca, Newerca — 
Newark, Notts. 

Nicole — Lincoln . 

Nidum — Portbury, Somerset ; 
Neath, Glamorganshire. 

Nidus — Eiver Nid, Yorks. 

Nigera — Blakeney, Norfolk. 

Niomagus. See Noviomagus. 

Nithia — Nidisdale, Scotland. 

Nivicollini — Snowdon Mountain, 
Caernarvonshire . 

Niweburia — Newbury, Berks. 

Nobius. See Novius. 

Nordhumbra, Nordhumbria — 
Northumb erland . 

Nordoricum — Norton Hall, 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Nordovicum, Norvicum — Nor- 

Nordovolca, Norfolcia — Norfolk. 

Norjlita — Northfleet, Kent. 

Northalvertonia — Northallerton, 

Northamptonia, Northamtuna — 

Northampton. See Banna- 


Northanimbria — Northumber- 

Northantonia — Northampton. 

No r th im b ria — Northumb erland . 

Northumbrian Northymbria — 

Nortobricum — Norton Hall, 

Nortovicum — Northwich, 

Norvicum, Norwicus — Norwich. 

Norwallia — North Wales. 

Notium Promontorium — Mizen 
Head, Wicklow, Ireland. 

Not ting amia — Nottingham. 

Nova Aula — Newhall, Essex. 

Nova Porta — Newgate. 

Nova Villa — Newtown, co. Down. 

Novantii, Novantce, Novantes — 
The inhabitants of Gallo- 
way, Carrick, and Arran. 

Novantum Promontorium, No- 
vantum Chersonesus — Mull 
of Galloway ; Cockermouth. 

Novia — River Bother, Sussex. 

Noviodunum — Newenden, Kent. 

Noviomagus, Noviomagnus — 
Woodcote, Surrey ; Chi- 
chester ; Holwood Hill, 
Keston, or near Plumstead, 

Novius Flu. — River Nid, Scot- 
land. See also Conovius. 

Novum Castellum, Novum Cas- 
tricm — Newcastle-upon- 
Tyne, Northumberland. 

Novum Forum, Novum Merca- 
tum — Newmarket, Cam- 

Novum Oppidum sub Lima — 

Novus Burgus — Newport, Isle of 
Wight ; Newport, Mon- 
mouthshire ; Newhaven or 
Rye ; Newbury, Berks ; 
Newburgh, Yorks. 

Novus Locus — Newark, or New 
Place, near Guildford; New- 
stead, Notts. 

Novus Portus — Newport ; New- 
haven ; and Rye. 

Nuba — Midhurst. See Miba. 

Nubiria, Nuburia — Newbury, 

Nulla ejusmodi, Nulli par, Nulli 

secunda — Nonsuch, Surrey. 


Oboca Flu. — River Avoca, Ire- 

Occidua Wallia — Cornwall. See 

Oceanus Verginius — The Irish 

Ocellum Promontorium — Spurn- 
head, Holderness, Yorks. 

Ocetis — Shetland, Pentland Sker- 

Ochthe Hupsele — Ord of Caith- 

Ocite — Baz Island on the West 
of Ireland (Bear Isle, Ban- 
try Bay?). 

Ockhamptonia — Okehampton, 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Ockus — River Okement, Devon- 

Ocrinum, Ocrium Promontorium 
— Lizard Point, Cornwall. 

Octapitarum Promontorium — St. 
David's Head, Pembroke- 
shire, Wales. 

Odrona — Idrone, co. Carlow, 

Oestrymnicus Si?ius — Mount's 
Bay, Cornwall. 

Oestrymnides Insulce — Scilly 

Offalaia — Offaly, Ireland. 
Offelana — Offaly. 
Oissereia — Ossory, Ireland. 

Oleiclavis — Ogle Castle, 

Olenacum — Old Carlisle, or Ellen- 
borough, Cumberland ; Ilk- 
ley, Yorks. 

Olerica — Ilkirk, Cumberland. 

Oljinum— Elphin, co. Roscom- 
mon, Ireland. 

Olicana — Ilkley, or Halifax, 

Omire — Southampton. 

Omnium Sanctorum ad Fcenum — 
Allhallows the Great, Lon- 

Omnium Sanctorum de Barking 
Parochia — Allhallows, 
Barking, London. 

Omnium Sanctorum Garscherch 
— Allhallows, Lombard 

Omnium Sanctorum in Mellis 
Viculo — Allhallows, Honey 
Lane, London. 

Omnium Sanctorum in Vico 
Longobardico — Allhallows, 
Lombard Street, London. 

Omnium Sanctorum in Vico Pis- 
torum — Allhallows, Bread 
Street, London. 

Omnium Sanctorum Pictorum 

Delibuentiuni — Allhallows 

Staining, London. 
Omnium Sanctorum super (or 

ad) Celarium — Allhallows 

the Less. 
Omnium Sanctorum supra Murum 

— Allhallows - The - Wall, 

Onna — Andover, or Alton, Hants. 
Onno. See Hunnum. 
Ophelania — flaky, Leinster. 
Ora — Ore, Sussex. 
Orcades Insula — The Orkney 


Orcaneia — Orkney. 
Orcas Promontorium — Dunnet 
Head, Caithness. 

Orchadia. See Orcades. 
Ordevices, Ordolucm — People of 

North Wales. 
Ordovicce — Tribe near Berwick. 

Ordovicum — Norwich. See Nor- 

Orkeneia — Orkney Islands. 
Ormondia — Ormond, Ireland. 
Orrhea — Orrock, Pifeshire. 
Orus Flu. — River Ore, Suffolk. 
Osca — River Usk, Wales. 
Oseneia — Oseney, Oxfordshire. 

Osseria, Ossoria — Ossory, Ire- 

Ossonia — Oxford. 

Ostium Sturm — Stourmouth, 

Ostuthus — River Ystwith. 

Oswaldi Arbor — Oswestry. 

Oswaldi Crux — Oswestry. 

Othona — Ithanchester, or Brad- 
well- juxta-Mare, Essex. 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Ottadeni, Ottadini, Ottalini — 
People on the coast from 
Tyne to Forth. 

Ottanforda — Otford, Kent. 

Ottodani. See Ottadeni. 

Ousa, Usa — River Ouse, York- 
shire, and Buckingham- 

Outerini — People of Desmond, 

Ovinia Insula — Isle of ShejDpey, 

Oxenforda, Oxefordia — Oxford. 

Oxenhala — Oxenhall, Durham. 

Oxeria — Ossory, Ireland 

Oxinega — Oxney Isle, Kent. 

Oxonia, Oxonium — Oxford. 

Oza — Eiver Ouse. 


Pagula, Pagula Fleta — Paules 
Plete, now Paghill or Paull, 

Palus Argita — Lough Derg, Ire- 

Palus Salsa — Pwllheli, Caernar- 

Palustris Vicus — Fenchurch 
Street, London. 

Pampocalia — The same as Cal- 

Pangorensis — Of Bangor. 

Panhovius — Penhow (?), Mon- 

Parathalassia — Walsingham, 

Parous Ludus — Louth Park. 

Parisi — People of Holderness, 

Parvus Burgus — Littleborough, 
Notts, and Lanes. 

Pascia — Pacey, Leicestershire. 

Passeletum — Paisley. 

Paterni Magni Ecclesia — Llan- 
badarn Yawr, Cardigan- 

Patricii Purgatorium — Ellanu 
Frugadory, on an island in 
Lough Derg, Donegal. 

Pecchum — The Peak, Derby- 

Pedreda — Penenden Heath, 

Pedridon Flu. — River Parret. 

Pegelandia — Peakirk, Northants. 

Pembrochia, Penbrochia — Pem- 
broke, "Wales. 

Pendinas — Pendennis Castle, 

Penguernum — Shrewsbury. 

Penlinnia — A place in Merioneth- 
shire, the source of the 
River Dee. 

Penmona — Priestholme, Angle- 

Penna — Penselwood, Somerset ; 
or Stourhead, Wilts. 

Pennocrucium — Penkridge, or 
Lichfield, Staffordshire. 

Pennorinum — Penrhyn, Merio- 
nethshire ; Penryn, Corn- 

Pente Flu. — River Pant, Essex. 

Peonnum. See Penna. 

Perscora, Persora — Pershore, 
Worcestershire . 

Perthum — St. Johnstone, or 

Peterillus, Peterus Flu. — The 
Peterill, Cumberland. 

Petriana — Castle Steeds, Plump- 
ton Wall, or Cambeck Fort, 
Cumberland ; Walton House; 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Petriburgus, Petroburgum, Petro- 
polis — Peterborough,North- 

Peluaria — Beverley, or Brough 
Ferry on the Humber, 

Pevenesea — Pevensey, Sussex. 

Pexa — A town near Dumbarton. 

Pictavia, Pictandia — The coun- 
try of the Picts. 

Picti — The Picts, a people living 
north of the Antonine Wall. 

Pilais — A town in Cornwall or 

Pincanhale — Finchale Priory, 


Pinnatis Civitas. See Alata 

Piscaria — Fish Street, London. 

Piscaria Vetus, Piscenaria — Old 
Fish Street, London. 

Placentia — A palace at Green- 
wich, built by Humphrey, 
Duke of Gloucester. 

Placeto, Castellum de — Pleshy, 

Plimmuta, Plymatha — Ply- 
mouth, Devonshire. 

Pohanlech — Poughley, Berks. 

Poletria — The Poultry, London. 

Pomona — Mainland, one of the 
Orkney Isles. 

Pons JElii — Ponteland, or New- 
castle, Northumberland. 

Pons Belli — Stamford Bridge, 

Pons Burgensis, Pons Burgi — 
Boroughbridge, Yorks. 

Pons Fractus — Pontefract, or 
Pomfret, Yorkshire. 

Pons Stephani — Lampeter, Car- 

Pons Vianus — Cowbridge, 

Pontaquinum — Bridgwater, 

Ponte, de — A house of Dominican 
friars in Armagh dioc, per- 
haps at Drogheda. 

Pontes — Colnbrook, Old "Wind- 
sor, Staines, Beading, or 

Pontuobici — Cowbridge, Glamor- 

Pojitus Flu. — The Point, 

Populorum Lapis — Folkestone, 

Porcestra — Porchester, Hants. 
Poreoclassis — Orrock, Fife ; For- 
far ; or Barry. 

Porteseia — Portsea, Hants. 

Portesmuda — Portsmouth, 

Portesmutha,Portesmuta — Ports- 

Portesoka — The Portsoken, 

Portlandia — Portland. 

Portlocon — Porlock Bay, Somer- 

Portunia Insula — Isle of Port- 
land, Dorset. 

Portuosus Sinus — Sewerby, 


Portus Adurni — Porchester, 
Hants ; Aldrington, or Old 
Shoreham, Sussex. 

Portus Ammonis — Sandwich, 


Portus Britanniarum — Ports- 
mouth ; or Eichborough, 

Portus Lemanis — Lympne, Kent. 

Portus Magnus, Portus Ostium — 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Forties Novus — Eye, Sussex (in 
the Roman period) ; New- 
haven, Sussex. 

Portus Salutis — Cromarty, Scot- 

Portus Sistimtiorum. See Setan- 
tiorum Portus. 

Povisia,Powisa,Powisia — Powys, 

Presidium — The same as Prceto- 

Presidium Civitas — Camelon, co. 

Prcetorium — Patrington, 

Broughton, Flamborough, 
or Hedon, Yorkshire. 

Prat is, S. Maria de — S. Mary de 
Pre or de la Pre, or S. Mary 
of Prees. 

Presto?ia, Prestonium — Preston, 

Pridania, Pritannia — Por 

Privotes Flu. — River Privet, 

Procolitia — Prudhoe Castle, or 
Carrawburgh, Northumber- 

Profundum Vadum — Deptford. 

Pteroton Stratopedon — Edin- 
burgh. See Alata Castra. 

Fuellarwn Castra — Edinburgh. 

Pulchra Vallis — Beauvale, Notts. 

Pulchrum Vadum — Pairford, 
Gloucester shire. 

Pulchrum Visu — Belvoir, Lin- 

Punctuobice — Cowbridge, 
Glamorganshire . 

Purocoronavis — A town in Corn- 
wall or Devon. 

Puttenega — Putney, Surrey. 


Quarrera, Quarera — Quarre, 


Pactomessa — Piver Paeon. 

Radecotanus Pons — Padcot 
Bridge, Oxon. 

Radenoura — Padnor. 

Radinge — Peading. 

Radnoria — Padnor. 

Rcedinga — Peading, Berks. 

Raga, Rages — Leicester ; Pet- 

Raganeia — Payleigh, Essex. 

Ramense — Of Pamsey. 

Ramesburia — Pamesbury, Wilts. 

Ramesia, Rameseya — Pamsey, 

Ranatonium. See Rhetigonium. 
Randuaria — Penfrew. 
Rapa, Rapotum — Paphoe, Done- 
gal, Ireland. 

Rates — Leicester ; Patby, or 

Brinklow, Warwickshire. 
Ratecorion. See Rates. 

Rathpotensis, Rathpothensis — Of 
Paphoe, Donegal, Ireland. 

Ratostabius. See Rhatostathg- 

Ratupis. See Rutupm. 

Ravenatone — A town in Corn- 
wall or Devon. 

Ravendala — Pavensworth, Dur- 
ham (?). 

Ravimagum. See Noviomagus. 

Ravius — Piver Erne, Connaught. 

Ravonia — A town probably in 

in Great Britain and Ireland, 


Rebodunum — Ribchester, Lan- 
Redingum — Reading, Berks. 

Regaina Insula — Isle of Arran. 
Regentium. See Regnum. 
Regince Burg us — Queenborough, 

Regiodunum Hidlinum — King- 

ston-upon-Hull, Yorks. 

Regiodunum Thamesinum — 

Regis Burgus — Queenborough, 

Regis Comitatus — King's County, 

Regni — People of Surrey, Sussex, 
and the sea coast of Hamp- 

Regni Sglva — Ringwood, Hants. 

Regnum — Ringwood, Hants ; 

Chichester, or Steyning, 

Regulbium, Reculsum — Reculver, 

Reguli Fanum — St. Andrews, 

also called Kirkrule and 

Reodburna — Rodburne, Wilts. 
Reopadunum — Repton. 

Repandunum — Repton, Derby- 
Retha — Ryde, Isle of Wight. 

Revedala. See Ravendala. 
Rhceba — Rheban or Rheib, 

Queen's County, Ireland. 
Rhage, Rage — Leicester. 

Rhatostathybius Flu., Ratostibius 
— River Taff, Glamorgan- 
shire, Wye, or Ogmoor. 

Rhavius. See Ravius. 

Rhedus Flu. — The Read, 

Rhemnius — River Remny, Gla- 

Rherigonius Sinus — Loch Ryan, 
or Luce Bay. 

Rhesi Civitas — Rochester. 

Rhetigonium — Barlan or Stran- 
raer, Galloway. 

Rhibellus Flu. — The Ribble, 

Rhicina — Isle of Rum, or Rath- 
lin. See Ricina. 

Rhigia — Limerick, Ireland ; 

Railstown, Tipperary. 

Rhigodunum — Ribchester, War- 
rington, or Manchester. 

Rhitubi Portus, Rhitupis Port us 
— Richborough or Sand- 
wich, Kent. See Rutupce. 

Rhius — River Rye, Yorkshire. 

Rhobodunum — See Rhigodunum. 

Rhobogdii — People of Donegal, 

RhobogdiumPromontorium — Fair 
Foreland, now called Malin 
Head, co. Donegal. 

Rhutubi, Rhutupice. See Rutupce. 

Richem undia, Richmondia — Rich- 
mond, Yorkshire ; also Rich- 
mond, Surrey. 

Richina, Ricina, Ricinia, Rienca 
— Rathlin Isle, co. Antrim ; 
or Rum, one of the He- 

Ridumo. See Moridunum. 

Riduna. See Richina. 

Rievallcnsis — Of Rievaulx, York- 

Rigia. See Rhigia. 

Rigmundia — St. Andrews. See 

Fanum Reguli. 
Rigodunum — Richmond, Yorks ; 

Ripon; Ribchester. 

Ripa Alt a — Ordhill, near Find- 

Ripa Regine — Queenhithe. 
Ripadium, Ripandunum — Rep- 
ton, Derbyshire. 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Ripensis — Of Ripon. 
Ripodunum, Ripodum — Ripon, 

Ritupis Portus. See Rutupce. 
Rium — Rye, Sussex. 

Roberti Po?is, Robertinus Pons — 
Robert's Bridge, Sussex. 

Roboretum, Campus Roborum — 
Derry, Ireland. 

Rochesburga — Roxburgh. 

Rodecotanus Po?is — Radcot 
Bridge, Oxfordshire. 

Rodolanum — Rhuddlan. 

Roffa — Rochester, Kent. 

Roibis. See Roffa. 

Roisice Oppidum, Villa de Cruce 
Roesice — Royston, Cam- 

Rohesburga — Roxburgh. 

Roscc Castellum — Rose Castle, 

Roscomia — Roscommon. 

Rosenensis — Of Ross, Scotland. 

Rosensis — Of Ross, Ireland ; of 
Rhos, Pembrokeshire. 

Rossa, Roscrea — Ross, Wexford 
County, Ireland. 

Rossia — Rosse Land, Cornwall ; 
Ross, Herefordshire ; Ross, 
Scotland ; Rhos, Pembroke- 

Rotelandia — Rutland. 

Rothelanum — Rhuddlan. 

Rothesia — Rothesay,Isle of Bute, 
west coast of Scotland. 

Rotibis — Rochester or Maid- 

Rovecestria, Rouecestria — 

Rovensis — Of Rochester. 

Rovia — River Rother, Sussex. 

Ruber Clivus — Redcliffe, or Rat- 
cliffe, near London. 

Ruda — Routh, Yorks. 

Rugnitunia, Ruitonia, Rutunia — 



Rumabo Civitas — Drumburgh 
Castle, Cumberland. 

Rupa — Roch, Pembrokeshire. 

Rupe, de — Roche, an abbey in 

Rupes Fergusii — Carrickf ergus, 

Rupis Aurea — Goldcliffe, Mon- 

Ruscomia — Roscommon. 
Ruthunia — Ruthin, Denbigh- 

Rutlandia — Rutlandshire. 
Rutunia. See Rugnitunia. 
Rutunium — Wem, Shropshire ; 

Chesterton, Staffordshire ; 

Rowton, Shropshire. 

Rutupce, Rutupi, Rutupice, Ritupis 
Portus — Richborough, 
Kent ; or Sandwich. 

Rutupinum littus — The coast be- 
tween the North and South 
Forelands, Kent. 

Ruturugum Stagnum — Bay of 
Dundrum, County Down. 


Sabaudia — The Savoy, London. 
Sabriana,Sabrina — River Severn. 
Sabulovicum — Sandwich, Kent. 

Sacana — River Shannon, Ire- 

Sacra Capilla — Halifax, Yorks. 

Sacra Insula — Holy Isle, 

Sacra Sylva — Halifax, York- 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Sacrum Nemus — Halywood 
Monastery, Galloway. 

Sacrum Promontorium — Green- 
ore Point, or Oarnsore Point, 

Sadberga — Sadberge, Durham. 
Salebeia — Selby, Yorkshire. 
Salence — Chesterton, near Sandy, 

Salesburia — Salisbury, Wilt- 

Salimnos Insula — Sulmey Isle, 
near Milford Haven. 

Salince. See Salence. 

Salinis — Nantwich, Cheshire ; 

Slaughter, Gloucestershire. 

See also Salence. 

Salisbiria — Salisbury ; Shrews- 

Salopesbiria, Salopia — Shrews- 
bury, Shropshire. 

Saltria — Sawtry, Huntingdon- 

Saltus Andreda — The Weald of 

Salutaris Portus — Sewerby, 

Salwarpus — Salwarpe Piver, 

Samairus — Piver Erne, Ireland. 

Samothea — Britain. 

Sancta Anna intra Portum 
Alneani — St. Anne's, Alders- 
gate, London. 

S. Anna Nigroram Monacho- 
rum — St. Anne's, Black- 
friars, London. 

S. Crux — Holyrood, Edinburgh. 
S. Genovefa — Fornham St. Gene- 
vieve, Suffolk. 

S. Katarina de Colmancherche — 
St. Catharine Colman, Lon- 

S. Katarina Trinitatis — St. 
Catharine Cree Church. 

Sancta Margareta a Caligarum 
Venditione — St. Margaret 
Pattens, London. 

S. Margareta juxta Pontem — St. 
Margaret, Bridge Street, or 
St. Margaret, New Pish 
Street, London. 

S. Margareta Moysi — St. Mar- 
garet Moses, London. 

S. Maria a Lintris Statione — St. 
Mary Bothaw, London. 

S. Maria Abbatis Kcclesice, or de 
Abbecherch — St. Mary, Ab- 
church, London. 

S. Maria ad Lance Trutinam — 
St. Mary, Woolchurch, 

S. Maria ad Villa m Insular em — 
St. Mary, Islington. 

S. Maria ad Villam Nov am — St. 
Mary, Newington, London. 

S. Maria de Alba Capella — St. 
Mary's, Whitechapel, Lon- 

S. Maria de Arcubus — St. Mary- 

le-Bow, London. 
S. Maria de Monte Alto — St. 

Mary Mounthaw, London. 
S. Maria de Newclierche — St. 

Mary Woolchurch, London. 
S. Maria de Sabaudia — St. Mary, 

Savoy, London. 
S. Maria de Wicker shaice — St. 

Mary Woolchurch, London. 
S. Maria in Alder mannorum 

Burgoparochia — St. Mary's, 

Aldernianbury, London. 
S. Maria in Collem — St. Mary- 

at-Hill, London. 

S. Maria Salvatoris in Australi 
opere — St. Mary's, South- 

S. Maria Senioris Maria; — St. 

Mary, Aldermary, London. 


A List of the Latin Names of I* laces 

Sancta Maria Wolnothi — St. 
Mary, Woolnoth, London. 

S. Maria Magdalena de Bermendi 
Insula — St. Mary Magdalen, 
Bermondsey, London. 

S. Maria Magdalena in Veteri 
Piscario Foro — St. Mary 
Magdalen, Old Fish Street, 

S. Maria Magdalena in Vico 
Lacteo — St. Mary Magdalen, 
Milk Street, London. 

S. Ositha — St. Osyth's, Essex. 

Sancti Botolphi Oppidum — Bos- 
ton, Lincolnshire. 

S. Clari Castellum — St. Clear's, 

S.Davidis Oppidum — St. David's, 

S. Edwardi Villa— Govie Oastle(?), 

S. Vinini Ecclesia — Kilwin- 
ning, Ayrshire. 

Sancto Joha?ine, Villa de — 
Perth, Scotland. 

Sanctus ^Egidius ad Portam 
Membris-captorum — St. 
Giles, Cripplegate, London. 

S. Alba?ius — St. Alban's, Hert- 

S. Albanus in Vico Ligneo — St. 
Alban's, Wood Street, Lon- 

S. Andreas — St. Andrew's, Scot- 

S. Andreas ad Vestiarium — St. 
Andrew by the Wardrobe, 

S. Andreas sub Malo Cereali — 
St. Andrew Undershaft, 

S. Asaf — St. Asaph, Flintshire. 

S. Bartholomaus pone Peristy- 
lium — St. Bartholomew's, 
near the Exchange, London. 

S. Benedictus in Graminoso Vico 
— St. Benet's, Gracechurch 
Street, London. 

Sanctus Benedictus Shorhog — St. 
Bennet, Sherehog. 

S. Boscus — Holywood, Belfast 

S. Botolphus ad Episcopi Portam 
— St. Botolph's, Bishops- 
gate, London. 

S. Botolphus ad Portam Bellini — 
St. Botolph's, Billingsgate, 

S. Botolphus ad Veterem Portam 
— St. Botolph's without 
Aldgate, London. 

S. Botolphus Alnea Porta — St. 
Botolph's without Alders- 
gate, London. 

S. Clemens Dacorum — St. Clement 
Danes, Strand. 

S. Edmundus — Bury St. Ed- 
mund's, Suffolk. 

S. Edmundus in Vico Longo- 
bardico — St. Edmund's, 
Lombard Street, London. 

S. Gabriel in Vico Palustri — St. 
Gabriel's, Fenchurch Street, 

S. Jacobus ad Clericorum Fon- 

teni — St. James, Clerken- 

well, London. 
S. Jacobus ad Ducis Hospitium — 

St. James, Duke PJace, 

S. Jacobus ad Montem Allii — 

St. James, Garlickhithe, or 

Hill, London. 
S. Joannes Zakarie — St. John 

Zachary, in Aldersgate 

S. Johannes Baptista super Wal- 

broc — St. John Baptist, 

Walbrook, London. 
S. Laurejitius in Judaismo — St. 

Lawrence Jewry, London. 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Sanctus Laurentius Pountneus — 
St. Lawrence Pountney, Lon- 

S. Martinus ad Laddi Portam — 
St. Martin's, Ludgate, Lon- 

S. Martinus de Pomerio — St. 
Martin Porneroy, London. 

S. Martinus in Ferrariorum Vi- 
culo — St. Martin's, Iron- 
monger Lane, London. 

S. Martinus in Vinariis, or de 

Vinetria — St. Martin Vintry, 

S. Martinus juxta Charinge Crosse 

— St.Martin's-in-the-Fields, 

S. Martinus Ogari — St. Martin's 

Ogars, London. 

S. Martinus Outwichi, or Otte- 

wish — St. Martin Outwich, 

S. Michael ad Blada — St. 

Michael's at the Quern, 

S. Michael ad Ripam Reginalem 

— St. Michael's, Queen- 

hithe, London. 

S. Michael de Woudestrete — St. 
Michael's, Wood Street. 

S. Michael extra S. Trinitatis — 
St. Michael's without the 
Holy Trinity. 

S. Michael in Curvo Viculo — 
St. Michael's, Crooked Lane, 

S. Michael in Foro ad Bladum — 
S. Michael- atte- Corn, or le 

S. Michael in Hordeaceum Col- 
lem — St. Michael's, Corn- 
hill, London. 

S. Michael Paternoster Cherch 
inRiola — St. Michael Royal. 

S. Nicholaus ad Macella — St. 
Nicholas Fleshambles, Lon- 

Sanctus Nicholaus Aldrethegate 
ad Macella — St. Nicholas 
Fleshambles, London. 

S. Nicholaus Aurem Abbatia — 
St. Nicholas, Cole Abbey, 

S. Nicholaus Hakim — St. Nicholas 
Aeon, London. 

S. Nicholaus Olof — St. Nicholas 

Olave's, London. 
S. Olavus in Argenteo Vico — 

St. Olave's, Silver Street, 


S. Olavus in Ausirali Opere — 
St. Olave's, Southwark. 

S. Olavus in Cervina Platea — 
St. Olave's, Hart Street, 

S. Olavus juxta Turrim — St. 
Olave's, Hart Street. 

S. Oswald — Nostal, Yorkshire. 

S. Pancratius in Vico Smeg- 
matico — St. Pancras, Soper's 
Lane, London. 

S. Paternus — Llanbadarn, Car- 

S. Paulus in Conventuali Horto 
— St. Paul's, Covent Gar- 
den, London. 

S.Petrocus — Petrockstow, Devon. 

S. Petrus in Foro — St. Peter's, 
Cheap, London. 

S. Petrus super Tamisiam — St. 
Peter's, Paul's Wharf, Lon- 

S. Stephanus in Vico Colmanni — 
St. Stephen's, Coleman 
Street, London. 

Sandicum — Sandwich, Kent. 

jSa?idovicum, Samvicius — Sand- 

Saresbw'ia, Sarisbiria — Salis- 
bury, Wiltshire. 

Sa rn ia — Guernsey. 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Sarva — River Severn. 

Sauranus Flu — River Avonmore, 

Saver ennus — River Bandon, or 
River Lee, Cork. 

Savema — River Severn. 

Saxonicum Littus — The eastern 
and southern coast of 

Scadum Namorum. See Isca 

Scandia — Sanday Island, one of 
the Orkneys. 

Scardeburgum — Scarborough, 

Scartheburga — Scarborough, 

Sceaftesbiria — Shaftesbury, 

Sceargeta — Sarratt, Herts. 

Scena — River Shannon. 

Sceptonia — Shaftesbury, Dorset- 

Scetis — Isle of Skye. 

Schellus Flu. — River Skell, York- 

Schelsega — Chelsea, near Lon- 

Scireburna — Sherborne. 

Scona — Scone, Perthshire. 

Scorberia, Scorbesberia — Shrews- 

Scott — The Scots. 

Scotia — Ireland ; Scotland. 

Scrobesberia — Shrewsbury. 

Searesbiria — Salisbury. 

Sebasta Altera Legio — Liskeard, 

Secanduuum — Seckington, War- 

Seftonia — Shaftesbury. 

Segedunum — Sedghill ; Cousins- 
house, or Wallsend, North- 

Segelocum — Ollerton, or Little- 
borough, Notts. 

Segesivalda — Seckington, War- 

Seggesfelda — Sedgefield, Dur- 

Segontiaci — A tribe living near 

Sego?itium, Seguntium — Cair- 
seint, Caernarvon ; Silches- 

Selburgi Tumulus — Silbury Hill, 

Selebia — Selby, Yorks. 

Selgovce — People of Nithsdale 

and Annandale. 
Sellince Insula — Scilly Islands. 
Selvestuna — Selston, Notts. 
Sena — River Shannon. 
Senna — River Senni, or River 

Usk, Brecknockshire. 
Semis — River Shannon. 
Seolesia — Selsea, Sussex. 
Serberia, Serbyria — Salisbury. 
Serduno. See Segedunum. 
Seresberia — Salisbury. 

Setantiorum Portus — Winder- 
mere, or the mouth of the 
Ribble, Lancashire. 

Seteia JEstuarium — The mouth 
of the Dee, Cheshire. 

Severia — Salisbury. 

Shaftonia — Shaftesbury. 

Shaga — Shaw, Berks. 

Sharpenora — Sconce Point, Isle 
of Wight. 

Shenum — Shene, or Richmond, 

Siambis — River Shannon. 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Sibbetonum — Sibton, Suffolk. 

Sienus — River Shannon. 

Sigdeles — The Scilly Isles. 

Silesia — Selsea, Sussex. 

Silionnus. See Limnos. 

Sillince Insula — Scilly Islands. 

Silura Insula — Scilly Islands. 

Silures — People of South Wales. 

Simeni — Tribe in Norfolk and 

Sineius Flu. — Eiver Shannon, 

Sinnenus — Eiver Shannon. 

Sinnodunum — Sinodun Hill, near 
Wallingford, Berkshire. 

Sinomagus. See Sitomagus. 

Sinus Felix — Bridlington or 
Filey Bay, Yorks. 

Siresburna — Sherborne, Dorset. 

Sitomagus — Thetford, Norfolk ; 
Woolpit, Stowmarket, Dun- 
wich, or Eye, Suffolk. 

Slana — Eiver Slaine, Wexford. 

Slepa — St. Ives, Huntingdon- 

Slicheius — Eiver Gitley, olim 

Slopesberia — Shrewsbury, Shrop- 

Snaudonia — Snowdon Forest, 

Sobrica — Ardnamurchan , Ar gy le - 

Socinus — Eiver Shannon. 

Sodera — Sodor, islands on the 
west coast of Scotland. 

Solvathianum JEstuarium, SjI- 
vceum Flume n — Solway 

Somaridu n um — Somerton . 


Somersata, Somerseta 1 Somerse- 
tania, Somersetensis, Somer- 
tunensis Comitatus — Somer- 

Sorbiodunum, Sorviodunum — Old 
Sarum ; Carisbrooke ; also 

Southamptonia — Southampton. 

Southeria — Surrey. 

Southerlandia — Sutherland, Scot- 
Southriana — Surrey. 
Southsexena, Southsexia — Sussex. 

Southwella — Southwell, Notting- 

Spea — Eiver Spey, Elgin, Scot- 

SpifieE— Speen, near Newbury, 

Spinarum Insula — Thorney Isle, 
the site of Westminster 

Spinetum — Spinney, Cambridge- 

Staff o rdia — S taff ord . 

Stanfordia, Stanforda — Stam- 
ford, Lincolnshire. 
Stai'us — Eiver Stour. 

Statiarius Lapis — Clough, co. 

Statio Deventia — In Devonshire, 

Steafordensis — Of Stafford. 

Stellata, Camera — The Star 

Stenum — Stean, Northampton- 

Steofordensis — Of Stafford. 

Stinsiarius — Eiver Stinchar, Ayr- 

Stolceporta, Stolceportus — Stock- 
port, Cheshire. 

Stourus — Eiver Stour. 

Strata Florida — Ystrad Flur, or 
Stratnower, now Mynach- 
logfur, Cardiganshire. 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Strata Marcella — Strat Margel, 
or Ystrad Marchel, Mont- 

Stratcluttenses — Britons of 

Streoneshalf — Ancient name of 
Whitby Abbey. 

Stretgledivali. See Stratclut- 

Strigulense Castrum — Striguil 
Castle, Monmouthshire. 

Slrigulia, Stringulia — Chepstow, 

Strivellina, Strivilingum — Stir- 
ling, Scotland. 

Stuccia, iStucia Flu. — River 
Ystwith, or Dovey, Cardi- 

Sturodimum — Stourton, and 
Stourminster, Dorsetshire. 

Stums Flu. — River Stour. 

Sualva — River Swale, Yorkshire. 

Suavicordium, Dulce Cor — Sweet- 
heart, or New Abbey, Kirk- 

Subdobiadon — A town on the 
Wall of Antonine. 

Sudoverca — Southward. 

Sudovolca, Suffolcia, Suffolicia — 

Sudria — Surrey. 

Sudsexa — Sussex. 

Sudwallia — South. Wales. 

Suelloniaca — Brockley Hill, near 
Elstree, or Chipping Barnet, 

Suirus — Suir River, near Water- 
ford, Ireland. 

Sukius — River Suck, Connaught. 

Sulcalva Flu. — River Swale, 

Sulloniaca, Sullonica. See Suel- 

Sumersetanea, Sumertunensis, 
Summurtunensis Paga — 

Sunningum — Sonning, near 

Surra, Surria, Surreia — Surrey. 
Sussexia — Sussex. 
Susura — Isle of Jura (?). 
Suthamtonia — Southampton. 

Suthamtunensis Provincia — 

Suthburia — Sudbury, Suffolk. 

Suthimbria — England south, of 
the Humber. 

Suthregia, Suthreia — Surrey. 

Su tlirion a — Surrey. 

Suthsaxonia — Sussex. 

Suthsexia — Sussex. 

Suthumbria. See Suthimbria. 

Suthwalonia — South Wales. 

Suthwercha — Southwark. 

Suwella — Southwell, Notts. 

Sivala — River Swale, Yorkshire. 

Sweynesia — Swansea. 

Swiftus — River Swift, Leicester- 

Swina — Swinhey, Yorkshire. 

Siothwella — Southwell, Notts. 

Syli — People of S. Wales. 

Syllina, Sylina — Scilly Isles. 

Syreburna — Sherborne, Dorset. 


Taba — Teignmouth, Devon. 

Tadecastrum — Tadcaster. See 

Tadoriton — A town between the 
Walls of Hadrian and An- 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Taffus Flu.— River Taff, Gla- 

Tagea — Menteith, Perthshire. 

Taizali — The people of Buchan, 

Taizalum Promontorium — 

Buchanness, or Kinnaird 
Head, east coast of Scotland. 

Tama — Thame, Oxfordshire. 

Tama Flu. — Eiver Tame, Ox- 
fordshire, and the Teme, 

Tamara — Tamerton-Foliott, 
Devon ; or Saltash, Corn- 

Tamara Flu. — Eiver Tamar, 

Tamar e — Tavistock, Devon. 

Tamaris. See Tamara. 

Tamaris Fluvii Ostia — Plymouth. 

Tamarus — Eiver Tamar. 

Tamawordina — Taraworth, Staf- 

Tambra — Eiver Tamar. 

Tameia — Dunkeld, Perthshire. 

Tamensis — Eiver Thames. 

Tamese — Kingston, Surrey, or 

Tamesia, Tamesis — Eivers 
Thames and Medway. 

Tameivrda — Tamworth, Stafford- 

Tamion — Eiver Tavy (?). 

Tamisis — Eiver Thames. 

Tamworthia — Tanrworth, Staf- 

Tanarus — Eiver Tamar. 

Tanathos Insula — Isle of Thanet, 

Tanaus— The Frith of Forth. 

Tanetos. See Tanathos. 

Tanfelda — Tanfield, Yorkshire. 

Taniatidce. See Tanathos. 

Tanodunum — Taunton, Somer- 

Taodunum — Dundee. 

Tarensis — Of Derry, Ireland. 

Tarvedum, Tarvisium — Dun- 
cansby Head, Caithness. 

Taus — Eiver Tay. 

Tava — Teignmouth, Devon. 

Tava — Eiver Tay, Scotland. 

Tavistokia — Tavistock, Devon- 

Taivus — Eiver Taw, Devonshire. 

Teavus — Eiver Tavy, Devon- 

Tedfordia— Thetford, Norfolk. 

Tegceus Lacus — Lake Tegid, or 
Bala, Merionethshire, 

Teisa, Teisis — Eiver Tees, Dur- 

Temdus — Eiver Teme. 

Temesforda — Temford, Bedford- 

Tenos — Isle of Thanet. 

Teodforda— Thetford, Norfolk. 

Terentus Flu. — Eiver Trent. 

Terna — Eiver Tern, Shropshire. 

Tesa — Eiver Tees, Durham. 

Tesedala — Teesdale. 

Tesobius — Eiver Conway. 

Tetocuria — Tetbury, Gloucester- 

Texali — People of Buchan, Aber- 
deenshire. See Taizali. 

Thamesis — Thames. 

Thanatos — Thanet. 

Themis — Eiver Teme, Worces- 
x 2 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Thenodunum — Taunton. 

Theobaldenses JEdes — Theobalds, 

Theoci Curia — Tewkesbury, 

Theodforda — Thetford, Norfolk. 

Theodorodunum — Wells. 

Theokesberia — Tewkesbury. 

Theorodunum. See Theodorodu- 

Theostrota — Toccotes, Yorkshire. 

Thermae — Bath. 

Theta — Little Ouse River, Nor- 

Thetfordia — Thetford, Norfolk. 

Thewda — River Tweed. 

Thinemutha — Tyneniouth, 

Thinus Flu. — River Tyne, 

Thongum — Thong, Yorkshire. 

Thonodunum — Taunton, Somer- 

Thonus — River Tone, Somerset. 

Thomega — Thorney Isle, the site 

of Westminster Abbey. 

Thomeia — Thorney, Cambridge- 

Thuemia — Tuam, Galway. 

Thuenensis — Of Down, Ireland. 

Thuetmonia — Thomond, Ireland. 

Thule — Shetland Isles, or Ice- 

Thweda — River Tweed. 

Tibius, Tybius Flu. — River 
Teify, Cardiganshire. 

Tibraccia — Tibraghny, Kil- 
kenny ; perhaps sometimes 

Tichfelda — Titchfield, Hamp- 

Tiles. See Thule. 

Tileburgum — Tilbury, Essex. 

Tiliapis. See Tolapia. 

Tina Flu. — River Tyne, North- 
umberland ; or the Eden, 

Tindolana — Winchester in the 
Wall, Northumberland. 

Tinea Flu. — River Teign, Devon. 

Tinemutha — Tynemouth, North- 

Tinna. See Tina. 

Tinomoutum — Tynemouth. 

Tintagium — Tintagell, Cornwall. 

Tinus. See Tina. 

Tisobis, Tisis Flu. — River Con- 
way, N. Wales. 

Tistonia — Tisted, Hants. 

Tobius Flu. — River Towy, Caer- 

Tcesobis. See Tisobis. 

Tolapia, Toliapis, Toliatis — 
Sheppey, or Thanet. 

Tomewordina — Tamworth, Staf- 

Tomondia — Thomond, Ireland. 

Tonbrigium — Tonbridge, Kent. 

Totiellum — The Tun, a prison in 

Torcestria — Towcester, North- 

Tornai, Torneia — Thorney, Cam- 

Tometuna — Thornton. Yorks. 

Tor tuna — Thornton-le- Street, 

Totonesium Littus — Coast of 
Hampshire, opposite to Tot- 
land's Bay (?). 

Trajectus — Henbury, Hanham, 

or Bitton, near Bristol. 

in Great Britain and Ireland, 


Traj edits Aug us tee — Austcliff, 
or Henbury, Gloucester- 

Treanta — River Trent. 

Trecastellum — Beaumaris. 

Trehenta — River Trent. 

Trellinum — Welshpool, Mont- 

Trenovantum — London. 

Trenta — River Trent. 

Treska — Thirsk, Yorks. 

Trimontium, Trimuntium — An- 
nand, Dumfriesshire, or 

Tri?ioantes, Trinobantes, Trino- 
vantes — The people of Mid- 
dlesex and Essex. 

Tripontium — Towcester, or Lil- 
bourne, Northants; Rugby, 
Cave's Inn, or Kineton, 

Trisanton — River Test, Hamp- 
shire ; River Ouse, Sussex. 

Trisanton, Trisantonis Portus — 
Southampton. See Clau- 
sen turn. 

Trumense castrum — Trim, Meath. 

Trutulensis Portus — Probably an 
error for Rutupensis, or the 

Tuai JEstuarium — Mouth of the 
Spey, Scotland. 

Tttama, Tuaima — Tuam,Galway, 

Tueda — River Tweed. 

Tuemia — Tuam, Galway. 

Tueoxbea, Tueoxnea — Christ- 
church, Hants. 

Tuerobis Flu. — River Teify. 

Tuesis — River Tees, Berwick. 

Tuesis — Beancastle, near Nairn, 
or Bellie, cos. Elgin and 

Tuessis — Berwick-on-Tweed. 
Tuhetmonia — Thomond. 
Tuidus — River Tweed. 
Tulina — Inchtuthill, on the River 
Tay, Scotland. 

Tunnocelum — Bowness, or Car- 
dornock, Cumberland; Tyne- 
mouth, Northumberland. 

Turobius Flu. — River Teify, 

Tutesbiria — Tutbury, Leicester- 

Tweda, Twedum — River Tweed. 

Twomondia — Thomond, Ireland. 

Tybius — River Teify, Cardigan- 


Ubbanforda — Norhani, North- 

Udice — People about Cork. 
Ugrulentum — A town north of 
the Wall of Antonine. 

Ugueste — A town north of the 
Wall of Antonine. 

Ulidia — The province of Ulster, 

Ullerwuda — 011erton,Cheshire(?) 

Ulmetum — Elmley, or Emley, 

Yorkshire ; North Elmham, 


Ultonia, Ulvestera — Ulster, Ire- 

Umalia — Achad Fobhair, co. 
Mayo, Ireland. 

Umber — River Humber. 

Undola — Oundle, Northampton- 

Unicallis. See Urivallis. 

Vrgalia — Louth, Ireland. 

810 A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Uriconia — Wrottesley, Stafford- 

Uriconium. See Viroconium. 

Uriponium — Eipon, Yorkshire . 

Urithlesia — Wrexham, N. "Wales. 

Urivallis — Jervaulx, Yorkshire. 

Uroconium. See Viroconium. 

Urolanium. See Verolamium. 

Urosullum — Wressell, York- 

Urovicum — York. 

Urus — Eiver Ure, or Yore, York- 

Usa — Eiver Ouse. 

Usocona, Usoconna — Sheriff 
Hales, Oaken Gates, Shrop- 
shire ; or Bednall, Stafford- 

TJterni — A tribe living in South 

Utriconion. See Viroconium. 

Uxacona. See Usocona. 

Uxela — Exeter, Bridgewater, or 

Uxelis — Lostwithiel, or Laun- 
ceston, Cornwall. 

Uxelludamo — Hexham, North- 

Uxelum — Oaerlaverock, or Ward- 
law, Dumfriesshire. 

Vxena — Crockherne Well, 

Uxinus Pons — Uxbridge, Mid- 

Uzela AEstuarium. See Vexala. 

Uzelium. See Uxelum. 

Uzella. See Uxela. 


Vacomagi — People of Murray 
and Athol, Scotland. 

Vadum Bourn — Oxford. 

Vadum Cervinum — Hertford. 

Vadum Pulchrum — Eairford, 

Vadum Pubrum — Hertford. 

Vadum Salicis — Wilford ; Wal- 
ford, Herefordshire (?). 

Vadum Saxi — Stanford. 

Vaga Flu. — Eiver Wye, Here- 

Vagniacce, Vagniacum — Maid- 
stone, Wrotham, Northfleet, 
or Strood, Kent. 

Valentia — Province of Britain 
between the Walls of Ha- 
drian and Antonine, i.e., the 
Forth and the Tyne ; or be- 
tween the Walls of Hadrian 
and Severus. 

Vallidena — Saffron Walden, Es- 
sex ; Walden, Lincolnshire. 

Vallis Anangia — Annandale, 

Vallis Aurea — Golden Vale, 

Vallis Crucis — An abbey at Llan 
Egwestl, Denbighshire. 

Vallis Dei — Vaudey, or Walden, 

Vallis Doloris — Wedale, Scot- 

Vallis Lucis — Glenluce, Gallo- 
way, Scotland. 

Vallis Pegalis — Yale Eoyal, 

Vallis Virtutis — Charterhouse at 

Vallum— The Picts' WaU. See 

Hadriani Murus. 

Valteris. See Verterce. 

Vanatinga — Wantage, Berk- 

Vandalis Flu. — Eiver Wandle, 


in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Vandelbiria — Vandlebury, or 
Wandlesborough, a hill 
near Cambridge. 

Vanduaria — Paisley. 

Vara Flu. — Murray Firth. 

Vara Castrum — Dunbar. 

Varia Flu. — Biver Fronie, Dor- 

Varing Ionium — Warrington, 

Varis — Bodvari, Flintshire ; 
Llanfair, Denbighshire. 

Varvicum — Warwick. 

Veda, Vectis, Vectesis — Isle of 

Vectis Insula — Whitehorn 

Island, Galloway ; Isle 

of Wight. 

Vecturiones — Picts. 
Vedra, Vedrus — Biver Wear, 
Durham, or the Tyne. 

Velabri — People of Munster. 

Velox Flu. — Biver Ivel, Somer- 

Velnnia — A town in Scotland. 

Veluntium — Arless, Queen's Co., 

Venantodunia — Huntingdon- 

Venantodunum, Venatorum Mons 
— Huntingdon. 

Venedotia — Gwynedd, North 

Veneris. See Vertera. 

Venicnium, Vennicuium — Pam's 
Head, or Horn Head, Done- 

Venicontes — People in Fife. 

Vennicnii — People of Tyrconnel, 


Venonce, Vennones — Claybrooke, 
near Bensford Bridge, 
Leicestershire ; or Southam, 

Venta Belgarum — Winchester or 
Havant, Hampshire. 

Venta Icenorum, Simenorum, 
Cenomum — Caistor or Nor- 
wich, Norfolk. 

Venta Silurum — Caer-went, 

Ventanum — Winchester. 

Ventolacensis — Of Wensleydale. 

Ventus Morbidus — Windsor. 

Venutio — The same as Banatia. 

Veratinum — Cressage, Shrop- 
shire ; Warrington ; or the 
same as Verometum. 

Verbeia — Biver Wharfe, York- 

Vergivius, Verginius Oceanus — 
The sea to the south of 

Verlucio — Warminster, Leck- 
ham, Spy Park, or Sandy 
Lane, Wilts. 

Vernalis — A town in Cornwall or 

Verneynetum. See Verometum. 
Vemicones — The Picts. 
Verolamium — Verulam, now St. 

Alban's, Hertfordshire. 

Verometum — Burrow Hill, or 
Cosby, Leicestershire ; or 
Willoughby, Notts. 

Veromum — A town north of the 

Verovicum — Warwick. 
Verterw, Verteris — Brough-upon- 

Stainmore, Westmoreland ; 

Watgarth, Durham ; or 

Bowes, Yorkshire. 
Vertevia — A town in Cornwall or 

Vertis — Bourton-on-the-Water, 

Gloucestershire (?). 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 

Verulamium — Yerulam, or St. 

Verus — River Wear, Durham. 
Veruvium. See Berubium. 
Vervedrum Promontorium — 

Strathy, or Duncansby 

Head, Scotland. 
Vervicum — Warwick. 
Vetadunum — Watton, Yorks. 

Veteleganus Pons — Wheatley 
Bridge, near Oxford. 

Vetilingiana Via — Watling St. 

Vetus Burgus — Elvet, Durham ; 
Aldborough, Yorkshire. 

Vetus Piscaria — Old Fish St., 

Vexala, Uzela JEstuarium — The 
mouth of the Yeo or Ivel, or 
of the Brent, Somerset. 

Vexfordia — Wexford, Ireland. 

Vicanum — Etchingham, Sussex. 

Viconia. See Vinnovium. 

Victesis — Isle of Wight. 

Victoria — Wigton ; Abernethy, 
Perthshire ; Inchkeith ; or 
Dealgin Ros, Strathern. 

Victuarii, Vectuarii — Men of the 
Isle of Wight. 

Vicumba — Wycombe, Bucks. 

Vicus Albanus, Malbus, or Mal- 
banus — Nantwich, Cheshire. 

Vicus Orientalis — Eastwick, 


Vicus Saxeus — Staindrop, or 
Stainthorp, Durham. 

Vidogara, Vidotara, JEstuarium, 
—Mouth of the River Ayr 
or River Irvine, Ayrshire. 

Vidua — River Crodagh, Donegal. 

Viervedrvm. See Vervedrum. 

Vigomia — Worcester. 

Villa Albani — St. Albans. 

Villa de Cruce Roesice — Royston. 

Villa de S. Johanne — Perth. 

Villa Faustini — Dunmow, Wool- 
pit, Bury St. Edmunds, or 
Orford in Suffolk. 

Villa Nova — Newnham, Hert- 
fordshire ; Newtownards, 
co. Down. 

Villa Novi Castri super Tinam — 

Villa Regia — Kingston-upon- 
Hull ; St. Edmundsbury, 

Vilsedonum — Willesden, where 
there was a celebrated image 
of the Virgin Mary. 

Vilugiana Provincia — Wiltshire. 
Vimutium — Weymouth, Dorset. 

Vinchelsega — Winchelsea, Sus- 

Vindagora — Windsor. 
Vindedivii — Drogheda, Ireland. 
Vindelis — Winchelsea. 
Vindelisora, Vindesorium — Wind- 
sor, Berkshire. 

Vindelocomum — Winchcombe, 

Vinderius — Bay of Carrickf ergus, 

or Loch Strangford. 
Vindobala — Rutchester, or Rou- 

chester, Northumberland. 

Vindocladia, Vindogladia — Cran- 
bourne, Wimborne, or 
Blandf ord, Dorset ; or Alum 
Bay, Isle of Wight. 

Vindolana, Vindolanda — Little 
Chesters, or Chesterholm, in 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Vindomora — Ebchester, Dur- 
ham ; Dod's End, Northum- 
berland ; or Killhope Cross, 

Vindomus, Vindonum, Vindonus 
— Silchester ; Farnham ; 
near Whitchurch ; or Win- 

Vindovala. See Vindobala. 

Vindugladia. See Vindocladia. 

Vinduglessus — River Gaunless, 

Vinetria — The Vintry, London. 

Vimiovium, Vinovia — Binchester, 
or Egglestone, Durham. 

Virdogladia. See Vindocladia. 

Virecinum, Virecium. See Virio- 

Viride Lignum — Newry, Ire- 

Viridis Sinus — Greenwich. 

Virioconium, Viroconium — 
Wroxeter, Shropshire; or 
Stone, Staffordshire. 

Virolamium. See Verolaminm. 

Virosidum — Ellenborough, Old 
Carlisle, or Workington, 

Virvedrum. See Vervedrum. 

Visimonasterium — Westminster. 

Visi-Saxones — West Saxons. 

Vitrea Insula — Glastonbury. 

Vituli Insula — Selsea. 

Viurus — River Wear. 

Vividin — River Fo wey , Cornwall. 

Vodice — People about Cork. 

Volantium. See Olenacum. 

Voldia — Cotswold, Gloucester- 

Voliba. See Voluba. 

Volitanium — Probably on the 
Wall of Antonine. 

Volsas Sinus — Loch Broom, Ross- 
shire, or Loch Assynt. 

Voluba — Lostwithiel, Tregony, 
Falmouth, Bodmin, or 
Grampound, Cornwall. 

Volucrum Domus — Fulham, Mid- 

Voluntii — People of Ulster, Ire- 

Voluntium — Ardglass, Down, 

Volurtion. See Borcovicum. 

Volvicum — Woolwich. 

Voran — Caervoran, Northumber- 
land, or Warran, Forfar. 

Voreda — Old Penrith, Plumpton 
Wall, or Kirk Oswald, Cum- 
berland ; or Whelp Castle, 

Vusa — River Ouse. 


Waga, JVaia — River Wye. 

Wakefeldia — Wakefield, York- 

Walalega — Whalley, Lancashire. 

Walani — Welshmen. 

Waldena — Saffron Walden, Es- 

Waldintona — Waldington, 

Walingforda — Wallingford, 

Walkenested — Godstone, Surrey. 

Walla Londoniarum — London 

Wa llan i, Wa liens es — Welshmen . 

Wallia — Wales. 

Walonicus — Welsh. 

Wanlokensis — Of Wenlock. 

Wanneforda — Wangford, Suf- 
Wara — Ware, Hertfordshire. 


A List of the Latin Names of Places 



Warewella — Wherwell, Hants. 

Warwicus — Warwick. 

Wasfordia — Wexford, Ireland. 

Watafordia — Waterford, Ire- 

Wa teleg a — Wheatley . 

Waterfordia — Waterford, Ire- 

Wauerlega — Waverley, Hants. 

Way a — River Wye. 

Wdestochia, Wdestoka — Wood- 
stock, Oxfordshire. 

Weableia — Weobley, Hereford- 

Weda — River Tweed. 

Welandus — Welland River, 

Wella, Wellice — Wells, Somer- 

Wenta — Winchester. See also 

Wenti — People of Monmouth. 

Wera — Weare, Somerset. 

Werkeivurda — Warkworth, 

Nor thumb erland . 
Werregrava — Wargrave, Berks. 

Wertemorum — Stainmore, West- 

Wesefordia — Wexford. 
WesJcus — Esk River, Yorkshire. 
Wqssefordia — Wexford, Ireland. 
Westberia — Westbury. 
Westmaria — Westmoreland. 
Westmonasterium — Westminster. 
Westmoria, Westmorlandia — 

West- Walani — Cornish men. 

Wetha — Isle of Wight. See 

Weverus — River Wever, 


Wherfus — River Wharfe, York- 

Wheta— Isle of Wight. 

Wiableia — Weobley, Hereford- 

Wibigginum — Wigan, Lanca- 

Wiburti Villa — Wiveton, Nor- 

Wiccia — Worcestershire. 

Wiccii — People living in Wor- 

Wichcombia — Wycombe, ^Buck- 

Wichia — Droitwich. 

Wichum — Wick, Gloucester- 

Wictona — Witton, Durham. 

Wicumba — Wycombe, Bucks. 

Wicus. See Vicus. 

Wienornis — Wimborne, Dorset. 

Wigornia — Worcester. 

Wilda Sussexice — The Weald of 

Willensis—Oi WeUs. 

Wilsates — Inhabitants of Wilt- 

Wiltenses — People of Wiltshire. 

Wiltonia — Wilton ; Wiltshire. 

Wimundhamia — Wymondham, 

Winburna — Wimborne, Dorset- 

Wincelcumba — Winchco mb e, 

Wincestria — Winchester. 

Winchelcumba — Winchcombe. 

Winchelsega — Winchelsea. 

Windesora, Windleshora, Winde- 
soria — Windsor, Berkshire. 

in Great Britain and Ireland. 


Winta — Grwent, a province in S. 
Wales, between IJsk and 

Wintemia — Whithern, Wigton- 
shire, Scotland. 

Wintonia — Winchester. 

Wira — R. Wear, Durham. 

Wiramutha, Wiremunda — Wear- 
mouth, Durham. 

Wirus — River Wear, Durham. 

Witebia — Whitby, Yorks. 

Witerna, Witernia — Whithern, 

Witlesia — Whittlesey, Cam- 

Witternensis — Of Whithern, 

Wives tera — Ulster. 

Wotha— Isle of Wight. 

Wrekus — River Wreke, Leices- 

Wu Ifruneli a n to ti a — Wolver- 


Yarienis — River Yare, Norfolk. 

Yarmuthia — Yarmouth, Norfolk. 

Yarum — Yarm, Yorkshire. 

Yeogerieceastria — Worcester. 

Ylvernis — Inverness, Scotland. 

Ypocessa — Lower Stanton (?), 

Yxninga — Exning, Suffolk. 


Zeviota — The Cheviots. 




Asaphensis, Assavensis — St. 

Bangorensis, Bannochorensis — 

Bathoniensis, or Bathoniensis el 

Wellensis — Bath and Wells. 
Bristoliensis — Bristol. 

de Burgo Sancti Petri — Peter- 

Cantuariensis — Canterbury 

(Archbishopric) . 
Carleolensis — Carlisle. 
Ceslrensis — Chester. 
Cicestrensis — Chichester. 

Coventrensis — Coventry and 

Dunelmensis — Durham. 

Eboracensis, Eburacensis — York 
(Archbishopric) . 

Eliensis — Ely. 

Exoniensis — Exeter. 

Glocestrensis — Gloucester. 

Herefordensis, Herfordiensis — 

Landavensis — Llandaff. 
Lichfeldensis — Coventry and 


Lincolniensis — Lincoln. 

Lo?idiniensis, Lundoniensis — 

Menevensis — St. David's. 

Norvicensis, Norivicensis — Nor- 
Oxoniensis — Oxford. 
Petriburgensis — Peterborough. 

Roffensis, Rouecestrensis — Ro- 
Sarisburiensis, Sa% — Salisbury. 

Sodorensis — Sodor and Man. 
Vigorniensis — Worcester. 

Westmonasteriensis — Westmin- 
Wigorniensis — Worcester. 

Wintoniensis — Winchester. 


Aberdonensis — Aberdeen. 

Ergadiensis — Orkneys. 

Argadice — Orkneys. 

Gallo v idiensis — Galloway. 

A rgalhelice — Argyle . 

Glascuensis, Glascensis — Glas- 

Brechinensis — Brechin. 

gow (Archbishopric). 

Caledoniensis — Dunkeld. 

Hebudensis — The Isles, or Sodor. 

Candidce Cases — Whithern, 

Lismorensis — Lismore. 


Moraviensis — Moray. 

Cathanensis — Caithness. 

Murthlaci — Mortlach. 

Dunblcmensis, Dunblivensis — 

Orcadiensis — Orkneys. 


Rossensis — Poss. 

Dunheldensis — Dunkeld. 

S. Andrece, Sanctandreanus — St. 

Dunroduni — Dornoch, Suther- 

Andrews (Archbishopric). 


Sodorensis — The Isles, or Sodor. 

Edenburgensis — Edinburgh. 

WMtternensis — Whitherne. 

Bishoprics in Ireland. 



Acadensis^Achadensis — Achonry. 

Achadiensis — Aghadoe. 

Achathkonrensis — Achonry. 

JElfinensis — Elphin. 

Airthermuighensis — Armoy. 

Akadensis — Achonry. 

Alachdensis, Aladensis — Killala. 

Anachdunensis — Annaghdown. 

Aondruimensis — Nendrum. 

A rchfordensis — Ardf ert. 

Arcmacensis — Armagh (Arch- 

Arcmorensis — Ardmore. 
Ardacensis, Ardachadensis, Arda- 

hachdensis — Ardagh. 
Ardartensis — Ardf ert. 
Ardbrekensis — Ardbracchan. 
Ardcamia — Ardcarne. 
A rdefertensis — Ardf ert . 
Ardmorensis — Ardmore. 
Ardsrathensis — Ardstraw. 
Armacanus — Armagh (Arch- 
Arthferdensis — Ardf ert. 
Athrumensis — Trim. 
Aunensis — Awn. 

Baltifordia, Batilfordia — Water- 

Bangorensis — Bangor. 

Bistaghnensis — Grlandelagh (?). 

Brejiniensis — Brefiny, or Kil- 

Canic — Kilkenny. 
Carkagensis — Cork. 

Cashelensis — Cashel ; Cassiol 

Irra, Connaught. 
Casselensis, Cassiliensis — Cashel 

Cellaiaro — Cellaiar, in the pro- 
vince of Tuam. 
Cellumabrath — Kilfenoragh. 
Ce?ianas, Cenenensis — Kells. 
Charensis — Derry. 
Chonderensis — Connor. 
Cinana — Error for Cluana. See 

Clochore?isis, Clogharensis — 

Clonensis — Cloyne, co. Cork. 
Clonfertensis — Clonfert. 
Cluainensis, Claanensis — Clon- 
macnois, or Seven Churches, 
King's County. 
Cluanumensis — Cloyne. 
Cluanvania — Cloyne. 
Cluenerardensis — Clonard. 
Coigners — Connor. 
Conamy — Cinani, or Clonmac- 

Conga — Cong. 
Conner ensis — Connor. 
Co rcag iensis — Cork . 

Corcumrothensis — Corcumroe, 
afterwards at Kilfenora. 

Cuilectrannensis — Culfeightrin. 

Cu ilra th ens is — Coleraine . 

Dalnliguir ensis, Damhliag ensis — * 

Darensis — Kildare. 


Bishoprics in Ireland. 

Dearrhiensis, Derensis — Derry. 

Domnachmor — Donoghmore. 

Donnaclsacheling — Dunshaugh- 

Doune — Down, orDundalethglas. 

Drumorensis — Dromore. 

Drunimorensis — Dromore. 

Duacum, Duaium — Kilmac- 
duagh, Gralway. 

Dublinensis — Dublin (Arch- 
bishopric) . 

Dundalcensis — Dundalk. 

Dundalethglas, Dunensis — Down. 

Edumabragh — Kilfenoragh. 
Elnamirand — Error for Cluanard, 

or Clonard. 
Elphinensis — Elphin. 
Emiliensis — Emly. 
Enachdunensis — Annaghdown, 

or Enaghdune. 
Ergallia — Ologher. 
Eripolensis — Jerpont. 

Favoria — Eore. 

Fernensis — Eerns. 

Finnabrensis — Eenabore, or 

Furensis — Fore, Eoure. 
Fynnaborensis — Eenabore, or 

Gathay, Insula de — Inniscathay, 
or Inniscattery. 

Glandelacensis — GHendalough, or 

Hymlacensis — Imelaco-Ibhair, or 

Imelacensis — Emly. 
Inmeleccensis — Emly. 
Iniscathrensis — Inis-scattery. 

Kenanusensis, Kenlis — Kells. 

Kendaluam — Killaloe. 

Kildarensis — Kildare. 

Kildareuensis — Killaloe (?). 

Kilfenorensis — Kilfenoragh. 

Killaleth — Killala, co. Mayo. 

Killmunduach — Kilmacduagh. 

Killruaidhensis — Kilroot. 

Kilmorensis — Kilmore, Kilmore 

Kyenfemensis — Clonfert (?). 

Kynlathensis — Killala. 

Kyry — Kerry. 

Ladensis — Killala, co. Mayo. 

Laginiensis — Leinster. 

Laonacensis — Killaloe. 

Laoniensis — Killaloe. 

Leclinensis, Leghly?i } Leghglensis 
— Leighlin. 

Lessemore — Lismore. 

Limricensis — Limerick. 

Lismorensis — Lismore. 

Lugdunensis — Louth, united to 

Lugundunemis — Louth. 
Limipniacensis, Lymeryk — 

de Mageo, Maigonensis — Mayo. 
Maghbilen sis — Mo ville . 
Medensis — Meath. 
Melicensis — Emly. 
Middensis, Midiensis — Meath. 

Osseriensis — Ossory. 

Eapotensis, Rathbocensis y Rathbo- 

tensis — Eaphoe. 
Rathasithensis — Rashee. 

Rathaspicensis — Batheaspuic- 

Bishoprics in Ireland. 


Rathlucensis, Rathlurensis — 

Rathmurbhulgetisis — Rathmur- 

Rathpothensis — Raphoe. 

Rechrannensis — Rathlin. 

Rosalither — Rosscarbery, united 

to Cork. 
Roscomon — Roscommon. 

Roscreensis — Roscrea. 

Rosensis — Ross. 

Rossiensis — Roscrea. 

Ruscomia — Roscommon. 

Saigerensis — Saiger. 
Skrynensis — Skreene. 
Slanensis — Slane. 

Tharensis — Derry. 
Thuenensis — Down. 

Tighbonensis — Tighbohin. 

Triburnensis — Brefiny, or Kil- 

Trimensis — Trim . 

Taaimensis — Tuam (Archbishop- 

Tullagensis — Tulach . 

Tume — Tuam. 

JJladensis — Down. 

Umalia — Achadfobhair, Mayo. 

Waterfordensis — Waterford. 
Wexfordensis — Wexford. 

Ym lagh — Emly . 



Aba — Abbott. 

de Abbacia — Abbess. 

Abbas — Abbott. 

de Abrincis — D'Avranches. 

Acutus — Hawkwood. 

de Adurni portu — Etherington. 

de Agnellis — Agnew, Dagnall. 

de Agnis — Aignes, Ains. 

de Aillio — D'Aile, Alley. 

Ala campi — Wingfield. 

de Alba marla — Albemarle. 

de Albeneio — D'Aubeney, Albi- 

Albericus, Albrea, Albraus — Aw- 

de Albineio — D'Aubeney, Albi- 

deAlbo monasterio — Whitchurch. 
de Alditheleia — Audley. 
Alec — Herring. 
Alemannicus — Airman. 
de Alneto — Dawnay, Dannay, 

Alselinus — Ansell, Ancell. 
de Alta ripa — Dawtrey, Daltry, 

de Alta villa — De Hauteville. 
de Amblia — De Amblie, Hamley. 
Anastasius — Anstis. 

de Ancariis — Dancer. 

Anglicus — Inglis. 

de Angulis — Angell. 

de Angulo — del Angle, atte 
Corner e. 

in Angulo — atte Noke. 

de Ansa — Daunce. 

Apparitor — Sumner. 

de Aqua blanca — Egeblaunch, 


de Aqua frisca — Freshwater. 

A quapontanus — Bridgwater. 

de Aquila — Eagle, D'Eagles, 

Arbalistarius — Arblaster, Ala- 

Archidiaconus — Archdeacon, Ar- 

de Arc his — Arch. 
de Arcla — Argles. 
de Arcubus — de Arches, Bowes. 
de Arenis — Darens, Darayns, 

de Arida villa — Dryton, Drydon. 
Arundelius — Arundel. 
Ascelinus — Ansell, Ancell. 
Asculphus — Ayscough, Askew. 
de Asneriis — Daniers, Denyer. 
A ubericus — Awbrey . 
de Auca, de Auco — Owe. 

* In compiling" this list, great assistance has been derived from an anonymous 
"book entitled " The Norman People and their Existing Descendants." 

Latin Forms of English Surnames, 


de Aago — D'Eu, Auge, Agg, 

Augustinus — Austin. 
de Aula — Hall. See de Haula. 
ad Aulam — atte Halle, Hall. 
de Aurea valle — Dorival, Dorvell, 

de Aureis testiculis — Orescuilz. 

de Aureo vado — Goldford or 

Aurifaber — Orfeur, an ancient 

name in Cumberland. 

Avonius — Of Northampton. 
de Aynecuria — Daincourt. 


de Ba, Baa — Baugh. 

de Bada — Bath. 

de Baha. See de Ba. 

de Bajocis — de Bayeux, Bews. 

de Ballio — Bailey. 

Bardulplius — Bardolph. 

de Batonia — Bath. 

de Baudribosco — Boldrewood. 

de Beevilla — Beville, Beavill. 

de Belesmo — de Belesme. 

de Bella aqua — de Bealeawe, 

de Bella camera — Belchambers. 

de Bella fago — de Bealfo, Beau- 

de Bella fide — Beaufoy. 

de Bella villa — Belville. 

de Bello alneto — Bellany. 

de Bello campo — Beauchamp. 

de Bello capite — Beauchief. 

de Bello fo co — Beaufeu. 

de Bello loco — Beaulieu, Bewley, 

de Bello manso — Beaumains (?) 

de Bello marisco — Beaumarsh. 
de Bello monte — Beaumont. 

de Bello prato — Beaupre. 

de Bello situ — Bellasise. 

de Bello vero — de Beuvar, 

de Bello visto — Belvoir. 

Benedictus — Bennett. 

de Benefactis — Benfield. 

de Benevolis — Benlows. 

Bercarius — Le Bercher, Barker. 

Bercator — Barker. 

Berengarius — Barringer. 

de Berevilla — de Berville, Bur- 
field, Berewell. 

de Beverlaco — Beverley. 

Bituricensis — de Bourges. 

de Blanco pane — Whitbread. 

de Blithoduno — Blyton. 

de Blossevilla, Blostevilla — 
Blovile, Blofield. 

de Bloys — Blew, Bligh. 

de Blunder ilia — Blundeville, 

Blundus — Le Blond, Blount. 

de Boceo — de Bocy. 

de Boevilla — Bovill. 

de Bona villa — Bonville. 

de Bono fassato — Groodrick. 

Bononius — Boleyn. 

de Borgeis — Burges. 

Borlasius — Borlace. 

de Bortano — Burton. 

de Bosco — Boys, Boyce, Wood. 

de Bosco Roardi — Borhard. 

de Botellis — Butler. 

de Boularia — de Boilers, Buller. 

de Boris villa — Bovill. 

de Braiosa— de Braose, Brewis, 

de Broilleio — de Bruilly, Briley. 

de Bruera — Bryer, Briewer, 

Brunus — Le Bran, Brown. 



Latin Forms of English Surnames. 

de Bucca — Buck. 

de Bucca uncta — de Bouchaine, 

de Bucis — de Buces, Bouche, 


Budellus — de Buelles, Boyle. 

de Buesvilla — Bouville, Bous- 
ville, Bousfield. 

de Bulemara — Bulmer. 

de Buliaco — Buisly, Builly. 

Burgensis — B urges. 

de Burgo — de Burgh, Burke, 

de Burgo charo — Bourchier. 

Burgundiensis — de Bourgogne, 
Bourgoyne, Burgon. 

de Burnavilla — Bernwell, Barn- 

de Burtana — Burton. 


de Cabanisio — de Chalbeneys. 
de Cadomo — de Caen, Oaine. 
de Cadurcis — Chaworth. 
Ccecilius — Cecil. 
de Caineto — Keynes. 

Calcearius — Le Chaucier, 

Calixtus — Killick. 
de Calleio — de Cailly, Cay ley. 
Calvinus — Caffyn, Chaffyn. 
de Calvo monte — Chaumond. 
Calvus — Baud, Bald, Cafe, Calf. 
de Camera — Chambers. 
Camerarius — Chamberlayne. 
de Campania — Chanipneys. 
Campamulphus, de Campo Ar- 

nulphi — Champernoun. 
de Campis — Descamps, Kemp. 
de Campo hello — Campbell. 

de Campo florido — Champfleur. 

de Camvilla — Camvil. 

de Canceio — Chauncey. 

de Caneto — Cheney. 

Canonicus — Le Chanoin, Cannon. 

de Cantilupo — Cauntelow, Cant- 
low, or Cantello. 

Cantor — Le Chaunter, Singer. 

de Capella — Capel. 

Capellanus — Caplin, Chaplin. 

de Capis — de Chappes, Cope, 

Capito — Grrostete, Gfrosse Teste, 
Grosthead, Grrouthead. 

de Capra — de la Chievre, 

Cheevers, Chivers. 
de Capreolocuria, de Capricuria — 

Caradocus — Caradock, Cradock. 
Caretarius — Carter. 
de Cariloco — Cherlewe. 
Carnotensis — de Chartres. 
de Caro loco — Carelieu. 
de Casa Dei — Godshall. 
de Casineto — Chesney, Cheney. 
Castellanus — Catlin. 
de Castello — de Chastell, Castle, 

de Castello magno — Castlemain. 
Castor — Bever. 
de Castro — Castell. 
de Catherege — Catherick, Cart- 
Cecus — Cheke. 
Cenomannicus — Maine. 

de Ceraso, de Cericio — de Cerisy, 

de Cestria — Chester. 

de Chaisneto — Chesney, Cheney. 

de Chalvennio — de Clavigny, 

Latin Forms of English Surnames. 


de Chauris — Chaworth. 

Crocus — Croke. 

Cheligrevus — Killigrew. 

de Crotis — Croot, Grote. 

de Chesneto — Chesney, Cheney. 

de Cruce — Cross. 

de Cheveriis — de Chevrieres, 

de Cuillio — Colley. 


de Cuminis — Comyn. 

Chirchebeius — Kirkby, Kirby. 

Cunetius — Kennett. 

Cinomannicus — Maine. 

de Curceo, Curci — de Courcy. 

de Clara villa — Clareville. 

de Curia — Delacour, Cure. 

Claranus — Clare. 

de Curva spina — Crowthorn. 

de Clarifago — Clerfay. 

de Cusancia — Cussans. 

de Claris vallibus — Clereville, 



de Claro fageto — Clerfay. 

de Claro monte — Clermont, Cler- 

Dacus — Daneis, Dennis. 


Dai?icurie?isis, de Aynecuria — 

de Clauso — Close, Class. 


de Clintona — Clinton. 

Dalenrigius — Dalegrig. 

de Clivo forti — Clifford. 

Daniscus — Dennis. 

de Coarda — de Cowert, Coward. 

de Davidvilla — D'Aiville, D'Ey- 

Cocus — Cook, Coke, Cocks. 


de Colavilla — Colville. 

Decanus — Dean. 

de Coldreto — de Coudray. 

Diabolus — Deeble, Dibble. 

Collinus — Knolly s . 

de Dice to — of Diss. 

de Columbariis — Columbers. 

Dispensarius, Dispoisator, Dis- 

de Conchis — Shelley. 

penserius — Le Despencer, 

de Conductu — Chendnit. 


de Conneriis — de Coignieres, 

de Diva — Dive, Dives. 


D iv it iu s — Riche . 

Constabularius — Constable. 

de Doito — Dwight, Brook. 

Corbaldus — Corbould. 

de Dovera — de Douvres, Dover. 

de Corcella — Churchill. 

Draco — Drake, Drage. 

de Cormeliis — de Cormayles, 

de Drocis — de Dreux, Drew. 


Drogo — Drew. 

de Cornubia — Cornwayle. 

Duchtius — Doughty. 

Corvesarius — Corveser, Corsar. 

de Dumovilla — Domville, Dun- 

de Corvo spince — Crowthorn. 


de Cramavilla — Cranwell. 

de Duna — Don, Down. 

Crassus. See Grassus. 

de Dunestanvilla — Dunstanvill. 

de Crepito corcle — Crevecoeur, 

Durandus — Durrant. 


Duridentis — Duredens, Durdans. 

de Criwa — Crewe. 

Dutentius — Doughty. 



Latin Forms of English Surnames. 


Easterlingus — Stradling. 

deEbroicis, de Ebrois — D'Evreux. 

Ecclesiensis — Ghurclie. 

Ely ota — Elliott. 

de Ericeto — Briewer. 

de Ermenolda villa — d'Ermenon- 

Ernaldus — Ernaut, Arnold. 

de Erolicto — Erliche. 

de Eschovilla — Escoville, Scho- 

de Esc/ upa — Le Scrope, Scrope. 

Esperverius — Le Sperver, Spar- 

de Ess art is — Essart, Sart. 

de Esseleia — Ashley. 

de Estlega, Estleia — Astley, or 

Eudo — Eade, Eades. 
Extraneus, de Extraneo — 

L'Estrange, Strange. 


Faber — Lefevre. 
Facetus — Le Eacet. 
de Fago — Beech, Beecher, 

de Faia — de Fai, Fay. 

Falterellus — Futerel, Fewtrell. 

Fantasma — Fantosme. 

Ferdinandus — Farrant. 

de Ferrariis — Ferrars. 

Fiber — Bever. 

de Fiervilla — Fierville, Fairfield. 

de Filiceto — Fernham. 

Filius Adelini — Fitz-Adelin, 

Filius Alani — Fitz-Alan. 
Filius Aluredi — Fitz-Alard, or 


Filius Amandi — Fitz-Amand. 

Filius Andrea — Fitz- Andrew. 
Filius Baldrici — Baldry. 
Filius Bernardi — Fitz-Barnard. 
Filius Bogonis — Bewes. 
Filius Briani — Fitz-Brian. 
Filius Comitis — Fitz -Count. 
Filius Drogonis — Drewes, Drew. 
Filius Eustachii — Fitz-Eustace. 
Filius Fulconis — Fitz-Fulk. 
Filius Galfredi — Fitz- Geoff ry. 
Filius Gerrardi — Fitz-Gerrard. 
Filius Gilberti — Fitz- Gilbert. 
Filius Gualteri — Fitzwalter, 

Filius Guarini — Fitz-Warren. 

Filius Guidonis — Fitz-Guy, 

Filius Gulielmi — Fitz-William, 
Williamson, Williams. 

Filius Hamonis — Fitz-Hamon, 

Filius Hardingi — Fitz-Hardinge. 
Filius Henrici — Fitz-Henry, 
Harrison, Harris. 

Filius Herberti — Fitz-Herbert. 
Filius Hugonis — Fitz-Hugh, 

Filius Humfredi — Fitz-Hum- 

phrey, Humphreys. 

Filius Jacobi — Fitz- James, Jame- 

Filius Johannis — Fitz-John, 
Johnson, Jones. 

Filius Lucce — Fitz-Lucas. 

Filius Mauricii — Fitz-Maurice, 

Filius Michaelis — Fitz-Michael. 
Filius Nicolai — Fitz-Nichol, 
Nicholson, Nichols. 

Filius Odonis — Fitz-Otes. 
Filius Oliver i — Fitz- Oliver. 
Filius Osburni — Fitz-Osburn. 
Filius Osmondi — Fitz-Osmond. 

Latin Forms of English Surnames. 


Filius Pagani — Fitz-Pain. 

Filius Patricii — Fitz-Patrick. 

Filius Petri — Fitz-Peter, Peter- 
son, Peters. 

Filius Radulphi — Fitz-Palph . 

Filius Reg inaldi — Fitz-Pay nold, 

Filius Ricardi — Fitz-Pichard, 

Pichardson, Pichards. 

Filius Roberti — Fitz-Pobert, 
Pobertson, Poberts. 

Filius Rogeri — Fitz-Poger, 

Pogerson, Pogers. 
Filius Simonis — Fitz- Simon, 

Filius Stephani — Fitz-Stephen, 

Stephenson, Stephens. 
Filius Thomce — Fitz-Thomas, 

Filius Walteri — Fitz-Walter, 

Filius Warini — Fitz-Warin. 
de Firmitate — de la Ferte. 
Flandrensis — Flemyng. 
Flavus — Blund, Blount. 
Flecharius — Le Flechier, Flet- 
de Fluctibus — Flood. 
de Folia — Foley. 
de Foliis — Foulis. 
de Fonte — Font, Faunt. 
de Fonte australi — Southwell. 
de Fonte Ebraldi — Fontevrard. 
de Fonte limpido — Sherburn. 
de Fontibus — Wells. 
de For da — Ford. 
de Fornellis — de Furnel. 
de Forti scuto — Fortescue. 
de Fortibus — de Fort, de Forz, 

de Fossa nova — Newdike. 

de Fraisneto, Fraxineto — de 
Fraine, du Fresne. 

de Fraxino — Frean, Ashe. 

Frescoburnus — Freshburne. 

Frevilla — Fretchvile, Frevil. 

de Frigido monte — de Fremond, 

de Frisca villa — Fretchville, Fre- 

de Frisco marisco — Freshmarsh. 
Fulch erii — Fulcher . 
de Fulgeriis — de Fougeres, de 

de Furnellis — Furneaux, Fur- 



de Gaio — Gai, Gay. 

de Gandavo, Gandavensis — 

de Gardinis — Garden. 
Gamerus — Guarnier, Warner. 
de Gasconia — Gascoyne. 
de Geneva — Genevile. 
de Genisteto — Bromfield. 
de Gerardi villa — Greville, Gra- 


Gervasius — Gerveis, Jarvis. 

Giovanus — Young. 

de Gisneto — de Gisney, Gynney. 

de Gisortio — de Gisors. 

de Glanvilla — Glanvil. 

de Gomiaco — Gorney, Gurney. 

de Gouheria — Gower. 

de Granavilla^ Greenvilla — 
Greenvil, or Grenvile. 

de Grandavilla — Granvile. 
de Grandi Sono — Grandison. 
Grandis, or Magnus venator — 

de Grangia — Grainge. 
Grangiarius — Grainger. 


Latin Forms of English Surnames. 

de Grano ordei — Greindorge. 

Grassus — Le Gras, Grace. 

de Grava — de la Grave, Graves. 

de Grendona — Greendon. 

de Grento — Grente, Grinde. 

de Griperia — Gripper. 

de Grosso — de Gruce, Gross. 

de Grosso monte — Grosmond, 

de Grosso venatore — Grosvenor. 

de Grue — Crane. 

Guido — Guy, Gee. 

de Guidovilla — Wydville, Wy- 

de Gundevilla — Gonville. 

de Guntheri sylva — Gunter. 


de Haia — Hay. 

de Hantona — Hanton. 

de Harcla — Harkley. 

Hastifragus — B rake sp ere. 

de Haula — de la Hale, Hall, 

Havardus — Howard. 

de Hay a — de la Haye, Hay. 

Heremita — Armit. 

Heres — Le Hare, Eyre. 

Hervceus — Harvey. 

de Hirundine — Arundel. 

de Hoga — de la Hoge, Hogg. 

de Hosata, de Hosa — de la Hose, 

de la Huse. 
Hosatus — Hussey. 
Howardus — Howard. 

de Illeriis — de St. Hellier, Hil- 

In/cms — L'Enfant, Child. 

de Insula — Lisle. 

de Insula bona — Lislebone. 

de Insula fontis — Lilburne. 

de Ipra — de Ipres. 

de Ispania — Spain. 


de Joannis villa — de Jehanville, 

Geneville, Ganville. 
Jodocus — Joice. 
Juvenis — Lejeune, Young. 


de Kaineto, de Kaisneto — 
ney, Cheney. 

de Keyneto — Keynes. 


de Lacu — de Lake, Lake. 

de Lceto loco — Lettley. 

de Laga—Jjee, Lea, Leigh. 

Lambardus — Lambard, or Lam- 

de Landa — de la Lande, Land. 

de Langdona, Landa — Langdon. 

Larderarius — Lardenier, Lard- 

de Largo — Large. 

Latinarius — Latimer. 

de Lato campo — Bradfield. 

de Lato vado — Bradford. 

de Lato pede — Braidfoot. 

Lauremarius — Lorimer. 

Laurentii filius — Lawson. 

de Leg a — Leigh, Lee. 

de Leica, Lecha — Leke. 

de Leicestria — Lester. 

Latin Forms of English Surnames. 


Leachenorius — Lewkin,Lewknor. 

de Lexintuna — Lexington. 

de Limesia — Limsie. 

de Linna — Linne. 

de Lisoriis — Lizurs, Lisors. 

de Loco frumenti — Whetham- 

de Logiis — Lodge. 
de Longa spatha — Longespee. 
de Longa villa — Longueville, 

de Longo campo — Longchamp. 

de Longo prato — Longmede. 

de Luceio — Lucy, Lewsey. 

de Luera — Lower. 

de Lunda — Lund. 

de Lupellis — Lovel. 

Lupellus — Lovel. 

Lupus — Le Loup, Love, Loo, 

de Luxa — De Los. 


Macer — Le Meyre. 

de Magna villa — Mandeville. 

de Mag no monte — Grrosmount, or 

Magnus venator — Grosvenor. 
Mainfelinus — Meinfeuin. 

de Mala bissa — de Malebisse, 
de Malebiche. 

de Mala fide — Maufe. 
de Mala herba — Malherbe. 
de Mala platea — Malpas. 
de Mala terra — Mauland, Eve- 

de Mala villa — Melville, 
de Malchenceio — Muncliensy. 
Malconductus — Malduit. 
Maledoctus — Malduit, Mauduit. 

Maleductus — Malduit, Mauduit. 
de Malis manibus — Malmains. 
de Mallo Leone — Mauleon. 
de Malo conductu — Malduit. 
de Malo lacu — Mauley. 
de Malo leone — Mauleon. 
de Malo visu — Malvoisin. 
de Malpassu — Malpas. 

Malus catulus — Malcael, Mal- 

chein, Machel. 
Malus leporarius — Maleverer, 

Mallieure, Mallyvery. 
Malus lupellus — Maulovel, Mal- 

Malus vicinus — Malveisin, Mal- 
de Mandavilla — Mandeville. 
de Maneriis — Manners. 
de la Mara — Delamare. 
de Mara — Mare. 
de Marchia — de la Marche, 

de Marci vallibus — Martival. 
de Marco — Mark. 
Marescallus — Marshal, or Le 

de Marisco — del Mareis, Marsh. 
Marruglarius — Le Marler. 
de Masura — Le Massor, Measor. 
Maurenciacus — de Montmorency. 
de Mauritania — de Morteine. 
de Media villa — Middleton. 
Medicus — Leech. 
de Meduana — Maine. 
de Melsa — de Meaulx, Meux, 

de Mercato — de Marche, March. 
Mercator — Mercer. 
de Mesleriis, de Meuleriis — Mel- 

de Micenis — Meschines. 


Latin Forms of English Surnames. 

Milesius, Miletus — Miles. 
de Mineriis — Miners. 
de Minor Us — Minours. 

de Moelis — de Moelles, or Moels, 

Molendinarius — Miller, Milner. 
de Molendinis — Molines. 
de Molis — de Moelles, or Moels, 


Monachus — Le Moigne, Monk. 

de Monasteriis — Musters, 

deMoncellis— Monceaux,Monson. 

de Monemutha — Monmouth. 

de Monte — Mount, Mont. 

de Monte acuto — Montacute. 

de Monte alto — Montalt, Muhaut, 
Moald, Maude. 

de Monte aquilce — Mounteagle. 

de Monte Begonis — Montbegon. 

de Monte Britonum — de Mon- 

de Monte Canesio, Canisio — 
Montchesney, Munchensi. 

de Monte fixo — Montfitchet, 

de Monte forti — Montfort. 
de Monte Gaii, de Monte Gaudii — 
Mont joy. 

de Monte Gomerico — Mont- 

de Monte Hermerii — Monther- 

de Monte Jovis — Mont joy. 

de Monte Kanesio — Munchensi. 

de Monte Marisco, Moraci, Mo- 
rentio — Montmorency. 

de Monte Pessotio, de Monte Pes- 
sulano, de Monte Pissonis, de 
Monte Pissoris — Montpes- 
son, Mompesson. 

de Monte Revelli — Monterville. 

de Montibus — Mount, Mont. 

de Morisco — Moore. 

de Mortuo mari — Mortimer. 

de Moubraia — Mowbray. 

ad Murum — Walton. 

de Musca — Mus, Mosse. 

de Musco campo — Muschamp. 


Nappator — Le Naper, Napier. 

de Naso — de Nes, Ness. 

Nepos — Le Neve. 

Nequam — Neckham. 

de Nevilla — Nevil. 

Nigellus — Niele, Neal. 

de Nodariis, Nodoriis — Nowres. 

Norensis — Noreis, Nordman, 

Normandns — Norman. 
Norrisius — Norris. 
de Norwico — Norwich. 
de Nova terra — Newland. 
deNova villa — Neufville, Neville, 

de Novo burgo — Newburgh. 
de Novo castello — Newcastle. 
de Novo foro — Newmareh. 
de Novo loco — Newark. 
de Novo mercato — Newmareh. 
de Novo oppido — Newton. 
Novns — Newman. 
Nutricius — Nurse. 


de Oileio, Oili, Oilius — D'Oyly. 
de Omnibus Sanctis — Toussaint. 
de Oughtia — Doughty. 

Latin Forms of English Surnames. 


de Paceio — de Pasci, Pacy. 

Paceus — Pace. 

Paganellus — Pagnell, Painel. 

Pag anas — Payne. 

Palmarius — LePaumier, Palmer. 

Palmiger — Palmer. 

de Palude — Puddle, Marsh. 

de Parco — Park. 

Parmentarius — Parmenter, 

de Parva turri — Torel, Tyrrel. 
de Parva villa — Littleton. 
Parvus — Le Petit, Petty. 
de Pascao lapidoso — Stanley. 
de Pauliaco — Paveley. 
de Pavilliaco — Paveley. 
de Peccato, Peccatus — Peche, 

de Pede planco — Pauncefoot. 
Peitonus — Peyton. 
Pelliparius — Skinner. 
Perfectus — Parfey. 
de Perils — Piers. 
de Perrariis — Perrers. 
de Petra — Petre. 
de Petraponte — Pierrepont, Per- 

de Pictavia, Pictaviensis — Peyte- 

vin, Peyto, Peto. 
Pincerna — Butler. 
de Pinu — Pine, Pyne. 
Piperellus — Peverell. 
de Pisce, de Piscibus — Pish. 
de Planca — De la Planche. 
de Plantagenista — Plantagenet. 
de Plessetis — de Pleseys, Plesseiz, 

Plaiz, Place. 
de Podio — des Pus. 

de Pola — de la Pole. 

de Poleio — Poley. 

Polus — Pole, Poole. 

de Pomario — Appleyard. 

de Ponte — Bridge. 

ad Pontem — Atte Brigge, Brigge, 

de Pontibus — Bridgeman, 

de Pontissera — Sawbridge. 

Porcarius — Le Porcher. 

de Porcellis — Purcell. 

Pottarius — Potter. 

le Poure — Power. 

Pouteneius — Poultney. 

de Praellis. See de Praeriis. 

Propositus — Prevot. 

de Praeriis — Praers, Prahors. 

de Pratellis — des Pres, Des- 

preaux, Diprose, Meadows. 
de Pratis — Praty, Prettie. 
de Prato — Dupre, Mead, Pratt. 
de Precariis. See de Praeriis. 
Preco — Price. 
de Puilleta — Paulet. 
de Pulchro capellitio — Fairfax. 
de Purcellis — Purcell. 
de Puteaco — Pudsey, Pusey. 
de Puteo — Pitt. 


de Querceto — Cheney. 

de Quercu — Quirk, Kirk, Oake. 

de Quinciaco — Quincey. 


de Raalega — Palegh. 

de Radeneio — de Reyney, Rod- 


y - * 


Latin Forms of English Surnames. 

de Radeona — Rodney. 

de Radio — Raye. 

Ragotus — Le Raggide, Raggett. 

de Ralega — Raleigh. 

de Rea — de Ree, Ray. 

de Redveriis — Rivers. 

Reginaldi — Renaud, Reynolds. 

Reginaldus — Reynold. 

Regiosylvanus — Kingswood. 

Reinardus — Rayner, Reyner. 

Renoldus — Reynold. 

Rex — King, Reeks. 

de Ria — de Rie, Rye. 

de Rico monte — Richmond. 

Rigidius — Rivers. 

de Riperia, Ripariis, Riveria, Ri- 
ver iis — de Ripers, Rivers, 

de Roca — Rock. 

de Rodeneia — Rodney. 

Rodericus — Rothery. 

de Rodolio — de Roel, Rolle. 

de Roillio — de Roilli or Reuilly, 

de Roka — Rock. 

de Romeliolo — de Romilli, 
Romilly, Rumley. 

Rotarius — Wheeler. 

de Rotis — Rote. Roots. 

de Rotundo — Round. 

de Rua — Rue. 

de Rubeo monte — Rougemont. 

de Rubra manu — Redmayne. 

de Rubra spatha — Rospear, 
Rooper, Roper.* 

de Rubro clivo — Radcliffe. 

de Ruda — Routh. 

de Ruella — Ruel, Rule. 

Rufus — Le Roux, Rous. 

de Rupe — Roche, Droope, Drope, 

de Rupe cauardi — de Roche- 

de Rupe for ti — Rochfort. 
de Rupe scissa — Cutcliffe. 
de Rupella — Roup ell. 
de Ruperia. See Rupetra. 
de Rupetra — de Rupierre, 

Rooper, Roper. 

de Rupibus, Rupinus — Roche, 


de Sabaudia — Savoy. 

de Sacca villa — Sackville. 

de Saceio — de Sace, de Sauce. 

de Sacra fago — Hollebech, Hol- 

* " There is a very ancient family of the Ropers in Cumberland, who have 
lived immemorially near to a quarry of red spate there, from whence they first 
took their surname of Rubra spatha.^ This is the explanation of the name 
given in the 8th ed. of "Wright's Court Hand Restored"; but "Cowell's 
Interpreter " translates de Rubra spatha, Rouspee, Rospear, Rooper, Roper. The 
present editor has been unable to find any confirmation of the story about the 
quarry of red spate ; but in the parish of Castle Sowerby, Cumberland, there 
are certain estates called Redspears, the owners of which were called by the same 
name, and did service by riding through Penrith on Whit-Tuesday, brandishing 
their spears (Jefferson, Hist, of Cumberland, i. 139). Though spatha properly 
means a sword, de Rubra spatha is doubtless the Latin equivalent for Redspear, 
just as the Norman name Sake cspee appears in England as Shakespeare. 

Latin Forms of English Surnames. 


de Sacra quercu — Holyoak. 
de Sacro bosco — Holywood. 
de Sacro fonte — Holybrook, 

Sagittarius — Archer. 

de Saio — Say. 

de Sakenvilla — Sackville. 

de Salceto — Saucey. 

de Salchavilla — Salkeld, 

de Salicosa mara — Wilmore. 

de Salicosa vena — Salvein. 

de Salso marisco — Saumarez, 

de Saltu capella? — Sacheverel. 
de Saltu lacteo — Melkeley. 
Sa Ivag ius — S a vage . 
Sancho — Sankey. 
de Sancta Barbara — Senbarb, 


de Sancta Clara — St. Clare, Sin- 

de Sancta Cruce — St. Croix, Cross. 

de Sancta Ermina — Armine. 

de Sancta Fide — St. Faith, Faith, 

de Sancta Terra — Holyland. 
de Sancto Albano — St. Alban. 
de Sancto Albino — Seyntabyn, 

St. Aubyn. 
de Sancto Alemondo — Salmon. 
de Sancto Amando — St. Amand, 

de Sancto Audemaro — St. Omer. 
de Sancto Audoeno — St. Owen. 
de Sancto Bricio — Brice. 
de Sancto Cinerino — Chinnery. 
de Sancto Dionysio — Dennis. 
de Sancto Edmundo — Edmnnds. 
de Sancto Edolpho — Stydolph. 
de Sancto Edwardo — Edwards. 
de Sancto Gelasio — Singlis. 

de Sancto Germano — Germain. 
de Sancto Johanne — St. John, 

de Sancto Laudo — St. Land, 

Sentlo, Senlo. 
de Sancto Leodegario — St. Leger, 

de Sancto Lizio — St. Lys, Senliz. 
de Saticto Lupo — Sentlow. 
de Sancto Martino — Semarton, 

de Sancto Mauricio — St. Morris. 
de Sancto Mauro — St. Manr, 


de Sancto Medardo — Semark. 

de Sancto Olavo — Tory. 

de Sancto Paulo — Sampol, 

de Sancto Petro — Sampier. 

de Sancto Quintino — St. Quintin. 

de Sancto Remigio — de St. Henry, 

de Sancto Serennio — Chinnery. 
de Sancto Vedasto — Foster. 
de Sancto Wallcrico — St. Wallere, 

de Sandivico — Sandwich. 
Sapiens — Le Sage. 
Saracetivs — Sarazin, Sarson. 
Savagius — Savage. 
Savaricus — Savory. 
de Saviniaco — de Savigny, 


de Saxo /err a to — Ironston, Iron- 

de Scalariis — Scales. 

de Sella — de Salle, Sale. 

de Septejn vannis — Setvans. 

Serlo — Searle. 

de Sevecurda — Seacourt. 

Sewallus — Sewell. 


Latin Forms of English Surnames. 

de Sicca villa — de Sacheville, 
Satchwell, Sackville. 

de Sidevilla — Sidwell. 

Silvanus — Silvain, Salvin. 

Teutonicus — Tyes, Teys. 

Thamarius — Thame, Tame. 

de Thaneto — Thanet, Tanet, 

Shvardus — Seward. 

Theobaldus — Tipple. 

de Smalavilla. See Malavilla. 

Theodoricus — Terry. 

de Solariis — Solers. 

de Thomamura — Tornemue. 

de Spada — Speed. 

de Toleta— Tollitt, Tullet. 

de Spineto — Spine, Spinney. 
de Stagno — Stanhow, Poole, 

de Torto — Turt. 

de Tribus minetis — Treminet. 

de Stampis — d'Estampes, Stamp. 
de Stella — Stel, Steele. 

de Trublevilla — Troubleville, 

de Tulka—Tuke, Toke. 

Stigandus — Stiggins. 

de Turbida villa — Turberville. 

de Stipite sicca — de la Zouche. 

Turchetillus — Turchill. 

de Stotevilla — d'Estoteville, Stut- 

de Stratavilla — d'Estreeville, 

de Stratona — Stretton. 

de Turpi vado — Eulford. 

de Turri — Towers, Torry. 

de Turribus — de Turs, de Tours. 

de Tylia—Tille, Tyley. 

Sub Nemore — Underwood. 

de Sudburia — Sudbury. 

de Suilleio — de Suilli, Sully. 


Super Tysam — Surteys, Surtees. 
de Surevilla — Surville, Sherville. 

de Umbrosa quercu — Dimoak, 

de Suthleia, Sutleia — Suthley, 

de Urtiaco — de Lorty, Lort, Hort 
de Usseio — Ducie. 

de Sylva — Weld. 
Sylvanectensis — Seyton. 

Ususmare — Hussey. 


de Vaaceio — de Vaacey, Vaizey. 
Vaca — de la Wac, Wake. 


de Taberna — Taverner. 

Ta Ilia tor — Taylor. 

Vacarius — Vacher. 

de Tanaia — Taney. 

de Vado — Wade. 

de Taneo — de Tani, Tawney. 

de Vado bourn — Oxford. 

de Tankardi villa — Tankerville. 

de Vado saxi — Stanford. 

Tannator — Le Tanur, Tanner. 

Valchelinus — Wakelin. 

Taxo — Tesson, Tyson. 

de Valeia — de Valle, Wall. 

Telarius — Taylor, Tylor. 

de Valencia — Valence. 

de Tertia manu — Tremayne. 

Va lesiu s — Walsh . 

Latin Forms of English Surnames. 


de Vatte— Wale, Wall. 

de Valle torta — Yaletor, Vautort. 

de Vallibus — Yaux. 

de Vallo— Wall. 

de Valoniis — de Valognes, Ya- 

de Valuinis — Wauwain, Wal- 

de Vannario — Le Vanner. 
Vardceus — Ward. 

de Verineio — de Yerigny, Yer- 

de Vernaco — de Yernai, Ferney. 

de Vesci — Vesey. 

de Vetere aula — Oldhall, Old- 

de Vetere ponte — Vieuxpont, 
Vipont, Yeepount. 

de Vetula — Viel, Yyel. 
de Vetulis — de Yielles. 
Vetulus — Yiel. 
de Vicar Us — Yiccars. 
Vicinus — Le Yeysin. 
de Vico — de Yicques, Yick. 
Vidulator — Le Yielur. 
de Vigneio — de Yigny, de Wig- 

de Villa magna — Mandeville. 

de Villa mota, mouta — Wilmot. 

de Villa torta — Croketon. 

de Villariis — Yilliers. 

de Vino salvo — Yinsauf. 
de Viridi campo — Greenfield. 
de Viridi villa — Grenville. 
Vilnius. See Vetulus. 
Vulpis — Renard, Rainer. 
Vulsceus — Wolsey. 


de Wacellis — Wasel, Yassall. 

Walchelinus — Wakelin. 

Wallensis — Le Walleis, Wallace. 

de Wanceio — Wansey. 

Warenna — Warren. 

Warennarius — Warrender. 

de Warnevilla — Warneville. 

de Wartevilla. See de Watevilla. 

de Wasa — Wace. 

de Waspria — de Guaspre, de 
Waspre, Yosper. 

de Watelega — Wateley, Wheat- 

de Watevilla — Wateville, Water- 

de Wellebo—de Wellebof, Wel- 

Wiscardus — Wishart. 

Wollceus — Wolley. 

Wolsceus — Wolsey. 

Wolvesceus — Wolsey. 


Acceptus— Accepted. 

Aceslina — 

Acius — 

Adam (gen. Ada}—. Adam. 
Ademarus — Aymer. 
Adenettus — 
Adhelina — Adeline. 
Adomarus — Aymer. 
JEyidia — Giles. 
JEgidius — Giles. 
Agilda — 

Agnes (gen. Agnetis) — Agnes, 
Annyce. & ' 

Agneta — Agnes. 
Ailbertus — Albert. 
Ailmaricus — Emery. 
Ailmerus — Aylmer. 
Alanus— Aleyn, Alan. 
Albaria — Aubrey. 
Alberedus — Alfred. 
A Iberia — Aubrey. 

Albericns, Albricus— Aubrey. 

A Ibinus — Aubyn. 

Albrea — Aubrey. 

A Ibreda — Aubrey. 

Alecia — Alice. 

Alesia — Alice. 

Alicia — Alice. 

A Una — 

AUonora — Eleanor. 
Almaria — 
Almaricus — Emery. 
Alnova — 
Aloysius — Lewis. 
Alphesia — 


Amabilla— Mabel. 

Amelavus — Anlaf. 

Amia — Amy. 

Am ica — Amy. 

Amicia — Amice. 

Ampholisa — 

A ndreas — Andrew. 

Angnes — Agnes. 

A?iiana — 

Anicia — Annis. 

Anna — Anne. 
Apsoh— Absalom. 
A returns — Arthur. 
Artorius — Arthur. 
Aubraya — Aubrey. 
Aubreia — Aubrey. 
Audoenus, Audoinns—Owen. 
A udomarus — Omer. 
Augerus — Ogier (?). 
Augustinus — Austin. 
Aumflesia — 
Avicia — Avis. 

fortunate than he has been ™ Wh ° ™" the book ™7 be more 

Latin Christian Names with English Equivalents. 335 


Droco, Drogo — Drieu, Drue, 


Bartholomceus — Bartholomew. 

Drug an — Drue. 

Basilia — 

Duvenaldus — Donnell, Donald. 

Basilius — B asil . 

Beatrix — Beatrice, Betune, Bete. 


Bega — Bees. 

Benedictus — Bennet ; Berachyah 

Eadmundus — Edmund. 

(a Jewish name). 

Eadwardus — Edward. 

Benigna — 

Ebulo—Eble, Eubold, Euball. 

Bevicius — Bevis. 

Eda — 

Blasius — Blaise. 

Edania — 

Bogo — Boeges, Beges, Bevis, 

Edenevettus — Edneved. 


Edusa — 

Bricius — Brice. 

Eg idia — Giles . 

Brigida, Brigitta — Bridget. 

Eg idiu s — Giles . 

Burga — 

Elena — Ellen. 


Elfieda— Efflet. 

Elianora — Eleanor. 

Ccecilia — Cecily. 

Elias — Ellis. 

Ccecilius — Cecil. 

Elisabetha — Elizabeth, Isabella. 

Cananus — Kynan. 

Elmua — 

Carolus — Charles. 

Elyas — Ellis. 

Cedde — Chad. 

Emericus — Emery (?). 

Christiana — Christian. 

Emicia — 

Christina — Christine. 

Ernisius — Ernest (?). 

Christophorus — Christopher. 

Etheldreda — Awdrey. 

Claricia — Claric e . 

Eubulo. See Ebulo. 

Colandus — Colin. 

Eudo — Eudes. 

Colecta — Colette. 

Eularia — 

Comitissa — Ha-Nasiah (a Jewish 

Eustachius — Eustace. 


Eustathia — 

Constantia — Constance. 

Denisia, Dionisia — Denyse. 

Eva — Eva, Eve. 


Desiderata — Desiree. 

Falcho — Falk. 

Desiderius — Didier. 

Felicia — Felise. 


Fides (gen. Fidis) — Faith. 

Dionysius — Denis. 

Fingola — 

Drago — Drieu, Drue, Drew. 

Folcho— Fulk. 


A feiv Latin Christian Names 

Francisca — Frances. 

Hasculfus — Hascoil. 

Franciscus — Francis. 

Haivisia — Hawis, Hays. 

Francus — Frank. 

Helena — Helen. 

Fridericus — Frederick . 

Helewisa — Helewis. 

Fulco— Fulk. 

Helyas — Ellis. 

Fulqueyus — Fulk. 

Henricus — Henry. 


Hereweccus — Hervey. 

Herveius, Hervicius — Hervey. 

Galfridus — Geoffrey. 

Hieremias — Jeremiah. 

Galwanus — Gawain. 

Hieronymus — Jerome. 

Gaufridus — Geoffrey. 

Hilaria — Hillary. 

Genofeva — Genevieve. 

Hila riiis — Hillary . 

Gerardus — Gerard. 

Hoelus — Howell. 

Gerinus — 

Honoria — Honour. 

Germanus — Germain, Garmon. 

Hosto — 

Geroldus — Gerald. 

Huelina — 

Gervasius — Gervase. 

Huga — 

Gilebertus — Gilbert. 

Hugo — Hugh . 

Ginevra — Guenever, Wenhover. 

Humfredus — Humphrey. 

Gislebertus — Gilbert. 

Hychecosus — 

Goce — 

Godefridus — Godfrey. 
Godelacius — Guthlac. 
Godeleua — 
Godreda — 

Gorreia — Another form of God- 
Goscelinus — Jocelin. 
Grahamus — Graham. 
Gratia — Grace. 
Griffinus — Griffin, Griffith. 
Gualterus — Walter. 
Gua rinus — Warin . 
Guenliana — Gwenllian. 
Guido — Guy. 
Gulielmus — William . 
Gwendoloena — Gwenllian. 


Hamo — Hamon. 
Haraldus — Harold. 


Idonia — Edene. 

Ilaria. See Hilaria. 

Imania — 

Ingeleramus, Ingelramus, Ingera 
mus — Ingram. 

Isabella — Isabel, Elizabeth. 

Isolda — Iseult, Isoude. 

Iterius — 

Ivo — Ives. 


Jacobus — James. 

Jereuerdus or Jeruerdus — 

Jestinus — Jestin. 

Joceus — Joice. 

Jodoca — Joice. 

Jodocus — Joice. 

with their English Equivalents. 


Johanna — Joan, Jane. 
Johannes — John. 
Josias — Josiah. 
Joylanus — 
Judas — Jude. 
Judocus — Josse. 
Juetta — 
Juisa — 
Jursola — 


Kananus — Kynan. 
Kanaucus — Cynog. 
Karadocus — Caradog. 
Kenewricus — Cynvrig. 
Kenulmus — Kenelm. 


Lcetitia — Lettice. 

Lancilottus — Lancelot. 

Landebertus — Lambert. 

Laurentius — Lawrence. 

Laureta — 

Lecia — 

Leodgardus, Leodegarius — 

Leonellus — Lionel. 
Lessa — 

Leudocus — Llawddog, Lleuddad. 
Levelinus — Llywelyn. 
IJonhardus — Leonard. 
Lorencia — 
Lucas — Luke. 
Lucia — Lucy. 
Ludovicus — Lewis. 
Luelinus — Llywelyn. 



Mabilla — Mabel. 
Machutus — Mawe. 
Madocus — Madog. 
Maidocus — Madog. 
Mailgo — Maelgwm. 
Malta — 
Manserus — 
Marcus — Mark. 
Mar gar eta — Margaret. 
Ma rgeria — Margery . 
Maria — Mary. 
Mariana — Marion. 
Marta — Martha. 
Martia — 
Mascria — 

Matilda, Matildis, Matillis — Ma- 
tilda, Maud, Malkin. 

Matthaus — Matthew, Mawe in 

Matthias — Matthias. 

Maudituc — Mawe. 

Mauricius — Morris. 

Mag a — May. 

Mazelina — 

Meilerius — Meilyr. 

Mereducius — Maredudd, Mere- 

Mervinus — Mervyn. 

Meuricius — Meurug, Maurice, 

Michaelis — Michael. 

Milo— Miles. 

Misericordia — Mercy. 

Mordacus — Mordac. 

Moreducus — Maredudd, Mere- 

Morganus — Morgan. 

Motto (gen. Mottonis) — 

Moyses — Moses. 

Muriella — Muriel. 



A few Latin Christian Names 


Natalis — Noel. 
Nesta — Nest, Anneis. 
Nicholaa — Nichola. 
Nicholaus — Nicholas. 
Nicia — 

Nico laa — Nicola . 
Nicolaus — Nicolas . 
Nigellus — Nigel, Niel. 
Normannus — Norman. 


Odo — Eudes. 
Oeneus, Oenus — Owen. 
Olaus — Olaf, Olave. 
Oliva — Olive. 
Oivinus — Owen. 


Pag anus — Pain. 
Pancra tins — Pancr as . 
Paternus — Padarn. 
Patricius — Patrick. 
Pavoltus — 
Pelerina — 
Pero — Piers. 
Petronilla — Parnel. 
Petrus— Peter, Piers. 
Pigotus — 


Quaspatricius — Grospatric. 


Radulphus — Randulf, Ralph, 

Randolphus — Randolph, Randal. 

Ranulphus — Eanulf, Randolf, 

.Reginaldus — Reginald, Reynold. 
Regulus — Rule. 
Retnerus — Rayner. 
Resus — Rhys, Rice. 
Ricardus — Richard. 
Roesia — Rose. 
Rohelendus — Roland. 
Rosa — Rose. 
Rosia — Rose. 
Ro thericus — Roderick . 

Sarra — Sarah. 
Sativola — Sidwell, a saint to 

whom a church at Exeter is 

Savarus — Saier. 
Scientia — 
Scissibota — 
Scolastica — 
Seisillus — Seisyll, Cecil. 
Semanus, Semannus — 
Serlo — Serle. 
Sewacus — 

Seivallus — Sewall, Sewell. 
Sibella — Sybil. 
Slephanus — Stephen. 
Sticlea — 
Suanus — Swein. 
Symon — Simon. 


Teleaucus — Teilo. 
Teodoricus — Thierri. 
Tevredaucus— Tyfrydog. 
Theobaldus — Theobald, Tybalt. 
Theodorus — Theodore, Tudor. 

with their English Equivalents. 


Tim o tlx eu s — Timothy. 
Tobias— Toby. 

Turgiva — 

Turstanus — Thurstan. 


Waco — Wake. 
Wandregisilus — Wandril. 
Wamerus — Warner. 


Wido — Guy. 
Wilhelmus — William . 

Umfridus — Humphrey ; 

Willelmus — William. 
Wymerca — 


Villefredus — Wilfrid. 
Vincentias — Yincent. 


Ytho — Ives. 

Vitalis — Hagin (a Jewish name). 

Yvo — Ives. 

Vulstanus — Wulfstan. 

Yvonus — Ives. 

( 34° ) 


aplos apostolos, apostylos. 

pq r perquiratur. 

c a n crannocum. 

ps persolutio. 

cti clausi. 

P3 j?«te£ ^>er. . 

co? coronationem. 

q a i ^z^«s^. 

ephifie Epiphanice. 

re 1 -' recepte. 

er erunt. 

sj sed 

ex a ur extrahura. 

ten a tenura. 

me^ medietatis. 

x lls decimalis. 

opt optalit (pbtulit) . 

o obolns. 


pine pincerna. 

b foew. 

1^ ^<? Glossary. 

achevare to finish. 

arcare to be charged with ; to 
build an arch, to vault. 

frussare to break up land. 

fur care " to hang a cart on its 
wheels ' ' is probably wrong. 
I think furcare carectam 
merely means " to load a 
cart with a pitchfork " ; 
to fourch, to delay a suit 
brought against two per- 
sons jointly, by alternate 
appearance or essoin. 

recepta receipt. 

residensurus about to reside. 

thorale, thorallum. See torale, 
tor a Hum. 

Names of Places. 

Lcetus Locus — Netley, Hants. 

Spinodunum — Thornton, Lin- 

Bishoprics in Ireland. 

Bunherrensis — South Kerry, 
i.e., Ardfert. 

( 341 ) 



to follow 


to follow 


a a ^. 

bndc 9 

fcn a . 

acc 9 are 




adq 9 


03, b 9 


af? 9 



c e scere. 

ang 19 



tfeu* . 


ant te . 





corp 9 




cor r f 

corru r . 

ap 9 , ap? 

apti n§ . 

cor 9 


aq a ? 

aq a . 

cot 9 

co tu . 

assig n9 


cont 9 


ass 9 


co^pa 1 ' 

to co? 1 ' 1 " 



a t€l . 

9C 9 m 9 , 

9C 9 sio 


Aug 9 , Aug 9 t 9 






n^ml 9 

n 10 . 

au 9 
ap 9 
aq 9 
a 9 , a 9 us 

aqua 1 *. 
a 3 . 



s 3 (p. 164) 



bud 9 


t 5 

t r nois. 

feplirit, (Expliriat, 
JCitfcere <Seriptor tni. 


A A 



Z 111 .M23 1892 IMS 
Martin, Charles Trice, 
The record interpreter